The Arrangement Part 3 by widegarth2112

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Threesome

So this is a continuation of the series The Arrangement written by WideGurth2112...we are one and the same. Hope you enjoy Chapter three. Sorry it took awhile to get this done. i think I've gotten my groove back...

As I lay looking into the sky, I couldn’t believe the luck that had befallen on me. I’m just a simple man, that loves his wife and I all of a sudden felt like the king of the world. I had not only one, but two beautiful women that truly loved me. Even better was the fact that they were insatiable, caring and amazing lovers. I had never dreamt…okay…I had dreamt of Darcy from time to time, but never like this and with the approval of my wife to boot? It was truly an amazing set of circumstances I had found myself in.

Darcy had nodded off to sleep and as I looked at her body snuggled next to mine, I couldn’t wait for more with her. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife’s pussy but Darcy’s was amazing. It was familiar but different all in the same breath. I gently stroked Darcy’s hair from her face and gently moved my hand down her sides. She slowly began to open her eyes and I felt as though she was staring through my soul. It felt good…it felt like love…and it felt amazing.

“I love you Darcy,” was all I could say. “I know, you big dummy!” she exclaimed back to me as her smile widened and began to look a bit devilish as her hand wandered down my chest and gently caressed my rod.

“What do you have in mind little girl?” I said in a sarcastic tone back to her. She scowled at me and squeezed my cock coaxing it back to have mast. “My, my, my,” she said as she giggled. “I think little Cal,” as I interrupted, “Little Cal!”

“Okay…big Cal,” she said as I smiled back at her and rubbed her left breast. “You want some more of this?” she said and moved her hand over her body like a spokes-model for a cheesy game show showing you fabulous prizes.

I brushed her hair from her face and kissed her deeply. Our tongues mingled together and swirled around. She had returned to my cock making it harder and harder. “You can have all of this Cal, I’ve wanted this for so long,” she said as she continued stroking me back to full attention. “I’ll do anything for you and Sis.”

My lips heeded her words from escaping. She had me from the time she dropped her dress. The fact that I was here and this young girl wanted me to impregnate her. She craved my seed and not only that, she wanted to have our children. She wanted to help her sister, she wanted to help me and she had me!

As we continued the embraced I pulled her on top of me. As she raised herself up pushing against my chest, I was in awe of her lovely breasts. There was no sag to them at all. She looked amazing as the last few streams of sunlight from the day illuminated her body. She instinctively grabbed my cock and guided it inside her. Although this time was less frantic that the previous, it felt just as intense. As I entered her, her eyes began to roll back in her head as she closed her eyes. It was as if she was engulfing my soul inside her. My cock felt at home inside her velvety walls. I could feel our juices intermingling as she set a rhythm and began to gently bounce on my cock. To see her breasts sway over the top of me was a site to behold. I now know what it must have been like for Marco Polo to see the Great Wall of China or Columbus when he spotted land after sailing for months across the ocean. It was more than intense, it was a religious experience.

My hands moved to her ass to bring her hips down on me. I needed to full her completely. It was as if I couldn’t get far enough inside her. She moaned with increasing pleasure as her hips seemed to beg me to fill her.

“Ohhhh my God! That feels sooooo good,” she said as she kissed me hard and shoved her tongue inside my mouth and swirled it around.

My body pulled up to meet hers as my hands steadied her position against me. She looked at me dead in the eye as our legs intertwined. I looked at her back. She bit her lip as I increased the pace. Our eyes were locked. She pulled me close to her so our heads were touching. My member continued its assault on her insides. I could feel her muscles pulling me hard. Our eyes never darted away. I could tell that she was beginning her accent to higher peaks. She briefly looked to the sky and laughed and returned her gaze at me. I kissed her hard. Our breaths quickened as my hands continued to pull her hips forward and back.

“Ah, ah, ah,” she moaned as my right hand began to tickle her asshole. A spark of electricity shot through her body as her eyes opened wide as my forefinger quickly sank inside her.

“oh…ewwww….yes…ummmmmmm! That feels so good.”

I could feel her insides twitching and tightening. My finger inside her, my cock inside her…it felt so good, erotic, dirty and completely insane.

“Oh my god, Oh my god,” she screamed. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!

“Yes baby…yes my love…cum for me,” I retorted and continued pulling her hips back and forth as my finger sank deeper and deeper inside her. I could feel her anus squeezing tightly as my balls began to well up. My head felt dizzy for a second as Darcy grabbed my face and kissed me hard on the lips. Her mouth opened wide and she let out a guttural “ohhhhhhhhhhhh,” as if she was yelling to my cum and coaxing it through my body. With that…I let go, I felt my seed spew inside her. I didn’t think I had anything left from our last session but as my cock emptied what seemed like a liter of cum inside her, Darcy then cam all over me.

Her pussy simply released and body contorted as she squeezed me hard, her juices flowed across my cock and over my balls. The fluids were gushing and gushing. It felt so wonderful to feel this amazing sensation.

“Oh ,my god….yesssssssss!” Darcy screamed into the night air as she squeezed me tighter and then finally relented. Her limp body collapsed onto mine as she tried to catch her breath. My finger escaped her asshole gently as I pulled her closer and closer to me engulfing her tiny frame against me. She looked at me, I looked at her and we kissed. As we released our lips, she only muttered, “I’ve never done that before,” referring to her squirting. “That was amazing,” she continued. “I can’t believe that happened. You’re definitely a keeper and a naughty boy at that, she paused. “I like that!”

I laughed at her as we lay on the blanket for another 30 minutes or so. We gathered our things and walked naked hand in hand back to the house to find Sara stretched sleeping on the couch, naked, awaiting our return.

Such a beautiful site to see, my wife awaiting our return. I had some misgivings about disturbing her, but Darcy let the screen door slam behind her. Sara awoke with a stretch and a smile emerged across her face.

“Well, well, well,” she said as she shrugged off her cat nap and arose to come and greet us. “How was he sis?” she asked.

“Amazing, just like you said.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I took my wife in my arms, hugged and kissed her. I was surprised as Darcy came in to hug and kiss us as well. There we stood, naked as the day we came into this world, the three of us in an embrace. This was turning out to be the best day of my life.

“Let’s get you all cleaned up,” Sara said as she took us both by the ends and lead us upstairs. Thankfully we had installed a spa tub that could accommodate all of us and it was all ready for us as we rounded into the master bath. Candles were lit, the tub was full of bubbles, soft music was playing and a bottle of champagne was chilling in a bucket with three glasses.

“What a treat,” I said as Sara and Darcy as they stepped into the tub never once not holding hands. They sat beside each other and Sara said, “I love you little sister. You’re an amazing friend. Thank you for allowing us to share you in the way. We are going to be so happy together.” With that Darcy leaned into Sara, they embraced and then began kissing. Not just regular kissing mind you. They were long, fluid kisses like they had done this before.

I was a bit in shock at this site, but after today, I figured just about anything was possible. They unlocked themselves from their loving embrace and looked over to me. “Cal,” Sara said. “We have another surprise for you.”

“Ooookay,” I said looking a bit puzzled. “Darcy is not actually my sister.” My mouth must have hit the floor, because Darcy laughed for a second and then began to clarify.” She is my sister in that we grew up together but we only share one parent.”

“But, I thought your parents were married forever?” I asked in a puzzling tone and picked up the champagne bottle.

“Well, she’s actually my half-sister. We share the same father but we have two different moms.

“Aunt Gabby?” I said?

“You catch on quick” Darcy said as she looked at Sara to continue the story.

“Yes, my mom could only have one child and that was me. Infertility in some women after the first child is common in our family. I suppose that I was the only one for it to affect in the first-place. So, to say that this is an odd situation with us, it’s really not that odd for me and Darcy at all. And, even though we’re part sisters, Darcy and I have always had a ‘special’ relationship. We’ve always shared everything. Darcy and I were each other’s first kiss, we lost our cherries to each other and now we’re sharing you as our husband. We couldn’t be happier about this.”

“Uhhhhhhh, okay!” I said a little bit in disbelief. I then came to my senses and blurted out, “Well, I’m just glad we can all share this together. I love you both. I loved Sara first and I’m now in love with Darcy too.

What’s there not to like?”

With that, they laughed and I waded myself into the water and Darcy and Sara both lunged at me to hug me. They both showered me with kisses and told me how much they loved me and that they were both so happy.

Sara began to wash my neck and stomach. Sara washed my legs and then my cock which, to my shock, was beginning to get hard again.

“Well, well, well. Looks like we’re ready for more, eh Cal,” Sara asked as she gently bathed my cock with her soapy, warm hand.

“He’s a totally ready.” Darcy said as she kissed me on the lips which sent shockwaves through my body and my cock began to beg for more attention.

Sara continued her stroking and cupped water to clean it and wash it off. She gently caressed and washed my balls as well with expert skill.

Darcy was busy washing herself and sat up on the ledge of the tub and used her hand to cup water to her swollen labia. I could see her clit barely sticking through as she gazed at her sister as she teased and played with my cock. A look of lust flushed across Darcy’s face as she wantonly gazed at her sister. She spread the lips of her sweet box apart and began to play with the little nub that protruded lewdly for all of us to see. My cock came more to attention as Sara moved across the tub to inspect Darcy more closely.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as Darcy, without hesitation, began to wildly suck and lick her sister’s outer lips and quickly engulfed her clitoris in her mouth. Darcy almost stood straight up if it weren’t for Sara holding her down to the tub.

“Ohhhh my gosh. That is sooooo good! Suck on my clit sissy….suck it good,” she screamed as Sara continued her assault.

I moved in behind Sara and took a look at her gorgeous ass. It was perfect as she protruded it out towards me. Darcy then sat down into the water and leaned her back against the tub and lifted her pussy up to meet Sara’s waiting tongue. As we repositioned ourselves and got comfortable I ran my hand up and down Sara’s ass. Her cheeks were the exact right plumpness. I instinctively smacked the right and then left cheeks. This sent a lightning bolt through Sara’s body which then transferred itself to Darcy’s now writhing body. Darcy was actually face-fucking Sara as I positioned my cock to meet Sara’s delightful ass.

The site of the sister’s enjoying one another along with the sloshes of water, moans of pleasure emitted into the room, I drive my cock deep inside my wife’s sweet box. She was slick with water and her juices invited me in. She turned for a brief second and said, “Fuck me hard Cal. I want you to fuck that pussy hard,” she begged as I sped the pace, not wanting to disappoint her command.”

As I rammed in and out of her, she steadied herself against the tub and began humming against Darcy’s pussy. This drove Darcy out of her mind. I wasn’t sure I could cum again but after seeing these two beautiful, naked treasures before me. However, I found new life as I felt cum begin to well-up inside my balls.

Darcy urged me on. “Fuck her! Oh god, that feels so good. Fuck her Cal. Cum in my sister’s pussy so I can suck it all out of her!”

I was amazed at Darcy’s smutty mouth. I’d never known her to use such language as this and it turned me on. I felt as though my cock was larger and thicker as I felt the cum begin to flow urgently down the shaft. As I pumped and pumped my wife harder and harder, the tops of her nipples flung themselves and undulated in and out of the water as she continued to work feverishly on Darcy’s cunt.

“I’m cumming!” Darcy screamed as Sara let out a moan that let me know that she was close too. My seed then splashed inside of Darcy and she released a low guttural “ohhhhhhhhh,” so loud that I thought the walls of our bathroom would collapse. Her muscles milked my cock almost sucking it as my seed spilled inside her.

“Don’t move,” Darcy said as she quickly moved in beside me and pulled my cock from her sister’s sweetness. Sara moved her body forward to make room for Darcy as she stuck her tongue inside her sister and began to suck the sticky cum from her insides. It was an amazingly erotic site to behold. As she plunged her tongue inside, she grabbed my cock and licked the head, bit spilling one drop as she alternated between the two organs.

With that, I simply collapsed in the tub, making a thundering splash. If I had any strength left in me I might have screamed “Cannonball…” I was spent. I leaned back in the tub and as I closed my eyes, I saw Darcy and Sara kissing and tonguing each other like two hungry baby animals for their mother’s milk.

More to cummmmm……(maybe)

Rating: 93%, Read 37293 times, Posted Aug 04, 2010

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Threesome


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