This Little Piggy Goes to Town by LucyStruggles

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True Story | BDSM, Domination, Female, Fisting, Lesbian, Submission

The tip of my nose began to tingle and I asked the bartender for a glass of ice water. Then my phone beeped…a text, from Him. I smiled and my heart hammered. I opened the text and laughed out loud, drawing a few smiling looks from around me. Just a number. The number 9 to be exact. I was thrilled that he was thinking about me, but also a bit disappointed at the teasingly low number. I sipped at my water and slowly counted each tightening and release of my cunny. Over too soon, I clenched tightly and arched my back ever so slightly, releasing…8….and slowly, one last time. I was smiling, in my own happy place, barely listening to the pretty, full-bodied girl at the back of the bar belting out a very slightly drunken “Black Velvet.”

I felt Him first, my breath suddenly short. Slowly I perused the room again from my stool at the end of the bar, as good as off in the corner as I could find. Across the room at a little table He sat with His wife and another couple. He held my eyes and grinned almost imperceptibly before casually moving on. I could see the warning in his eyes, the one he knows I don’t need, the one he can’t resist….could almost hear that damn honeyed heroin voice, “don’t make me kill you.” Our very own private joke. I wished it were a decade earlier, then at least the bar would have been filled with smoke, a hazy hiding place from which to observe. I glanced back His way and saw his sexy, appreciative nod at the cute singer as she walked back toward her table.

A tingle went scurrying through the middle of me and I caught the fella behind the bar. Another glass of wine please, and whatever “Black Velvet” is having. The startled look on his face had me almost breathless, a quick little jolt of shock factor high. Feeling both reckless and completely in control…my comfort zone so to speak…I picked up my wine and turned to set about to see if I could seduce the girl across the room. The bar was full, loud, the karaoke wasn’t all bad and what was bad was given and received in good natured fun. The look on her face when he gave her the drink was as adorable as it gets, puzzled and then she blushed and waved. After a few minutes she brought her beer over and sat next to me, holding out her hand.

We sat talking and laughing, touching each other as girls will do in conversation. Finally I glanced toward Him. His table had filled, another couple had joined them and a few people were standing nearby. He didn’t look at me that I could see, and I turned back to Carrie. The beep of my phone startled me and I nearly shrieked. It was as if a line of electricity connected us from across the room. She turned to order each of us another drink and I opened the text. 22 bitch. I began, took a deep breath and sat a little straighter, screaming at myself to concentrate, not to mess up the count. Carrie nabbed the song book and pushed it toward me, opening it and leaning close. I nodded and answered her yes or no when needed, but I felt Him watching me, and I smelled her perfume and as I hit 19 my legs began to tremble.

The orgasm was dangerously intense and I fought to make my body relax instead of tensing into it to tighten and prolong it as instinct bade me. I dared not look at Him. Instead I took a deep drink and shook my head. Carrie wanted me to sing with her and I wanted no part of it, but told her I’d like to hear her sing again, something shocking. She cocked her head at me and smiled wickedly. Okay, she said, I got ya. She has to be at least 10 years younger than me, taller and a bit hard. A party girl I supposed, long dark hair and full high breasts generously displayed. She got up and patted my thigh as she walked back to the DJ. I smiled and watched her, tight jeans and a t-shirt, nice round bubble butt and thighs that I could hold on to all night. I felt Him, but I refused to look. The DJ handed Carrie another book and she flipped through it, tapping at a page and handing it back to him. She came over and took a long drink of her beer and gave me an even longer look before going back and grabbing the microphone.

She began a very slow and sexy rendition of Garbage’s “Queer.” I danced on my barstool and she sang to me from across the bar. It was hot and when she finished there was a roar of approval. She flushed again and I laughed. She had no idea how pretty she was. His wife floated in front of me, passing me on her way to the ladies room. Slowly I turned and my eyes met His. I licked my lips and then turned to hug and congratulate Carrie. She badgered and cajoled and I had another drink…that is what, three past my limit….and then finally got me on “stage” with her. That other book the DJ carried had my kind of music in it, and I was just snicked enough to know how much Master would enjoy seeing me singing and dancing with her. I downed the half glass of wine I had left and faced her at the microphone. I just laughed and went with it when “I’m only Happy When It Rains” began. We had fun, sang and danced, flirted and got to know each other. I watched, as conspicuously as I could, my Master hanging out with his wife and friends. In my watching, I saw him watching me, as conspicuously as possible. My heart did flips but … well, we have already established that I had had too much to drink, and at Carrie’s instigation looked through the book with the “different” music. In my tipsy state it seemed serendipitous that the DJ had Radiohead’s “Creep” of course, I would sing it in the Chrissie Hynde version….oh my, what a naughty, sexy thing to do.

I tried to keep my eyes off Him….the first time I came to the chorus I looked right into His wife’s eyes, and smiled so sweetly as I sang the strange haunting lyrics. I tried to be as still as possible, but it touches me that song, and I moved, I know I moved and I sang it with the same feeling and abandon I do at home. I must have been drunk because I have never, ever sang karaoke before. I was lost in it and finally toward the end of the song, I did look at Him….. “whatever makes you happy” …. “whatever you want” then looked away and finished the song with a melancholy more smug than sad, though only He would know that I was wickedly turned on. Carrie hugged me when I finished and we both pressed and twisted a little into each other and I knew she was going home with me. I wanted to rejoice at my conquest but at the moment I was terrified and quaking at what I had just done. I asked her to get us one last drink and told her I needed some air.

I leaned against the tree across from the bar, trying to control my breathing when I saw Him striding toward me. Instinctively I moved to the back of the tree in the shadows where we would be less likely to be seen. He was calm as always, but I felt the tension in him and when he grasped my hair and shoved my head into the tree I melted. His mouth was gentle and then he bit my lips and the sound he made rippled through me. He backed up slightly and slapped me, again and again, then lifted me in a burning grip. “You belong, you fucking brat, you belong to Me, damn it.” His voice gripped my ribs and he kissed me fiercely, then again gently. Cupped my face sweetly and whispered to me that he wanted me to go home and fuck “Black Velvet” and give him a full report in the morning.

I sighed as he started to walk away when suddenly he was back, slapped me twice again and squeezed my throat. His breath was like a drug against my face as he told me not to think there wouldn’t be payment due for my antics tonight. Kissed me once again and strode off. I watched the muscles ripple in his back as he tried to shake me off and my laughter followed him. His ass is gorgeous and I watched appreciatively then went inside to claim my prize for the night.

The short walk from the bar to my place had cleared my head some and I put some music on while Carrie walked around looking at pictures on my wall. She sat and I stood looking down at her quietly. I wasn’t in the mood for dancing around the first move so I leaned on the cushion next to her on my knees and kissed her. She quickly took the lead and pulled me across her, keeping her mouth to mine. She was warm and tasted of beer and bubblegum. I liked her aggressiveness and we both moaned into each other. Her hands were pulling at the button on my jeans and I was delving into her low cut top aching for her nipples. My jeans were pushed to my hips and two of her pretty fingers slipped between my wet lips. She bit my neck and pushed deeper into my slickery heat. I wiggled and squirmed against her hand and pulled her shirt over her head.

The rhythm between my legs and her teeth at my throat sent me so quickly over the edge and I moaned and gasped and undulated. After I came she pulled back and looked down at her hand, soaked in my juices. She pressed me into the chair and got to her knees in front of me pulling my jeans and panties off. I arched and pulled at my own shirt as she moaned into me, thrusting her tongue deeply and then her fingers. Again she bounced her fingers into me, deep and high and sucked on my clit, sucking and humming and fucking me. I pinched and pulled at my nipples, and all I could hear was my own, “oh, oh, oh” before I soaked her in a spray of honey cream. Panting and gasping I sat up and leaned over grasping her head. I licked and sucked at her cheeks, chin and lips, moaning and lapping, I ate myself off her pretty face. As I fed on her mouth I wrapped my calves around her and one of her big tits pressed between my legs. I rocked against her and then she raised above me and I finally had my lips wrapped around one hard pink nipple. I loved tasting myself on her skin and I sucked hard, rolling my tongue over and over across her nipple until she was moaning and pressing against me.

I wiggled out from under her and pulled her along with me, shedding the rest of her clothes until we were falling naked across my bed. Her skin was incredibly warm and I wiggled low and pressed my face between her legs. She grasped the back of my head with both hands, her nails scraping my scalp as she pushed me against her wetness. She moaned and arched and ground against my face as I licked and nibbled at her pussy. When she came in my face I backed away and pressed my fingers against her easily slipping three into her and then I worked them while she thrashed and spread under me until I had all of them in her and as I pushed one final time, slipping my fist inside her slick velvet box I leaned down and sucked at her mound rubbing at her clit with my tongue. This time she screamed frantically and grasped at my shoulders with clawing nails and squirted a heavy stream of juice across my wrist.

We spent hours fucking, talking and laughing, and doing it all over again. Finally we made an omelet and devoured it then curled up together in my bed. She fell asleep immediately and I lay there going over the night in my head. I couldn’t wait to write to my Master and tell him all about the hot little chick next to me. More than anything though, I couldn’t wait to see him again and find out what devilish punishment my night had set in motion.

Rating: 83%, Read 13735 times, Posted Oct 15, 2011

True Story | BDSM, Domination, Female, Fisting, Lesbian, Submission


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