Mom's surprise at basic training by stillstuckonmom

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True Story | Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Male, Old Female, Oral Sex

This is my first story so don’t be too harsh.

This is an account of events that happened about 10 years ago.

I had left a small town in the northeast and joined the army. I didn’t leave on the best terms with my family, I had been in a lot of trouble before I decided to make the change in my life and join the Army. My mother still wasn’t happy with the fact that I joined the army and we didn’t talk before I left for basic training in Kentucky. I wrote a letter to my mother and explained I had no other choice then to leave and look for my own life. I was surprised when she wrote back and told me she understood my situation and wanted to support me in my choice.

I was finishing basic training and graduation was only a week away. I was looking forward to moving onto AIT and learning my job in the army. Most of the guys were talking about their families and girlfriends coming for graduation and how they got one night away with their families after graduation before we loaded on cattle trucks and moved to a new location for AIT.

While they were talking I just sat there and knew I had no one to come and visit, No girlfriend, and I knew my parents wouldn’t make the trip down to see me graduate. I was going to be stuck in the barracks with all the other losers and still have to listen to the DI chew our asses.

This is where the story really starts

….. Graduation Day……. We all looked sharp in our class a uniforms, standing in formation waiting for the ceremony to start. We marched into the gym and I saw all the families cheering for their sons and all the soldiers trying to keep a straight face and look tough. Myself, I had a face that was stone cold since I knew no one was there for me.

Our graduation was finally over. Two hours of standing there sweating in a hot gym, the command released us and the DI told us we could find our families and were released to them until 0700 tomorrow morning. He then told the ones of us that didn’t have any family that we were to report to the barracks and change and we could visit the post and were to return by 1800 hours. Damn. That is only 4 hours. I was pissed knowing he would be waiting for us when we got back to the barracks. Everyone was released…..

I started to walk away with a couple buddies when I heard my name being yelled. I turned around and saw a sight that made me tear up…My mom standing there waving at me. She had a smile from ear to ear. I couldn’t believe it, I walked over to her and she hugged me so tight and wouldn’t let go of me.

I asked, “Mom, what are you doing here? Where are dad and my sister?

She told me that she wanted to come and see me graduate and dad had to work so she came by herself. She didn’t want to miss out on seeing me and was so proud of me.

I couldn’t believe she was here, what a surprise and I knew I didn’t need to go to the barracks. I introduced her to my Drill Instructor and he said I was released until 0700 but I needed to check in with the CQ and inform them that I would not be returning to the barracks that night.

So mom and I walked back to the barracks where I informed the CQ and brought my mom to the open bay where we stayed to get a change of clothes before we headed out.

We drove back to the hotel where she was staying talking the whole way about what had been going on and how my training went, Then she asked what I wanted to do and I knew exactly what I wanted….A burger, a fat juicy burger and fries. We stopped at the McDonalds and picked up the food to go and continued to the hotel, she was staying at a nice hotel with a pool.

After getting to her room we ate and continued to talk about everything and eventually the trouble I had at home and my letter I wrote to her surfaced. We talked about it and she wouldn’t let go of me holding tight and it was the first time I noticed her breast pushing up through her dress.

I never thought of my mom that way before but after living with a bunch of guys for the past months I just figured I was horny and it would pass. Then my mom did something that keep me guessing, she leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips. It seemed to last for ever but in reality about 5 seconds. She broke the embrace and told me she loved me and missed me so much.

She jumped up and said lets go swimming, I told her I had no swim trunks and she said that was ok because she knew before hand and picked me up some along with a couple shirts and some sandals. When I left home I had a backpack with only a few pieces of clothes.

She warned me that since I lost so much weight through basic training that she might have picked up a size to big but I should be ok.

She then showed me what she got and grabbed her bathing suit and went into the bathroom. When she walked out I was so surprised…..there my mom stood in a red bikini smiling at me asking how she looked…..I was stunned and didn’t know what to say….My mom stands about 5’8 and 125 pounds, an athletic body with nice C size breast, dark brown hair and green eyes. I instantly started to grow and knew it was because my mom looked so hot in her bikini. I was actually seeing her as a sexy woman and not my mom.

She laughed and said “don’t just stare, put your trunks on”

I grabbed them and went into the bathroom. They fit but a little loose even with tightening down the string. I walked out with just my trunks on and mom was waiting.

She say me and said “wow you lost a lot of weight, Look at all these muscles” grabbing my arms and chest. I was proud of what I looked like now. I guess all the PT helped me out.

We then went to the pool and the water was great, another couple was there lying out by the pool but the wife had nothing compared to my mom, even her husband was looking at my mom as she walked into the pool area.

She dove in the pool and I joined her. We were laughing and talking of old times in our pool at home. The couple got up and left and we were all alone in the pool, secluded from everything around us. Then my mom jumped up and pushed me under the water, and started to wrestle around. I would grab a hold her and throw her around and she would wrap her legs around me bringing me under with her.

Then as I grabbed a hold of her she wrapped her legs around me and her arms around my neck sliding directly in front of me so my cock was directly pushed against the front of her bikini bottoms. She squeezed her legs and I felt my cock pushing against the fabric of my shorts and against her. I thought I heard a small whimper come from her lips but didn’t react to it. She pulled me tight to her and I felt her breast against my chest and she then pushed away from me swimming away, I couldn’t believe it, I just stood there with a half hard-on and a kept telling my self that I couldn’t think this way about her.

Before I knew it she was back to playing and dunked me and swam off again. I came up and she was laughing, I chased her around the pool laughing and finally dunked her under. When she went down she grabbed my shorts and pulled them. They came all the way down my legs and off my body. She came up holding them laughing loud telling me “I guess they are too big”

I asked for them back and she laughed throwing them in the air to the pool chairs. She said if I wanted them I needed to go get them.

I told her. “I have swam nude before, so I will do it again”

We continued to laugh but I knew it was me just being nervous. Mom continued to swim and would dunk me under the water. She jumped on my back and I swung her around and again she locked her legs around me, this time the only thing separating us was the thin piece of material of her bikini. Her legs were locked around my hips and her breasts were pushed against my chest. My cock instantly was growing between us. And we just looked at each other and my mom then did something that still shocks me today.

She reached down between us and grabbed my cock; she gently started to stroke my cock while looking directly in my eyes. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back feeling her soft hand stroking me.

Mom said “looks like you have grown since last time I was able to touch your penis” I said “I hope so, since I was just a kid”

She said “well, you are certainly a man now” and with that she lifted her body up and took my cock and placed it against the fabric of her bikini right at her opening. She took her other hand and slid the fabric to the side to slide down on my cock.

I couldn’t believe it I was inside my mother; she slowly started rocking back and forth, up and down. We looked at each other and I leaned forward and kissed her open mouth, our tongues swirled around each other, we were lost in ourselves. She continued to rock back and forth, I moved us over to the edge of the pool, where she laid against the side spreading out her arms and I continued to thrust into her warm pussy. I leaned in and kissed her breast pulling the material to the side I licked her nipples and sucked like I needed her milk once again.

With each thrust I sucked her nipples and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I started to push harder and harder,

She cried out “yes fuck mommy’s pussy, harder, and harder. I want it all”

Then “I am Cumming, and her body locked up on me, her pussy got so tight. My juices were almost there.

I continued to push deep until I felt my cock erupt with a flurry of cum filling the inside of my mom’s hot pussy.

I couldn’t believe it, I had just filled my mom’s pussy, Mom looked at me and kissed me again, telling me she loved me and wanted me to know it.

I kept her there with my dick still inside of her, we were two lovers lost in the moment, because when we finally looked around, there was a man sitting in the chair watching us.

Mom covered up fast and started yelling at him “why didn’t you tell us you were there?

All he said was “it was too good of a show to pass up”

Both embarrassed, we jumped out of the pool grabbing the towels and my trunks running to the exit.

Back at her room we calmed down and laughed it off, me sitting on the bed and her in the chair we looked at each other again. I started to get hard again and she saw it through the towel.

Mom stood up and walked over to me. Pushing me down on the bed she took the towel off of me, and took my cock into her mouth, slowly until she swallowed all 7 inches. She had great skills; I had received blowjobs before but new to this caliber. She sucked and licked, bringing me to almost blowing and then would slow down.

When finally I couldn’t hold back I told her I was about to cum and she pushed the whole cock into her mouth and I blasted the back of her throat. She took everything I had and looked up at me smiling only to lick the tip of my dick again.

We spent the rest of the night holding each other tight, falling asleep only to wake up and make love again.

The next morning we got up at 0530 and took a shower, I was able to enter her pussy again and leave my seed. She drove me back to base and we said our goodbyes.

She told me that she would also come to my AIT graduation but that dad probably wouldn’t make it.

I told her “that was fine with me; all I needed was my mom”

She told me I could have her anytime.

Rating: 95%, Read 354248 times, Posted Aug 19, 2010

True Story | Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Male, Old Female, Oral Sex


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