Oh, Ronnie by senorlongo

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Fiction | Black, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Female, Romance


This is a brief story that’s been bouncing around my brain for a while. If you’re looking for one sex scene after another you should look elsewhere. There’s not much sex in this story—just enough to make the story interesting. Of course, all participants in sexual activities are adults—above the age of 18. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Sr. Longo


“Oh Ronnie…Ronnie…come here, will you?” I knew she was just being polite. It was a joke she liked to play on me. “And, Ronnie…bring the ‘demonstrator.’ You know the one…your favorite.” She finished with a hearty laugh. Why not? The joke was on me and, worst of all, there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about it. I trudged into the bedroom, stooping to pick up the bag from her closet floor. Her closet! Who was I kidding? This was HER bedroom. Everything in it was HERS. Nothing in here was mine. MY stuff was jammed into the tiny closet and dresser in our smallest bedroom—the one we used for our home office. There was barely room for the desk, chair, and a file cabinet. That meant that I slept in a sleeping bag on the floor.

Gail’s friends were laughing wildly when I walked onto the back porch. Gail was regaling them on the incredible abilities of her latest lover, Jacob Green, M.D. He was taller than me at six feet three inches and heavier at 215 pounds. He was an athlete—basketball and track were how he paid his way through a Big Ten university until he received a scholarship to medical school. None of that mattered to my wife. All she wanted was his huge black cock.

I was anything but an alpha male physically. I was only five feet nine inches tall, slender—okay, skinny--with slightly hunched shoulders, weighing only 148 pounds naked, but 160 clothed. I know that seems like my clothes were heavy so maybe I should explain.


I’d thought we had a good marriage. Dear God—how many times have you read that? I was doing extremely well with my own business as a certified public accountant while Gail, my wife of seven years worked as an elementary school teacher. We still made love at least three times a week and more if we rented porn on the weekend. Then I discovered online porn. It was free and it was available twenty-four hours a day.

I started to stay up later than Gail, watching porn for maybe half an hour at first. It wasn’t long before I found myself rubbing my hard cock and in less than two weeks, I found that I was jerking off at least twice a week. It was every night less than a month later. Our sex life dwindled to the weekends, but I never thought that Gail would catch on—not until she did.

It was a Wednesday in December around 11:30 when I was almost there, stroking wildly to “Barbara Broadcast,” a porn classic from the theater of the absurd. “Well,” I heard from the doorway. “This explains a lot.” Gail was leaning against the doorframe while her left hand played with her right nipple through her nightgown. My face had turned red and I tried to turn to cover my cock and hide my masturbation.

“Don’t stop on my account,” she said. “It would be a shame to waste all of that effort. Go ahead. I want to see you spurt. Come on…DO IT!!! She had practically screamed at me. I took my six-inch cock in my hand, tightening my grip, and stroked faster and faster, my lust fighting my embarrassment for dominance and winning in the end until my abdomen was covered in my spunk. I was about to wipe it off until Gail told me, “Leave it there!” For some reason I obeyed, even wiping my hand over my chest as Gail led me to bed. Back then I was still sleeping in our bed and our room.

Surprisingly, she didn’t say another word about it. I thought at first that the issue was dead. I had stopped staying up late in the hope that she would forget and eventually forgive me. Surprisingly, she never had sex with me again. I was rebuffed every time I asked until Gail finally just told me to go jerk off at the computer. “You might as well. You seem to enjoy that more than you enjoy me.” I felt bad, but she refused all of my advances. Then, about three months after her discovery, I found out why.


I had gotten home late—tax season—and I was really beat. The lights were off downstairs and I trudged up to the second floor slowly. I noticed immediately that our bedroom was illuminated only by candles set on the night stands and the dressers. There, in the middle of our bed was my wife lying in a sexy pose and wearing a sheer red teddy. “Come here,” she whispered. “It’s time. I’m going to give you something you’ll remember for a very long time…maybe forever.” Then she laid back and spread her legs.

Her pussy was as bare as the day she was born and, even in this dim light I could see the droplets—the telltale signs of her arousal. I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough.

I was kneeling between her legs when she held up a glass of wine. “Let’s have a toast, shall we? Let’s drink to our future.” I took the glass, touched it to Gail’s and drank. I finished the glass and handed it back to her. Then I felt it—the overwhelming fatigue. Gail just pushed me to my side of the bed and whispered, “I promised you an unforgettable night and that’s exactly what you’re going to get, but first….” My eyes were barely open when I saw the bathroom door open and a big black man walk to our bed. He was naked with his big cock erected as he sat and leaned forward to kiss my wife then everything faded to darkness until the following morning.

Gail was awake when I opened my eyes. “What the hell happened last night, Gail? I drank the wine and started to fall asleep. Just before I did, I dreamt that I saw a naked black man sit on our bed and kiss you.”

Gail laughed. “That was no dream. That was Jacob, my lover. I promised you a night you’d never forget and that’s exactly what I’ve given you. Now pay close attention. See this device. I call it a ‘demonstrator.’ Watch what happens when I push this bratwurst into it. Okay. See these three flaps? They lie flat on top of the bratwurst and everything is fine as long as the brat stays where it is.”

“What’s the point of this, Gail. I have to take a leak.”

“Just be patient. I’ll show you right now. Watch what happened to the bratwurst when I try to pull it out of the cylinder.” She pulled and as she did the sharp flaps caught on the brat’s upper surface slicing it into three pieces. It was grisly, but it was about to get much worse.

“I’m showing you this so you’ll understand that YOUR bratwurst is staying exactly where it is right now. It’s not coming out until I say it is.” She fingered a small shiny key on a chain around her neck that I hadn’t noticed before as she began to pull the blanket off my body. There on my cock and balls was a device obviously made of stainless steel that I recognized from my late-night online searches. It was a cock cage. It was a tight fit around my cock and I noticed the three sharp flaps that ensured my captivity flat against the upper surface of my penis immediately.

“They’re called ‘anti-pullout pins’ in case you’re interested and they cost you more than two hundred bucks. I’d say they’re worth every penny. You’re in there until I release you. I even had to sign a waiver saying that I wouldn’t hold the company responsible for any damage done to your cock, not that it would be much of a loss.”

I’d had enough of this game. I reached out and tore the chain from Gail’s neck. She just laughed. “You must think I’m an idiot. The real keys are in a safe deposit box in a bank in the city. How many banks in the city…any idea? There must be thousands, not that it would matter. Only I can open it. That little stunt is going to cost you another thirty days of chastity. That means you now have ninety…ninety days of vacation for your cock.

However, I’ll be getting laid every night…by Jacob. You’ll be here watching and taking notes…learning how to be a decent lover. Would you believe that I had more orgasms the first time I fucked Jacob that I’ve had in seven years with you. Yes, Ronnie…I’ve faked every one…every single one. But, don’t worry. I’m not interested in a divorce. Jacob’s good for fucking, but not for marrying and you’ll be an even better husband once you’re trained properly. You can begin right now. Take your leak then you can make my breakfast and bring it to me in bed. Get moving!”

To emphasize her orders, she reached out to give my pale white ass a good smack. The noise reverberated in our bedroom as I yelped in pain. She wasn’t any bigger than me, but we both knew she was stronger—the result of many hours at the gym while I was stuck at a desk earning the money that maintained our high-end lifestyle. “By the way, you’ll probably want to sit down while you pee. You’ll be cleaning up any spillage with your tongue,” she spit out with a vitriol I had never imagined she had possessed. She was laughing crazily by the time I had reached the bathroom door.


That was how it began—how I became a chaste cuckold. After serving her breakfast she told me to clean up the kitchen, then dust and vacuum the rooms on the first floor. I balked until she began to count. “Ninety-one…ninety-two…ninety-three….” She was at ninety-five when I finally jumped up and trotted out of the room. “While you’re at it, I want you to be naked while you work. I want to be able to see your new adornment. It’s so pretty and so very effective.” I dropped my clothes into the hamper and went to the kitchen to begin my servitude, but I wasn’t giving in—not yet and probably not ever. I just needed time—time to plan and time to put that plan into effect.

I had to serve her lunch on the rear deck and she made me lick her pussy while she ate. “How does that taste, cucky boy? Jacob dropped two big loads into me while you were sleeping last night. Incidentally, that wasn’t the first night you were drugged. I had to measure your little cock three different times in order to get it to fit right—snugly, but not too tight. It wouldn’t do to choke off the blood supply and have it fall off, now would it?” Then she rubbed my balls with her bare foot, laughing when I grimaced in pain as my flesh swelled against the prison’s bars. “Did they make it a bit too tight, darling cucky?”

That night was my first real exposure to Jacob. She made me answer the door while I was naked. From there the evening went downhill fast. She made me serve them drinks and call them “Sir” and “Ma’am.” Gail had come into the living room wearing only a short and almost transparent nightgown I had bought her for last Valentine’s Day. Until now she had refused to wear it, calling it “indecent.” Apparently, it was only indecent for me. Jacob appeared to love it. My cock swelled against its prison bars, something Gail noticed immediately.

“Oh my, you seem to be a bit uncomfortable, darling. Too bad you won’t be getting out of there for another ninety-eight days.”

“Don’t you mean ninety-five?”

“I mean whatever I say. Maybe I’ll say ‘two hundred.’ Would you like that? Just think of how much porn you could watch in that time. Doesn’t that idea appeal to you?”

‘No…Ma’am. I’ve lost interest in porn…Ma’am.”

“Just as I’ve lost interest in you…well, in fucking you, anyway. Feel free to find another woman like one of those porn stars you’ve been drooling over. While you’re just standing there why don’t you get us some drinks? I’ll have a Chardonnay and Jacob just loves that Johnny Walker Blue you’re so proud of.”

“While you’re at it, why don’t you get us some cheese and crackers. I saw some great cheddar in there last night,” Jacob added. Then, grabbing Gail by her waist he pulled her onto his lap. I could see their lust-laden kiss as I turned the corner to the kitchen. Johnny Walker Blue! He would like the most expensive whiskey I owned. I was tempted to do something about it, but stopped those thoughts when I remembered Gail’s counting.

I served their drinks on a silver tray with cut cheese and crackers on a dish of our finest china in the center. I had been about to leave when Gail broke the kiss to give me further instructions. “Go upstairs and turn down the bed. Take one of the dining room chairs with you. I’ll tell you where I want you when Jacob and I get up there.”

They arrived about half an hour later, both naked and Gail’s breasts showing several bite marks that would undoubtedly be hickeys by tomorrow morning. Fortunately, they wouldn’t be seen when she went to work. She stopped at her dresser and opened a drawer. “Here; I bought these just for you. Put them on. You’ll wear panties from now on.” I pulled them up my legs even as I wondered how much worse it could get. I found out a few seconds later when I was told to get Jacob hard. I would have thought that would be Gail’s job, but I guessed not. I stroked him for about a minute until his black cock was more than eight inches long and about twice as thick as mine was. Then I had to watch closely as Gail’s pussy lips slowly stretched around the large black organ.

I knew that there were plenty of guys with bigger cocks than mine and I wasn’t surprised that she would choose someone bigger, but how much of this did I have to endure? A lot more, apparently. Twenty minutes later I was required to clean her sweaty cum-filled pussy and his wilting cock—not with a towel, but with my tongue. It was just the first of many humiliating lickings to come.


Not surprisingly, my situation deteriorated swiftly from that point on. I had to move into the home office so she and Jacob would have some privacy. After all, a queen doesn’t share her bed with the staff. Luckily, tax season was reaching its climax so I was home less and less. I still had to endure several embarrassing phone calls almost every day. Then came the Saturday afternoon when she invited her friends over for drinks. I was dressed in a polo and shorts, but not for long, when she summoned me to the deck.

I had handed Gail the bag and then she sent me to the kitchen for a bratwurst. Still laughing, she jokingly told the women,” Now, I don’t want you thinking that he’s as big as this bratwurst, because he’s not and he never will be, but more about that in a bit.” She pushed the sausage into the cylinder and showed what would happen if someone—think “me”—pulled his sausage out. Then she had me drop my shorts to expose my pink panties as almost all of the women roared hilariously with laughter that only got worse when Gail ripped the panties from my body.

The hilarity stopped suddenly and completely when Gail’s younger sister, Amy, screamed, “What the hell’s wrong with you, Gail? Jeez, so he jerked off and watched porn. Big deal; he’s a guy. Maybe you should have kept him more interested instead of spreading your legs for some black guy with a big dick. You’re sick, Gail…just fucking sick and the rest of you aren’t any better.” Amy stomped off after delivering a hard, resounding slap to her older sister’s cheek. Gail’s face showed a red bruise hours later.

“Yeah, well, not only does he have a big cock, but he also has a new Porsche convertible and he’s going to take me for a joyride next weekend. I bet we’re going to hit a hundred…maybe even more. I can’t see my loser husband doing that for me.” She was right. I’d never waste my money on such an extravagant car nor would I risk my life by driving so recklessly.


The next week was more of the same, but now I was at the height of the tax season so I was hardly ever home until late Saturday night—almost midnight. I was surprised to see a Sheriff’s car at the curb as I pulled into the garage. The deputies walked purposefully up to the house. “Are you related to a Gail Masters?”

“Yes, Deputy…she’s my wife. Why? Is there some problem? Is she okay?”

“I’m sorry to tell you, but she’s been in an automobile accident. She died at the scene. I don’t have any more information, but I’m sure you can get a copy of the accident report by tomorrow noon at the Sheriff’s Office. Do you know how she knew a Dr. Jacob Green?”

“Yeah, unfortunately. He was her boyfriend. They were fucking and throwing it in my face on a daily basis. I pray to God he was killed, too…hopefully suffering a painful death.”

“I understand how you feel, sir. I can’t comment on his condition one way or the other. Whatever happened will be in the report. Good night, sir…sorry for your loss.” He and the other deputy shook my hand and turned to leave. I went inside. I knew I’d have a lot of work to do—work I was actually looking forward to.

After notifying the mortuary, I made the necessary phone calls first to Gail’s parents who couldn’t believe that their illustrious first born was dead. They demanded details. “All I can tell you is that she was killed in an automobile accident and that she was a passenger in a car driven by a doctor. I don’t have any more information. I’m supposed to get the accident report from the Sheriff sometime tomorrow, hopefully before noon although I have no idea how complete it will be.” Her father, especially, wasn’t satisfied. “I’ll try to get more information,” I told him. “Hopefully, I’ll have it by the time of the wake. I’m really sorry, but I think I should phone Amy now and then I’ll need to contact her boss. It’s a real tragedy.” He agreed and I ended the call.

My call to Amy was short. Amy lived with her parents, but she was out with friends on a Saturday night. She just said, “Oh…let me know when the wake and funeral will be, will you, Ronnie?” I agreed and rung off. I’d left the easiest for last—telling her principal. I didn’t envy his job—telling her students would be incredibly difficult. I wondered how he’d feel if he knew what a total slut his prize teacher was. For some reason I was able to sleep well once I had changed the sheets on what was once again my bed.


I anticipated that my visit to the Sheriff’s Office would be lengthy. I had a lot of questions and I was sure that the investigating deputies would have a few for me, too. I was right on both counts. I obtained a copy of the report and was reading through it while waiting for the chief investigator to see me. He introduced himself as Lieutenant Bingham. We shook hands and a minute later we were in his office.

“Lieutenant, there are a few things in the report that aren’t too clear. Can you tell me exactly what happened?”

“First, can you tell me where you were last night?”

I laughed as I pulled a business card from my wallet. “I’m a CPA. Today is March 29th. This time of the year I probably spend fourteen hours a day seven days a week in the office. That’s where I was until about twenty minutes before I met your deputies last night. I even ate at my desk with several of my staff—take-out pizza. If you don’t believe me you can check with the alarm company. They’ll have a record of when I logged out. I don’t quite know how I could have organized an accident. I don’t even know how to change the oil in my car and I’ve never been under the hood of a Porsche. It does have a hood, doesn’t it?”

He nodded before continuing. “I understand that you knew about the affair. Why didn’t you do anything about it?”

“Damn good question,” I answered and then I told him, even showing him my trapped genitals. I finished by telling him that I was just over halfway to being released, assuming that Gail was being honest with me, which I seriously doubted. “She made me a virtual slave. I cooked. I cleaned, I cleaned her after she fucked that asshole. So, yes, I had a motive—a damned good one--but I had no opportunity and, even if I did, I’d have no idea what to do. Now…are you going to tell me about the accident?”

He took a deep breath and blew it out. “It looks like the steering somehow jammed and suddenly turned his car into the median and the concrete barrier. He was doing well over the speed limit at the time…at least eighty from our preliminary investigation. The car flipped over several times as it crossed over the three lanes to the trees on the other side of the road. Witnesses told us that the car flipped at least six times although there’s no way to know for sure.

“From what we’ve been able to figure out she was topless and giving him a blowjob when the initial collision occurred. We know that because the impact caused her to bite his penis in two. We found it in her mouth and throat.

“He probably would have survived the collision because of the airbags, but he bled out through his penis before the firemen were able to get him out of the wreck. Your wife appeared to have died from a broken neck—whiplash that appears to have resulted from her lying down instead of sitting up. She wasn’t wearing her shoulder belt. Too bad.”

“If you say so. All of this began because I watched a little porn and jacked off. How many men have done the same? If caught by their wives they’d probably promise to stop like I did and that would be the end of it. Unfortunately, Gail wasn’t one of those women.” I stood up, thanked him for the information, and walked out the door.


There were plenty of tears at the wake and the funeral, but none from me. I was sure that her friends and relatives felt that I was keeping the proverbial stiff upper lip—being strong for the sake of the family. Only Amy knew the truth and she remained silent at my side.

Family and friends were invited to what had been our home after the burial for drinks and food that was catered by a local restaurant. These events were always lighter emotionally than the wake or funeral. Only when all had gone did things get ugly with my former father-in-law.

“You’re hiding something from us, Ronald and I’ll get it out of you if I have to beat you senseless. I don’t believe that she was willingly in that car with a nigger.” He was leaning forward in a threatening pose with his fists clenched.

‘Let it go, Daddy. You’re not helping,” Amy implored, but it did no good.

“Okay, George…you asked for it, now you’re going to get it. Your princess daughter was having an affair with that so-called nigger. She just couldn’t get enough of his big black cock. I ought to know. She forced me to watch often enough. She died because she was horizontal on the seats giving him a blowjob when the collision occurred. He died because she bit his penis in two. It was found in her mouth and throat when they were finally able to pull them out. Happy now? Your daughter was just a cheap slut in love with a big black cock. Maybe next time someone tells you to mind your own business you’ll listen. Now, get the hell out and leave me alone.” Gail’s parents left, but Amy stayed behind as I began to clean up.

“I have to go, too, Ronnie, but tell me…were you able to get out of that horrible device?”

“Not yet. The keys are in a safe deposit box and I’ll need a death certificate to open it. I should get it in another week or so. It’s frustrating, but there’s nothing I can do to hasten the process. Thanks for asking and thanks even more for your support.” I hugged Amy and she walked out to join her parents. I could hear their arguing before Amy drove away apparently in disgust at her father’s comments and behavior.


It’s amazing the diversity of clients an accountant can have. For example, I have businesses large and small as well as several school districts and churches in the county. I also worked with doctors, dentists, lawyers, plumbers, teachers, insurance salespeople and—yes—even auto mechanics, one of whom owed me a huge favor.

It was about eight years ago when Louie DiNunzio and his attorney contacted me about saving his company—Louie’s Auto Repair--if he was able to divorce his cheating slut wife. “Sure,” I told him. “You can sell the company to me for a fraction of its real value. Then you’ll just be an employee. Your wife will get half of the sales price. I’ll get my money back from the profits and in a few years, I’ll be disinterested in owning an auto repair shop and I’ll sell it back to you. That transaction will be on paper and no real money will change hands. You’ll still do all of the management activities, but your wife will be unable to fuck up your company and destroy all of your hard work.”

Now Louie had really repaid his debt. It all began when he told me that he had a Porsche 911 while I was checking his books. “It has an electric power steering module that’s controlled by one of the many small computers on board. I can ‘adjust’ the steering so when he goes more than eighty it will jerk the wheel hard left. Most of the time that will cause the vehicle to flip. You know…inertia.” Louie had done all of the work the night before the accident while Jacob’s car was in my garage and mine was out in the street.

Of course, Jacob was occupied the entire time with my wife’s disgusting cunt.

I stopped by Louie’s shop the following Monday morning to get my oil and filter changed, going the rest of the way to my office in the passenger seat of Louie’s Porsche. He delivered my Honda Pilot to my office just before noon. He had placed the keys in my hand when he commented, “Did I ever mention that I keep my Porsche in my locked garage. You might give some thought to locking that side door of yours.” He left the office with a wry smile on his face.

Meanwhile, I’d been able to find the key to Gail’s safe deposit box and, while there may be hundreds of branch offices in our nearby city, there are only a handful of actual banks. Phone calls to their national headquarters told me what branch of what bank held the keys to my freedom. I went there—twelve miles one way—in spite of my heavy work load as April 15th approached. I had the death certificate, my passport, Gail’s will, and my Power of Attorney so I had no problem getting into the box. I put the keys into a paper bag that I’d brought along for that purpose. I was surprised to find four thick bundles of hundred- dollar bills in the box. All told, they amounted to $40,000 which I assumed had been Jacob’s money. I knew exactly how much Gail earned. All of that money was direct deposited into our joint account, an account that I maintained. I put that into the bag, too then canceled the box, explaining that my wife’s unfortunate demise had eliminated the need for the extra security.

I had a private bathroom in my office so I locked the door and dropped my pants and boxers. The smaller key opened the top compartment—the one that held those damned anti pull-out pins that had threatened to cut off my cock. When I leaned forward and the cage was upside down, they fell harmlessly onto the tile floor. Next, I was able to open the entire cage and pull it off my body.

I cannot describe the sensations I experienced then. My cock swelled, filling with blood so quickly and so completely that it actually hurt. After months of captivity the pain was a relief. I massaged my poor organ, wanting to cum in the worst way. Unfortunately, that would have to wait. I dropped the entire evil apparatus into the bag and placed the money into my big safe as I returned to work.


I was really looking forward to a great jerk-off session once I was home so, naturally, the day dragged terribly until I could finally leave just after 9:30 that evening. I stopped off at a diner for a quick meal of roast turkey and stuffing with mashed sweet potatoes. I was really thirsty so I opted for a jumbo ginger ale. I rarely drank unless on the weekend or out to dinner with Gail, not that she’d gone with me lately. By the time I had finished and driven the rest of the way home it was almost 11:00—time for bed so I could put in another hectic day again tomorrow.

I was surprised to find Amy sitting on my front porch as I drove into the garage. “What’s up, honey?”

“I had a huge fight with my dad and I’m leaving home. I’ve had enough of his bullshit. I’ve had to play second fiddle to Gail my entire life. Nothing I ever did was good enough even though I got better grades than her and went to a better university. I earn more money than she did and I never would cheat on my husband like she did with you. I have a lot to tell you about that. It’s the reason for the brawl with my asshole father.”

I led Amy into the living room and sat her on the couch while I poured us each a glass of JW Blue with a couple of ice cubes. It’s smooth enough that it can be sipped straight. Amy had said that she had something to tell me so I sat patiently. She took a couple of sips then a deep breath before she spoke. “Gail was cheating on you months before she caught you watching porn. One of the gals in my office was celebrating her birthday and she wanted to go to Parnell’s—you know, that sleazy dive on the other side of the city?”

I nodded. It really was a dive, and—worse—there had been several shootings and sexual assaults there over the past year. “We were seated at a table enjoying a couple of drinks and listening to the music when I noticed Gail and this big black guy at a table near the end of the bar. They were doing everything but fucking at the table. I could see his hand up her dress and one of her tits was exposed for everyone to see. I tried to hide as we left, but Gail saw me. She threatened to tell our parents which would have been big trouble for me because they absolutely forbade me from going there. I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t realize that it was an ongoing affair and I couldn’t ever imagine that she’d do that cock cage thing to you. It sounds terrible, but I’m not broken up over her death.

“I have a favor to ask. Daddy threw me out of the house. It’s okay. I should have left years ago, but I enjoyed the free rent and Mom’s cooking. I could use a place to stay for a few days while I find an apartment. Could I stay here with you?”

“Of course; your sister may have tortured me, but you were the only one who stood by me and supported me, so stay as long as you like. Tax season will be over in a few days and I’ll enjoy the company—besides, I can use some help disposing of Gail’s clothes. Maybe you’d like some of her jewelry. Need any help bringing your stuff in?”

“No, I just have a small bag and I’m sure you’re really tired. Go to bed. I’ll close up the house and crash in the guest room.” She stood and kissed my cheek before walking out to the curb for her clothes. By the time she returned I was in the shower rubbing out a long overdue orgasm. My cum splashed off the tile walls as I sagged back against the rear wall of the enclosure. “Damn,” I thought. “That was fucking overdue and just incredible.”

My legs were rubbery as I pushed off the wall and aimed the shower spray at my mess. Imagine my surprise as I turned to the shower’s clear glass door to see Amy standing there totally naked and rubbing her naked cunt. I was even more surprised when she exclaimed, “Oh, ‘Ronnie! Will you do that in my cunt next time? Please?”

I stepped out, seeing no reason to hide my body—the one she had already seen. “What are you doing here, Amy? You know the guest room has its own bath.”

“I’m here for the same reason why I came here to your house. I’ve always had really strong feelings for you. I think you already knew that, but I couldn’t do anything about them because of Gail. Now she’s dead and my stupid parents are no longer in the picture either, so I’m free…free to explore my feelings for you.”

By then she had pulled the towel from the rack and begun to dry my body as she leaned in for a tender kiss. Even at the age of thirty-six I felt my cock re-harden instantly. Gail had been thirty-four and I knew that Amy was seven years younger at twenty-seven. She was also a bit shorter at five feet four inches with a gorgeous slender body. Her B-cup breasts fit her tiny body spectacularly, riding high on her chest with puffy pink nipples and round light brown areolas that my hands found as soon as hers led me to them.

She moaned under my touch and as soon as she had dried me her hands led me to her oozing cunt. “That’s so nice, Ronnie. Play with my cunt. I’ve wanted that for so long. You can’t imagine the number of times I masturbated while dreaming that you were actually fucking me.”

I felt that I was in Heaven as Amy gently stroked my cock. Leaning down, I whispered, “I think I can make that happen.” Then we kissed—our first real romantic kiss, one that lingered for several minutes. Our tongues dueled and our faces were covered in spit when we broke it, but neither of us cared even a little. I kissed her again as I gently lifted her tiny body and carried her to my bed.

“Take me, Ronnie. Take me and fuck me good. Take me and make me your woman, the woman I’ve dreamed about being.” I moved between her legs, my cock feeling as though it was made of steel or titanium. I doubted that I’d ever been harder, even for my first time with Gail. Amy was incredibly wet as I rubbed my cock into her slit and began to press home. Amy was tiny, weighing less than a hundred pounds and her pussy was in perfect proportion to her body. She was, by far, the tightest of any pussy I had experienced as I pushed forward.

I could feel her vaginal walls press against my erection as I began my rhythm. It wasn’t long before Amy matched me thrust for thrust. I had plenty of staying power, having just cum hard only a few minutes ago. I must have been doing something right because Amy was shaking wildly under me and it only got worse as her orgasm neared. She was fucking me hard and screaming, “Fuck me, Ronnie. Fuck me! Fuck me!” Then it hit and I feared for her safety until she calmed down and her ragged breathing became regular. Then she looked up at me and smiled sweetly. “Oh, Ronnie!” Then she kissed me again as she moved her legs over my shoulders. “Oh, Ronnie—think we can do that again? I can’t wait to give you my ass…my virgin ass. That’s all yours, too just like every other part of me. Oh, Ronnie…fuck me and never stop. Oh, Ronnie…please!”


I fucked Amy until neither of us could walk and then I fucked her again. We slept well into the morning. I phoned in to the office to tell them I wouldn’t be in. That was unheard of during tax season, but it was one of the benefits of being the boss. Amy called into her office, pleading illness and returning to our embrace once the call was ended.

We stayed in bed until my dick was as soft as putty and we were both covered in a mixture of semen and pussy juice. Our abdomens and thighs were sticky to the touch as I leaned on my side to bring Amy into another embrace. I was nuzzling her ear when I whispered, “I think we could both use a shower. Care to join me?”

“Gladly…if I can find the strength in my legs to stand and walk and may I suggest that we do something about dinner? You’re some lousy host, not providing me with food and drink.”

“I beg to differ,” I replied with a huge smile on my face. I think it was around three this morning that I gave you a mouthful of my finest.”

Amy was laughing as she elbowed me in the ribs. “That was great but I don’t think that spunk counts as real food. Let’s go! I’m ready for that shower.” I crawled off the bed, the sheets sticking to my skin as I turned to help my new lover to her feet. Arm in arm we strolled into the bathroom where I turned the hot water on while we used the toilet—Amy first. The water was scalding by the time I had flushed away my urine so I adjusted the temperature and we stepped in.

No sooner were we in the shower than Amy tiptoed up to give me another of her searing kisses. Then she grabbed the soap and rubbed it over my chest and back before reaching down to my cock and balls. Breaking the kiss, she bent forward to wash my legs and then it was my turn. Then we dried each other and dressed even though Amy’s choices were limited to her small overnight bag. Instead of an elegant restaurant we went out for pizza and beer even though Amy laughingly complained that beer always made her fart. “Uh oh, sounds like the guest room for you tonight,” I laughingly replied, as though that would ever happen.

Amy took another day off the following day so she could get her clothes and personal items while her dipshit father was at work. She was done by the time I returned from work by 8:00 p.m. We ate a light dinner and went straight to bed, falling asleep more than an hour later. The next day it was off to work early for both of us. By then I had given her a house key, garage remote, and the alarm code.

We continued like that for the next two months and in that time our relationship grew in many ways. We learned that we enjoyed the same activities, books, movies, and sports. Not only did we enjoy our time together, we treasured it. “I wonder if we’ll feel the same way ten years from now when we have children,” Amy asked one evening after another vigorous session of love-making.

“I think you might want to wait on that to see if I even ask you,” was my reply.

Amy’s hands flew to her face as she told me repeatedly how sorry she was for being so presumptuous. “Okay, then…what kind of wedding would you like?” it took several seconds for her to process what I had said, but suddenly she jumped onto my chest, both grinning wildly and crying tears of joy.

“Oh, Ronnie. I’ve been praying for this moment for so long. I don’t want a big church wedding. Just march me up in front of a justice of the peace and then we can work on knocking me up. Is that okay?”

“Better than okay; it’s perfect.” Then I pulled her to me for another long tongue-laden kiss. A few minutes later I had her in the passenger seat of my Honda. “Where are we going, Ronnie?”

“Well, I assume you’d like a set of rings and maybe you’d like to pick one out for me. Hmmm, what do you think?”

“Oh, Ronnie…I’m so in love with you.” She reached out to hold my hand as I drove to a jeweler friend I knew well from the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary. He greeted me warmly although he was surprised to see me so soon after what he called “Gail’s tragic demise.”

Then I set him straight and when I was done, he was speechless—eyes as big as quarters and his mouth open so wide, I was afraid he’d catch flies.

“So, this is Gail’s sister, Amy. She’s nothing like her slut sister and it turns out she’s been in love with me for years. So, close your mouth and do what you’re supposed to do—sell us some rings.”

Amy is a tiny pixie so she ***********ed a small—but not tiny—ring of yellow gold and a 1.5 carat diamond. Our wedding bands were slender gold bands. Hers had a row of eight diamonds. Mine had three. I got a good discount, paid the bill with my credit card and walked my bride-to-be out to the car.


I had asked Greg, a friend from the country club to stand with me and Amy asked her cousin Jennifer. I knew her, of course from my relationship with Gail. I also knew that Jennie would tell Amy’s parents if she hadn’t already. I didn’t care and neither did Amy. We were married in a simple ceremony with a local magistrate at 10:43 on Friday morning—April 20th. The weeks after April 15th are still busy with late tax filings, but they’re nowhere near the hectic pressure we feel as we approach the annual deadline. I could afford to take a day off. The honeymoon, however, would have to wait until June.

One thing I definitely wanted to do was to install a new lockset in the side door to the garage. The old one had been broken for years. I was almost done when a sedan drove up. I wasn’t terribly surprised to see Lieutenant Bingham exit the car and walk my way. “I see you’ve already moved on, Mr. Masters. That’s kind of suspicious. Makes me wonder.”

“I’m sure it does, but I’ve known my wife, Amy, almost as long as I knew Gail. She’s Gail’s sister. When Gail showed her friends what she had done to me so she could control me for her big-dicked lover one Saturday afternoon, Amy was furious and called Gail out on it. She even gave Gail a terrific slap in the face before slamming the door on her way out. At the house after the funeral there was a heated discussion about Gail’s behavior with her father who could never see anything negative about his first child. Perhaps I should also mention that he is also a horrendous racist. He thought I was hiding information about how Gail had died and he was right, but I did it to spare his feelings.

“Unfortunately, he refused to back off so I told him everything you had told me then I threw them out of my house. He was furious with me—not with Gail—but Amy stood up for me and told him a few more things he didn’t want to hear. The argument continued when they got home and, bottom line, he threw her out a few days later. I found her here that evening after work and offered her a place to stay until she found a permanent apartment. Shows you how little I know about women. I had always loved Amy, but as the little sister. It seemed she had other ideas. Changing the subject, are you any closer to finding out what happened to cause the crash?”

“No, we even had the people from Porsche in to check the wreckage, but everything was too badly damaged.”

“Well, accidents do happen, especially when you’re speeding and from what you’ve told me he should have been on a drag racing track instead of the interstate.”

“We did find out one thing from the start of the accident to when the vehicle stopped. The distance the car rolled showed he was doing close to a hundred.”

I shook my head. “I’m just glad he didn’t kill some innocent person who was just minding their own business.” Bingham agreed and left. I finished my job, throwing the old lockset into the trash before going inside to see Amy.


We fucked and made love almost every day. After all, we were on a mission—to, as Amy had said--knock her up. Then one day I came home to find a gift on the entry hallway table. It was gaily wrapped with a fancy bow. A label on top said, “To Ronnie, With Love, From Amy.” I was understandably curious so I walked into the living room to find Amy sitting quietly on the couch. After giving her a quick kiss, I asked, “What’s the occasion? I know it’s not my birthday.”

“Just open it. You’ll see.”

I did and inside were three slender white cylinders. I turned them over in my hand and, as I did, I noticed that they all said “YES.” When I turned around to see Amy, she was both smiling and crying. She jumped into my arms to kiss me—a much longer and more passionate one this time. Looking into my eyes she said those words I had grown to love, “Oh, Ronnie—I love you so much. You make me so happy. Oh, Ronnie!” Then she kissed me again.


Amy quit work so she could be a full-time mom when she was in the sixth month of her pregnancy. Fortunately, she had an easy time as her term progressed, but we knew she would have to have a C-section because of her small size and narrow hips. In some ways I was glad because she would be able to avoid the difficulties of labor. She went into the hospital on a Tuesday morning and gave birth that afternoon to a beautiful six-pound four-ounce girl. I swear, in that moment I loved Amy more than I believed possible. My mom came to help for the first two weeks, leaving once Amy was able to get around on her own.

We struggled as all new parents do, but eventually things calmed down. We adopted a dog from the Humane Society to provide Amy with some company and protection while I was at work. We got a neutered lab-mix that already weighed fifty pounds when we brought him home. He sat calmly in the rear seat with our new daughter Beth Marie and his head on Amy’s shoulder. I felt much better when I left for work Monday morning.

Amy was feeding Beth in our bedroom when Casey jumped up and ran to the front door, barking loudly when he got there. Amy laughed as she told me, “If that won’t scare the bad guys away, what will?” I kissed her quickly then leaned down to kiss Beth’s forehead before jogging to the door. I petted Casey as I opened the door then stood there in amazement as I looked at my mother-in-law. “Hello, Ronald. I heard from Jenny that I have a beautiful granddaughter so I had to come and see her for myself. May I come in?”

“Of course, Ellen. You’re always welcome. They’re in the bedroom.” I led her up the stairs, stopping just outside. “Amy, you have a visitor. Okay to have her come in?” Then I stepped aside to marvel at the expressions on both of their faces. Amy had never said a word, but I knew that she missed her mom terribly. I was pleased when I walked into the room to see the joy as Ellen first kissed and hugged her daughter then took her sleeping granddaughter into her arms. There were tears in her eyes when she sat down to rock and whisper to our daughter, Beth.

“That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful daughter,” Ellen told us as she slowly rocked back and forth. “This is a beautiful chair, Amy. Is it an antique?”

“Yes, Ellen,” I replied, “it belonged to my great grandmother and it’s been handed down from son to son.”

Looking down as our sleeping baby, she commented, “Well, she certainly seems to enjoy it.” Then she looked at Amy and said, “What a fool I’ve been. Can you ever forgive me?” The expression on Amy’s face answered her and from that day on Ellen visited us often. George, however, never met his granddaughters. It was his loss as our four daughters loved their grandparents and expressed their love openly. Too bad; it was his loss, not ours.

Amy proved to be a wonderful wife and I made every effort to be as good to her as she was to me. My business flourished and I eventually had a dozen accountants working for me, auditing the books of small corporations around the country and even in Canada and Mexico. Dealing with Gail’s abuse had been horrible, but I’d go through all of it again to be able to spend the rest of my life with her loving sister. I never tired of hearing Amy express her love with those two simple words—"Oh, Ronnie!”

The End.

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