The Grad Party (Part 1) by Elmelin

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Oral Sex, Teen, Virginity, Young

I was at my friend Garret's house for his sister, Jordan's, Graduation party. He and I were only freshman at the time and it was the first party I'd been to. As excited as I was I realized I wouldn't get laid. Me, myself, and I, stood at an ASTOUNDING 5 foot 4 inches. Tall kid wasn't I? Of course I'm joking, I was actually one of the shortest kids in my grade, apart from the girls. I only weighed 130 pounds, mostly muscle thankfully, and could bench only 135 pounds. I wasn't hansom and my hair was always unkempt and had dandruff flakes. In other words I wasn't exactly a ladies killer.

The party was awesome and a lot of people got wasted. I didn't know anyone aside From Garret, his sister, one of her senior friends, and a girl that was in my grade. The party soon ended and most of the upper class men were either passed out indoors or gone. Jordan, her friend, and the girl in my grade, her name was Sarah, were sitting in the hot tub when Garret and I stepped out onto their back deck. They called for us to join

them, and us being guys, and freshman guys at that, didn't miss the opportunity. We hopped into the warm water and sat with the bikini clad girls.

After getting a better look I recognized Jordan's friend. Her name was Maddison, we had been on the track team together that year. After talking for a bit it was obvious that Sarah was hammered. Her speech was slurred and she often wandered off topic. After chatting for a little longer there was a quiet hiss as the jets kicked on. All three girls jumped up squealing as the jets shot an arctic blast of water against their back. As Maddison downed the rest of her beer I noticed that Jordan's eyes had become glazed over and that she was wobbling slightly. Maddison was as well.

Then I heard a light snore and I glanced at Sarah to find that she had passed out. I got out and picked her up out of the water and laid her down on her back. When I hopped back into the water I saw Garret and Maddison making out. I looked at Jordan to find her moving towards me. I looked into her eyes and kissed her. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and touched hers.

I looked up at the sound of splashing and saw Garret, with Maddison clinging to him, walking to his car. I grabbed Jordan's firm ass with one hand and with the other went to unclasp her top.

"Forget it," she said to me as she pulled her top down to her waist. I stood there just staring at her small firm breasts. They were probably b's but I really didn't care. I grabbed her right breast and began to rub and pinch her nipple. I took her left one in my mouth and began to flick my tongue across the nipple, making her lean her head back and moan. I could hear Maddison's car shaking and knew that Garret was just as lucky as me.

I heard something dripping into the water, and when I looked down I could see Jordan's pussy juice splashing into the water below her. So I sat her up on edge of the hot tub and spread her legs apart. I pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and began to rub her clit, making her shake. I grabbed onto her legs and pulled her forward a little bit, and then plunged my tongue deep into her sight 18 year old pussy. She laid down on her back and began to moan as I flicked my tongue around her tight hole, greedily drinking her sweet juices.

Then her back arched and she pushed down on my head encouraging me to continue as she began to orgasm. Her loud moans echoed around her yard. She yelled my name begging me for more. When her orgasm had subsided and her moans had quieted I could hear Maddison's moans. This made up my mind as I pulled down my swim suit, freeing my cock. I stood up in the water and put the head at the entrance to her pussy and began to rub it against it's sensitive lips.

She looked at me begging for me to put it in her. I picked her up and slid her down onto my erection. Her head tilted back as she moaned. I moved my hands down to her amazing ass and I began to bounce her up and down on my cock. Soon she wrapped her arms around me and leaned into my shoulder causing blonde waves to cascade down my back.

Her tight pussy devoured my cock as her moans escalated. Her juices ran down my leg as she neared an orgasm. When I heard Maddison's orgasmic moans I made up my mind. I set her down and she got on all fours and stuck her ass up at me. We were now out of the hot tub and next to Sarah. I slapped her ass once, making her shiver with pleasure and grabbed onto her hips. I put my cock at the entrance to her pussy and rammed it deep inside of her. She gasped as I pulled out. I hadn't thought she was a virgin, but the blood that trickled out proved me wrong.

I slowly slid my dick back into her, enticing a moan. She pushed back against me, slamming her ass against my hips. I began to pull in and out of her, gaining speed with each thrust. Soon I was ramming my cock into her at full speed, driving her insane. She began to slam back into me as I thrust into her.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Her moans echoed around the pool. I pulled out and laid down on the ground. Her juices dripped on my stomach as she stood above me. She sat down on my erection and began to bounce. I swear the sound of her ass slapping against my hips could be heard by everyone in the neighborhood!

"AAAAAAHHHHH! I'm cumming!" She screamed as her warm juices squirted all over my lower body. It ran a path to where Sarah lay unconscious and began to pool. I groaned as I pulled out and shot cum up her smooth, white back.

She collapsed on top of me her body still convulsing while she rode out the last waves of pleasure. When they finally subsided she unmounted me and began to suck my softening cock clean. After she was done I laid there smiling while she walked over to Garret's car to see if they were finished. I heard them talk and then go inside the house.

I looked over and saw Sarah sleeping figure and an idea formed in my mind.

Rating: 76%, Read 11350 times, Posted May 21, 2013

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Oral Sex, Teen, Virginity, Young


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