A Fuck in the Park by WittleLion

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Fantasy | Boy, Gay, Teen Male

I swallow my last mouthful of my ham and cheese omelet. Looking over at Austin, his head resting peacefully on his arm. His heavy eyes slowly drooping downwards.

"Get much sleep last night, hun?" I asked, resting my fork and knife on my used plate, "you're looking like you're about to pass out." He let out a little chuckle, opening his beautiful eyes and staring over at me.

"I'm just bored is all. You enjoy your breakfast?" I looked down at my plate, small chunks of fallen-off omelet lay scattered around it, laying near tiny globs of unused ketchup.

"I loved it. Why didn't you eat anything?"

"I'm not hungry." He eyed me up and down for a moment from across the table. "You want to go for a walk? To the park maybe?" he asked, his eyes staring at me with curiosity and a bit of something else.

I gave him a happy grin, pushing back my chair and standing up, "of course I will," I stare out of the window to my right, "It looks like a wonderful morning for a walk." I walk over to the sink, rinsing off my plate and placing it inside before walking to the door, sliding on my shoes and turning back to him. "You coming?"

He could not get up fast enough. Throwing on his shoes, he grabbed my hand and threw open the door, rushing outside, pulling me behind him eagerly. I chuckle, allowing him to pull me along at his hurried pace. "He he, why the rush?"

"There's something I want to show you!" he said enthusiastically, his pace quickening.

It took ten minutes to "walk" to the park. There being about a dozen or so people either sitting, walking, or just relaxing in the morning sun. He walked us over to an unoccupied bench near the edge of the grass. I was expecting to sit down and rest on each other, but he turned towards me, staring into my eyes shyly. "S-see that tree there?" he managed to say, "I-it c-could shade us from the rest of the p-park." His face started to turn a bright red in embarrassment, bitting his lip as he waited for my reply.

I started to blush myself, realizing the reason in his words. My eyes look around the park then over to the tree he mentioned. It's branches hung low and it's trunk was indented inwards. It could possibly be used as a hiding place from the rest of the park. "Y-you w-want to do this h-here?" I stuttered.

He bit his lip harder as he nodded so slightly. I was able to see his lust behind his shyness. He squeezed my hands tighter as he stared into my eyes deeply.

Before I could answer, he started pulling me along towards the tree, edging closer to it slowly. I was able to see a slight smile on his lips, his intentions as clear as the morning sky.

As I looked around and saw that almost everyone was preoccupied with something, my confidence grew. Along with my lust. I started moving my legs faster, not needing him to pull me along anymore.

Just before we reached the tree I turned his body so he was facing me and I gently pushed him into the tree, the slight force making a noise come out of his mouth. I stared at him for a long moment before pushing my lips hard against his, our faces glowing red, our eyes closed. Slowly we moved our lips together, kissing so passionately against the tree. I tilt my head to the left, getting closer to his mouth.

Austin opened his eyes for a moment, noticing a man staring at us, his face fixed right at the spot where our lips were connected. Austin pulled from the kiss, "th-there's a man staring" he said. I turned my head, seeing the curious spectator. Letting out a low angry growl, I fixed my gaze hard on him. My possessiveness and over-protectiveness getting the best of me as I growl so angrily at him. My eyes shooting daggers at his. Quickly, he ran off, not to be seen near us again.

I turn back to Austin, his eyes wide, staring into mine, his lips trembling. As I stare at him, he quickly wraps his arms around my neck, pulling my face closer to his, "you're so fucking hot!"

My face flushed a bright red at his words. Just before I got a chance to let out a word, he forced his lips hard onto mine, kissing me so deeply. I didn't rebel, instead, I kissed back just as hard, my hands on either side of him, gripping the tree tightly. I push more on him, his back pressing against the tree, our chests together, mouths locked. He starts grinding his crotch against mine so eagerly, his bulge pressing right between my legs. Gasping softly, I grind back. Pressing my crotch against his as we kiss, my hands holding a firmer grip on the tree as we rub against each other.

A few moments go by before Austin notices another man standing a few meters away, his hand against his crotch, rubbing himself off. Austin pointed him out again and I grew angrier than last time. Not even looking at the man before I reached down, grabbing a rock closest to me, and threw it hard at him. It hitting the man with a "thud" directly in the middle of his stomach. He hunched over, arms around his stomach. The man vomited a little before turning away, running just as fast as the man before, clearly never to come back.

As I turned back to Austin I found him weak legged, his lips trembling just as much as before, his hands rubbing up and down my chest, "y-you're so fucking h-hot when you're a-angry."

I let out a small smile before pressing my lips against his again. This time we started to sink downwards, going down to the ground, Austins butt grinding into the dirt below him. I feel his hands start tugging their way down my shirt, going all the way down to my pants, not hesitating in grabbing my zipper and pulling them down to my knees. I blush so much, but maintain contact with his lips, my obvious bulge sticking out from under my boxers. Twitching with eagerness and anticipation.

He pulls from the kiss and stares back into my eyes with a serious, weary face, "I-I want you to f-fuck me...h-hard."

My mouth drops a little at his words, my bulge twitching once more. Giving him a grin, I start to run my hands down his body, making my way for his pants, wanting so desperately to take them off. I pull them completely off of him, throwing them a meter to the side of us, his boxers showing an obvious bulge like mine. I lick my lips so slowly as I stare at it before gripping the top. As I ease down his boxers, he reaches forward, doing the same for mine, my hard cock oozing out eager globs of precum, it sliding against my boxers, leaving a small trail of wetness.

As both of our cocks hang out on the open, I grab both of Austin's knees, lifting them up, revealing his tight hole. My cock continues to twitch with such eagerness and anticipation. I bring my hips forward, grabbing the base of my cock in one hand, teasing the rim of his warm hole. I peck his lips quickly, staring into his beautiful face, "r-ready, l-love...?"

He moaned so softly as I teased his hole with the head of my cock, his own cock oozing out small amounts of precum. Nodding as he says, "f-fuck me ha-hard."

I grin mischievously as push in my entire length in one, hard thrust. Gasping so softly at the sudden pleasure of his warm, tight hole surrounding my hard cock. I hear him moan with pleasure at my sudden thrust. I grip the base of the tree again, my fingers digging into the bark as I begin thrusting hard and fast in and out of him. We moan so loudly, oblivious to the other people around the park.

Austin grips his knees tightly at my thrusts, pulling them up higher, revealing more and more of his hole. I let go of the tree with one of my hands, reaching down and stroking Austin's hard, eager cock just as fast as my thrusts. My head hanging low, my mouth open, drool dropping from my bottom lip and hitting him in the chest.

My thrusts quicken, getting harder and harder, deeper and deeper into his tight, warm hole. I jerk him off faster. His moans turning me on, making me go harder. More drool escaping my open mouth and landing on his chest, soaking into his shirt. I moan and gasp loudly along with him, not caring who hears or sees us anymore.

I stop thrusting, pulling out of him and picking him up by his armpits, quickly standing us up and turning him around, pushing him against the tree, his ass hanging out. I quickly grab my cock and pushing it into him, starting up my eager thrusts again, pounding hard into his hot hole.

"Aaa-aaggghhh....y-yesss....!" I hear him shout as I grip his hips, pushing and pulling him against my thrusts, going as hard and as deep as I possibly can.

Austin reaches down and grabs his waiting, twitching cock and begins to jerk himself quickly. Spreading his precum along his shaft, making his hand slide up and down quickly, making a loud "shlick" noise.

I pant heavily as I pound into him as hard and as fast as I can, moving his hips quickly against my cock and thrusts.

Shivers start to run through me, making my body twitch slightly as I pound into him. My thrusts become quicker but shorter as I feel my climax nearing. My moans become louder, my pants heavier, "I-i'm gonna c-cu-cummm...!" I say to him, my eyes closed tightly.

"H-hurry..." He says, "c-cum inside..."

I thrust hard against him, pushing his hips deep onto my cock as I yell out in pure, utter pleasure. Cumming deep inside of his used hole, I hear him yell out in pleasure as well as he reaches his own orgasm. His hole tightens up around my cock, the sudden pleasure making more and more cum squirt out of me and deep inside of him. I hear his cum hit the ground below us, strings of his hot cum landing in small puddles against the hard dirt.

Finally, my orgasm comes to an end. I slowly pull out of him, we both gasp at the sudden pleasure of it before I reach down, grabbing my boxers and pants and pulling them over my pleased cock, watching him do the same. I smile over at him with a pleasure-filled smile, stumbling slightly on my wobbly legs. "Th-that was amazing, l-love..." he said before looking around, my eyes followed.

All around us were groups of people fucking. Men with women, men with men, women with women. All kinds of random people having sex in the park. I grab Austins hand and we backed up slowly, taking long, quick steps away from the park, heading back home.

Rating: 82%, Read 33026 times, Posted Dec 15, 2011

Fantasy | Boy, Gay, Teen Male


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