Incestuous Intentions (Part 4) by NightGuardian

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Incest, Reluctance, Teen Female, Teen Male

Thanks so much for keeping up with this story and dealing with my mistakes and typos with grace. My goal is to write up at least one new part for each week, I would like to do one every other day but my time has become limited of late with trying to graduate. So bear with me and thanks so much. Your honest opinions, ideas, and thoughts are always welcome in the comments below.

I also apologize for the lack of steamy sex in this chapter, I wrote this part in an attempt to explain the feelings and emotions Devin and I went through, as it isn't all beautiful and fun sex. However there is still sex towards the end of this part, just bear with me. The next part will be better. kisses x

My date with Grant went as expected. He was funny, uplifting, and supportive as always. Grant and I didn't have a physical relationship. We kissed maybe three times since out relationship began two years previous and we never had sex. Ever. Holding hands was okay, though it only happened on rare occasion and it never occurred to me that this was strange.

However the next evening at school when I saw Sarah and Devin kissing beside the gym building I I couldn't help but feel like something was missing. I understood Grant’s moral standards and strive for integrity, we had talked about it many times, but were we so different? Grant wouldn't sleep with a girl until he was married and here I was fucking my brother every chance I got. How long could I get away with it, and what would happen if he found out? Maybe I should stop having sex with Devin for Grant’s sake.

I looked up from my place on the bench over to Sarah and Devin again wrinkling my nose. Their kissing had become heavier now and hands were roaming. I thought about walking over there to interrupt them, then decided that was too pathetic.

“Get a room.” Miranda mumbled beside me glaring in the direction of Devin. I sighed and grabbed my water

bottle. “Talk about PDA.”

“I wonder why guys like her.” I say referring to Sarah.

“Because she is blond.” Miranda replies stealing my water bottle. “And she has big tits and a head full of

spitefulness and air.” As if on cue Devin reaches for Sarah’s chest much as he had mine just the night

before. I feel a spike of anger in the center of my heart. Doesn't he know that I can see him? That I would be


“Haws! Jacobs! Get your asses on the track!” Coach calls snapping me out of my thoughts. I shrug off my

vest and begin to run the mandatory four miles. I am distracted the whole time and I do my best to keep out

of my thoughts but soon find that outrunning them isn't really a possibility.

"Haws!" Coach calls across the field. "Pick up your speed!" I glare at him and from the corner of my eye I

see Devin look up at his last name being called. Sarah has her hands under his shirt and he looks at me

and our eyes meet. I glare at him but am too far away for him to notice, but he must know that I'm not happy

because he takes Sarah's hand and they walk back towards the school parking lot.

At home after I take a quick shower I put on some Johnny Cash and sulk in my room. It seems I do I lot of that lately. I text Grant who doesn't respond then Miranda who texts back that she is busy. I try reading my book but after reading the same paragraph over for the sixth time I give up tossing it onto the floor.

There is a soft knock at my door and I don’t bother to reply.

“Kas.” Devin says on the other side. “Let me in.”

“I want to be alone.” I say then childishly curl up with a pillow.

“We need to talk Kas.” He says. I don’t reply and for a moment I think he has given up and gone away. “Kas.

Give me five minutes, then I promise if you want me to go I’ll leave you alone.” He says with a more

pleading tone.

I sigh then shuffle to the door and unlock it, but don’t bother to open it. I retreat to my bed and wait for him to

realize I’d invited him in. Devin slowly opens the door and walks in looking at me with uncertainty as if trying

to gauge my mood, then closes the door behind him. He walks over to the bed and slides next to me

schooching me over with his hip and I reluctantly comply giving him space.

He surprises me by grabbing my hips, lifting me, and placing me on his lap. He rests his chin on the top of

my head and pulls me close and I can’t help but feeling a little better, even though I really would like to stay

mad at him.

“Are you okay?” He asks his voice muffled slightly in my hair.

“No.” I decide to answer truthfully. He sighs already knowing what has me upset. He is silent a moment

trying to figure out what to say.

“You know I love you right Kas?” He asks. I nodded slightly and a tension I hadn't felt before leaves his body

allowing him to relax a little. Did he really think I would let him off that easy?

“Do you love Sarah too?” I ask and the tension instantly returns. He wisely doesn't immediately reply and instead thinks about his answer.

“Yes. I love Sarah too.” He says and I feel my previous disappointment return. I start to pull away from him

but he holds me tighter.


“Why?" I demand. "Sarah is a such a whore.” I say then wince at the words almost regretting them. Almost.

Devin sighs. “Sarah is...” He stops to think. “Sarah has had a hard time of it. She isn't as bad as you and

Miranda make her out to be.” He says and I roll my eyes and pull away.

“I should make you choose.” I say bitterly without meeting his eyes.

“Kas please don’t. I-”

“I won’t." I say cutting him off. "But only because I know Sarah isn't worthy of your high feelings towards her.”

I pause to let that sink in then add, “But you will use protection when you fuck her.” Devin has the decency to flush slightly and shift the tiniest bit.

“She takes birth control.” He mumbles.

“I don’t care!” I shout then quickly look at the door remembering that Carol is home. “If you love me, you will

do that for me. And in return I won’t have sex with Grant....without Protection.” I say aware that Grant and I will probably never have sex but knowing Devin won’t argue with it. He nods silently and looks away biting down on his lower lip in thought. Again I desperately wish I had someone to talk to and consult with my relationship with Devin, something was wrong, aside from the fact that he was my brother and any real

relationship was impossible.

“Is this just sex?” I ask not harshly.

Devin looks up at me regretfully but looks away to reply. “That’s all it can be Kassidy.”

I nod at the bitter truth. “Okay.” I say with blunt simplicity and he looks at me at me sadly .

“You know it’s complicated.” He pleads with me to understand not realizing that I already do, I just wish that

I didn't.

“Yet, you seduced me anyway.” I mutter bitterly and he slumps back looking down. We stay silent a moment

not looking at each other and I fight with the cruelty within me finally giving up to it. I sit up on my knees and

yank my shirt off over my head causing Devin to look up at me sharply.

“What are you doing?” He asks carefully.

“You said it can only be about sex.” I state flatly careful not to let any sort of emotion into my voice. “Fine. I want sex.”

“Kas please don’t do this.” He pleads with me but I am already working the zipper on my jeans and shoving

them down my hips. “Oh god.” He says and closes his eyes to fight with his mind. I straddle him then reach

between us to unzip him not giving him a chance to really think. He groans as I pull him out and I am not

the least bit surprised to find him already hard, but I do bitterly wonder if it’s for me or his earlier make-out

session with Sarah.

“Kas-” He starts but it turns to a low groan as I slide down onto him taking all of him in on one fast move.

I’m nearly mindless with the sudden feel of his cock inside me and I pause a moment just to feel it. He looks at me pained but his body works against him and he thrusts his hips up to me grinding our hips together. I decide treat this as ‘just sex’ and begin to move at a sensual pace taking him in and building on my forced arousal not really caring if he is really enjoying it. Though a throaty groan tells me he is enjoying it but the look on his face tells me he wishes he was stronger to withstand.

“I didn't lock the door.” He says and I look over at it carelessly.

“Then be quiet.” I whisper and begin working my hips faster. He pulls my hips closer to try and control my movements but I work against him at my own erratic pace. I can hear the wetness of my arousal as he slides in and out of me and hope Carol isn't close enough to hear but I don't care enough to stop.

I build up to the edge of my orgasm and it is so sharp that I bite down on my lip to keep from whimpering. Devin pulls me closer breathing hard and I rest my chin on his shoulder and cling to him tightly. I cry out with my fast orgasm and bite into Devin’s shoulder to muffle the sound, he clutches me closer and I feel his muscles tense as he releases into me. It's fast and hard, but gone before I could fully enjoy it and there is no afterglow.

I come down from my high and feel my body jerk with a unexpected sob and once I start I can’t stop. Devin slows his breathing but keeps me pulled tightly against him smoothing over my hair in an attempt to be soothing. I continue to cry into his shoulder not sure what exactly I am crying over but decide it must be a little over everything but mostly mixed confused emotions. I discover that though my orgasm had been hard and fast it was not satisfying and with the lack of passion and enjoyment it seemed almost wrong.

I pull away from him after a long silent of gathering my emotions, and nearly jump at the feel of his hot cum sliding out of me and down the insides of my thighs. I catch it with my T-shirt before it hits my bed and let myself revel in the fact that this is one thing Sarah cannot have. I wipe my nose with the back of my hand and silently get dressed as Devin get’s off of the bed tucking himself back into his jeans. We don’t say a word but he stops before he walks out the door as if he wanted to. He doesn't and I find myself more miserable than before as he shuts the door softly behind him.

To be continued.... xxx

Rating: 90%, Read 25281 times, Posted May 03, 2013

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Incest, Reluctance, Teen Female, Teen Male


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