Little Sister's Dilemma - Part II by Preverted1

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Little Sister’s Dilemma - Part II

In the morning at breakfast, I sat at the kitchen table, absent-mindedly remembering the magic of the previous and fateful afternoon. Mom puttered around the stove, bouncing between there and the sink, busy doing something that kept her occupied, and out of my hair. Most mornings, she’d have some snide remark to make to me, but this particular day, she was strangely quiet. I have no problem remembering those days of her being quiet, because there weren’t very many of them. Being lost in my thoughts, I missed Joanne coming up behind me, until she lightly placed one hand on my left shoulder. I glanced at the intrusion, then turned and looked at whoever owned that warm and soft hand. As my eyes focused, Jo’s lips were no more than an inch or so from mine, and it took all my willpower to resist kissing her. With Mom in the same room, I could do without the sarcastic comment that she’d invariably make.

“Morning, Jim” Joanne greeted me, her voice so low that I could barely hear her. I think that was for my benefit, because she glanced up towards Mom, hoping that our mother hadn’t heard her. I just smiled as warmly as I could, not trusting myself to be as quiet as my sister. I did reach up and cover her hand, still on my shoulder, and her returned grin told me that she got the message.

“Jim, have you got anything planned for Spring break?” Jo asked as she sat down across the table from me. After yesterday, that was a double-edged lead-in. Was I supposed to tell her that the only thing I had planned was standing beside me, or did she want to know the truth, which was just about the same thing? I decided to leave her as big an opening as I could by supplying a non-committal answer.

“I have a couple of ideas, but nothing definite yet. How about you? You going to hang out with Sarah for the week?” Normally, Joanne would have either agreed with me, or grunted something to the same effect. Today, however, she just stared at me with daggers in her eyes, and a determined scowl on her face. I took the hint, shut my mouth, and went back to filling my face.

Jo never said another word to me the whole time we were in the house, and I figured she’d scoot off on her own as soon as we got out the door. But she didn’t, walking beside me instead, and matching my pace. She had the legs to do it, too. Mine are quite short, and I used to tell everyone that I was built close to the ground for that “sporty” look. In reality, I usually placed no better than second in the hundred-yard dash against a slug as my only competition. We never spoke a single word, but as we rounded the corner, now out of sight from the house, Jo glanced all around us to make sure there was no one watching, then drove her clenched fist deep into my shoulder.

“Oww! Jesus Christ, what the fuck was that for?” I exclaimed loudly. Her punch had come out of nowhere, and I had no idea of why, either.

“Asshole!” she cursed me in a low but dangerous-sounding tone. “I was trying to get out of hanging out with Sarah next week, and you were supposed to give me an excuse to be somewhere else. If I hang out wit her, she’ll figure out that something’s going on, and probably figure out what, too, before the week’s over!”

“Shit, you could have given me a hint, or something” I muttered, as I rubbed my aching arm. Like I said, I’ve seen my little sister fight, and I sure wouldn’t want to be in a dark alley with her if she was pissed at me. Especially if she was as pissed as she was at that moment.

“Jim, somehow, I’ve got to duck Sarah next week. I need your help to pull it off. And besides, where I really want to be is with you . . . or was the sex yesterday just a one-shot deal?” Joanne growled.

“No, it wasn’t a one-shot thing!” I proclaimed. “I told you yesterday, I love you. If you want, I’ll tell you again today, and tomorrow, and the next day, too. I thought you already knew that, Sis.”

Again, Joanne surveyed the street, looking for spying eyes, then leaned against me, lifted her lips to my cheek, and kissed me tenderly. My emotions were torn. I was afraid that she might have missed someone peeking, but I loved the feel of her warmth, and the heat from her lips. If I hadn’t had an arm full of books, I’d have wrapped my arm around her and held her tightly to me. But I did, and I couldn’t.

“Jim, there’s got to be a way that the two of us can get out of here for the holiday. I don’t want to be around Sarah all week, for obvious reasons. I do want to be with my big brother, for even more obvious reasons. So help me out on this one, would you?” she commanded. I had to think of something ,but right then, my mind was blank.

“Yeah, I’ll see what I can dream up. Meet me after school, but make it about two blocks away, and we’ll figure something out. Okay?”

“Mmm. I knew I could count on you” she almost cooed. “But whatever you come up with, make sure that it’s just the two of us. No making up one story, then having us go off somewhere else. If Mom finds out we lied, she’ll cut your balls off, not to mention my boobs. And as you found out yesterday, I can’t afford to lose any more of the tits that I do have!” I assured her that I’d do everything in my power to protect her breasts, even offering to cover one of them up with my hand. I think she considered slugging me again, but gave me a reprieve and just snarled something unintelligible.

Again the school day dragged, but I did manage to focus on math class enough to keep Mr. Semaile, our teacher, from yelling at me like he had the previous class. I found a quiet corner at lunch time, needing space alone to think of something that would work for whatever my little sister was plotting. It was about ten minutes before class, when Sarah snuck up on me, looking like she was running a one-woman manhunt.

“Where’s Joanne, Jim?” she demanded. “I looked for her all lunch period, and I can’t find her anywhere.”

“Sorry, Sarah. I haven’t seen her since first period this morning. Maybe she’s in the library, or something. I think she had some project in mind that she wanted to work on” I tried to make up as an excuse. If Jo was distancing herself from her friend, she’d found an effective technique, but shaking Sarah was a major undertaking at the best of times. The girl could track people down better than a bloodhound.

“Tell her to call me after school” I was ordered. “And if I find out that you forgot, I’ll . . . I’ll kick your nuts!” she extended her threat. It wasn’t often that she made a threat, but when she did, it was more of a promise than anything else. Fortunately, Sarah decided to resume her quest for my sister, and I managed to survive.

I met Joanne a couple of blocks from the school on my way home. She was standing on the lawn of the boulevard, leaning against one of the maple trees that lined the street. Unfortunately, the sidewalks were littered with students, either on their way home or off to the nearest coffee shop. Joanne had one of those looks that said she could really use a hug, and a kiss would be better.

“Did you figure anything out, Jim?” was the first thing she demanded, not even taking the time to say hello first.

“Well hi there, little sister,” I snapped at her. “Fancy seeing you here.” Again she had that daggered look, just like I got at breakfast, and a silent demand that I get myself focused.

“Okay, Jo, here’s the best I can come up with, on short notice. If I can get Dad to lend me the pickup, what would you say to going up to Pallisade Lake for the week? Just the two of us, although we could always tell Mom that there’s supposed to be a bunch of kids from school that talked of going, too. It would get us out of the house, away from Sarah, and alone, together, for the week.”

“Camping? In April? Jim, I know I hit you pretty good this morning, but I didn’t hit you that hard! We’ll freeze our asses off up there! Is that the best you could think of?”

“Oh, for Christ’s sake, Jo, it’s not that cold, and besides, with both of us in one sleeping bag . . .” I hinted. She wasn’t buying it, though. “Look, if it gets that cold, we can rent one of those cabins at the far end of the lake. At this time of year, they’ll be cheap as hell, and I doubt there’ll be many people up there anyway. The chances of someone from the school being at Pallisade are pretty slim . . . and it’s a big park. Finding somewhere secluded should be a piece of cake.”

“Right! And you think Mom and Dad are going to go for this idea? You and me, camping, in the same place, at the same time? What the fuck have you been mixing up in the chemistry lab?” she snapped right back at me.

“Yeah, well, if you have a better idea, let’s hear it” I shot out at her. She said nothing, but just glared in angry frustration. “Hey, you could always stick around town, and hang out with Sarah,” I suggested, “and speaking of, she was looking for you at lunchtime. Says I’m supposed to tell you to call her as soon as you get home. I told her I thought you might be in the library, working on some project, if she starts to quiz you.”

Joanne spent the rest of the walk deep in thought, not saying a word until we were about four blocks from home, then quietly opened up to ask a myriad of questions.

“Jim, would you really take me camping, if it meant that we could be together? And if it did get cold, would you really rent one of those cabins?” she asked. I assured her that I would do whatever I could to make sure we would have our own space and time. She looked around for spies again, then not seeing any, stretched up and kissed me again. This time, I had a free arm, and I used it to grab her by the waist and hold her tightly. The feel of her lips on my skin was like a bolt of electricity, and her warm breath raised the temperature of my own blood a large number of degrees.

“Let’s go for it, Jim” she whispered softly as she pulled her lips from me. “I’ll make up some excuse for Sarah’s sake. Otherwise, she’ll want to come, too, and we both know how well that’ll work out. Now if you can only convince Dad to let us have the truck . . . “

The thought of spending a whole week with Joanne, alone in an isolated location, sent shivers into my groin, and my cock reacted accordingly. I guess I must have moaned lustfully at the idea, because my sister gave me the weirdest look. Staring back at her, though, I could tell she had the same ideas as I did. I was sorely tempted to run the remaining distance home. I also prayed that the house would be empty, because I wanted Joanne so badly at that moment. She must have read my mind, because our pace increased substantially. With those short legs of mine, I almost had to run anyway, just to keep up with her.

As we burst through the front door, Jo called out to Mom, telling her we were home, and I prayed for the sounds of silence. I got my wish, too. Maybe that Supreme Being that I’d cursed the other day had taken pity on me. Then again, maybe he had some other nefarious scheme in mind, like Mom being home, but just not hearing my little sister’s beckoning yet.

“Mom? Are you home?” I yelled. We both froze, waiting for a reply that neither one of us wanted to hear. As the seconds ticked away, I realized that I was holding my breath, just in case the noise of air rushing in and out of my lungs might drown out something, and we ‘d miss an important clue. But silence reigned supreme, and I scurried up the stairs to my bedroom, my little sister hot on my heels. When I reached my door, I flung it open, then waited as Jo preceded me into the room. The second that the latch clicked shut, she pulled her top off, then turned and grabbed me with her arms around my neck. I was going to say something, but her lips pressing against mine made that a little difficult. The passion and want in her kisses drove the thought from my mind instantly. In fact, the only thing that did go through my brain was a line from an old science fiction TV show. “You will be assimilated! Resistance is futile!”

“No shit?” I told myself, then fell completely under her magical spell.

I attempted to run my hands up Jo’s body, only to find her arms in the way as she unbuttoned my shirt, the warmth of her skin on my chest almost hypnotic. I still had the wherewithal to reach behind her and unclasp her bra. When she got to the bottom button, that supportive garment just slipped down her arms, making it only a matter of her escaping the straps quickly, then returning to the task of pushing my shirt down my arms and over my wrists. The whole process might have taken all of five seconds, but it played out in slow motion for me. I was suspended between the delicious sensations that Joanne drew from my body, and the burning desire to feel her naked skin against my own. Somewhere in there, I let out a groan, but whether it was from pleasure or frustration, I couldn’t tell you to this day. It didn’t matter though, because my little sister muffled me with another one of her demanding kisses, pulling me tightly to her, and mashing her bared breasts into my flesh. I was lost in the heat of her wanton lust, and the reflective radiation of my own.

Joanne somehow wiggled herself so that she could run her fingers lightly up and down my chest. My first hint was the light touch of her fingers over my man-nipples, and the tickling, tingling reaction excited the hell out of me. My cock twitched in reaction to every flick of her fingers as she danced and dominated my very existence. I was like a drowning man that had given up any hope of survival, surrendering myself to the fate that would take me anyway. “Resistance is futile!” kept running through my brain, and the truth of it gave me an excuse to allow myself to surrender and relax while under my sister’s control. In a way, I felt like she was offering me the safety of being mothered, in a manner that was so damned inviting, I capitulated instantly.

Babies suckle their mother’s breasts, and I pushed my sister far enough away so that I could, too. No foreplay, no manipulation, no warning, just my lips moving from hers, in one swift movement, directly to her unsuspecting nipple. I clamped my lips onto her barely-hardened teat, and began to swirl it with my tongue. I don’t think Joanne was quite ready for that, because she gasped and inhaled sharply, then crushed my head to her chest. Her moan of delight was all the thanks I got, yet all I needed, all at the same time.

No, she wasn’t overly endowed, but as I felt her nipple harden and extend, the concept of quality over quantity tippy-toed past my eyelids. Her breasts became the sole focus of my intentions and desires. I couldn’t get enough of her taste, her texture, her warmth, or our mutual need for each other. The more I sucked her nipple, the more she wanted of it, and the more she wanted, the more I did, too.

“Oh God, Jim,” Joanne growled at me, “you make me feel like my tits are growing right between your lips! Damn, but I love that! Play with them, big brother! You’re making me feel so hot, so horny! Damn, but I love you!” Then she twisted ever so slightly, so that I could slide a hand up her body, easily encasing her other breast under my palm, squeezing and plying her delicate skin between my fingers. Her breast felt like it was on fire with her lustful need to have her chest manipulated and mauled.

Somewhere in our tango of love, Joanne had manoeuvered me to the edge of the bed, because I suddenly felt myself falling backwards, landing flat on my back in a daze of disorientation, with my sister’s full weight crushing me, knocking the wind out of me. Her silky smooth skin pressing on top of me made the whole death-like scene more than worthwhile to me, and I tried to pull her through the barrier of my own skin. She pried herself loose, attacking the button and zipper of my jeans like a maddened fiend. As her fingers danced over my lower belly, I could feel the frustrations in her at being denied quick access to my groin. The desires she stirred in me called to take over the task, and expedite it’s completion. But Joanne’s insistence overruled my mind, and before I could even reach down to help her, she had my pants undone, and was busily dragging and pulling them, and my briefs, down towards my ankles. In her haste, she’d snagged my throbbing hard cock in the waistband of my undershorts, pulling it along with them until it finally came free of the restriction, then sprang back up to slap me in the belly. There was a quick attempt to slide my pant legs over my ankles, which was just as quickly abandoned.

Joanne wrapped her hand around my straining member, lifting it up so that my cockhead pointed directly towards the ceiling. Then with a glassy look in her eye, and a definitive demand in her actions, she pressed her lips to my cockhead, easing them open just enough to take my purple helmet into her mouth. The sensations in my cock as her lips captured me was electric, and somewhere between the pressure of her tongue on my glans and the warm wetness of her saliva as it trickled down my shaft and ran over the middle of my nut sac, I felt the escape of a lustful groan of pure pleasure from deep inside me.

“Oh God, Jo!” I moaned, “that feels so fucking fantastic!” I raised my head to see her face, and the sight of my cock disappearing into her mouth made my shaft dance and twitch with excitement and anticipation. Her tongue was running rampant down the underside of my meat, as she spread the warm moistening lubrication of her spittle from the tip to the base of me. Jo let me slip out of her just long enough to growl her warning of what she had in mind.

“You got to eat my pussy the other day,” she murmured, “and now it’s my turn. I want to taste you, Jim. All of you!”, and she returned my cock to her slurping oral cavity, sucking lightly on my cockhead, then sliding as much of my shaft into her mouth as she comfortably could. Soon, her head was bobbing up and down on me, and I felt helplessly captured by her control over my body. I gave up trying to think, and let the sensations wash over me, as my little sister began to suck my cock in earnest. It wasn’t long before I could feel myself beginning to lift and tighten, and the threat of my balls to flood her mouth with my cum caused me to both want to fill her belly with my spunk, and push her away from my demanding manhood.

“God dammit, Jo!” I exclaimed to the world, “you’re gonna make me cum!”

“I know,” she returned somehow, “and I’m going to suck you until you fill me with your semen, then swallow every bit of it. I want to taste you, Jim, and feel you go off in my mouth.”

No!” I cried, “not now! Not today, Jo! I want to be inside you when I shoot off! As much as I love it when you suck my cock, I want to spurt inside your cunt!” My pleas must have struck a responsive part of her libido, because she reluctantly released me, but licked all around the ridge of my helmet one last time before setting my slimy shaft free from her oral incarceration. I glanced into her eyes, seeing the disappointment in them, but I was determined that I would cum while deep inside her sex.

“Jo, come here?” I begged, as I pulled her up on top of my prone form. “I need to feel myself inside you. I need that fantastic heat of your pussy wrapped around my cock. Please?” The message must have triggered her own wants, for she straddled me, letting her scorching gateway capture first the tip of my cock, then the rest of my shaft, sliding down me slowly but insistently as she took me deep inside her femininity. She was soaking wet, and the combination of her juices, her heat, and the silky smooth texture of her vagina met no resistance from me. As I bottomed out deep inside her, Joanne let her full weight rest on top of me, and my arms instinctively held her there.

“God, Jim,” she whispered, “I think I needed that! Your cock feels so damned good inside me!” I had no idea of exactly what she was feeling, but I sure knew what sensations were running rampant in my body.

“Fuck me, Sis” I begged. “Take my body, now. Pleasure yourself on me, and make yourself cum! I want to feel your urgency washing all over me! Do it, little sister! Fuck me!” Each demand seemed to come out a little louder than the one before it, and something in my words inflamed Joanne’s lust even more than she already was.

She stared at me wide-eyed, then let herself fall into the heat of our passion. Slowly, she began to slide up my cock until only the head was inside her cunt, pausing momentarily at the top of her stroke, then let herself sink back down the length of my shaft. As she descended, she let out a long, deliciously delirious groan of joy, her eyes now closed, her head thrown back, and a smile of ecstatic bliss on her face. On finally reclaiming all of me, she once again paused, savouring the feel of being completely filled, then opened her eyes and rivetted my full attention as she repeated the cycle again.

“Oh God, Jim, that feels so fucking good!” she growled, not slowing down or speeding up. “I’ve never considered being the one on top before, but I love this! It lets me feel you sliding in and out of me, and I think your cock is harder than I ever imagined it could be! Your in trouble now, big brother, because I’m going to fuck you until you cream inside my cunt! I’m gonna make you spurt so hard! God dammit, but I love you!”

Joanne’s pace increased at a deliciously wonderful rate, and soon she was grinding her clit against my belly as she forced my cock in and out of her dripping honey-hole, controlling the circumstances of our union, and orchestrating every aspect of our love dance. I felt not only her mastery of our coupling, but the delicious surrender of that control to this young woman that had captured both my body and my heart.

My balls began to tighten in their sac, and the need to cum inside Joanne overwhelmed me completely, yet also felt like the end of something so wonderful that I was reluctant to have pass by us. However, it was she that set the pace, and I had relinquished that factor quite happily.

“I’m gonna cum, Jo!” I warned her. “Take me, Sis! Make my cock fill your beautiful little cunt with my spunk!” In reaction to my own announcement, I forced my hips up and off the bed, desperately trying to drive myself even further into my sister than I always was. She retaliated by slamming herself down against my pubic bone, her vaginal walls now becoming a riot of flittering activity, those vibrations transmitting themselves to her hips as she trembled against my groin, her clit almost buzzed against me with her involuntarily shivering.

Joanne arched her back suddenly, throwing her head back in an effort to intensify the pressure of our union on her knotted nubbin, letting the flagellations of her cunt on my cock force the semen out of my balls, up my shaft, and into her broiling love chamber. Somewhere in all that, she began to let out a low scream of ecstatic rapture, one that only intensified and grew louder with its release. As the first sticky string of my seed percolated up my twitching cock-shaft, then exploded from my cockhead as I filled Joanne’s vibrating pussy, I involuntarily joined her with a groan from my own lungs. With each subsequent blast of cum leaving my cock on its journey inside my sister, the total surrender to her felt exquisite, yet I dreaded it eventual cessation. For that one moment, though, I’d have happily sold my soul to the Devil.

We eventually lost that delicious unison of our beings, to be swept up in the warmth of our post-coital glow. I waited patiently for Joanne to return to the here-and-now, her eyes opening as she re-established their capture of my consciousness. The look of bliss on her face made the loss of that magic moment of concurrent release almost worthwhile.

“My God, Jim,” she mewled softly, “I thought our first fuck was fantastic, but it was nothing compared to that! I guess that’s what it feels like for a guy to be on top of a girl, fucking himself into her, making himself go off! I don’t know what was better, cumming myself, or feeling you shoot your stuff in me! Jesus, but I love you, big brother!” With that, she collapsed into my arms, and I held her tightly to me, trying desperately to recapture that moment of our common orgasms. Her quick analysis was probably as accurate as I could have put into words myself, and I realized that she had it right bang on.

“God, Sis, feeling you take me, taking control, setting the pace? That feels absolutely awesome” I managed to tell her, the softness of my tone only emphasizing how much I loved being with her in this way. “I guess that’s how a woman feels, when she has some guy’s cock forcing her to her climax, taking his semen whether she wants to or not. That’s one hell of a fantastic experience, especially from a guy’s point of view. I think I like it better when you fuck me, instead of me fucking you. I could spend the rest of my life giving you my cock like that” I confessed.

“I’m still going to suck you off, one of these days, though” Joanne warned me. “I really did want to feel you filling my mouth with your cum, tasting it, feeling it slide down my throat, filling my tummy. But right now, your cock inside me is all I can think about.” She almost struggled with the next words that she uttered.

“Dad had better let us have that truck, because I’m gonna spend next week fucking and sucking you no matter where we go! Jim, I don’t think I could get enough of your gorgeous cock if I cut it off and glued it inside my cunt!” With that, she pressed herself down on top of me, pinning me between her sweaty body and whatever was below my ass.. I loved every thrilling second of her domination of me.

As my cock softened and slipped out of Joanne’s heat, and our combined juices oozed out of her and down the crack of my ass, I began to look forward to a whole week of love-making with my little sister, uninterrupted by schedules, people, and the marking of time on a clock. If we wanted to stay in our sleeping bags, pleasuring and sharing each other, it would be our time to enjoy. I had to agree with her; our Dad had better let us have the pickup, or be ready to smell sex throughout the house for months afterwards!

We finally broke apart form the exclusiveness of our embrace, and cleaned up our sweaty and cum-covered bodies in the shower. Just as I was getting my clothes on, Mom announced her arrival, calling out that she was home. Joanne called out her acknowledgement, telling Mom that she was just getting changed, and would be down in a moment. I was tempted to echo her message, but thought better of it, and kept my big mouth shut. My real worry, though, was the possibility of Joanne descending the stairs and presenting our mother with a freshly-fucked glow on her face. That would raise red flags, for sure. But my manipulative little sister seemed to have everything under control when I finally got to the kitchen, although her glance towards me as I entered the room almost spilled the beans.

“Mom,“ I started, “a bunch of kids from school are talking about going up to Pallisade Lake over break. You think Dad would let me have the pickup to go join them?” Mom turned to study me, and I wondered if she could see the wanton mischief running through my head. She had a quizzical look about her, but my conniving little sister broke in, as if on queue.

“You’re going up to Pallisade, Jim? Geez, I’d love to go up with the gang too! Maybe I can catch a ride with you?” Her timing was not only perfect, but also stopped Mom’s objections from coming out. She seemed to sense that we were going to go camping whether she approved or not, adopting an air of resignation about the whole idea.

“You’ll have to talk to your father, but I don’t have any objection to the idea . . . yet” Mom conceded. “You’ll have to keep your eye out for your little sister, though, Jim. That’s my one condition, and I want your solemn promise.”

Talk about a thief being given the keys to a bank’s vault! Shit, complying with Mom’s demand was like a license to print money!

“Sure, Mom” I promised. “No problem. I guess someone’s got to keep the little brat out of trouble” Joanne’s face took on a scornful look at being labelled a brat, but her eyes danced with the heightened probability of our plan becoming more viable. In anticipation, Joanne and I scurried down to the basement, and began to sort out what we’d need from the large cache of camping supplies that had accumulated over the years. Just to heighten the illusion, we chose two tents, two large air mattresses, two separate sleeping bags, and anything else that would indicate two separate campsites.

When Dad got home from work, I bombarded him with my request for the pickup, explaining why I wanted it. I’m not sure if he capitulated because he agreed that it would make his week a little easier if I wasn’t around, or just to get some peace and quiet. So when my sister approached him for permission to go camping too, I must have had him softened up, because she needed less than a minute to garner his agreement. Phase one of our plan was now in place. The two of us excused ourselves as we shot out the door, ostensibly to go for a walk, and a breather from our organizing.

“God, Jim,” Joanne crowed, “that was almost too easy! We can pick up groceries Friday night, and be ready to go first thing Saturday morning! This is gonna be great!”

“Yeah, assuming that you can get Sarah off our backs. If she catches wind of our scheme, you just know she’s going to want to tag along. Nothing against Sarah, but having her with us would be like going hunting with a game warden in the off-season, and you know it” I pointed out. I must have made my point, because my sister groaned at the thought of her friend running interference between the two of us.

For the rest of the week, keeping our collusive plans under wraps was as close to a living hell as I ever wanted to be. Every time I turned around, some missed detail would pop into my mind, or Joanne would remember something that had escaped both of us. It felt like Friday would never arrive, but it did. I had a tough time remembering that the planet revolved at the same rate every day. I would have almost made book that it had slowed down to half-speed!

As soon as school was out, Joanne and I rushed home. Part of that hurry was our impatience, and the rest of it had something to do with keeping Sarah out of our hair. We almost got away with it, too, but as I pulled out of the driveway, there she was, giving both of us that evil eye. The hurt look on her face almost got to me, until I glanced at my sister. Jo was determined that nothing would get in the way, not even her best friend, and she silently let me know, in no uncertain terms. In order to avoid eye contact, she turned to me and started blabbering a bunch of nonsense, then finally gave my burning ears a reprieve.

“Is she still looking at us?” Joanne inquired. I looked into the rear-view mirror to see Sarah’s face still following our progress.

“Yeah, but I can go up the next street, and we’ll lose her. Just tell her you were busy reaming my ass out, and missed seeing her there.” Shit, my little sister’s deviousness was becoming contagious! But Joanne continued to babble, complete with animations, until we made it around the corner. Then she took a deep breath, and gave my ears a much-deserved rest.

I’d put together a rough grocery list, scratching out the items we already had. With what was left to pick up, we were in and out of the store in about half an hour, but I took my sweet time getting back home. I was sorely tempted to find a secluded parking spot and spend my time plastered to my little sister’s lips, among other places on her young body. Again, she must have read my mind, because I could see that conniving gleam in her eye.

“Jim, can you give me one good reason why I shouldn’t put my face in your lap, and suck your cock?” I could, but the words just seemed to get caught somewhere between my brain and my vocal chords. I did come up with a viable reason, and hated myself for it, too.

“Umm, if you do that, Sis, what are we supposed to do for excitement over the weekend?” I was promptly labelled as an asshole, and completely agreed with her comment. Perceptive little wench, that girl. But she did reach over and begin to stroke my cock, leaving me with a raging hard-on, and the discomfort of having to wait until it softened again before we could drive into the driveway again.

“That’ll teach you to be such a dumb fucker!” Joanne growled, but I could smell the scent of her own excitement, and I thought I saw a damp spot in the crotch of her jeans. Taking a real chance, I pulled her to me, and kissed her lips with a feeling of sweet revenge. I just wasn’t sure if I was taking my frustrations out on her, or on me. She tasted like “More”.

As soon as the groceries were unloaded and in the house, we took the time to carefully pack them in the two coolers, with one set aside for cooling, while the other one was designated for dry goods. Just as we finished, and were getting ready to load everything back into the truck, Dad walked in and surveyed our progress.

“Were you two planning on going up to the lake tonight, or waiting until the morning?” Neither one of us had considered that possibility, but if my face had lit up half as brightly as my sister’s, we’d have been able to illuminate a small city.

“Well, I’d thought about leaving first thing in the morning,” I considered, “but if we did go tonight, we’d be able to get a couple of decent sites, before they’re all gone. That’s a great idea, Dad! What do you think, Sis?” she beamed her approval at me, wordlessly agreeing with the concept.

“If you’re going tonight, you’d better move your asses,” Dad injected, “before you run out of daylight. There’s about enough light for another three hours, at most. Pallisade is just short of two, which will give you, maybe, an hour to set up one camp. You can set the other one up first thing in the morning, and you’ll be there ahead of the rush.”

If I didn’t know better, I’d have sworn that Dad was trying to get rid of us. The more I thought about his enthusiasm, the more I began to think that our mother was going to get well-fucked that night. I fought the smile off my face, and apparently did so more successfully than my sister. At least she was smart enough to hide her face before Dad noticed it.

“Come on, Mom’s “little baby girl”, I squeaked, “move your fat ass, and let’s get out of here!” The look on Joanne’s face strongly suggested that she had my pending vasectomy on her mind, and only my Dad’s presence was saving my nuts from non-surgical removal. But he was there, and I allowed myself the luxury of a good gloat. Strategically, not a good idea, but I thought to myself, “What the hell! Throw the cat another goldfish!” Joanne grabbed an armful of groceries, then herded both herself and me towards the front door.

“Mom’s little baby girl, huh?” she snarled when we were out of earshot. “How badly do you want to miss your eighteenth birthday, Buddy?” But her face lightened up a bit as we placed the last of our supplies in the back of the truck. A quick good-bye to our parents, and we were off!

I don’t think we’d covered ten blocks before Joanne reached into my crotch and began to stroke my cock again. She had me hard in less that two hundred yards, and I must have groaned pretty loudly, because she snickered at my reaction. Part of me wanted her to stop, if only to allow me to concentrate on driving, but the majority of my mind decided that if she wanted to play with my cock, I’d be damned if I was going to stop her.

“You like that, don’t you, big brother?” she teased softly. “After that comment about ‘little baby girl’, I’m tempted to jack you until you cum in your pants! Don’t piss around with me, Buddy! Got it?” Her words were harsh, but she was being a tease, and I had to chuckle at that realization. I also had to admit that she was good at what she did, both as a tease, and at giving me an impromptu handjob.

“You can make me cream if you want, Jo, but that means you’ll just have to wait longer before I can perform again” I told her in a high, almost squeaky voice, most of the added frequency caused by what she was doing to my groin. “You can take a chance, if you want, Sis, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

That got her attention. Joanne removed her hand from the front of my pants and slid back over to the far side of the truck, her pouty facial expression implying that she wasn’t happy about not getting her own way. I was going to say something, then thought better of it, and let her have her own space. It was about three miles later that she finally lifted her head, turned, and stared at me.

“Jim, would you have been upset if I had jacked you off?” she asked with a quiet and concerned tone. “Sometimes I push just a little too hard, and people sometimes shut me out because of it. If it were anybody but you, I could handle it. But it is you, and you’re my brother, among other things. I don’t know if I could ever shut you out of my life. I’d miss you, even if we weren’t lovers.” She continued to stare, as if she was recognizing someone for the first time. “I’m sorry if I got you upset. Maybe I take to much for granted?”

This was a side of my sister that I knew existed, but couldn’t remember the last time she’d let anyone see that part of her. In that moment, she’d made herself open, vulnerable, and as humble as I’d ever seen her. I reached out my arm, inviting her into a loving embrace that was reserved for her, and her only.

“Come here, Sis” I suggested. “There’s not much you could do to keep me from loving you, and you know it. If you want to play games like that, I can handle anything you can dish out” I almost bragged, but it didn’t relieve the angst in her eyes. “Listen, Jo, we’ve gotten ourselves into a rather weird situation here, what with having sex together, and having some unnatural feelings developing between us. For now, I might be your lover, but I’ll always be your brother. We’ve grown up together, lived together, done almost everything together. Sure, there’s times when you piss me off, and I’ll bet there’s just as any times when I piss you off. But after everything is said and done? I love you, and I always will. Am I upset because you like to play with my cock? Answer me this, Jo. If I stuck my hand under your ass right now and started playing with your pussy, would you be upset? Somehow, I don’t think so, and you know why? Because if I did, you’d know that it wasn’t to be an asshole, or a tease, or anything like that. I’d be doing it because I would hope you enjoyed it. If you didn’t, I’d stop. Rubbing my cock like that? It’s the same thing, and for the same reasons. Make sense?”

Joanne looked at me while she digested my words, then leaned her head on my shoulder and squeezed my upper arm. She sat like that for the next thirty miles, until we turned onto the Pallisade Lake road. I’d driven about a mile, when Joanne broke the silence with her quiet request.

“Jim, could you pull over for a minute? Please?” she pleaded. Her voice was so low that I almost missed her request, but silently moved to the right side of the road and stopped. Jo waited until the truck quit moving, then wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me, hard and deep. I felt her probing tongue begging for me to open to her, and the shock of her actions slowly changed to one of compliance. I felt her slide over my teeth, across my upper palette, and then attempt to touch every surface of my tongue. Once the initial shock wore off, all I could do was surrender to her, both physically, and emotionally. I loved my sister, but more than that, I was in love with her. The fact that we were borne by the same woman, conceived and carried in the same womb, somehow didn’t enter into it any more. I loved the person she was, and I could instinctively feel that she felt exactly the same way. With those thoughts running through my head, I embraced her tightly and returned her kiss as best I could. When she finally released me, all I could do was just sit there, wondering how the hell a guy like me was lucky enough to be with a woman like Joanne.

“Wow, Sis!” was all I could say. The rest of the confusion in my head was something I couldn’t put into words. I didn’t want to even try.

“I love you, Jim, even if you are my big brother. I can be a hard-nosed bitch, sometimes, but I need you. You’re the one person that accepts me just the way I am, without trying to change me, or make me into something I’m not. I feel like a very lucky girl to have someone like you in my life; someone who loves me, cares about me, always seems to look out for me, and is always there when I need a really good friend. I just wanted to show you how special I think you are . . . and how much I really do love you.”

It took me a few minutes to let her words sink into that part of my brain that would retain the memory of her confession. And at the end of my contemplation, I knew that I wanted to be with Joanne, my little sister, until the stars in the sky all went out.

“I love you too, Jo, and for about the same reasons” I told her softly. “When it comes to women, I’m about as naive as it gets. But with you? I feel like I can do anything, say anything, and just be who I am. After all is said and done, my heart’s telling me that we’ll always be together, to one extent or another, and it makes me feel like there’s nothing the world can throw at me that I can’t overcome. Not while we’re together, anyway.” I sat there, looking deep into her eyes, and I thought I could see right into the middle of her soul. There was only one way that I knew of to make sure she understood what I’d tried to say, and I took that chance. I kissed her back, just as tenderly and invitingly as she’d kissed me a few moments earlier.

“Daylight’s gonna disappear, Sis,” I said, as I broke that deciding kiss, the one that sealed my fate, “and if we don’t get going, we’ll be setting up in the dark. But I’d like to continue this conversation with you, once we do get the campsite organized. You okay with that?” Joanne smiled at me, and the warmth of it filled the interior of that cab.

“Yeah, you’re right” she agreed. “Let’s make tracks. Right now, my mind just wants me to be laying beside you, naked and held in your arms, making sweet, passionate love.” She snuggled up to me, leaning her head on my shoulder again, and basking in our mutual warmth.

“Mind you, if you don’t mind setting up after sunset, I could suck you off, right here, ya know” she teased, but her offer felt genuine, and I squeezed her shoulders, then slipped the truck into gear.

“Maybe once we get set up, Sis, but right now, I’d like to get some more miles under us, while we can still see. Okay, Jo? The thought of you sucking my cock is tempting, but I want to be able to enjoy the whole thing, and not have to worry about anything else except showing you how much I love you.” She pressed herself a little closer to me, then let me get back to the job of driving.

We arrived at the lake, and searched the available campsites for one that was secluded enough for what we had in mind. The pickings were pretty slim, but Joanne found a spot that was ideal. It was set off from most of the other sites, backed onto the lake, and was completely surrounded by trees. We both slaved over the process of raising our tent, putting the necessary overnight gear inside and inflating the air mattresses before we covered them with our joined sleeping bags, but left the balance of arranging things until the morning. Just as the sun slipped behind the mountains, I started a small fire, and we pulled out a couple of camp chairs, basked in the warmth of the flames, and just sat together enjoying each other’s company while holding hands. The only sounds we heard were the leaves of the trees rustling in the wind, the odd croak of a frog or two, and the crackle of the fire. It was almost hypnotic. We sat there, just being together, for about half an hour.

“Jim, I’m bushed” Joanne broke the silence, but not the mood. “Maybe we should think about getting some sleep?”

I could tell from the tome of her voice that she really did have sleeping in mind, and I had to agree with her. It had been a long day, and I felt drained, not just physically, but emotionally, too. At that point in time and space, all I wanted was to fall asleep with my sister’s warm naked body pressed against me, holding her to me, and bathing in the radiance of our common bonds. Without a word spoken, we both stumbled to the tent and crawled inside. I stripped off everything except my briefs, then clambered into the sleeping bag. Damn, but it was cold in that bag, and I began to shiver. Joanne almost jumped into the bag with me, trying desperately to find shelter from the night air.

“Damn, Sis, this bag’s bloody cold!” I gasped. “I’m freezing!”

“Me too,” she squeaked, the cold outside air removing the little heat I’d managed to generate as she opened the bag, “but if we cuddle up tight, maybe we can keep each other warm.” I pulled her close to me, feeling the warmth of her skin on mine, and it was enough to stop the trembling of my shaking muscles. Joanne lay facing me, her arm around my neck, and her hips pressed against my groin.

“Umm, what’s with the Jockey shorts, big brother? Are you afraid to be naked around your little sister, or something?” she growled in my ear. I began to wiggle myself so that I could remove the offending briefs, then felt her hand on my arm. “Here,” she whispered, “let me do that for you”, and she slipped her fingers under the waistband and began to pull down on my undies. As she dragged my shorts down, she wiggled them to my hips, then waited until I lifted myself enough for her to finish what she’d started. A few seconds later, and my briefs were somewhere at the very bottom of the sleeping bag. My sister then pressed her hips against mine, and I could feel her warmth flowing into my half-frozen groin. Then she slipped her hand between my legs and started fondling my balls. The feeling was fantastic, until she began to giggle softly.

“What?” I groused.

“Your cock, Jim. Its all shrunken and shrivelled up with the cold! Shit, I can barely find it!” Joanne giggled a bit more, then pressed her lips lightly against mine. “Here, let me warm you up a bit. Open your legs, so I can get your cock in my hand.” Within minutes, my cock had become warm enough to attain its usual flaccid length. Another minute of two, and it was hard and fully erect. “That’s better” Joanne stated, then began to stroke my engorged shaft. Her soft fingers felt so damned good as they ran up and down my length, and I guess I must have moaned with the delight, because she plunged her tongue down my throat and rolled me over on my back as she warmed more than just my crotch.

“I don’t know about you,” she moaned softly, “but I’m awake, all of a sudden. Think you can keep it this hard, and make love?” I considered that another one of her rhetorical questions. As if I was about to fall asleep with my sister’s fingers jacking me, a raging hard-on, and the sexiest female on the planet laying beside me? Not bloody likely! Without a word, I pulled Joanne’s body on top of me, imprisoned her against my chest, and pushed my throbbing member up against her belly. She moaned a little louder, then shifted herself until my cockhead was encased by her outer lips, and the tip of me flitted back and forth over her knotted nubbin, now lubricated by the mass of pre-cum oozing from my hole.

Joanne broke her assault on my tongue long enough to bury her nose in the hollow of my neck, and her steamy breath seared the skin of my upper chest. She humped me with a slow but deliberate rhythm, her own juices augmenting the pre-cum that had smeared itself in her slit.

“Jo, I can’t get to your boobs when you’re pressed that tight to me” I begged.

“I know,” she returned, “but your cock feels so damned good, rubbing my clit like that. I could masturbate myself on you like this, and cum hard. God, Jim, your cock is gonna make me go off in a minute!” The thought of my sister rubbing off on me sent a thrill up my spine, and made my trapped cock want to twitch with excitement.

“Do it, Sis,” I hissed. “Make yourself cum on me! I want to feel you pleasuring yourself on my body!” She raised her head and stared down into my eyes, although in the darkness, I felt it more than saw it.

“You’d like that?” she quizzed. “You’d like me to masturbate on your cock?”

“Jo, remember the first time we fucked, and you were stroking my cock? I watched you slide your fingers up your cunt while you were jacking me, and I got so fucking horny, thinking about you masturbating. Now that you’re jilling yourself on my prick, I’m getting that same horny feeling. If you want, I’ll shift my cockhead so that your pussy is rubbing my sensitive spot, and you can rub us both off. How’d you like to feel me spurt cum up your slit and over your clit?” I suggested. She groaned a little louder, then pressed herself against me even more, and began to hump on my cock in earnest.

Joanne only had to rub herself against me for a few minutes before I heard her breathing change to short, deep gasps, and a moment later, she started to shiver and shake. Lifting her head and arching her back, she mewled loudly as wave after wave of ecstatic bliss washed over her body. Her pussy was pressed tight enough onto my cockhead that it began to feel painful, but the thrill of my little sister getting herself off on me made it all seem worthwhile. I almost enjoyed being able to supply a part of my body for her exclusive pleasure.

“Good God, Jim,” she mumbled as she came down off her orgasmic high, “you sure have a sexual side to you that even I didn’t know about. If I’d known that masturbating got you that horny, I’d have let you catch me watching you jerk off in the shower.”

“What?” I cried out. “When? When were you spying on me? And in the shower? Shit, my little sister’s a bit of a pervert, it seems.”

“Oh shut up! I’ve seen you stroking off lots of times. Why do you think the bathroom door’s lock doesn’t work? I jammed that thing up when I was fourteen! Hell, Sarah was staying over that one night, and we both snuck into the hall and cracked your bedroom door open enough to watch you jack off! I’m surprised that Sarah’s moaning didn’t alert you to our being there! Shit, we were both fingering ourselves like mad, too! I think Sarah might have cum a couple of times while we watched! You didn’t know?”

“No, I didn’t. Are you telling me that watching me jack off gets you as horny as me, whenever I think of you fingering yourself?” I squeaked in amazement.

“God, yes! Like I said, if I’d known that you wanted to see me finger myself, I’d have let you watch long ago. Maybe sometime this week, we’ll masturbate in front of each other? I’m game if you are.” The erotic suggestion dragged a receptive groan from deep in my gut.

Joanne was still humping herself on my cockhead, but now I could feel her wetness oozing over my cock, and the heat of her juices was almost more than I could bare. I began to rock my own hips in syncopation with hers, and soon we were both humping like wild boars. Then suddenly, Joanne lifted her pelvis up just enough to get her hand between us, grabbed my cock, and slid her steaming cunt down the entire length of my shaft in one continuous and fluid motion, gasping deeply as I bottomed out in her love cavern.

“God Jim, “she hissed, “I need to fuck you again, just like we did this afternoon! I’m going to fuck you until you spurt me full of your creamy cum!” With that, she began to slide herself up and down my shaft, slowly at first, but building up speed as she became more and more excited. Despite having climaxed only a few moments earlier, my sister’s wanton desires propelled her to fuck me as hard and as fast as her body would allow. With that much demand in her, it was not very long before I felt my balls tighten, and that delicious pressure of my semen building up at the base of my cock.

“God, Jo, I’m gonna cum!” I alerted her. “Fuck me hard, little sister! Make my cock spurt up your fuck-hole! Dammit, Sis, I love you!” I screamed, and Joanne squeezed her vaginal muscles as her slick and sinuous lining pounded along the length of my cock, her pubic bone mashing against my own, her clit scraping itself on the hairs above my cock’s base.

I felt that first string launch itself up the length of my cock, then explode into Joanne’s fiery pussy, fanning the heat in her to a higher degree, it seemed. As soon as that first rope coated her insides, she began to twitch and shake, almost vibrating as her body erupted into a massive orgasm, one that left me with the feeling that it might overwhelm her. With the second spurt, my little sister began to mewl, then start a rising scream of delight as she soared through to her own cum. By the time I had percolated the third or fourth stream, she was howling at the top of her lungs, and I wasn’t too many decibels below her myself. My senses were restricted to the sensations in my cock, the heat and texture of her cunt, the spasmodic movements of her orgasming body, and the blinding swirl of lights in my head. I’m not sure how long Joanne’s climax lasted, but mine seemed to go on forever. I loved the sensations she pulled out of me, and I loved her, more than life itself. That thought followed me as we slowly descended into the afterglow of our heated passion. It was a minute of two later that our breathing began to slow to a more normal rate, and the pounding of our hearts stopped threatening to open holes in our chests.

“Jim, I have no idea how you do what you do to me, but I love it!” Joanne growled in my ear. “Almost as much as I love you. Nine days of this, huh? God, the thought sends chills up and down my spine, and make my pussy quiver. Jesus, by the time we get back from vacation, I’m going to need a week’s vacation to recover! When I’m finished fucking your brains out, you’ll never walk a straight line again in your whole life!”, then she drove her lips against mine in passionate heat, forcing mine to move as her tongue invaded me one more time. I crushed her against my chest and stomach in retaliation. Just before she relinquished her hold on me, Joanne rolled herself over, taking me with her, and we ended up laying side by side, still joined at our groins. She pressed herself to me until my cock softened and plopped out of her, then rolled back on top of me so that her one leg straddled both of mine, and her head rested on my shoulder, her heated breath searing the flesh of my neck.

“Gonna fuck me senseless, huh?” I managed to mumble as I started to recover. “You’re assuming that I have some sense for you to fuck out of me. You might have to think seriously about fucking some sense into me, before you fuck it back out” I teased her.

“Fuck off, asshole!” she growled. “I might fuck some sense into you, then suck it back out. I still want your cum in my mouth, remember? But right now, I just want to fall asleep in your arms, so shut the fuck up, and wake me in the morning!” Joanne struggled to lift her head, then found my lips one last time. With her delicious taste ingrained in my head, it was a toss-up which one of us drifted off first.

I woke up the next morning curled up with Joanne’s ass pressed against my lower stomach. Damn, but her skin felt soft, smooth, and deliciously warm in contrast to the morning chill. Unconsciously, I pushed closer to her, my cock resting softly against the crack of her ass. In that relaxing realm, I drifted into a state of semi-sleep again, with my arm draped over her waist, my fingers resting on her belly. She moaned lightly in her sleep, and pulled my arm to her breast, pinning it there as a sort of security item.

I must have dozed for a good hour, lost in the luxury of no deadline, no responsibility, and no worry about whether or not Joanne woke up because of me. If it was time for her to wake, she would; if not, she was free to snooze the whole day away. It was in this arena of semi-sleep that I became aware that my cock had hardened, with the tip lightly penetrating my sister’s ass crack. Her skin felt magnetic on my cockhead, and I must have wiggled my hips in an effort to find the most comfortable position available. My cockhead slipped a little deeper between her cheeks. I dropped off again.

I don’t know how long I dozed this time, but when I woke, my cock was still hard, and buried between Jo’s cheeks deep enough for its tip to rest against her puckered rosebud. The heat from that particular hole washed over my captured cockhead, allowing me to drift in and out of consciousness lazily. I guess either I woke my sister accidentally, or it was time for her to do so anyway.

“Jim, your cock’s against my ass. Mind moving it, please?” Joanne muttered. I began to pull myself back, feeling the cool morning air on my shaft, and wishing I could stay right where I was until the heat of the day forced us out of the tent. As my leg muscles reacted to the commands from my brain, Joanne picked that particular moment to shift herself, and the tip of my cock got driven deeper against her rosebud.

“Jim! I said, get you r cock out of my . . . “

Her sphincter had relaxed enough to allow my cockhead to enter her, then clamped around me so that I was trapped, her muscles pinching me just below the rim of my purple helmet.

“. . . o-o-h-h-h . . . “ she squeaked. I tried to pull myself back out, but her asshole had me clamped inside her in such a way that I’d have to force the muscles to accompany me, if I was to successfully remove myself.

“No! Don’t, Jim” Joanne commanded. “It’s more painful when you pull back than if you leave it right where it is.” For the sale of my sister’s comfort, I relaxed my legs, laying still while we both waited for whatever developed next. But her asshole was warm, and the air was cold, so that staying inside her became the least offensive option to me. Then Joanne did something that I wasn’t expecting, nor was I prepared for.

She began to push her ass against my cock, resulting in my shaft s-l-o-w-l-y sinking deeper into her bowel.

“What are you doing, Jo?” I gasped. “I thought you wanted me out of there. That’s the wrong direction, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but it’s starting to feel good. I’ve never thought about being fucked in the ass before, but then, I’ve never had anything enter me there, either. Think you can stand to have your cock buried up my hole all the way?” Joanne suggested in a soft and inviting tone. Could I stand being buried to the hilt in her ass? Shit, can eagles soar? The more she slid down my cock, the better it felt.

All this activity had two effects on me. One, my cock was harder than I could remember it being before. Two, Joanne finally had me stuffed up her ass until I could feel the rim of her pucker against the edge of my ball sac. The combination of the two now had me wide awake, wondering how I could pleasure my little sister best in this new experience.

“Jo, you’ve got my full length in you!” I croaked. “Holy shit, is your ass ever tight! But it feels so fucking good on my cock!” She pushed back again, but I had no more to give her. She had it all already.

“I know,” she responded, “and it feels pretty good on my ass, too. Can we lay like this for a while? I’m really beginning to enjoy this.”

Lay there? Stationary? With my cock buried in my sister’s delightful derriere? God, that was like being left in the bank’s vault while your fingers are stuck in one of those Chinese Finger Locks. That’s one of those woven things that you can slide your fingers into really easily, but can never pull them back out! Joanne’s ass felt exactly the same as that on my cock. And I was supposed to just lay there, motionless?

Only some kind of diversion would keep me from taking my sister this way, and the first thing that came to mind was her puffy pussy. That hand that she had captured on her breast began to ease itself down between her legs, with a mind of its own, I swear. But my little sister was already just about as horny as I was, and when she realized what I had in mind, she happily released her grip on my hand, then encouraged its decent to her waiting mound. I wanted to just dive into her gash, find her entrance, and slide my fingers deep inside her. That’s what I wanted, but it’s not what happened. Instead, I took my sweet time, in the hopes of centering her attention somewhere other than on my cock, and where it had bored itself into her.

I lightly ran one finger down the centre of Joanne’s vulva, tickling her there, and she pushed back on me in reaction. That fact I kept for future reference. Maybe if I tickled her pussy enough, she’d start pumping herself, and fuck me with her asshole in the process. To test my theory, I lightly tickled her again, and got the same reaction. My finger strayed to the top of her slit, and I found her clit, then flicked lightly over it. Jo pushed herself against my finger in search of more of my manipulation on her love button. In the process, my cock slipped out of her asshole by about an inch. Once I stopped tickling her knotted clit, she pushed back to reclaim the length she’d lost. The die was cast, and I flicked her clit one more time.

Instant replay. Four or five more light touches on her clitoris, and her hips began to rock, with her ass sliding up and down my pole in the process. Joanne moaned in delight, but I wasn’t sure if it was because of the stimulation of her nubbin, or the slow fucking her ass was getting. Then she turned her head to face upwards, exposing her delicate neck, and her ear to my lips.

“Jim, you’re being an asshole, making me do that on your cock” she whispered.

“Geez, I can’t believe you just said that, considering where you have my cock at the moment” I murmured in her ear. She giggled at the comment, while she still rocked her hips and pumped herself on my shaft. That ear felt so inviting,, and I licked it tenderly, running my tongue around the edge of it, then tickled her auditory canal with the tip. Jo growled with lustful acceptance of my efforts. She kept up the rocking of her hips, and the pumping on my shaft, for a good two or three more minutes, then whispered her invitation.

“You’re going to fuck my ass if it’s the last thing we do all morning, aren’t you?” she softly inquired.

“Umm hmm,” I agreed, “as long as it feels good for you, too, Sis. But you feel so fucking good on my cock, and I doubt I’ll last for the whole morning if you keep stroking on me like this.” She pushed her head against mine, nuzzling me sensuously, just before I attacked her ear again. I heard another groan of delight leak from her lips, and felt her pumping my cock a bit faster, and a bit harder.

“Big brother, I’m gonna fuck your cock with my ass until you spurt your cum up my hole. You know that, don’t you?” Joanne informed me.

“Yeah, I sort of got that impression, Sis, especially when you sped up. You have any idea how hard it is to resist fucking you back?” I moaned.

“I’m surprised you’ve waited this long” she teased me in that sexy voice that only my sister can find in herself. “I’ve never thought about a guy’s cock in me back there, but now that you’ve loosened me up, it feels fantastic. Want to do me back there, don’t you? I sure hope so, because I think I want you to do me, too.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice, and began to slide my cock out of her about half way, then slipped it back in until I was pushed against her brown one-eye. With each cycle, we increased the tempo, and soon I was slamming in and out of her rear entrance with all intentions of filling her bowel until she cried out in ecstasy, all the while teasing her clit, and tickling her entrance. Suddenly, without warning, Joanne grabbed my hand and forced my fingers up inside her, groaning loudly as I opened up her steaming wet cunt and began fingering her hard and deep. In reaction, her rectal muscles began to clench and release on my cock, imitating the pulsations of her vagina as she climaxed. I could feel my sister clenching her ass cheeks to facilitate her asshole’s oscillating capture of the throbbing meat that filled her ass. As our tango of lust heated up, Joanne began to mewl, and she reached behind her, pulling me tighter to her lithe body by grabbing my waist.

“Oh God, Jim! I think I’m going to cum in a minute!” she growled. By now, we were both humping against each other in a desperate attempt to secure a mutual orgasm. As I felt my balls tighten, and that delicious pressure build at the base of my cock, my sister began to hum, and she pushed my hand tighter to her sex, while raking her fingernails across my waist with the other hand. I drove my fingers in her pussy faster and deeper, strumming her clit in the process, and was rewarded with her mewls now becoming a low howl, changing to a scream of ecstatic release as Joanne began to shake and tremble, her body almost vibrating with her capitulation to the effects of her orgasm.

As her asshole vibrated on my cock, I felt the first pulse of my cum drive itself up the length of my shaft, forcing my hole to yield to its passage, then gush into my sister’s flagellating bowel. Almost instinctively, I pushed my hips as far forward as I could, driving my entire length as deep in Jo’s ass as I could get, and tensed every muscle as rope after rope swapped itself from my body to hers. The release was so intense that it was all I could do just to keep lightly rubbing her clit. We floated through that mystical world of togetherness for I don’t know how long. When I was sure that I’d given her everything I had, I finally allowed my muscles to relax, and felt Joanne’s ass slump against my hips. She gasped deeply, trying to regain her breath, then pushed her butt as tightly onto my slowly deflating cock as she could. In an attempt to keep me deep inside her rectum, I felt her clench her butt cheeks just enough to hold me there.

“That wasn’t fair” Joanne finally groaned at me. “You’ve gotten to fuck my cunt, now my ass, and I still haven’t been able to suck you off and taste your cum. Guess what I’m doing this afternoon?” Good grief, if there was a sexual exercise that my sister had heard about, she was determined to try it on this vacation. And I, being the dutiful big brother I am, was quite prepared to accommodate her, too. I moved my hand up from her sopping wet and super-sensitive pussy, repositioning it just at the lower curve of her inviting breast, and pulled her closer to me.

“Patience, little sister, patience. All good things happen in their own sweet time. Besides, I have some ideas of my own that I’d love to try with you, and we do have the whole week.” Joanne nuzzled my head again, lightly rubbing her neck against my searching lips. I could feel the sweet onset of another snooze session, and Joanne felt like she had the very same idea. That post-coital elation was weaving its magic over both of us.

Our bliss was interrupted by the sound of the tent flap’s zipper sliding up quickly. Both Joanne and I instinctively looked over our shoulders in horror, scared as hell to find out who the intruder was. Our stares were met by a familiar face, and Joanne groaned in pure fear.

“Holy shit!” our uninvited guest declared.” Have you two ever got some explaining to do!” The gleam of malice in those eyes that had broken into our arena of closeness sent shivers down my spine, and I could feel Joanne begin to shake as the horror of being discovered together with her brother was augmented by the understanding of just who it was that had barged in to the tent.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Joanne snapped. “And how the hell did you find out where we were?”

“Oh, I have my ways!” was the reply, a definite note of viciousness poorly masked.

“Sarah, get the hell out of here!” Joanne screamed, “and stay the fuck out until I get dressed, or I’ll shove my hand up your ass and give you fucking haemorrhoids!”

Our week of lustful bliss had just gone for a complete shit . . .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stay tuned for Part III . . .

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