Gotta Break 'Em All 3: Machoke used Submission! by Crunchgasm

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Fiction | Death, Domination, Female, Gay, Group Sex, Male, Murder, Oral Sex, Snuff

The town known as Azalea was in its final hours of existence as a populated settlement. The fate of its inhabitants was sealed, because a Machoke with an insatiable drive to kill had taken over, having evolved during a battle following an attempted takeover by Team Rocket.

He was taller than many humans and perfectly sculpted- a shining example of masculinity, literally. His bluish skin shone from a light layer of sweat on top of it. This emphasized his strength and vitality, and made him too attractive to most of the inhabitants for them to try and flee the area after they witnessed the start of his bare-handed killing spree.

Not that it was easy to escape Machoke’s killing grounds. He had blocked the entrance to Ilex Forest by felling a tree, while the Union Cave exit had been sealed off by setting down boulders too large and wide for an adult human to squeeze past. Smaller life forms could still get in and out, however.

The stage for an outrageous work of art had been set. It was to be a masterpiece of strength and death. Machoke knelt on the ground, flexing his biceps and displaying his naked body to the townspeople, as he aimed to put on a show. He beckoned people to come to him from the front and back, confident he wasn’t vulnerable to sneak attacks in this position. He fully controlled matters, and he knew it, just like everyone else knew it.

Soon, from the rear, a meek scientist approached, walking cautiously, as he feared death, yet was fascinated by the strength levels of this Machoke. From the front, a couple walked forward, a naked older teenage girl and her embarrassed boyfriend.

To the girl, Machoke gestured an order for her to give him head, which she quickly obeyed after whispering something to the Pokémon, kneeling before him and lowering her head, as she engulfed his erect rod in her mouth, moaning while her boyfriend and the scientist approached, even though they expected to die.

Once they came within range of Machoke’s arms, he quickly acted, wrapping his right arm around the scientist’s neck in a dragon sleeper, while simultaneously setting up a guillotine choke on the boyfriend of that sexy dark-haired girl he was going to fuck after snapping his neck.

The two males wheezed and swallowed their saliva loudly, as breathing quickly became almost impossible for them. The youthful girl seemed to enjoy giving the Machoke a blowjob, meanwhile. His grunts and noises encouraged her, as she was thrilled by the idea of Machoke breaking her boyfriend. She got him to come get killed amongst the first ones walking in line, by promising to ask the Machoke to fuck her in front of his eyes.

As much of a brute and bully Machoke was, he actually hated lies and breaking promises, just like any good person would. Thus, his nod to her request meant that the neck snaps performed on the teenager and the scientist would not be identical.

The researcher’s head was yanked upwards hard, producing one loud snap, and then, to ensure he was dead, the Pokémon twisted the scientist’s head to the side by sharply moving his bent arm to the right and down, as if he was turning a valve. This had the effect of topping the intense twitching triggered by the first break, rendering the man with messy blonde hair dead.

The boyfriend of the lucky girl, felt very painful squeezing on his neck, and it took only a slight pull upwards to stress his neck past the breaking point. Machoke broke it in a place where the victim would not die instantly, but be left fully paralyzed. The pained groan of the teenager, as well as his limp limbs, told Machoke he’d done it right.

An immediate testament to his own lethal skill, this double neck break triggers the Fighting type’s release into the girl’s mouth, further stimulated by her deep moan upon hearing the sounds of death and critical damage. The sight of this, as well as hearing the tall, blue Pokémon roar in triumph, had the unusual effect of stimulating more humans to approach him, and accept their fate.

Machoke was very happy to see this, and nodded, getting up as he instructed the girl to lay down, while she swallowed his potent cum load. He was not getting soft though, no way. His erection stood proud, ready to own yet another human female. For what was coming next, he would need one arm and his legs, but the other arm was free to send humans to the afterlife, one by one.

And they duly approached, once the Machoke straddled the girl, placing his right hand on her left breast, as he penetrated her vagina. Her boyfriend lay underneath Machoke’s balls, unmoving and whimpering occasionally. It was a beautiful scene, from a certain standpoint. A sensual act of sex, crowned by the cooperation of witnesses, all doing their part to make this a special occasion.

The girl arched her body into Machoke, crying out a clear” Yes! “after he stimulated her left breast, while his dick thrust deep into her pussy. As he turned to see those coming to give up their lives out of respect for his muscular body, he grunted to the broken male beneath him, while pushing down with his balls. He wanted them licked and sucked, and predictably, the human gave in, beginning to suck on those musky nuts, probably out of happiness for the enjoyment of “his” girlfriend.

While he punched the back of the neck of a man he’d just turned around with shattering force, the muscle stud groaned, wiggling his balls in the mouth of the subservient male, enjoying the act of teabagging immensely.

The explosion of sexual energy he felt drove him to come down on the girl’s breasts, and suck on them for a period of time, causing her to scream orgasmically, as her pussy clenched around his long weapon. Her cries mixed with the snap of a married middle-aged woman’s neck, as Machoke finished her off in a grounded dragon sleeper, while she wailed one final time.

Deciding to mix things up, he lifted himself off the girl a bit as he continued to fuck her, and grabbed what seemed to be the husband of the woman he’d just snuffed, using both hands to twist his neck three separate times, before pushing his corpse head-first into her crotch.

This was a rather shocking image, but apparently, some couples seemed to be intrigued by the idea of dying like that. The burly creature’s next victim was single though, a native with almond-shaped eyes and thick lips.

He grabbed her as she was coming from the other side, locking in a sleeper hold to make her slump into his arms, before ripping her skirt and panties away to get access to her pussy, which he punched, fingered and rubbed intensely, causing soft moans which were music to his ears. His left arm held her in a headlock, while the right hand alternated between pussy and breast play, with abuse mixed in. It seemed punches had no negative effect on this girl’s arousal. On the contrary.

Once he felt this girl was sufficiently turned on- shown by juices gushing down her legs, the Fighting type reapplied the sleeper hold, while kissing her hard. He let her tongue with him for about 10 seconds, before almost twisting her head clean off, once she was fully unconscious.

This made him fire some of his seed into the girl below, much to her delight, but superb muscle control allowed him to delay complete ejaculation for now. He didn’t feel like delaying it too much, though. The male underneath him was in some pain, and Machoke did not want to be hatefully cruel and leave him like this for hours, not when the male had displayed a boner in his pants during his worship of the stud.

Thus, Machoke shifted his position to missionary, returning to kiss, lick and suck on the breasts he had tasted before. Meanwhile, his thick legs locked around the head and neck of the young cuckold, Machoke’s knees pressing into his skull.

The girl cried out in pleasure, feeling the fast-paced thrusts accurately hitting her G-spot every time, while her open mouth invited the Pokémon to claim it.

He did so in his final thrusts, meshing his lips with hers, his impressive groans muffled by her mouth. His right arm pinched her left nipple, and upon his final thrust, the interspecies couple came together, setting off climaxes of horny onlookers, as well as the broken male, who died following a sharp straightening of Machoke’s legs, which made the raven-haired girl scream in ecstasy upon hearing the soft crrkk sound of her boyfriend’s neck, and hearing him expire loudly.

Death. Love. Domination. Might.

This girl would live, as he thought impregnating the occasional female would be another way to assert dominance over humans.

Machoke had broken countless humans physically. But also, mentally. He did it through different means than a Psychic Pokémon would, but he was perhaps even more successful. Humans willingly died for this Machoke’s pleasure, because he was an unstoppable force of sexual and physical dominance, ready to reward worship.

In fact, Stephen actually kept some count of all the people Machoke killed, and it was close to sixty, he thought. There was one really eager male who would make for sixty-one.

A martial artist, wearing only the bottom part of his gi, had ejaculated intensely at the latest submission holds-based kill, and Machoke beckoned him over, telling him to strip. Bowing, the male in his late 20-s nodded, removing his brown belt, the gi, and briefs underneath it.

” I’m honored to die for you, Master…”, the male said, eliciting a smile from the Pokémon, before he was taken down and mounted. He soon grunted, as Machoke’s dick, slick with the juices of women, penetrated his tight ass. There certainly was pain involved, but the muscular human gritted his teeth, ready to wait for bliss.

And it came, as his voice soon conveyed pleasure derived from fast, hard strikes against his prostate. Soon, Machoke shut him up by pulling him to his chest, and making him suck the stiff nipples on the rock-hard blue chest of the Pokémon. The sight of a strong, grown male sucking on the Pokémon’s nipples and making soft noises while being fucked stimulated the audience, particularly males.

At one point, Machoke’s arms latched onto the right arm of the martial artist, securing a kimura lock over time. Despite growing pain, the male didn’t resist. At one point, he could not suppress the sensation of pain, and screamed, upon which the Fighting type simply twisted back on the trapped limb, breaking it.

Then, something amazing happened. Despite agonizing pain, or perhaps because of it, the martial artist came on Machoke’s chest, to which the Pokemon kissed him warmly, while picking up the pace of his thrusts. This soothed the injured man, and the kissing went on and on, seemingly for eternity. This sex was making the Pokémon really popular.

” Can I worship your ass…and die from your legs’ power?”, an Ace Trainer asked, trembling, and saw Machoke’s legs spread instantly in reply. The trainer laid face-first onto the toned ass-cheeks of his future killer, and this made the toned legs to either side of his head cross behind his neck, in a deadly headscissor.

The trapped male rimmed the bluish muscle stud, occasionally kissing his puckered hole, and thus brought the Pokémon closer to another climax, as he made out with the martial artist. It was heaven for all three participants, but soon, it would end. As Machoke sped towards another culmination of his sexual dominance, his legs put increasing pressure on the Ace Trainer’s head and neck.

Once the martial artist and Machoke groaned in unison, a consequence of the former’s ass being filled with cum, two hard crunches interrupted this, and bystanders could see the Ace Trainer flopping very briefly, before going limp. Machoke felt almost ready to end the martial artist, but wanted one more thing from him.

Thus, the Pokémon flipped positions with the martial artist, after having pulled out from his ass, which leaked large amounts of cum afterwards. His left leg went around the top of the martial artist’s neck, and the right one then crossed with it, forming a triangle choke, made special by the insertion of Machoke’s penis into his willing victim’s mouth.

The human sucked without hesitation, moaning as the Machoke petted him occasionally. The chokehold robbed the male on top of air fairly quickly, yet he put whatever energy he had into cleaning Machoke’s erection with his mouth and tongue. The muscular killer was very pleased, as evident from his groans and deep grunts. Once the human was barely conscious and his actions slowed down drastically, it was time to snap his neck.

It was a work of art. Three cracks, each louder than the previous one. To the right side, a sharp jerk forward, and finally, a twist to the left, all accompanied by a loud cry of the Pokémon’s name, as he pumped hot seed into the martial artist’s mouth. It was yet another display of his dominance over humans, and even his” owner” Stephen had begun to appreciate this by masturbating.

Getting up, the burly creature realized there were a lot of humans still, and that some might have to wait for quite some time before they felt real muscle power. Having an ally would also help prevent any escapes by those who suddenly decided their lives were worth more than Machoke’s ego. He thought he knew of a place that was very close, and where he might find a partner in domination…

He pointed to the exits from Azalea, and waved disapprovingly.” Ma-Choke!”

This, along with a gesture circling the town, followed by an outstretched, halting palm, told the humans to stay put.

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Rating: 70%, Read 3388 times, Posted May 21, 2020

Fiction | Death, Domination, Female, Gay, Group Sex, Male, Murder, Oral Sex, Snuff


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