House Slut 23 - A Day at the Beach by phenylalanine

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Fantasy | At work, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Male, Teen Male, Virginity

Tegan woke to feeling someone stroking her temple, easing her into conciousness. As restful and soothing as that was, her more immediate reaction was to groan as she uncurled and stretched her aching arms and legs. Apparently she’d hardly changed position during the night and after the strenuous workout she’d had, she was experiencing some discomfort and there was a nasty taste lingering in her mouth that urgently needed some oral hygeine. She eventually opened her eyes and looked up at the person in the room with her, Sam silhouetted against the light coming in through her bedroom door which he had left slightly ajar. She looked up at him blearily then half sat up, her covers slipping away from her nude body as she sleepily raked her fingers through her hair.

“How’re you feeling?” Sam asked.

“Sore. Disoriented.” Tegan picked up her phone to check the time: it was early afternoon, presumably the same day.

“Did you want to sleep more? I was going to get some lunch together.”

“Food sounds amaaazing.” Tegan sighed, reflecting that she had only had snacks and wine the night before.

“Ok, leave you to it while I get lunch started.” Sam said, standing up and exiting her room.

Tegan reluctantly slid out of bed and wandered across the hall to the bathroom to start her morning routine, making an extra effort to thoroughly brush her teeth before throwing on a light sundress and going to take a seat at the dining table. The poker table top was gone and there was no lingering signs of last night’s shenaningans. Sam exited from the kitchen and put down two plates of toast with poched eggs and avocado. There was nothing but the sound of cutlery on plates as they both made short work of the meal. Once they were done eating Sam laced his fingers together and leaned forward.

“So, any plans for today?”

“Not really.” Tegan answered, pushing her plate away, wondering why he was asking. As long as it didn’t involve anything going into her butt, she was open to suggestion.

“It’s a nice day, I was thinking of driving to the beach, getting some sun and surf. Thought you might want to come along?”

“Just you and me?” Tegan knew Angus wasn’t due back until sometime in the evening, she glanced down the hall towards Brandon’s bedroom, noting the door was ajar but there was no sound or other sign of life.

“He’s on a date, apparently.” Sam said with a wry smile.

“Oh, that’s good.”

“So yes, just you and me.” Sam said, with a shrug of his hands. “As long as that’s alright.”

“Sure.” Tegan aid with a bright smile. She wondered if he was feeling some residual awkwardness after last night. She was concerned by how nice he was being in contrast with earlier, and wanted to make clear that whatever had happened, she wasn’t troubled by it.

“Great!” Sam affirmed. “I’ll go get my things together.”


After clearing the plates they each retired to their rooms to get their beach gear. Tegan slipped into her bikini. As bikinis went it was farly standard. She wasn’t a thong bikini kind of person but the bottoms still showed what she considered to be a good amount of her small butt. The top was the typical two triangles of material connected by strings, one that tied behind her neck and one in her back. She tied it at the front before spinning it around and securing the cups over her small chest, testing to make sure the fit was not too loose before throwing her dress bag on. She stuffed a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen and beach towel into a bag and met Sam back in the living room to go to his car.

On the hour drive there was very little discussion. Sam’s phone generated a playlist of late 90s/early 2000s pop music they’d both grown up with and they made idle chit chat. Tegan just reflected that this was one of the few times she’d really done anything out of the house since she quit her job, discounting her trip to the sex shop with Angus. While she was by no means under the illusion that this beach trip was an entirely wholesome afternoon of fun in the sun, certain that Sam had something planned for when they got there, this felt like the most normal thing she’d done in a long time.

On arrival at the beach Sam found a park a short walking distance and they proceeded down, staking out a quiet spot. Being the weekend the beach was busy but not crowded, with most visitors set up closest to the section of the surf deemed most safe for swimming. Letting Sam lead the way, they headed for a quieter spot in a different direction, only cementing the idea that he was going to put some moves on her while they were here and didn’t want too many people around. In part she was almost disappointed, but she didn’t let it affect her mood. They spread out their towels – hers looking like a large slice of watermelon, Sam’s in the black and gold colours of some sport team he supported. Tegan shed her dress and took out her bottle of sunscreen and squirted a good amount into her hands, spreading it on her arms and legs and as much of her body as she could reach before passing the bottle to Sam.

“Would you mind?” she asked, turning her back to him.

“Not at all.” Sam smiled as he took care of her back, mayble unecessarily sliding his fingers under the waistband of her bikkini bottoms. Once he was done Tegan returned the favour and they both settled back on their towels to soak up the warmth, Tegan put on her sunglasses and regarded the blue horizon.

“Beautiful day.”

“Yeah, not half bad.” Sam agreed as he lay back with his hands folded across his stomach. They lay in silence for awhile, listening to the surf. After awhile Tegan turned over and built up a mound of sand udner her towel as a makeshift pillow, her face turned towards Sam.

“Hey Sam?” she opened.

“Mm?” Sam acknowledged.

“I don’t want to dissect last night, so I’m not going to, promise. I just had a question.”


“Do you think a guy would want to date me? Like, knowing the stuff I’ve done lately.”

“Is this about Trevor?”


Sam turned and propped himself up on his elbow and gave it some thought. Tegan turned to face him, leaning on her elbow as well, and clarified her question.

“Do you think a guy could have seen me the way I was last night and think ‘yeah, I see value in a relationship with her’?”

“Depends on the guy I guess.” Sam anwered eventually. “I think a lot of guys don’t like thinking about their girl fucking other guys, even when it’s in the past. They get insecure about it. Kind of hard not to think about it when you watched it happen.”

“How do you feel about it?”

“Wrong guy to ask. I’m not interested in relationships, especially exclusive ones.”

“Really? It’s not like you were sleeping around before.”

“Relationships take effort. I like to fuck but not enough to work for it, so I just take what I can get and I don’t like to limit my options. If I have a dry spell it’s not the end of the world.”

“Wow, so I must be like your perfect woman.”

“Are you hitting on me, Teegs?”

“Just making an observation.” Tegan idly traced a pattern in the sand between their towels with her fingers. “Are you bi?”

“You could say that. I don’t really put labels on shit.”

“But you’ve been with another guy.”

“I’ve sucked dick. I like girls more. But for the right person, I don’t really care.”

“Me too.” Tegan waved her hand, correcting herself. “I mean, I’ve been with a girl. I prefer guys.”

“As much as I enjoy picturing you eating pussy, I feel like we’re straying from the point.”

“I guess I’m trying to figure out where my life is going. When we’ve ticked off everything on our sexual bicket lists, where do I end up? Will I find the right guy and settle down, or am I always going to be looking for more? And how do I find the person who’ll understand that?”

“I think we’re too young to ask those kind of questions. It’s not like you’re in a hurry to start a family or anything, right?”

“Babies? Gross.”

“Then who cares?”

“Trevor, for instance” Tegan queried.

“You like him that much? You’ve met him what, twice?”

“I mean I’d like to get to know him better but he’s… y’know. Fit.”

“Is that woman speak for ‘hung like a horse’?”

“I don’t care about that, not really. He seems like he might be nice.”

“Then ask him out.”

“He didn’t text me yet.” Tegan jabbed the sand with her fingers.

“I didn’t send him your number yet. I forgot.”


There was a pause in the conversation while Sam took his phone out of his backpack and sent a message.

“There, you’ll know in a few hours when he gets off work.” Sam said, putting his phone away again.

“Thanks.” Tegan leaned over and kissed him. She intended it as a light peck of gratitude but found her lips lingering on his. Sam receiprocated, sliding his hand up her neck and cradling her head, holding her close as he gently probed her mouth with his tongue. Tegan slowly sank back onto her towel and Sam followed, keeping their lips sealed together, his body poised over hers .

After kissing softly for a while she felt Sam’s hand begin to wander, his fingers tracing a gentle bath down over her collarbone to her bikini-clad breast, finding the soft bulge of her nipple through the material and caressing it in a small circle until he could feel it hardening. Tegan’s impulse was to stop him, she could still hear the sound of other people even though they had deliberately put some distance between them, but on the other hand she had no intention of stopping, not yet. It was useless to put up barriers she intended to cross anyway. In the absence of any sign of resistance Sam slipped his fingers under the material and pushed it aside, exposing her hardening nub and touching her directly as they continued to kiss. Tegan assumed, were anyone to look in their direction, the liklihood of noticing anything but two people kissing was slim.

After a couple of minutes, Sam moved on. She felt his hand wander from her exposed breast and wander down her flat belly. At the same time he broke the lengthy kiss and kissed his way down her chest, taking her nipple in his mouth and sucking, swirling his tongue over. It was still a little sore from being clamped yesterday and his warm, wet mouth was somewhat soothing.

She inhaled sharply as Sam’s fingers boldly slipped under the waistband of her bikini bottom and through the neatly trimmed thatch of red curls to find her bare slit, massaging her outer labia with his fingers before sliding his finger between her lips. She was unsurprised to find that his exploratory digit entered her easily, she knew she must be already wet. His finger withdrew from her and he used the slickness of her juices as lubrication as he gently massaged his clit, feeling it swell in response to his touch.

Feeling the need to reciprocate, Tegan ran her fingers down Sam’s toned abs and he shifted his hips closer towards her to ensure she could reach. She tugged at the drawstring of his shorts and slipped her hand inside to find his cock, already hard, presumably a combination of anticipation and from the foreplay he was administering to her. Nonetheless, she slowly caressed him from base to tip, keeping her touch light and teasing. She drew her fingertips over his swollen glans, back and forth, enjoying feeling his twitch at every slight touch and letting out a soft moan of appreciation at his own efforts as he began to stroke her clit harder, his mouth hungrily kissing her breast. Beginning to breathe more heavily as she felt the tightness in the pit of her stomach that told her an orgasm wasn’t far away she became more bold and pulled Sam’s cock out of his shorts, enabling her to more freely pump his cock in her hand, wanting to bring him off at the same time. While the possibility of being caught in the act was a distant second thought to what they were doing, she still figured the chances were low that anyone would see anything anyway.

On that thought, Tegan impulsively pushed Sam away. If she was going to do this, it was going to be done right. Releasing his cock she forced Sam onto his back so his erection briefly pointed at the sky, then she followed him, straddling his hips. She didn’t bother to glance around to see if anyone was nearby, because it wasn’t going to stop her. She reached down between her thighs and pulled aside the crotch of her bathing suit to expose her pussy, and used her other hand to guide Sam’s cock to her lips, sitting down on him with a satisfied moan as his shaft disappeared into her warm cave. Given how both of them had been on the brink just a moment ago, she was astonished she didn’t come immediately, but she took the blessing in stride. After taking a moment to adjust she began to move her hips, rocking them back and forth. She didn’t know if the people further down the beach would catch sight of them, if the sudden vigorous movements would clue them in to what was happening, but now she hoped they would see.

Sam cupped her breasts, pulling aside the fabric roughly to bring both perky mounds and pink nipples into view, grasping them with his hands, massaging his fingertips into her flesh as she rode him, grinding her clit into his pubic hair. Experimentally she moved her hips in a circle to see how it felt when he moved inside her, and started to build up a steady rhythm, working her hips to stir his cock around her tight little honeypot, her breathing growing into appreciative pants, high pitched moans of deperation escaping from her as her need to release steadily grew until she thought she would burst.

“I’m gonna cum.” Sam groaned as one hand squeezed Tegan’s breast, the other digging his fingers into her hip to hold her in place, as if afraid she might suddenly stop. No chance of that.

“Do it, cum in me.” Tegan urged, changing back to an inside back-forward motion as Sam held in his breath then releasing it with a loud groan of relief. Tegan felt the warmth of his semen flooding into her and her breath caught in her throat as her vagina clenched, milking Sam as her clit twitched and throbbed, then all at once her muscles relaxed and she sagged with relief, collapsing against Sam with a guttural groan and breathing hard.

They lay like that for awhile, Sam still inside her, listening to the crashing waves for awhile longer until Tegan eventually rolled off him, adjusting her bikini so it covered her pussy. Rationalising that there were probably plenty of women on the beach with a lot more to show off going around topless anyway, she untied the string at her back and took the bikini off, throwing it into her beach bag. Sam pulled his shorts back up to cover his sticky cock and retied the drawstring as he cast a furtive glance around them. There was no one nearby or obviously looking in their direction.

“Don’t think anyone saw.”

“That’s a shame.” Tegan rebutted sarcastically, squrming around a bit as she felt his slimy spunk coagulating inside her. She liked the feeling, but there was no denying it was a strange one. She squirted some more sunscreen into her hand and started smearing it on her chest, her pale unfreckled skin and pink nipples likely a gleaming magnet for UV radiation.

“Need a hand?” Sam asked with a smirk in his voice. Tegan lay back on her towel, putting her hat over her face.

“Haven’t you had enough?”

“Never.” Sam glanced past Tegan to the crowded of people further down the beach. “You don’t care if people see?”

“A little, I don’t necessarily want to invite strangers to come and watch me or anything. But they’re strangers, it’s not like I’m ever likely to run into them again.”

“So you’re not embarassed as long as there’s no long term repercussions?”

“Embarassed, sure. But manageable embarassment.” Tegan sat up, putting her hat over her beach bag. “So?”

“So if I told you to walk to the other end of the beach right now, past all those people, that would be ok.”

“I assume you mean topless.”


“Is there a point to this or are you just challenging me to amuse yourself?”

“I like the idea of watching you walk past all those people who maybe just watched us fuck. But also I’m hot and want an ice cream.” Sam pointed at an ice cream truck parked on the sand.

“Fine.” Tegan laughed. “You have some cash?”

“Here.” Sam took his wallet from his backpack and took out a twenty. “I’ll make you a deal.” Sam said, jerking it back from her hand as she reached for it.

“Here it comes.” Tegan rolled her eyes.

“Come back with the ice cream and the money, and I’ll do your share of the housework for a week.”

“A month.” Tegan shot back.

“Two weeks.”

“Deal.” Tegan snatched the note. “Any other caveats?”

“Well I was going to make you do something if you lost but you’re already walking across the beach topless to buy me ice cream so I kind of win either way.”

“Fair enough.”


Tegan’s walk across the beach wasn’t nearly as intimidating as she thought. As she expected she was far from the only woman to be sunning herself topless and equally far from being the most impressively endowed. While she caught the occasional glances from younger men, what she mostly found was that people avoided staring at her, presumably out of politeness or people not wanting to be caught ogling. Mostly she figured, as she picked her way between the encampments of beach towels and umbrellas, was that a topless woman on a beach just didn’t warrant that much attention these days.

When she arrived at the ice cream truck she approached the window with the money concealed in the side band of her bikini bottom. She hadn’t really planned out how she was going to approach Sam’s challenge but figured either inspiration would strike or she’d just pay. There wasn’t really a losing scenario here given she’d already committed to the difficult part. As the guy in the truck noticed her he did a double take then smiled down at her from his elevated position. His eyes were on his face but Tegan assumed his attention was slightly lower. She bounced on the balls of her feet making her little breasts jiggle.

“Hi!” She said brightly.

“Hey there.” He repsonded. He was young, probably just out of high school. She wondered if he was woking a summer job before going onto college or a trade school. “What can I get you?”

“Uhhh…” Tegan shifted from foot to foot looking at the menus. “…shit.” She made a show of patting imaginary pockets.

“Let me guess, forgot your wallet.” Ice cream guy observed, a hint of sarcasm.

“Can you believe it?” She half turned and peered back along from where she came then turned back to him. “Y’know, I normally keep an emergency note tucked in my bikini top, but, well…” she gestured sheepishly at her chest. “I think the sun’s made my head a bit fuzzy.”

“Sorry to hear that.” The guy said simply, his face reddening slightly. If Tegan had thought he’d just hand over free ice cream because she was topless, those hopes were dashed.

“I’d rather not have to walk back.” Tegan sighed.

“Sorry.” He looked genuinely apologetic but didn’t seem to be picking up on Tegan’s hints that he could help her out. She was going to have to make it more obvious.

“Do you think you could help me out?” she prompted. “So I don’t have to go back.”

“I’m not sure I know what you mean.” He said uncertainly. Tegan had a feeling he knew exactly what she meant but was playing it safe, and decided that she needed to be more direct.

“Maybe you could help me out with a couple of soft serves, and I could give you a hand with something hard?” she lowered her sunglasses and fluttered her eyelashes.

“You being serious right now?” The guy asked, apparently her hint being obvious enough this time.

“Mmhmm.” Tegan said, nodding her head.

The guy glanced around then gestured to the back of the van before reaching out to lower the shutter of the window. Tegan walked around to the back of the van and a door opened and he took her hand to urge her inside, glancing furtively around again to see if anyone was watching. As the door slammed shut behind her it suddenly occurred to Tegan that a windowless van with a stranger was not a smart place for her to be and wondered if the sun really had gotten to her. She expected it to be cool in here since the ice cream needed to be chilled but the refrigeration units actually kept it kind of warm in here. After taking a moment to look at her new surroundings Tegan realised that ice cream truck guy was staring at her, seemingly expectantly waiting for her to do something.

She pressed her body against his and started to rub his bulge through his pants, making it clear this wasn’t a joke in or prank in case he had any last minute trepidation. She tried to assess his sexual experience from his reaction and was confident he had not had a woman throw herself at him so brazenly. She wondered if he was a virgin. He was cute, but seemed to lack the kind of confidence that would have gotten him laid in high school.

“Take it out for me.” She whispered, drawing her hands back. He obligingly unzipped and freed his cock. Tegan took a moment to appreciate it. Fairly average in her slowly expanding experience, nothing to be embarassed by, certainly. She caressed his crotch around – but avoiding touching – his cock. In response he tentatively, as if expecting to be stopped, reached for one of her breasts and gently squeezed it, tweaking her nipple between thumb and forefinger.

Tegan considered her next move. She could quite easily just grab his dick and jerk him off, and she doubted it would take long. But she was enjoying feeling like being the one in control and wanted to have some fun with him. She slowly closed her fingers around the base of his shaft and drew them to the tip, gently massaging his foreskin, feeling it slide around. Foreskins were still something a novelty for her, given how much circumsized dick she’d had lately.

“Have you done this before?” she purred gently, trying to figure out of he was a virgin without embarassing him or setting unrealistic expectations. After a moment’s hesitation he shook his head.

“No.” he admitted shyly, and she could tell he was sincere.

“That’s ok. I like that.” Tegan whispered reassuringly as she ran her fingers back down his shaft.

“Ok.” He answered, entranced as he played with her nipple. Tegan collected some saliva in her mouth and drooled into her palm, smearing her improvised lube all over before continuing, and ice cream guy gave a groan of appreciation as she stroked him with vigor. She was enjoying so much the power she had over him in this moment that she needed to remind herself of the transactional nature of their interaction – she was doing this for a few bucks worth of ice cream, that she was more than capable of paying for. While of course there was the issue of beating Sam’s challenge and him doing all her housework, that wasn’t strictly relevant as far as ice cream guy was concerned. There was no way to raise the stakes. There was nothing he could offer her. There was no real risk. And as soon as she realised that she became bored.

Tegan could tell from the change in his breathing that he wasn’t far off popping, and all she would have to show for it was a couple of ice creams. She wasn’t going to be satisfied with that. Tegan whispered in his ear.

“Where do you wanna cum?”

“Wh…. What?”

“I wanna make it special for you.” She bit his earlobe gently. “You get one shot, so tell me where you wanna shoot it.”

“Can I do it on your tits?”

“You got it boss.” Tegan agreed, lowering herself onto her knees facing him. Adjusting her grip she tilted her head back and pointed him at her chest, continuing to stroke him as he gripped the benches either side of him for support as he looked down at her pumping his cock. He seemed to be red in the face with the effort of holding back, wanting this to last as long as possible – but not long enough. A few seconds later he let out a strangled groan of pleasure and she felt his cock pump in her hand as the first squirt of hot jizz shot out and landed just above her left nipple. Compensating in the other direction as she rapidly worked her hand just behind the head of his cock to milk every last drop, the second spurt drew a line of sticky spunk across her collabone. She brought her chest up to meet his cock as the third spurt hit her just to the right of centre, and then it seemed he was done. She squeezed out the last dribble of semen onto her right nipple then looked up at him with a smile, letting him take in the sight of her handiwork as he caught his breath. When it seemed he was composed and she’d let him take in enough of the sight she began to rub the mess into her skin, spreading the glaze all over her milky white breasts like she had the sunscreen earlier, until it was invisible apart from the sticky sheen. To anyone who hadn’t seen what had happened, she doubted anyone would guess.

“Two choc dip double cones. Extra sprinkles, if that’s ok?”

With that done she stood up and washed her hands in the sink, drying them off on some paper towels which she discarded thoughtfully in the bin as her new friend busied himself with getting her order. When done she blew him a kiss before taking the cones and exited the van to cross back across the beach to Sam.

Rating: 90%, Read 16087 times, Posted Jun 12, 2019

Fantasy | At work, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Male, Teen Male, Virginity


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