Parties_(0) by BlueParzo

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Two years ago, my Nan died. My sister and I had been living with her, so it was a big deal for us. We were left her house in the will, and a whole lot more responsibility than two teenagers neither wanted nor needed.

Now, we can cope with near everything. We both have jobs. We already had school education but could not go to college. It’s one of my dreams. We can cook sufficiently, do any jobs needed – and throw the best parties in our neighbourhood.

I staggered, the countless shots finally hitting me. Lacey giggled. She helped me walk through the house, past countless drunk people, up the stairs and onto the queen-size bed. Our house had two bedrooms, perfect for me and Amy. Lacey kissed me. I locked eyes with her, then flipped her over. I unzipped her dress, revealing a pale back and black, lacy lingerie. She slipped the dress down, rolling back over to undo my pants. I shrugged off my tee shirt. Lacey smiled.

“Looks like someone’s glad to see me!” She grabbed my dick through my underpants. “Let me see him.” She continued as she pulled my last modesty off. My dick was enjoying the attention as it grew to its full 7 inches. I groaned whilst she caressed my balls and kissed my head. Shockwaves raced through my body as her long, manicured fingernails massaged my dick. She licked around the shaft, slowly rubbing me off. Then she pushed it past her thick lips into her mouth. I was already feeling lightheaded. She slowly sucked, working my cock with her talented tongue. I grabbed her hair and pushed her further down. She slipped my tip into her throat, and milked my dick with her mouth. She looked up at me. Her mesmerising emerald eyes sent me over the edge. I grunted, letting out a primal groan as I came, hard.

She swallowed every last drop, then crawled up beside me.

“Wow,” I whispered as I kissed her again. “Who taught you to do that?”

“I’ve had practice.” She cuddled up beside me and yawned.

“Don’t think we’re finished.” I slid to the bottom of the bed. She gave me a questioning look. “Open your legs and I’ll show you.”

She spread her legs whilst I slipped her panties off. They were as wet as her talented mouth. I grinned. I slowly kissed up her toned, slim legs, making sure to take my time. As I got closer she groaned, impatient already. At the top, I stopped, then moved back to the other foot. She groaned louder.

“Good things come to those who wait.”

“I can’t wait.” She pulled me up by my hair. I breathed in her musky scent, then slowly gave her pussy one long lick from her crack all the way up. She tasted like she smelt: heaven.

“Feels… so… good…” She whimpered. I licked again, this time going deeper. Her lips parted and I gave them the slightest nibble as I did so. She shook, her legs clamping around my head. I pushed one hand up, taking off her bra. I grabbed one of her perky tits and pinched the nipple. She gasped. I stuck the other up her pussy hole. I could only fit one finger. Jesus, she was the tightest I had ever been with. As I fingered her tiny cunt, I played with her marvellous breasts. They were about a D cup, her areolas small, yet dark to contrast her almost white skin. Her nipples stuck out about a centimetre and shook with her lovely titties. Surprising her, I flicked her clit with my tongue. She grinded on my fingers, hers interlaced with the bed sheets.

“James,” I didn’t need any more warning. I sped up my fingering and flicked her clit once more. She screamed, her pussy juice spraying everywhere. I grinned, looking up at her.

“A squirter?”

She looked away, obviously embarrassed. “Yeah, I should have- “

“That’s really hot.” I lay beside her, also exhausted now. I looked sideways at her. “Hey, hasn’t anyone ever done that for you?“

Lacey smiled. “No, but I’ll be asking for it more often now.”

I grinned back. “It could- “

The door burst open and my sister stumbled in, her hands around the waist of some man. She looked up and saw me in the bed. She opened her mouth, and collapsed into a heap.

“Are we going to ignore last night?” I near yelled. My sister stared into her breakfast. This had happened a few times before, and every time I felt guilty. My sister had a weak liver, and wasn’t supposed to drink, eat really fatty stuff or take drugs. I let the first two slide, as long as she moderated herself, but drugs were my big no-no.

“I… can’t remember.” She knew what she had done though.

“You fainted. Again.”

My sister stood up. “I’ve had enough of this.” She stormed out. I sighed, déja vu. As the front door slammed, the bathroom door opened.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t join you.” I hugged Lacey.

“Well, you can next time.” She let go of me and stepped out into the porch.

“Next time?”

“Yeah, you’ve got my panties.” As the door slammed for a second time, I couldn’t stop the childlike smile from stretching across my face.


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Rating: 81%, Read 13022 times, Posted May 24, 2016

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Teen Female, Teen Male, Young


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