My downward spiral to a becoming a slut Chapter 19 – Big mistake and overwhelmed by brokenwing

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Fiction | Ass to pussy, Authoritarian, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Group Sex, Humiliation, Pissing, Pregnant, School, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Water Sports, Written by women

Friday morning I woke up after sleeping pretty good. I sat up and thought about if I had a bad dream and I realized I had not. I wasn’t 100% sure but I didn’t think I dreamt at all. I got up and took my shower and after cleaning up I went to my closet and saw my cheerleader practice uniform pressed and clean and it made me smile about the heart of kindness of my mom. She never forgets things that are important. I got dressed and headed downstairs. She had my breakfast waiting for me when I got downstairs as well as my vitamins. I ate my breakfast and Sherri joined me. There really wasn’t too much conversation except Sherri made a hurtful comment. As she was eating she looked up at me and said, “Awesome a pregnant cheerleader.” While she was right I didn’t need to hear that. I just got up put my plate into the sink and flipped her the bird. My mom said really quick, “Girls settle down.” And I think that saved me from going off on her. Somehow we let it go and headed to school.

I was a little surprised I wasn’t more upset but I was feeling numb again. Normally wearing the uniform energized me but I didn’t feel much of anything. Elizabeth was waiting for me when I walked into school and it was nice to see her in her practice uniform again. She seemed to command the hall when she walked in a cheerleading uniform. I felt like a little puppy tagging along behind her and maybe that is what I was. Who would I really be if it weren’t for Scott at first and Elizabeth later. I would be a nobody unknown freshman. We walked towards my first class and said, “See you later,” and she headed off to her own class.

When my first class finished Scott met me outside my class. He didn’t say anything and just took my hand and walked me down the hall till we got to a janitor’s closet. He unlocked the door and we went in.

“Scott I have class,” I whined.

He just put his finger up to my lips and said, “Shhhhhhh”

He then started pulling at my clothes.

“Scott, nooooo, you broke up with me, I’m not even your girlfriend.”

“Yes you are baby, I told you, you’re mine forever.”

I looked down at my body as he slowly removed each piece of clothing. It was really strange because I felt like I wasn’t in my body but like I was someone else watching.

A few minutes later he had me completely naked.

I was then stunned more when I heard a soft knock at the door. He opened the door and I moved deeper into the closet up against a shelf to hide my body. Two large guys came into the room that I didn’t know.

“Scott nooooo,” I whined again but he just came over to me pulled me out from behind the shelf. The two guys came over to us and both started touching my body like Scott was doing.

“You’re right man she’s very hot,” one of the guys said as his hand held one of my breasts and he squeezed it and my nipple. It felt really intense as my breasts were becoming more tender from the pregnancy. The other guy had his hands all over my butt he was squeezing and kneading my cheeks and pulling my butt open.

Scott then took his cock out and came in front of me. The two guys took hold of me on each side lifted me by a knee and under an arm and helped Scott push into me standing up. They pulled my legs around him and I crossed my legs behind him and held onto his shoulders. I was then stunned when one of them moved behind me and knelt behind me and pulled my butt cheeks open and began to lick my butt hole as Scott began working my sex. It felt so weird and dirty and hot to have someone lick me on my bottom entry as Scott used me. The other boy started squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples.

I felt so strange there, it was like I was in the closet watching this happen to my body. Even with all that was going on my mind was still feeling numb. I felt every bit of the physical stimulation but my mind didn’t think, or feel, or seem to care. I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t upset, I didn’t feel violated. . . I didn’t feel anything emotionally. What I did feel was the physical things happening to my body.

I felt Scott’s cock stroking inside my body rubbing inside my sex over and over.

I felt that guy’s tongue licking and probing at my little butt hole feeling so dirty and naughty.

And I felt the other guy’s hands squeezing and kneading my breasts and pinching and pulling my nipples. They were tender so it hurt some, but at the same time it made them ache to lactate. As he moved his hands over and over it felt like I was so close to being able to release milk.

It was strange but I think I felt more physical stimulation in that closet then I had any other time with Scott.

Like I had been in class, I only seemed to be able to focus on one thing. I forgot about the time, I forgot about the fact there were two boys I had never met, I forgot about the fact I should be in class. All I could think about was the dirty naughty sexual feelings in my body.

Scott then began to cum inside me. I even enjoyed the feeling of that.

He then said the word, “Switch,” and I felt him set me back down on my feet.

The guy behind me got up and sat on the edge of a small desk in the room. Scott then guided me to him and again I felt him open my butt cheeks but this time not to lick, instead he began to push his cock into my butt.

I was then surprised when I felt Scott and the other guy each take a hold under each of my knees and my hips and they began to lift me up and down on the guy’s cock behind inside my butt.

Up and down, they lifted me over and over.

Then the guy inside me said to them, “Lean her forward.”

And they did exactly that. As they did he pulled out of my butt, and moved his cock to my sex and then pushed into my sex.

This time they didn’t have to lift or lower me instead they just held me off the ground and he got off the desk and just used his hips to pound my sex.

He used my body like that for a while then said to them, “Turn her around facing me and put her ankles on my shoulders.

He pulled out of my body and they turned me around facing him. He moved back to the desk leaning against it and Scott and the other guy held my upper body up and lifted my legs up in front of me bringing me to him and he pushed his cock into my sex again.

Once he had a hold of me the other guy got behind me and pushed his cock into my butt.

Scott having had time to recover from his first orgasm, got up on the desk standing and walked to the edge of it next to the guy sitting there inside me.

He reached down and took hold of my hair and said one word, “Open.”

And he pulled my face to his cock while the two guys continued to use my butt and sex.

I hesitantly opened my mouth for him and felt him push in his cock still a little bit soft.

It didn’t stay that way long though and I realized that I was being used by all three of them at once.

Just then the bell rang. But it didn’t seem to phase any of them as they just kept going.

I could hear the sounds of everyone changing classes outside the janitor’s closet.

It wasn’t very long before the next bell rang indicating the beginning of the next class. Yet the four of us were still in the closet still having wild sex.

Normally I think I would have freaked out and been scared of what was going on, but my mind was still just numb, only able to focus on one thing at a time. I felt each cock moving inside my body, and it was weird not caring. So I just stayed there with them, feeling each of their sex inside my body.

Before that day I don’t think I ever took the time to feel what it felt like for someone to be inside me and move inside me. It was very overpowering to feel three cocks inside me at once pumping hard into my body.

I didn’t think about being a slut.

I didn’t think about how wrong everyone would say this was.

I didn’t think about anything at all, except about how it felt to feel each cock move in and out.

Finally the guy in my sex who had been going the longest began to cum inside me. I felt each squirt as he sprayed his seed into my body. But he just held me tight even after he finished so the other two guys could continue stroking inside me

With the other two holding and using me my body stayed on his cock even though it had gotten soft. I was shocked more when I thought I felt him cum inside me again, but it lasted and lasted and I realized it wasn’t cum. With his cock barely inside me and soft, he had decided to relieve himself and had let his bladder go. I thought it was disgusting but it felt really weird as the warm fluid sprayed up inside me and then squirted out around his cock. I didn’t want him to do it, and I wanted it to stop but with my mouth full of cock and all three of them holding me I could do nothing but feel it flow in and out of me. It was demeaning and dirty, yet felt oddly good. It didn’t stop till I guess he was done.

Not too long after, the guy in my butt began to cum and I felt it squirt deep inside me. Only a few moments later Scott came in my mouth saying his famous one word command, “Swallow.” I did as he asked and swallowed his cum down. I felt it ooze down my throat all the way down to my tummy. I was relieved when they pulled away and let my legs down. Scott put his arms around me and stroked my hair. “You were fantastic,” he said.

I sat there stunned by what had just happened, and felt still numb. My body felt used and my sex and ass were throbbing. One of the guys handed me my clothes and I started dressing again. I was a mess inside and I was handed some rags to sop up some of the mess before I dressed. No one said much of anything. Shortly after we got dressed the bell rang dismissing classes for lunch. I headed out of the janitor closet and Scott followed right behind me. What I wasn’t expecting was that Elizabeth was just walking by and saw me exit the closet and saw Scott come out too.

She grabbed my arm and stopped me. Scott smiled and just kept walking. “What the hell were you doing in there with him?” she asked. I stared at her not really sure what to answer. “You got to be kidding me,” she continued. “Were you fucking him?” she asked. I stood there not answering. Not really knowing what to say. She started going off on me, “Tori, are you out of your mind, Scott arranged, for the coach to rape you, he arranged for those boys to gang rape you on your birthday and I have no doubt he arranged for me to be raped to shut me up about your rape. Are you freaking serious, after all of that you’re still fucking him? You’re crazy, you’ve lost your mind. . . I cant be around you anymore.”

As she said this she stormed away from me. I was shocked she said all this. I was just feeling numb. I didn’t want to go into the closet with him, I . . . I just did. I still felt numb and walked to the cafeteria slowly not knowing what to think. I got there but Elizabeth wasn’t there. So I sat at the varsity cheerleader table. I felt ashamed that she saw me and that I upset her that much after all she had done for me. But I couldn’t undo it. I worried if she was okay and finished my lunch quickly. I looked around for her but didn’t find her. I hoped she was okay. When I didn’t see her after my next class I went to the principals office and got permission to call her mom. She answered and said that Elizabeth had called her to pick her up and that she took her home. But when I asked to speak with her she told me that Elizabeth didn’t want to speak to me. I hung up and then called my mom to pick me up. Even as I was feeling numb, I broke down and cried.

My mom came and picked me up and drove me home. I could hardly talk to her on the way home, overwhelmed just not knowing where to start or what to say.

When we got home I headed up to my room and tried to call Elizabeth again but she didn’t answer. I wanted to leave her a message but I didn’t know what to say so I just hung up the phone.

For everything I didn’t feel with sex that morning, I was feeling it all now, every movement, every moment, feeling like a slut and a whore it all came rushing back to me. Not only what happened that morning but then the rush of everything I had been doing the last several months, ever since that day I talked to Scott at the pool.

Who had I become, kneeling before a guy because he was popular, and because my sister idolized him? Who had I become to have sucked his friends, simply because he asked me to? Who had I become to have let my boyfriend arrange for me to have sex with other guys? And what had I become, to have gone to the hotel with him, and having agreed to be with a coach at my school? Worst of all, of everything I had done, what had I become to hurt the one person who was there for me through all of it, standing by me and supporting me, yet I let her down by getting back with an ex-boyfriend who had dumped me and who she believed had arranged for her to be attacked.

I was no one, that’s who I was. I was dirty and worthless and slutty. I had shamed my sister, my father and my mother. I had shamed my best friend. But mostly I had shamed myself.

I went into the bathroom and ran a very hot bath. As hot as I thought I could stand. I filled the tub as full as I dare fill it to where it would be just short of overflowing once I was in the water.

I tried one more time to call Elizabeth but it went to her voicemail. This time I left a message, “Love you, I’m so sorry.”

I turned out the light undressed and got into the tub. The only light in the bathroom was the light coming under the door.

I set my razor that I used to shave my legs and on the edge of the tub and used the shampoo bottle to smash it. I hit it over and over till the razor broke apart. It did what I wanted and broke out one of the blades. That was all I needed.

I had read somewhere that if you cut across your wrist you are only wanting attention. If you cut down the arm you meant it for real.

I didn’t cut across. . . .

To be continued.

Rating: 80%, Read 38197 times, Posted Jun 07, 2014

Fiction | Ass to pussy, Authoritarian, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Group Sex, Humiliation, Pissing, Pregnant, School, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Water Sports, Written by women


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