The Camp Out PT 9 by DiamondDawgDillon

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Fantasy | Anal, Boy, Extreme, Gay

Camping Out PT 9

Dustin and Johnny have appeared, from wherever they were :) “ dude—you fuckin stink” offers Johnny as he sits down beside me. A light laughter follows, and I raise my left arm up and take a deep whiff of my wet bushy pit. “Oh damm !! Ur right homie”. I bolt up, and grab Johnny around the neck, and plant his nose right in my pit. “Oh fuck dawg—oh goddamm –lemme go” Johnny screams, to the delight to the others. Not to make him further pissed, I let go of my grasp as the others continue laughing. Blankenship pipes up “So is it really that bad dude”? I raise my arm again, making a muscle, “Come try it for yourself dude”. Flashing a big grin, Blankenship stands to approach, and just as he gets right to me, reacts similar to Johnny. “Oh fuck man—ur ripe as fuck” ! Johnny pipes back in “Ripe hell—that dude is nuclear” !!

“I think he likes it” joins in Alex. “Ahh fuck you too dude” responds Johnny.

Alex continues, “Well yo, ur dick sure does like it” with a smirk. A few of us glance over at Johnny's crotch, and witness quite an impressive boner. Blankenship pipes up “Oh ya dawgs—for sure—that dick there is diggin that funk”. Johnny just blushes. “Fuck all ya'lls. Nobody getting this ass no more ! This ass is officially closed”!

We all just bust out into more laughter, as Johnny jumps back up again, but this time bows over, grabbing his stomach. “Aggghhhhh” was all he let out. “What's up dude”? Asks Dustin, walking up beside him. “Agggggghhhhhhh” again, stronger. “Dude—you ok”? “Ahhhhh fuck---dude, can I hop on a 4-wheeler”? “Ya dawg—sure--whatever” replies Dustin.

Johnny hops on one of the quads, and bolts uphill, towards the bath house. “What the fuck is up with him”? I asks openly. A couple of shrugs of shoulders, and facial expressions, then Dustin offers, “Ahhh—I bet he goin up there to blow out his guts” !

“Huh”? Several of us ask. Dustin continues, now snickering, “Well, dude got 15 loads in his ass now—I don't think he's shit since we been here”! We all just sit and stare for a moment. “Dustin—you should go up and check on him dude—that could get serious”.

Dustin hops from the table and heads up hill as well. I just kick back, stretching my legs out, crossing them at the ankles, displaying the large lump in my sweats. All this sex talk has me just about half boned up, and the dick is twitching. “Who the fuck is on KP today anyway—I'm getting hungry”? A couple jump up and head for the supply tent. Alex walks up close to me and asks, “Could I talk to you—in private”?

I raise my right eyebrow a bit, and glancing over at Kelso, give a shrug of my shoulder. Standing up, I head for the tent, and Alex follows. We enter, and I zip up the flaps, hanging the 'do not disturb” sign on the outside. Turning back around to face Alex, I just stand there, “So what's up dawg”?

Alex slowly walks toward me, and stops with his face right at my chest. I just stand there, with my hands in the back pockets of my sweats. Finally, Alex leans a bit to the right, and brings his nose to just inches from my left pit. Slowly inhaling, he makes a face, but says nothing. Then slowly, he moves his face to my right, and inhales the right pit. I kinda grin a bit, surprised that Alex appears now to be turned on by my foul stench. He continues back and forth, slowly taking in my ripe week's build up.

Still in silence, I raise both arms up, and lock my hands on the top of my head.. Now Alex is fully burying his nose into the thick moist bushyness of my pits, inhaling them more deeply now, and grabbing his junk, giving it a hard squeeze. After a couple of minutes, he begins to softly lick the sweat from each of them.

I just smile, then finally ask, “So what do you want”?

Looking me steely in the eyes, Alex softly responds, “Fuck me like a punk in jail, Matthew. And no talking---and no mercy”.

My dick literally jumped at the words, and in the three seconds it took to shuck my sweats, my dick leaps up, fully boned, and oozing fuck juice. I step to the side, and fish out the bottle of lube from my gear bag. Slowly pushing Alex back to lie down on the sleeping bag, I grab his ankles and throw them up over my shoulders. Pouring a puddle of lube into my right palm, I grab my dick, and slick it up. Tossing the lube aside, I push Alex torso back to where he is now in a ball. Following 'protocol', I lower my head down to his crack, and stick my tongue right to his musky hole. Giving a few circles around his hole, then pushing my tongue in, he lets out a low throaty groan. Leaning in to him, I place my elbows to just over his shoulders, to where my pits now are at full exposure, just inches from his face. Free handedly, my cock head finds it's prize, and I enter his hole—slowly at first. His ass is pretty loud itself---showering was not a top concern while at camp for most, and this boi was pretty damm funky himself. His stink made my dick throb even more, and now about half way in, I slam the rest.

Alex lets out a moderate groan, then pulling back, I slam him now full length, all the way down to my pubes. Giving him about 4-5 slow plows, I then cut loose. I fucked the b o y relentlessly, as the sweat begins pouring from my face and chest. Alex is panting like a d o g. Damm—this b o I has got some good ass on him. Hyperflexing his neck, he keeps his face as close to my pits as he can, as he deeply inhales my funk, in and out like he was at a birthing class. I grab both of his wrists with one hand, and now hold them up over his head, opening my pits up to as wide as possible. I can smell my own ripeness, and it further charges me up, as I continue the assault on Alex ass.

Looking down, I see that Alex is leaking a good amount of juice himself from his piss slit, but because of the 'lockdown' I have him in, he's unable to reach his own dick. For around 20 minutes I mercilessly invade Alex guts, bottoming out now each time on the downstroke. Alex is just barely aware, in a daze, and just mildly grunts each time I plow my meat into his upper hole, and enter his guts.

Finally—I've just done all I can do. Almost exhausted myself, I lean back and yank my junk from Alex ass. Dropping his legs now, to where he is fully stretched out on his back, his whole body begins to tighten up. He grabs his dick, and feverishly begins yanking it like he was trying to pull it off.

With my own moment now at it's arrival, I likewise grab my thick meaty jock cock, and volley. Falling back on my haunches, with my heels in my ass, I point the monster to Alex face, and BAMM !

Seven unbroken ropes of thick steaming jizz plaster his face, while at the same time, Alex unloads his own totally awesome load. Adding another 5 to his face and chest, along with my continuing volley, in just moments the b o I is saturated in hot thick jizz—like a water hose full of junk had been sprayed on him. It begins dripping down his neck, and rib cage, and finally spent, I collapse onto the sleeping bags beside him. We lay there a few moments in silence, then reaching behind me I find my smokes, and light us each one. After a few drags, I just mutter, “That what you wanted”?

“Ya dawg—I'm satisfied, for sure. And Matt—goddamm you fuckin stink bro”.

I give a slight chuckle, and toss Alex a plain white tee. He starts to wipe up the mess now covering his torso, but grabbing his arm, “Uh uh dude—wear it”.


“Just put the tee on—no clean up—you wear my jizz dude---wear it with a smile”.

Alex just kinda shrugs his shoulders, and puts on the tee, then his sweats, and finally flip flops. As we emerge from the tent, Kelso is standing nearby.

“Who the fuck been holding up the elevator”?

Alex and me snicker, and as Alex walks past Kelso, brushing shoulders together, Kelso turns his head to watch the bounce now in Alex step—and that fine round hard ass.

Turning back to me now, Kelso asks “You fuck that”?

“Ya dawg—why”?

“You know he got bugs, right”?

Oh fuck

Rating: 80%, Read 2840 times, Posted Oct 19, 2020

Fantasy | Anal, Boy, Extreme, Gay


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