Le Freak by Castlequeen

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Fantasm | Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Spanking, Transvestite

Le Freak ©Castlequeen 2015

Le Freak. Yeah, it's a great song, and it describes me perfectly. I AM quite the freak, but I guess it comes from being smart enough to know what I want in life, and careful enough to get it without getting in trouble. Perhaps I ought to explain.

I lost my virginity right out of high school, what with all the horror stories of diseases, I didn't want to rush into anything. I'm not exactly ugly, so I had no shortage of guys interested in me, but I didn't want to rush into it. It was awkward to say the least, and I didn't get within a mile of an orgasm, but he was super sweet so we scheduled a make up date, and once again, it wasn't earth shattering, but much more pleasant. Then I told the guy we needed to do some reading, and a book was purchased and over my second semester of college, we got fairly proficient at it. What we didn't get was very weird of freaky. Missionary sex, after a few minutes of me sucking him, and after a few minutes of him licking me, unless it was Saturday night in which case he got to come in my mouth and he'd eat me to orgasm. Nothing fancy, nothing fun, and nothing out of the ordinary.

As my freshman year in college wound down, I felt like I should have a little more fun, so I dumped him, and on a whim, tried it with another girl. Wowzers! Very fun, but after a few weeks with her, and trying new things on a regular basis, I still wanted cock and men, and I still had the urge to be a bit of sub and let some guy blast all over my face. She didn't see it that way and told me to make up my mind. I did. I dumped her. I'd come to the realization that I was into both girls and guys, and I set out to explore that over the summer, and made a wide circle of friends of both sexes, some I slept with, some were friends, some of them were the kind of people you can just stop by and have a good cry with. I was very happy with it.

I did that all through college, while being extremely careful with my male partners as well my female ones, and I eventually graduated and got a decent job at the financial firm I'm still at. I make good money, and yet, while I've dated plenty of straight men, I've been…reluctant to tell them of my freakier side. I also kept my circle of friends very distant. Nobody in the bi group knew any of the guys I dated, and none of them knew anyone in the bi group. I could go to a party with my bi friends and get my ya-ya's out, and then date a perfectly respectable stockbroker the next night, and never shall the twain meet. Every once in awhile I'd date a guy who enjoyed getting some freak on, but their ideas of freaky came from Penthouse Forum, and none of them ever suggested anything truly twisted, or worse, anything else including another man.

Tragic, that was, because I'd had a few nights of double penetration (in all holes, thank you very much) and enjoyed the hell out of it. I'd had three guys and another girl, but what I really wanted was a truly…depraved time. I enjoy the hell out of anal, be it real cock or dildo, and I can come fairly easily if I'm really into it. Needless to say, minus condoms, it's very fun, and quite messy. Having had two or more guys blast into my mouth though, mess didn't mean much, but safety did. Having kept up with pretty much all of my partners that I'd gotten freaky with, I was safe as they were all just as concerned with safety as I was. Oral jizz baths were fine, but not in my pussy, and not in my ass unless you had a clean report less than a week old. Consequently, I'd only done bareback anal four times, all with the same guy, who was mostly straight (the most he'd ever done with guys was get blow jobs and jerk them off once in awhile.

What I wanted was a complete freak out, with countless guys nailing my ass and launching load after load in my sweet sphincter. Not exactly safe, right? Right! Possible and still safe? Aha. Quite possible, I just needed a little help. A couple I knew very well (I'd been the meat in their sandwich quite a few a few times), offered to scope thing sour for me as she worked at the health clinic where many of the guys went to get tested. She couldn't name names, but she could sure as hell create a guest list of guys she knew were clean. What I didn't know was how devious she was. She carefully selected a list of guys, most of whom were reasonably monogamous couples, and a few bi guys who were known as safe players, and invited them to a party. My plan, had been simple, show up, get freaky. Her plan was fairly clever though as many of these guys were flat out gay. She set me up with a wig, and pretty damn good makeup to the point where I looked very different, and in fact looked like I was related to her, and then she surprised me with a package for my crotch.

"What the hell? I'm a woman, not a damned drag queen!"

"I know you are, but I'm going to introduce to to everyone as my cousin, and let them know that you are in fact, a hotter than hell CD, but when you get fucked, you have a freakout if anyone touches your cock, so you're going to wear this very particular pair of tights that I cut and reinforced for you, so just your lovely ass is exposed, even when you bend over. A little tape will keep your, ah, package in place, and you will be no more than a drag queen getting gang banged by a bunch of guys."

"You think that'll work?"

She smirked.

"It will, or everyone will be so buzzed by the time they're nailing you that they won't care. Trust me, they're all super guys. Of course, when the last guy gets tired and can't summon up one more drop of jizz, I'm gonna take this nine inch monster and plow you pretty good, you little anal whore. Do you mind if they take turn in that lovely mouth of yours as well?"

"Well, if they're all safe, sure, go ahead, but really, how safe are they, really?"

"22 guys, all tested in the last week, all fairly smart, all fairly horny, and as we are a most thorough clinic, it's not just blood that's tested, no sores, spots, or anything troubling, and oh yeah, they're all reasonably well hung. I'll admit, a few of them are in on the whole thing, but they'll likely take the lead, and once they get going, that ass of yours will be hammered well and good, and the cum will be dripping out of you for days."

Just what I wanted, the thought of it got me hot immediately, and I couldn't wait to get going. The party got going a few hours later, and I was good and clean back there, and ready to have my ass hammered by a nice train of guys who would load my ass with jizz. I met two of the first guys to arrive and neither one of them knew what was really going on, but they complimented me on my 'very passable look'. We started chatting as more people arrived and then I thought of a problem I hadn't anticipated, and sought my hostess out.

"Hey, I just realized, this is a free for all on my ass, but what if we get a party crasher?"

She shook her head.

"All people told to not bring friends, I told you'd I'd take care of it, now go get yourself ready for the mother of all gang bangs!"

I started circulating a bit and she signaled that one of the guys who knew what was going on had arrived and I started chatting with him. He was super nice and 95% gay as he described himself, but did enjoy pounding a woman's ass or pussy, and confessed that he also loved sucking pussy once in awhile.

"Hey, it's the best part of being bi, enjoy what you like, and don't worry about the labels, just be yourself."

"Yeah, but the label I'm hearing is that you want to get pounded by a bunch of guys, and whore that little faggot ass out, isn't that right?"

I was surprised because he'd seemed so cool, but his wink told me he was in character and ready to play along, so we both started talking with another guy who seemed pretty nice. Our little chat wound of with both of them kissing me, and the other guy playing with my ass, which was just what I wanted.

"Mmmmm, you got a hot little mouth, but I think your ass is in need of a workout, what do you say?" he asked.

"It is in need, but right here? Come on, they've got to have a bedroom or something."

Which in fact they had, their guest bedroom was more than ready, with play sheets covering everything, and tons of lube at hand.

I made a show of asking if they had a place we could get cosy, and we both headed in, and once inside, we got some nice tonsil hockey going, but I was getting hornier and hornier by the minute and didn't want to waste too much time. So I undid his pants and pulled them down to reveal a nice cock of seven or so inches that was rock hard.

I took that into my mouth and sucked it good, and he was obviously enjoying it, but he pulled out and pushed me backwards.

"Nice head, but it's that ass that needs fucking, not your mouth, so let's get going, on that shall we?"

I pulled my skirt up further and bent over to let him see my ass, and I hoped my disguise would work and it did, he didn't even question it, but then I told him I was totally clean, and wanted it bareback.

"I dunno, I know I'm clean, just got tested last week, but I don't know you all that well."

"You can ask our hostess, she knows me, knows my status, she'll tell you, all I want is a nice solid fucking. Ram my ass until you come, and make me like it, and we're good,"

"OK, but what about the other guy, he seemed interested in you, too?"

I gave him a wicked smile.

"He can have me after you, my sparkling clean ass is yours first, so let me take the fucking I need from you, and make me feel it, tell me I'm just your little bitch, I'm really pretty subby, and I like verbal guys."

So I bent over and he squirted a lot of lube into my ass.

"I like lots of lube,makes it all smooth and easy going."

"Fine by me, baby, fine by me!"

I thought he'd take his time, or maybe start off slow, but he hammered that seven inches into me as hard as he could and drove it deep!

"Ooooh yeah, hammer my ass, give it to me good!"

"Oh, you're gonna get it real good, bitch, your boy pussy is gonna get reamed like never before!"

He hammered away at me and I was loving it, he was thick enough, and long enough to make me feel all of it, and he was just like I wanted, rough and verbal!

"Fuck yeah, you fucking bitch, take my cock, and take it good, I wanna hear you begging me for more, you hear me? Fucking BEG me!"

"Oh god, give it to me, more, baby, more, fill my queer ass with your beautiful cock!"

And he did, he pumped me really good, good thrusts, changed his motion up every once in awhile and really knew how to pound an ass, I was in good hands!

The other guy who was in on it wandered in and asked if he needed any help.

"Uhhh, I'm almost done fucking this lil' bitch, if he's cool with it, go for it. Bitch is nice and tight, just like I like 'em!"

Only a moment later I heard him grunting as he pounded me as hard as possible, then I heard his orgasm as he shot his load into my sweet ass, and it felt soooo good! I hoped he would keep pumping so I could milk it as best as I could, and he obliged, giving me a few extra pumps that I could grab on to.

He slapped my ass cheek really hard and came around to the front of the table I was bent over.

"Good fuck, baby, good fuck, maybe if you're still taking all comers I'll give you a second load!"

He thrust his limp cock at me and I took it in my mouth and sucked it for a minute or two when he pulled away.

"Looks like big boy is next, and that's gonna hurt, but not my problem, have fun!" he said as he stepped away and slapped my ass one more time.

I felt the next guy drive himself deep and he had a bit more, and was quite a bit thicker. He thrust as deeply as he could and pulled me close to him to whisper in my ear.

"This going OK? He looked like he gave you a good ride, wanna make sure it's all good."

"It's fine, he was solid, but you've got something pretty awesome in there now, did I tell you I like verbal guys and a little rough housing?

I felt his hand slap me three times.

"Ah, that is a really good ass pussy there, you little whore! Nice and tight still, but not after I ream it out, anyone else want this little faggot's ass when I'm done? Got a nice tight hole, clean as a whistle and tested, so you can bareback the little queer???"

I realized that several guys were now in the room with us, and I figured it was going to just go crazy, and I loved every second of it!!

My guy started really pounding me, grabbing my hips roughly while his cock plunged in and out of my ass and it didn't take him long to release with a loud grunt and as he pulled out, I could feel him release again onto my ass, so I figured I already had a good mess of cum all over my hole but it was only seconds until the next guy rammed himself into me, and he was taking no prisoners!

Ah! Fuck yeah! Nice ass, ya little bitch, does that feel real good when I rape that hole??/ Does it??" He said, yanking my hair!

"It's good, baby, it's soo good, but I don't deserve a good fuck, I deserve it rough and hard, hard as you want, because all I am is your little bitch!"

He took that to heart and was incredibly rough, hammering me as hard as he could, and he wasn't tiny! He was nice and thick, and incredibly rock hard, which is crucial to getting off anally! He kept thundering his tool deep inside of me, and I felt my orgasm building, and with each deep pump, it got closer and closer and finally I couldn't hold it back!

"Ooooh god I'm coming!!! Fuck me harder!!!"

He dutifully kept slamming himself in and out of my by now soaking ass and then he held me tight as he erupted with a scream!

"FUCK YEAH! That's an ass that needs fucking all the time, someone nail him quick, we're all gonna do him!"

That was just what I wanted to hear!

For the next three hours I serviced every guy in there. Some only lasted a few minutes, some lasted 20 minutes, but they all came inside my gaping ass, and more than one of them decided to give me some cock in my mouth and I sucked half a dozen of them off, and maybe four or five guys got hard enough to give my ass a second load. I came like five times and each orgasm was incredible, especially in the throes of getting my ass pounded in a frenzy!

Finally though, they were out of gas and semen, and they called it quits, but not before my hostess had her fun!

She walked up to my ass and pulled me ass apart to show how big the gape was, and reached around and pulled me up and turned me around.

"This little cum dumpster was a good ride, right guys?"

They all chorused their approval with whistles and catcalls.

"Something you ought to know though, this lovely little whore is NOT a man, and she reached up and pulled my stockings down to reveal my fake package, to the gasps of most of the men.

"No fucking way! That ass was too good to be a woman's!" one of them yelled.

"Pfft, asses are asses, you filled it, and you loved it!"

She spun me around again and bent me over.

"And look at what a lovely job you did, all that jizz? All over her sweet ass? She came a bunch of times, too, you ought to be proud of yourselves for gang banging this little ass slut like you did! But the bitch ain't finished, no sir, she's going to eat my sweet pussy out, and I'd better come a LOT after I set this up for her, and my man is going to deposit the final load in her adorable little ass, and it's a seven day load!!!"

With that, she climbed up on the table and got into position for me to eat her, and I dove in, licking her already wet lips as I felt her husband drive his cock into me, and it was an incredible feeling, licking and tasting her sweetness, while her man used me one more time. I licked and caressed her pussy, carefully licking and sucking her labia as I darted my tongue deeply into her, and she moaned at my efforts, and then I gently stroked her clit to get a louder moan of pleasure out of her, only to realize her husband was giving me one HELL of a fucking in my well used ass! He was driving it deep and then shallow, changing his angle of approach, and forcefully grabbing my hips as he had his way with me. I felt another orgasm coming, and I wanted her to come with me, I bit down on her clit and she orgasmed with a small yelp, but I kept going, sucking and biting down on her clitty as she started to cascade with one orgasm after another, and each one was rocking her harder and harder! I kept it up and she was getting louder and louder and finally I felt her husband almost growling as he yanked my hips as hard as he could and drove himself as deeply as possible into my cum depository and released with a loud shout and I swear to god, it felt like an enema going off inside of me as I erupted into my own orgasm and and leaned back as best as I could to give full voice to it!

"Aaaiiiieee!!!! OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!!!"

I collapsed back onto her as he pulled out of me, and I could feel his load dripping down my legs, and I had to have looked like the raunchiest porn star in history, covered in cum, and looking quite over used, with jizz all over my face as well as her juices. I leaned in, kissed her tenderly and thanked her for setting up such a good time.

The party broke up not long after that, with the only other sexual action being three pairs of guys who thought that their respective partners were pretty hot after seeing them hammer me. I showered with my friends and we settled down for some last wine, and a bit of TV before we crashed in their king size bed.

We discussed my adventure, and realized I'd serviced twenty seven men anally, not bad for a freak. Not bad at all.

Rating: 86%, Read 19106 times, Posted Apr 04, 2015

Fantasm | Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Spanking, Transvestite


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