Big Brother Knows Best by tiffahoy

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Fantasy | Incest

It was Friday night and I was patiently waiting for my big brother to get off of work. Mom wasn’t going to be home until later that night so I knew we would have the house to ourselves. As time passed by I started getting more and more anxious and excited to finally see him. I knew he was going to be surprised to come through the front door to see his sweet little sister ready for him. For the past few nights he has been showing me how to be able to make him feel good without it hurting. He’s a few years older than me, tall and slighty more muscular than average. His skin pale is like porcelain and when you look him in the face you can see amazing amazing blue eyes, the lightest brown freckles across his nose and curly brown hair on top of his head. Looking at him, you wouldn’t think he would have the size cock he does. I really don’t know how he manages to conceal it in his pants without even a silhouette.

4:30 finally came and I heard his car pull up into the drive way. I figured I should just be waiting naked on the couch for him so he would know what I wanted. He walked through the door carrying the leftover food he had for lunch that day and his car keys in both hands. Every time I see him I can’t help but look at his dick and see if I can see the shape of it through his pants. I was so busy staring that I didn’t even notice the look of surprise that was on his face. He just stood there, and with a smirk, said “what do you think you’re doing?” I got kind of scared that he wasn’t happy because he only says that when he’s mad at me or I’ve done something wrong. I managed to squeak out “I thought we could play a little bit since mom isn’t home…” He just stared at me with a smile and after a pause said “It’s cute how you think you get to choose when I do that.” Then continued to walk into the kitchen and put his food away like nothing just happened. I immediately got discouraged and quickly got dressed. I felt so stupid because I knew he was right. I knew he decided when we play and that he controlled me and it was dumb of me to even think that me throwing myself at him would make any kind of impact.

I tried to get my mind off of it by playing video games in the living room. I sat on the couch with my legs crossed with nothing on but a T-shirt and panties which I did regularly and no one seems to mind. I am pale just like my brother, but I for some reason, have 3 times the freckles he does. I am short and not fat but I’m chubby I guess. I have plenty of curves and a DD bra size which my dyed, long, red hair looks so pretty when it drapes over my chest but my green/brown eyes, compared to him, are nothing special. I sat there completely concentrated on my game for over an hour, yelling and getting frustrated when I would die or not my objective and every time I would growl at the TV out of anger I would just hear a laugh from his bedroom down the hall.

I was just about to pause my game and go smoke a cigarette outside when I heard him walking down the hall. The moment he came around the corner I saw he had changed into athletic shorts and a T-shirt, and you could see every inch of his cock against his leg through his shorts. I guess he noticed me staring because I barely heard him say “You can’t keep your eyes off my dick today. Do you want it that bad?” and I didn’t know what to say so I just looked at him and blushed. He likes when I’m quiet and submissive.

He didn’t say another word before he walked into the kitchen and got himself a drink. I heard the fridge door close and his foot steps coming back towards the living room. He came and sat down beside me and placed his hand on my thigh and squeezed. He chuckled and mumbled “Goddamn I love your thighs.” And that’s when I knew he was ready to play. I just kept playing my game like I wasn’t paying attention and he slowly started moving his hand up on my thigh until his fingers were rubbing against the outside of my panties. I instantly became wet. “Damn, I knew you wanted it bad but I didn’t think you wanted it that bad.” He said with a smirk. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m just playing my game.” I replied, but I guess he could hear the sarcasm. And then he just whispered “Oh really as he leaned over and started kissing my neck. That’s my weakness and he knows it. The second his teeth rub against my skin I’m like putty in his hands. He kept kissing and biting my neck harder and harder and rubbing my panties against me until he pushed them aside against my thigh and stared rubbing my clit with 2 fingers. I couldn’t help but moan because he knew exactly what I liked and how to make me feel good. He slid the two fingers he was using to massage me and slid them into my pussy. He let out a little moan sounds and said in the sexiest, deep voice, “holy shit you’re so fucking wet.” At that point I dropped my controller onto the floor on accident and it made a loud smacking sounds but it didn’t faze him.

He just kept biting and sucking and fingering and groping my boobs that he can barely fir in one hand, but he knows how to do it just right. He made me cum 2 or 3 times before he finally slid his fingers out and started taking off his shorts. His dick was so hard at this point that the shorts were like a tent. He slid them off and climbed on the couch, grabbing my hair in the process, and shoved his huge dick down my throat. I choked several times before I got the hang of him throat fucking me. I love it when he’s rough but the back of my throat was sore for the next few days because he was ramming it into my mouth so hard. I had slobber running down my chin when he yanked my hair again and pulled his cock of my mouth. He pushed me sideways meaning he wanted me to roll over, so I did and presented my ass to him like I knew he wanted.

Just like I expected, as soon as I pushed my ass in the air for him he said “Good girl” and spanked me so hard I could feel his hand print on my ass. He pretty much just ripped my panties off of me; didn’t even bother to take them off gently. He spread my ass wide open and spit directly on my asshole. I love when he does it because I’m face down so I can feel it drip and run down to my pussy. He rubbed his giant dick against my ass and between my pussy lips and asscheeks just to tease me, and then in his same deep he said really slow, “are you ready for it on your ass, baby sister?” and I could get out was “ye-“ because he rammed it into me. We’ve been playing so much this past week he didn’t even have to try to make it fit. It slid right in. When we first started messing around, it hurt so bad. His dick was just too big and my asshole was too tight. But, he trained me to take it like to good little anal whore I am and I have learned to love it. He started thrusting in and out and all I could do was moan because it felt so good. I had been craving it all day, and after the incident earlier I didn’t think I was going to get it. I started ramming deeper and deeper until I could literally feel his huge cock in me pushing about my pussy on the other side. He kept hitting the same spot and I just couldn’t hold it and I squirted all over the couch as I collapsed onto my elbows. He just laughed and said “Mom’s going to be mad that you made a mess.”

After I had a second to catch my breath he flipped me over and pushed my knees against my ears and lifter my ass into the air. He just rubbed me all over down there for a minute. It felt so good his fingers just pushing and sliding about my pussy. Then he lifted my butt up a little higher and spread my ass wide. I could tell it was already gapped because when he spit on it, I felt it go in. He grabbed his dick with both hands and slowly slid it in. He was being gentle and it felt nice, but I liked it rough. I grabbed his hand and placed it around my throat with a smirk. He just smiled a devious smile and tightened his grip. He started going harder and harder until I just couldn’t take it anymore and I came again and squirted all over myself and him. But he wasn’t done with me yet. He flipped me over onto my stomach and pushed my legs together. I knew this what would make him cum since it’s his favorite position. He climbed on top of my thighs and I could feel his balls resting on the back on my legs. He slowly scooted up and slid his dick back into me. At this point there was no struggling. It just slid in and out. He braced his hands against the seat of the couch, locked his wrist and forearms against my hips and just pumped until I could feel his cum in my ass. He grunted and started to slow down and finally stopped and slowly pulled his cum covered cock out of my ass as his warm cum dripped out of me and down my pussy onto the couch seat. He spanked me again, which he usually does when I do a good job, and walks back to his bedroom. I couldn’t move and just lay on the couch knowing he was going to make me clean the mess up.

After about five minutes, I finally got the strength in my legs to stand up and go get a towel to clean the couch. I had to go get new panties out of my room because my others were in two pieces on the living room floor. I made sure there was no stains on the couch that would make mom curious, took my ripped panties back to my room and hid them and laid down.

I had barely fallen asleep when my brother burst into my room and asked when Mom said she would be home. I sleepely replied “she said she’d be home by 11” and as I said it he looked at the clock that read 8:30. He just smiled and said be ready for round 2 in 10 minutes and closed my door.

Rating: 88%, Read 25416 times, Posted Jul 06, 2015

Fantasy | Incest


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