Bimbo/Slave Housewife Takes Care of Family by brightsubb

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Fantasy | BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Mind Control, Old Female, Romance, Submission, Threesome, Wife, Written by women

Chapter 1: Getting Ready…

Today is a special day in our house. My Master-Husband is getting ready to go on a business trip for a week. This is exciting because it leaves me home alone with our teenage son and our dog. I am so thrilled for this wonderful week ahead of me. As much as I will miss my Master, I will enjoy the alone time I have with my son, and tending to his needs. In our house Master always comes first above everything but this week little Master will be the top of the house, and I am sure he will take advantage of every second of his power.

The day starts as it usually does. The alarm goes off at four AM in the morning, and I quickly slam it off to make sure it doesn’t wake up Master. I curl up to him just a moment longer, smelling his sweet smell, rubbing against his warm, big manly frame. Being under Masters arm with my head on his hairy chest is my favorite place in the world. I am forever safe in his arms, no one can hurt me, and I am free there. I always try to squeeze just a second longer out of being next to Master, so I give him a quick hug, fix his eye mask, give him a kiss on the nose, and bounce out of bed.

I fold the blankets back after I slipped out, and tuck Master in so all the warmth stays with him, and he doesn’t wake up. I put on my pink fuzzy slippers, and stretch my arms up as I walk completely naked to the bathroom. Once I get into the bathroom, I turn on the lights, shielding my eyes from the drastic change, and look in the mirror once I adjust. I look at my tight, fit, body. I see the curves of my giant fake tits, down to my small flat stomach, and bounce back out where my huge ass is. I turn around so my fat ass is facing the mirror and think to myself “It could get a little bigger for Master, better double the work out today.” I turn on the shower, as I walk to the toilet, finish my morning duties, and slip my slippers off before hoping into the shower. I hum a couple of Disney songs as I wash my long wavy red hair. I spend at least a fifteen minutes in the shower, shaving, washing, and making myself squeaky clean for my wonderful Masters.

Skipping out of the shower, I dry my have with a towel and start applying my make up. Master made sure to show me exactly how he likes his bimbos to look, and I make sure I do my make up perfectly every morning. I have thick long eyelashes, a perfect flip at the end of my eye liner, and just the exact amount of eye shadow to make the most slight smokey eye. I continue to add just the tinniest bit of blush (knowing in a second I was about to get very flustered), and finish with some hot pink lip stick. After my make up is done I make sure to blow dry my hair into the perfect big wavy locks that Master loves to hold onto tight as he fucks his slave-wifes mouth.

I shimmy into my outfit for the day, a pink baby doll dress, my favorite. It has see through cups holding my big double D fake tits. Just see through enough so you can watch my nipples grow with excitement as I am blowing my most loved Master. With fuzz on top of my tits, and a nice big black bow. I slip my pink matching g-strip on and I dance to the closet to choose shoes. I decide the pink, fuzzy, stripper heels are best for today. Since Master is going away for such a long time, he should have a glorious goodbye.

I look at myself all whored up in the mirror before going off to greet Master. I see a plastic, fake, bimbo staring back at me. I think about how I graduated with a 3.5 from one of the top schools in my state. I think about how I had such dreams to do research in my field, or dance on stage on broadway and be famous. I thought of the days that my parents used to be so proud of me saying “Thats our daughter!”. I used to be a success and people used to look up to me. Now looking back at me in the mirror is an air-head dumb bitch, only good for sucking cock and pleasing her Master. A cunt that everyone in the neighborhood used, and made fun of. A stupid gaped fuck meat who only wanted to worship her Master, following him around in tiny little skips waiting for his next command, and spending day and night pleasing him. I fix my collar quickly so the words “Owned Slave” could be facing out, and I thought to myself, I have never been happier.

I quietly open the door from my bathroom to my bedroom, and peak out to see if Master was still asleep. Of course he is curled into a ball, fast asleep, and probably dreaming of his wonderful business trip that is approaching. I tip toe out of the room and once I make it into the hall I give myself permission to breathe again. I am always so nervous about that long, 10 foot journey from the bathroom to the hallway door. I hate the days that I accidentally wake Master. I feel so worthless and bad when I don’t have everything perfect for when he wakes up. It is about five AM at this point, and Master doesn’t have to be awake until six thirty, and I plan for him to get every single minute of sleep he can.

I walked down to the kitchen, and turned on the news as I made breakfast. Master always likes to hear about the news after being woken up, he likes to know whats going on in the world. So after our morning pleasure sessions, and Master is getting dressed I recite if there is any big news happening in the world. It being just a boring old Thursday, nothing interesting is happening, and the newscasters are going off about the weather being a perfect seventy-two degrees. I sing and dance to myself as I prepare my husband and sons breakfast. They both love their eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns, and fresh squeezed orange juice so I make sure they have all of it! I hook my big fat tittes up to the breast-pump so my Master can drink his slaves fresh milk in the morning.

After preparing the perfect meal, it is around six AM at this point. I set the oven to low and put all the food in there to keep it warm and ready for my Master and little Master. I go and feed our lovely dog with a belly rub, and feed him the left overs from yesterdays dinner. He always eats like a prince, because he is of course one. I go outside to get the newspaper, walking like a girlie bimbo outside in my lingerie. The husbands on our street all seem to always get the newspaper and mail the same time I do. They are all standing on their driveways, looking pathetically at me with wishful eyes, lusting over the fact that Master got a slave as willing as me while they are stuck with their grumpy old hags. I give them all a wave, a boobie shake, and bend over nice and low so they all can get a good look at my ass while I pick up the paper. I always like to look back right before I close the door to see all there pants get a little tights, my Master loves having the hottest wife on the street.

I set the newspaper on the table next to Masters plate, and go and make sure all his paper work is in order for his trip. As I am finishing packing up his suitcase I hear a knock at the door. My nipples immediately harden as I know exactly who is at the door. I quickly run, my big tits bouncing up and down with every leap, and swing open the door with a big smile on my face. Stacey my good bimbo friend was here! I jump on top of her and we kiss a little, our tongues dancing with each other. I thank her so much for coming at such short notice! I decided to surprise Master with a little treat. Since I had to stay home and take care of little Master and the dog, I couldn’t imagine him going a whole week without pleasure so I arranged for my blond girlie Stacey to take the trip with him. She will fill in my slave position while he is gone, tending to his every need, and serving him like I do.

We gossip and giggle like bimbos do while we walk to the kitchen. I open the “Bitch Collar” cabinet where we keep all the collars for Masters occasional whores, and I quickly collar Stacey for her week to begin. I give her a booklet of rules, likes, dislikes, and simple tips about how to please my Master more. A slight feeling of jealousy comes over me and that confuses me. I love spoiling Master to no end, having slut after slut come through our doors and please my Sir is one of the most satisfying things for me. I think I am just jealous Stacey gets to spend a whole week doing nothing but sucking on the most perfect cock in the world. The jealousy quickly fades when I remember how much Master has enjoyed Stacey in the past.

We get caught up in talking, and I soon realize it is six twenty, only ten minuets before Master needs to be woken up. I quickly grab Stacey’s hand and we run up stairs. As we get to our bedroom door, I turn around and realize Stacey is still wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and that will just not do. I slap her harshly and say, “You know the first rule! Wear minimum clothes at all times while wearing Master’s collar.” She quickly undresses. Stacey is a beautiful girl. She is tiny, only about 5’2” and has big blond curly hair. She has big blue eyes, and perky little tits only about a C cup but they are all natural. She has a cute little frame and not as big of thighs and ass as me, but I know Master likes a little girl once and awhile to throw around. Once she is in just a bra and g-string we enter my bedroom.

I mouth to Stacey “stay” and quickly go about getting Masters business suit, and all his clothes ready and placed out so he can easily access them once he is pleased. Once all my normal morning duties are done, I look at the clock and it is perfectly 6:29. I smile to myself at another successful morning, and move towards the side of the bed where my Master is sleeping. I slowly pull the blankets off of him, and I can see him waking up a little. I whisper “Good morning my most wonderful Master, I love you so much, and have been waiting all morning for the pleasure to suck on your cock.” You twist over in your sleepy daze, and lay on your back.

I motion to Stacey to get on the opposite side of the bed, smiling to myself about how surprised you will be when you realize there is another bimbo in the room for you to use. Stacey and I have pleased you before, so she knows to follow my hands to please you properly. And I look up at her, wink, and at the same time we put our hands on both of your feet, massaging and rubbing up your class and into your inner thighs. Only then do you realize there are four hands on you, instead of two and you start to smile as you take off your eye mask….

Chapter 2: Bimbos Blowjob

Master pulls his eye mask off and looks back and forth between Stacey and I, who are both massaging his legs, chest, sides of his stomach and neck. He takes a moment and closes his eyes again breathing deep, and smiles and looks at me. He scrunches his nose up, and I scrunch mine, and he scrunches his again, and then I scrunch mine and giggle. We have been doing that since we first started dating. I don’t remember now how that started, but whenever Master does it now I know he is thinking “I love this woman.”

I smile to myself, and go back to my serving. I look up at Stacey and I can see her eyeing Masters cock, but I know we have not spent nearly enough time worshipping him first. I slap her hand away from his boxers and Master gives a little chuckle, he always likes to watch kitties fight over him. Stacey gives me a grumpy face, knowing that I like to spend time worshipping. She is a more straight to the point girl, where I like to enjoy every second of pleasing my Master. We continue to rub our hands all over him, up and down his body, completely relaxing him. Then we both start kissing at his neck, biting his ears, I bite just a little bit harder, trying to leave my mark on him a sad attempt to claim my man before he leaves for business, and in one swift motion I feel Master grab my hair and whisper, “down down kitty”

We kiss down his big manly chest, over his stomach, right down to his boxers. This is my favorite part about pleasing Master with another girl. While kissing his stomach I look up and meet Stacey’s eye contact, I blink twice (which is a command she learned while I was training her on how to please my Master) and she follows my lead and we both bite at his boxers on either side, and slowly pull them off of him. Masters cock bounces out of them and stands big and tall. Master has never failed to be rock hard for me, or any girl. His libido was hard to keep up with, but so lovely. I just adore Master so much, and always lose my breath a little when I see his massive cock.

With Stacey still following my lead, we climb in-between his legs, massage up his thighs, tickling his leg hair, and at the same time we both lean down and lick from right under his ball sac all the way up the shaft of his dick. Master lets out a satisfied moan, and Stacey and I start dancing our tongues in and out of each others mouth, and over the head of his dick. I pull back his foreskin just a little and we lick ever more of his sweet, delicious cock. I blink twice again, and we both open our mouths on either side of his magnificent cock. Master thrusts his hips just a little as he fucks his dick in-between our mouths. Master puts his hands on the back of our heads and pushes us just a little harder together and fucks our mouths. Our tongues going crazy swirling all around while his cock is going up and down.

When Master finally lets go of our heads, I know its my turn to take charge. I grab Stacey’s by the back of her head, and lead her to be kneeling next to Master. I shove her face completely down on Masters cock and hear her gag a little. Stacey gives wonderful blow jobs, but has trouble swallowing such a huge dick. I whisper, just loud enough for Master to hear “Don’t let that cock leave your mouth bitch” and I crawl in-between Masters legs.

I lean down and lick up the spit that Stacey has dripping off of Masters cock and down to his balls. I slowly suck his manhood into my mouth and sigh with pleasure. I love feeling him fill my mouth with his nuts. I swirl, and twist, and wiggle my tongue all around his balls. Moving them in and out of my mouth. Sucking on them letting them fall out of my mouth, its pure pleasure sucking on Daddys ball sac. I glance up at Stacey and she is sucking hard on his cock. Going up and down, shoving it deep into the back of her throat, bouncing her head up and down so vigorously I can’t help but smile. Master will enjoy her in the week to come.

I rub underneith Masters legs and he responds quickly lifted his leg up and hooking it with his arm. Over the years we have learned each others little signals and I love how every time we touch it is like a dance together. I rub down his thigh and spread open his ass. I look at his perfect asshole and begin to lick it all over. I clean all around, and shover my tongue in and out of it. I hear Master smack Stacey’s ass and start getting a little more aggressive in his humping.

I love having another bimbo to help me service my Master. Master is one hard man to please. I always feel so horrible when I am giving him my own blow job. I want to be gagging on his dick, sucking on his balls, and cleaning his asshole all at the same time. I want his whole body to have hands all over him, with multiple women just worshipping him and rubbing him. Being able to spoil him with another set of hands, and 3 new holes is one of my favorite things to do. I love being able to suck on his nuts, and clean his ass while another girl deep throats his beautiful perfect cock.

I feel Masters balls start to tighten up in my mouth and I droll just a little to soak his ass hole and I start thrusting my finger into his ass to the rhythm of Stacey deep throating and suck just a little harder on his balls and I feel them start to throb, and he throws his head to the side and I know he is shooting is hot load into Stacey’s mouth.

We slow down our motions as Master comes down from his orgasm. Stacey sucks the last drip of sweet cum out of Masters cock and looks up at me. I nod, knowing she remembered our training. She leans up opens her mouth, and kisses all of his cum into mine. I suck and lick her lips and tongue taking all of Masters cum away from her and swallowing every last drop. One of our rules is that all of Masters cum goes to his slave-wife and no one else (only exceptions are when bimbos go on trips with him, and I always get very jealous that they get to please my Master-husband and I don’t) but I know he enjoys a new girl. Master sits up and I hand him his water, and I get up to start helping him get dressed…

Chapter 3: Morning Rituals

As Master is sipping on his water and sitting up, I grab Stacey’s hair and walk her to the door. ”Now my sons room is down the hall on the left. When you get in there wake him the same way you would wake Master up. Don’t be so rough on his cock, he is still new to all this. Little Master also likes time to play with tits, so make sure to shove them in his face, and let him titty fuck you. Now go, we don’t want to be late.” Stacey looks at me dumbly, “Isn’t he just….” she trails off. ”Yes,” I respond, “he is still in high school but he is a prince and shall be treated like one. Now go!” I say while shoving her out of the room.

I slam the door, “Quiet kitty!” Master says, “I just woke up.” I bow my head quickly, “I am sorry Master.” I walk over to the closet and grab the clothes I picked out for him for the day, a pair of jeans and a funny t-shirt, I wouldn’t want him uncomfortable on his plane ride. I walk over to him and strip off his shirt. “Why did you let Stacey wake up my son this morning?” Master asks with a smile. I stop for a moment and look at him, smile back, and attack him pushing him back on the bed. He giggles as I go to reach for his armpits and he swings be around so I am on my back and he is on top of me. I hug him in tight to me, holding him with my arms around his neck, “I am going to miss you so much Master, I wanted to spend the morning with you” I loosen my grip and he pushes himself back enough so I can meet his eye contact, his beautiful baby blue eyes, “Is that okay Master?” I ask. He smiles his perfectly white smile and says “Of course my princess.” kisses me deeply and rolls off me.

I stand up and knell under him and take his socks off, pulling the “drip bucket” under my chin (even though I haven’t dripped in years) and pull Masters now soft cock into my mouth. I look up to meet his eye contact, give him a small nod, and he leans back on his elbows and slowly closes his eyes. I wait for a moment until I feel warm liquid filling my mouth. I start to rub up and down his legs as I swallow each glorious mouthful of piss my Master so selflessly gives to me. I love being able to be a toilet for him. I love the fact that if Master doesn’t want to, he never even has to leave bed during the day because I can supply him all of his needs. I love that even when I piss, it is still his just flowing through my body. I rub his balls and down his legs again when I feel him finishing up. I swish around the last mouthful of piss with my tongue, savoring every drop and finally swallow and open my eyes. Master is watching me with a big smile on his face, “Your going to miss me a lot aren’t you my little slave puppy?”. I grab onto his leg helplessly and whimper, “Yes Master more than you can possibly imagine.” He pats my head, and I know thats a sign to continue my duties.

I move the drip bucket back under the bed, thank him for the pleasure of being his toilet, and open up his new shirt for him to slide his arms into, open his boxers for him to slip into, and hand him his jeans with a smile (both of us well knowing that every time I try to help him put jeans on he always ends up tripping and falling. I have never been the most graceful little girl around, I am a big clumsy mess actually but Master loves me anyway). While getting dressed he asks about the news, and I tell him that nothing exciting is happening in the world, except for him leaving for a trip with a little giggle. ”Go downstairs and get breakfast set up for me, I will be down soon my slave.” I nod and head for the stairs.

As I leave our bedroom I take a detour to Little Masters door and put my ear up against it to hear how everything is going in there. ”You stupid fucking slut! Gag on it whore!” I hear Little Master say. I smile huge, and my heart warms! He is finally growing into a true Master like his father. He has never used those words with me (probably because I am his mother) and even though I tell him I am just a low sex toy and he can treat me however he likes, he is still so polite. But now with Stacey he is letting it all out, and I am so proud of him.

I skip downstairs, giving the dog a good pat as I dance by him and pull all the food out of the oven. I quickly set the table and start singing musicals to myself as I give everyone their favorite foods. While pouring some Snapple Iced Tea into Masters cup I hear is beautiful booming voice catch me in the lyrics to the song and I quickly spin around to join him in the duet. Singing into the Snapple bottle like a microphone we finish the song, and he grabs me and dips me and kisses my neck. I giggle playfully hitting him, “Go eat before your breakfast gets cold!” I teasingly command. He stands up straight, in his Dominating way, pointing a finger at me sternly “Watch it slave” he barks. I lower my eyes and apologize quickly, I hear him laugh, poke my nose, and he walks over to his seat, undoes his pants to his ankles and sits down and starts eating.

“Anything else you need before I start serving you my king?” I ask. “No” he says in-between mouthfuls “knees, now.” I drop down before he even has time to say now, and with a thud I hit the floor, my boobs bouncing heavily up and down on my chest. I crawl over to him and duck under the table. I rub my hands up and down his legs, under his boxers and play with his balls. ”Slowly slave” I hear him say while he opens the Huffington Post to read. I slow down my motions with pleasure, I am soaking up all my time with Master since he will be gone for a whole week. My mind starts to drift, thinking about how incredible it will be to have the house alone with my son for an entire week, and I quickly shake it off and focus back on Master.

I cup his balls under his boxers and start to bounce and massage them. I kiss his inner thighs and pull off his boxer shorts. His massive cock hits the underneath of the table, and is again rock hard. I softly kiss the underpart of his nuts and kiss all the way up to shaft. I spend so much time just kissing all over him, appreciating every inch of my Masters beautiful cock. I start to lick, just slightly, covering him completely with me. When its finally been long enough I let his dick slide down my tongue and to the back of my throat with ease.

It has taken me over twenty years to perfect the art of taking Masters entire cock. We always talk and giggle about when we first started dating, and how I was so confident I could deep throat him, but then the first time I blew him I could hardly fit half of his enormous dick into my throat. He never misses the opportunity to tell that story to all his friends, then put me on a table and demonstrate how I can so easily take his entire shaft down my throat with no gagging. Master was a good teacher, and I thank him everyday for being so patient with his little kitty, and showing me how to properly please him.

With his cock going in and out of my throat cunt I spend some time massaging and playing with his balls. How I love his perfect balls, covered in thick manly hair. I wish I could suck on his nuts all day long, but I don’t deserve that kind of gift. Master knows if he gave me that kind of access to him I would enjoy it to much. He likes to be spoiled with blow jobs, but sometimes I think I enjoy them more than he does.

I hear Stacey and Little Master coming down from upstairs and I begin to move out from under the table to assist them when I feel a big hand grab the top of my head, “I got it kitten” Master says, so I continue the glorious job of sucking on my kings manhood. ”Stacey get my sons food and bring it to the table for him, also get him some orange juice from the fridge. After you are done setting him up, stand on the extra chair and dance for us while we finish our meal.” Stacey follows Masters orders to the T, I am so grateful I called her to accompany Master on his trip, she is such a good girl and will treat him well.

I am so thrilled by Masters decision to have Stacey dance while they eat. Little Master doesn’t have the strength to get hard on’s as frequent as Master yet, but some day he will be able to. I was so scared Stacey wouldn’t have a good job to do while they ate, and would have to please the dog. I already had to share Master with her, I didn’t want to share Spot to, he was all mine.

“How was Stacey this morning son?” I hear Master inquire his son. ”She was great! I used that fucking whore just how she should be, I’ve never fucked a hole so hard in my life! Moms tits are better though, Stacey’s aren’t as big” Little Master responds. “Your mother is a beautiful toy, I made her perfect down to the last eyelash. Not all females can be as perfect as her. Tell me son why don’t you fuck your mothers holes hard?” Master asks. “I don’t know Dad…she’s like my mom” son answers hesitantly. “No son, she is a fucktoy. I know its hard for you to see that now, and with age you will continue to see how worthless she is, but I want you to treat her just as you would any old common whore while I am gone, do you understand me?” Master demands. ”Yes Dad…” Little Master responds. I feel my nipples harden with excitement while listening to their conversation. Master has always used me so well, but Little Master has such a young energy about him that I can’t wait to be used by him. I love my son so much, I just want him to be happy.

I feel Masters balls tighten in my hand, and I push his cock farther down my throat and reach my tongue out licking his nuts while he shoots a huge, warm sticky load into the back of my throat. Mmm, being filled with Master for breakfast is my favorite meal. I am going to starve while he is away since Little Master can’t cum as much as Master. At least then I will lose a few pounds and surprise Master when he gets back. I lick him clean, pull his boxers back up, and stand up just in time to clear the table.

Like a good girl Stacey is still dancing on the chair as I begin to grab all the stuff to hand to my men. ”Here is your backpack Little Master, I put all your homework in there, I packed your favorite lunch, and I wrote a note so you can get out of gym class.” With a smile I hand him his bag, “Thanks Mom, can Dan come over after school?” “Of course my prince, anything you desire!” I say to him. He leans in and gives me a big sloppy kiss, shoving his tongue in my mouth and holding onto my head a little too hard. We are still teaching him how to make out, and his enthusiasm is adorable. He runs out the door while I wipe my mouth.

“An excited little thing isn’t he?” I hear Master say as he comes up behind me, wrapping his arms around me. ”Yes, just like his father” I reply turning to the side so our cheeks touch. ”Okay, lay it on me.” Master says backing up. ”Okay, in this folder is all your plane tickets. I booked you both first class very close to the bathroom. I called ahead letting the airline know that you had a very rare medical condition and would be flying with your nurse and that you both would need access to a personal bathroom at any time during the flight.” He smiles at me, shake his head a little with a laugh, and I continue “In this bag is all your clothes, shoes, business suits, butt plugs, tail, kitty ears, pajamas, cellphone and computer chargers, eye mask and ear plugs, nose spray, bathing suits, and bathroom needs.” I hand him a big rolling suitcase. “This is your carry on bag. In there is your laptop, cellphone, Sudoku book, some sour candy strips, a Snapple, and some lube for when your in the bathroom.” I hand him a smaller bag. “Anything else you need my Master?” He looks around and shake his head, “Just a kiss baby” and he opens his arms to me. I practically jump onto him and kissing face everywhere like I always have. Master laughs and plants a nice kiss on my lips, pulls away, rubs my cheek, stares into my eyes and says “I love you”, “I love you more” I respond. He leans in and whisper in my ear “Not possible” and smiles, grabs Stacey and walks out the door. I already miss the way he smells…

Rating: 90%, Read 93375 times, Posted Jan 16, 2013

Fantasy | BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Mind Control, Old Female, Romance, Submission, Threesome, Wife, Written by women


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