Sexxx on a Saturday by BBWonder

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Fiction | BDSM, Black, Blowjob, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Solo, Submission

Aaaahhhh! Alas another Saturday. A day of leisure. I don’t have to worry about traffic jams that make me late for work or what my boss, ‘fat ass’ Katie will have to say about it. No customers asking me for absurd requests like a red wedding cake with purple icing or mango chutney when mangos aren’t in season. Just the normality and me.

Following my afternoon nap I slip on my soft pink silk robe over my nakedness, walking over to the window I see that now, contrary to this morning that it’s raining lightly. Mmmmm, rain can be so sexy. I felt like a little music so I turn on my Sade Love Deluxe cd and dance with myself until I dance right over to my fully stocked bar making myself a Cosmo. I don’t know why I opted for alcohol knowing that the shit goes straight to my pussy but I did…and I poured myself another.

Leaving the door open so that I can hear the music I walk out to the veranda outside of my window and sit on a small stool. Now like I said liquor goes straight to my sweet spot, so now in addition to the pulse that is growing between my thighs the rain is caressing my skin, and the soft, damp wind is kissing my clit.

I put my drink down and open my robe, letting it fall to the floor. I haven’t even touched myself, but I’m already moaning. Taking both of my voluptuous breasts in my hands, I put one in my mouth while I massage the other one. My nipples taste so good! I use my tongue to make circles around my hard nipples sucking some, nibbling some. I’m so turned that I’m grinding the shit out of the stool. And my pussy is so wet, that it’s making sloshing sounds against the stool…Can you hear it?

I take my right hand and using three fingers I begin to fuck myself crazy. “Ugh, fuck me! Fuck me!” I say out loud to myself. And that’s just what I do! Moving my hand back and fourth, faster-and-faster, I fuck myself.

For some reason, although three fingers are usually suffice, my sopping wet pussy is calling for more of me so I add a finger. And then another. And if it weren’t for my ass not being double jointed, I would have put my whole fist inside. I can feel my insides enveloping around my hand. It’s as if my pussy wants to swallow my own self-whole. This brings a whole new meaning to ‘self love’.

I’m so open I just have to have more…I know…Running to the kitchen, the fridge, and back to my post, I perch both of my feet on the railings beside me. My perfect pedicure bringing me even more excitement. While looking at my crimson colored toenails, and admiring the arch of my feet, I take my thick, extra long (about a foot), cucumber and jam it deep past my dripping bush, into my wide-open wet pussy hole. It doesn’t all fit at once, but I just have to have it all. Despite the ripping sound that I hear, I push. Harder, and then much harder. I am so sure that I’m bleeding…but no pain, no gain. Right?

I feel myself cumming, but I’m not finished, so I take my violent veggie out and lick the cum mixed with blood that’s dripping down it and onto my fingers MMMM the smell of it makes me want more but how? No sense in thinking about that now I believe I have an audience peeking through the curtains just across the way I wonder if he or she thinks they got a good show. I wave at the window but no response “I see you” I said then went into my house. Maybe I’ll soak in a hot bath because I really did the job on myself this time. I went to the linen closet to get my special sex me bubble bath and scented candles. Even though I am home alone I believe it calls for the reverend R. Kelly to preach to my body. Taking a bath really relaxes me especially with the R. in the background preach rev. preach I start to sing as I began to touch myself “ temperatures riiiising and youuuuur booody’s yeeeearning fooor me” as I insert my pointer and middle finger inside of my pulsating pussy the reverend is singing to me “ it seeeems like youuur ready.” Oh yes I’m ready as I visualize him tasting me I squeeze my nipples with my one hand as I rubbed soft but aggressively on my clit with the other. (ring) damn, who is calling me I’m not going to answer till I’m finished (ring) I began to finger myself harder and faster because it seems to me that the person on the other end of the phone really wants the attention that I’m not giving. “Oh shit oooooo”, I scream, I’m gonna cum! Preach reverend, preach!!! (Damn, I’m loud) “RRRring”…Woo, that was a good one. I’m ready to take a nap Rrring! Gotdammit, who the fuck?! I jumped out of the tub and ran to the phone.

“Hello!” I yelled into the phone, letting the caller hear how annoyed I was by their call.


“Oh, hey what’s up bay?” Softening my voice after hearing the voice on the other side.

“Nothing. Just calling to see how you’re doing.”

“Well, you know its Saturday, and you know how I get down on that day.”

“Yeah I know. Did I interrupt?”

“ Yes, you did.”

“ How can I make it up to you?”

“ Hold on let me turn down my stereo.”

“ Naw girl let that shit play that’s my man that’s the reverend R. don’t touch that.”

“Ok, dang baby.”

“Like I was saying--how can I make this interruption up to you?”

“Well, you know what I like don’t you?”

“ Yeah I know what you like.”

“Tell me what you’re wearing.”

“Well” I said sounding sultry purposefully, “I’m wearing the outfit God gave me.”

“You mean you’re on the phone naked? Damn, wish I was there. It gets me hard just thinking about you talking to me in the nude.”

“ Oh really? Then tell me what happens when I tell you that I fucked myself on the balcony with a cucumber?”

“Damn girl that makes me horny as hell.”

“Oh yeah then Let me hear how horny it makes you…Touch yourself for me.

Imagine that I’m there with you caressing your penis with my hand while I lick your balls.”

“ Oh yeah girl that feels good.’

“ You taste good too baby. Then I take and run my tongue along the shaft of it until I reach the head I open my mouth a taste just the tip because I know how that drives you crazy.”

“ Oooohh yeah.”

“As I deep throat you, I rub your balls. I feel you tense up you try to pull back but I grab your ass I take you deeper into my throat.”

“Oh shit! I’m cuuuming!!!.”

“I here you moan I let you go and swallow every yummy ounce of cum you let out.”

“ Damn girl, you always do that to a nigga. When can we get together?.”

“ Why don’t you go wash off and we’ll do lunch.”

“ Bye sweetie.”

“ See you at POPS around one.”

“ Ok. Later”

I hung up the phone went back to the bathroom to let out the naughty water. I didn’t have to dry off because the breeze had already helped me out. As I walked to my room the last song was on and I sang right along with him as I looked at my body in the mirror. “ Twelve play give me a little twelve play” What to wear? What to wear? I opened my closet lets see I guess I’ll wear my blue Donna Karan halter dress with my 3”heel blue candies that I bought just for this dress because they make my dress look even more sultry. No underwear or perfume today just a couple dabs of my favorite strawberry scented oil. I check myself before I leave “damn you look good girl” I said to myself in the mirror “if I could I would eat myself.” And don’t think that I haven’t tried.

As I enter POPS all eyes were on me woman and men alike the men trying to figure out how hot my pussy is and women are trying to figure out how good my pussy tastes. Only one will find out today.

“ Hey boy.” Hmmm, I wonder if he is still turned on from earlier.

“ Hey girl.” He said. Checking me from head to toenail.

“ Did you order yet?”

“ I didn’t order any food but I did order drinks.”

“ So what kind of silly ass drink did you order for me?”

“ It’s called a puss ‘n’ boots.”

“ A puss ‘n’ boots huh?”

“ Yup. It’s guaranteed to get me some.”

“ Some what?”

“ Some of your sweetness on my candy cane.”

“ Boy you’re sooo stupid”

I dropped my napkin on the floor by accident. Of course, he bent down to pick it up. I shifted my legs so that he could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties. He looked up at me. I smiled and asked, “ see anything you would like to eat?” He just smiled and pushed the napkin further under the table.

“ Let me get that for you.”

As he went under the table he rubbed my inner thigh, which made me open up my legs wider. A couple sitting across from us were watching, but who cared, maybe they’ll get some today too. Soon I felt his thick, long finger enter my vagina I made a soft moan. He put two, then three, when he got to four I thought I was going to die. The waiter came to the table with our drinks. I wonder if he can smell the sex? He just looked at me and asked was everything ok? (Being as though I was sweating in an air-conditioned restaurant.) I just nodded my head yes, pressing my lips tightly together, hindering a moan of pure ecstasy that was trying it’s best to escape. When he turned to walk away I gripped the tablecloth, digging my long manicured nails into the fabric. The glasses almost fell off of the table, but so the hell what, this shit feels lovely. Under the table he kept fingering me until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I put a napkin to my mouth to try to muffle out my moans, I don’t think it worked, because the couple at the other table continue to stare which believe it or not only turned me on more. They watch as I try to keep it together, but try as I might, I let out a high pitch squeal. Just as I opened my mouth for another one, up he came smiling.

“Here-Here’s your napkin girl” we both just started laughing, so did the eyeing couple at the other table. “ What’re they laughing about?” my friend said.

“ I don’t know but I believe this is when I go freshen up.” As I got up from the table the couple from the other table got up also. I walked into the restroom—well, more like staggered -- my legs were still a little bit weak. Hopefully, no one noticed. When I went into the restroom, the first thing I did was splash water on my face, ‘because my cheeks were rosy against my flushed face. Next, I went into one of the stalls. Woo, oh my goodness, it’s a good thing I wasn’t wearing any panties, because I’m sure they would be too wet to wear by now anyway. When I came out of the stall the couple from the other table was in here washing their hands. I stood next to him, washing mine again.

“Hello.” said the gentleman, while his lady friend stood up against the hand dryer, grinning her ass off.

I smiled nervously. Then said “ hello”

“ Nice restaurant huh?” he said.

“ Yes it is.” I said turning towards the hand dryer, but deciding against it, since the girl was blocking it.

“ It sure did take your friend a long time to find that napkin huh?” he said smiling.

Where the hell are the napkins? I thought while searching the premises for something to wipe my hands with, glancing for a moment at the ‘uni-sex bathroom sign’.

I busted out laughing then said, “I know he’s so stupid.”

“ Maybe next time I could help him, you know, find you’re umm napkin.”

I looked him up and down then said “maybe.” Glancing at homegirl wondering why the hell she was letting her man talk to me like that.

Just then I heard “girl come on so we can order our food.” I waved bye to the couple and went back to my seat, making sure my ass jiggled as I walked out of the door. We ordered our food, salmon for me and shrimp scampi for him. It was delicious. “Desert?” he asked. “Oh no” I replied. ”We’ll have desert at home. Just, get the check bay, I’ll be right back.” I went to the restroom again. This time, I really needed to go, but for some reason I began to get horny. I guess that damn puss ‘n’ boots was creeping up on me. I went into the stall and peed. Wiping myself, I accidentally touched my clit. I let out a moan. I hope no one heard me, but then again you know I don’t care. I lifted one leg up on the toilet paper dispenser the other I posted on the stall door. I stuck two fingers into my vagina then took them out and tasted my fingers mmmm, I put them back inside I then began to rub my clit more fierce than ever. “Umm I hope no one is in here” I thought. Oh yeah, oooh, oooh immm cumming. When I came I licked my fingers. Tasty! I washed my hands and checked my clothes preparing to go back to the table. Just then the sista that was watching us came in, handed me a business card, and left as fast as she came in. I pocketed the card with little to no intentions on calling and left the bathroom.

“Ready to go?”

“ Yeah I’m ready”

When we got in the car all I could do is think about how I did myself in the bathroom and that I have to do that in public more often.

“ No underwear huh?” he said reaching across the seat running his fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp. I remained silent knowing that he didn’t need or want an answer. I knew that he sure as hell wouldn’t mind the absence of panties tonight.

“Guess, what bay?” I said turning my head a little to the right to make sure he didn’t miss a spot in my scalp that needed the attention of his hands.


“A couple that I met in the bathroom gave me their card so that we can fuck them. ” I knew I was crazy for even mentioning them to him.

“Tonight?” He said trying not to smile.

“Uh-I guess” I said thinking he would tell me to throw the card away.

“Call em.”


“You heard me. Call em.”

I called them on my cell phone. I was happy as a gay boy in boystown, because I knew I was in for a treat. This is gonna be so freaky, I thought.

By the time they arrive to my man’s penthouse door, he and I were already getting that shit on hot and heavy. Since he promised me some dessert, I made him live up to his promise, with mango and whipped cream all in my pussy (I’m not sure what’s up with me and food and sex lately). One thing about him is that he can eat some pussy. His fat tongue nearly covers my pussy in entirety!

When the door bell rang, despite me begging him not to stop, he got up with my cream mixed with whipped cream all over his face. Using his long sexy tongue to lick his big sexy lips, he said “I’ll be right back baby.” Using his eyes to ensure me that my wait would be well worth it.

I could barely make out what was being said in the next room. But what I could make out is that my bay loved what he was seeing.

I expected him to come back with the couple. Instead the girl entered the room. Now, I’m not really into females, but this bitch was sexxxy as all hell. Her body complimented the red g-string she was wearing. And without a shirt on, I saw that she had the most beautiful nipples that I had ever seen.

She walked over and stuffed one of her nipples into my mouth. While I sucked away, she moved her hands past my shaven lips to my juicy clit, using the moistness that was already present from “dessert” as lubrication, she played with my juicy clit, getting it even harder. I let out a moan from deep within as she then slid her fingers inside of me, tickling my g-spot. She slid her tongue around my nipples, and down my stomach, licking and teasing my navel. Just as she got to my peach she stopped. “Damn, why are stopping sweetheart?” I said disappointedly. Just then she reaches out of nowhere and came up with a pair of black pantyhose. I guess they were a pair I, or some other woman for that matter, must have left somewhere in here.

She buried her face in them and smelled the crotch. Then she took the hose and tied my hands to the bed posts. The posts are kinda high so the top of my body was elevated. I stuck my finger in my mouth sucking, trying to give her a hint of what I wanted to come next.

She caught the hint and traveled southbound. Now, like I said my man can tear some pussy up—but this girl—oh, my gosh!!! She was eating my pussy like she hadn’t eaten in days—no—better yet weeks! First, dipping her tongue in and out of my lips and slipping up and down my slit, causing me to shudder, and then tongue kissing my clit passionately, causing me to scream.

I felt like I was a slave or something, tied up with only my feet touching the bed. I couldn’t grab on to anything, nor could I squirm like I really wanted to. With two fingers inserted inside of my drenched love-hole, and her other hand squeezing and pushing my ass towards her face, she licked and slopped and sucked away noisily. Next, she took her fingers out and stuck her tongue inside of me giving my love-hole a good tongue-fuck. I squealed loudly, never once wondering where the hell my man was. “Does that feel good?” She asked. “Mmm-hmm” I said biting my bottom lip.

“You want me to go back to eating that succulent pussy of yours, hmm?”

“Mmm-hmm” I said sounding more like an infant than myself.

“Tell me you want it.”

“Please?” I said, trying my best to sound confident and not sexually defeated by another female.

“Tell me you want that shit!” She said gripping my thigh roughly.

“Please, Please, make me cum. Taste me.” I pleaded.

She went back to her feast. This time devouring me with all of her might. “I’m cumming!!!” I screamed, pulling my own hair and digging my feet into the mattress, back arched. “That’s right, cum for me. Cum for me” She said flicking her tongue ferociously faster, causing me to ejaculate (yes, I’m a squirter), and drinking every drop that dripped out me.

“Where are you going?” I ask as she exited the room. She didn’t answer me. She was gone for a few moments and when she returned, she was wearing one of those strap-on dicks. Following her were our men.

Just when I thought she was getting ready to untie me, she climbed onto the bed, lifting me up so that my vagina was facing her plastic dick. I almost laughed at this picture--a woman staring me down like she thought she could do me some damage with a fake cock. I mean yeah she could eat some pussy like pussy was going out of style, but I was seriously doubting her stroke skills.

I had to hand it to her she did know how to pick out a nice, big, fat cock but I had my doubts about how good she could work it. I thought I was going to laugh in her face, but before a snicker could come out of my mouth, I was gasping for air and grabbing her shoulder digging my nails in her back as she jammed it in me. I guess the dick was bigger than I thought cause it felt like I was fucking a horse, and I loved every bit of it! Once again I had underestimated her, because this cunt was fucking my brains out.

“Tell me how good it feels.” she demanded. “Tell me how you like my dick!!!”

“Mmmmbabyitfeelsssooooooogoood!!!” I whined in delight “I LOVVVEEE it. I lovvvvvvvvveee iiit!!!”

I could feel the juices from inside of me sliding out of me and around to my asshole. I couldn’t tell who it was but one of the guys has slid up and under me and was entering me from behind.

With a plastic horse dick in my pussy and a fat hard dick in my ass I was screaming my ass off, yet begging for more. “Yessss, FUCK MEEEEE!!!” I yelled as they did just what I yearned for. I soon found out who it was under me, because suddenly my man’s 10x3 ¼ cock was in my mouth, while he held on to the bed posts steadying himself on the bouncing bed. Next to getting some, giving head is my favorite pastime so I sucked away greedily, using my trademark techniques to send his eyes rolling back in his head. He knew just how I liked it, cause he pulled my hair and squeezed my breast roughly, too. It wasn’t long before he was cumming in my mouth and I was drinking every tasty drop.

A few moments later he was untying my hands. He took his dick out of my mouth and let me fall on top of the male stranger. With one dick in my ass and one in my gushing wet pussy I moaned as he began to suck my breasts. Slowly he moved down my body, down my belly, lower and lower…

He led the woman out of me and laid her beside me. In 69 position they went at it and by the looks of things ole’ girl knew what she was doing, deep-throating like a pro. Hearing her moan got me even hotter (as if I wasn’t already hot enough)—I climbed on top of my partner and rode his dick like champ, grinding my ass into his groin, and bouncing my ass like I was in a Petey Pablo video.

Just as I felt him about to cum in me I heard his woman pant “I’m cuming, I’m cuming.” My man removed his mouth from her and said “Not yet. Sit on my baby’s face.” I’ve never eaten pussy, but as they say “A woman knows what another woman wants, and it must be true because the way she was convulsing and working her hips, screaming and whatnot, I had to be doing some damage. I never thought pussy would taste so good, but I was slurping up every drop. She has a really large clit; it was kinda like sucking a mini dick, so you know I was loving it. “Mmmm-you-taste-so-good.” I said in between each slurp, letting her know that I was loving it as much as she was. “Ohhhh-Ohhhh-Ohhhhhh, I-am-fuck-ing-cummming!!!!” She screamed, pulling my hair. Leaving a creamy print all around my mouth, she came down off of my face, licked it clean and went over to her husband. She fondled him as they watched us like a featured flick.

And we were worth watching…My bay turned me over on all fours and fucked me doggy style (our favorite position). I don’t know whether he was showing off or not, but he was banging me harder and rougher than ever…just the way I like it, smacking my ass, leaving his large handprint. I was digging my nails into the sheet, while watching our visitors go at it again. Side by side we were being fucked doggy style. I could tell our men were in competition and I was loving every inch of it (literally).

Finally, as if it was orchestrated, in unison, all four of us reached our peaks. I’m sure all of our moans and screams could be heard a block away. The neighbors must have thought someone was being murdered or something, but no one seemed to care. We reached ecstasy and there were no apologies for our pleasures that night.

After recouping, the couple dressed and left as quick as the came. My bay and I laugh about that night, how freaky we are and how we will remember that Saturday for the rest of our lives. Sometimes, while cleaning my purse, I’ll run across the card of the couple and wonder if I’ll see or screw them again. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t…

Only if it’s a Saturday…Only if it’s a Saturday.

Rating: 63%, Read 42011 times, Posted Jun 24, 2004

Fiction | BDSM, Black, Blowjob, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Solo, Submission


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