Her Wish by juelsk93

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Fiction | Female, First Time, Masturbation, Romance, School, Solo, Teen, Teen Female, Virginity, Young

Chapter I: Introduction

Only one month into the new school year and she was already fed up with it. Not a single interesting person in the entire school and not even anyone interested in her. She wasn’t ugly, by any means. In fact she was very attractive. Dark, curly hair that was cut short and framed her face, light skin, but not pale. Thin, toned, but not muscular, body that would drive most men wild, and deep blue eyes that resembled the ocean.

But, they were all the same. Just like the last school she came from, and the one before that, and so on. Teenage drama built up to be something special, but anyone with half a brain can tell you is anything but. It was the same situation as every other high school in America, neigh, the world.

Elizabeth Mercer was bored out of her mind.

She was an ace student, not that it counts for much in a school like this. Living day to day, doing the same thing over and over without a single friend in the whole world was taking its toll on Elizabeth. She wished for someone or something interesting. Someone unique. She didn’t realize that in a few short moments, she’d get her wish.

Sitting in the back of the room, Elizabeth toned out the droning noise of Mr. Shultz’s voice as went on about some random subject while she stared out the window, daydreaming about something better.

“Attention, class!” Mr. Shultz’s droning voice was suddenly ended after answering the class phone.

“In a few minutes, a new student will be joining our homeroom class. I want you all to give him a warm welcome and make him feel at home!”

Elizabeth quickly awakened from her daydream.

“A new student?” she thought to herself, “Probably just some other generic high school teen obsessed with sports and partying just like the rest of ‘em”

She slowly returned to staring at the window, silently wishing to herself that this new kid might be the unique someone she’d been asking for. She didn’t get her hopes up.

“Everyone! Please welcome our new student, Mr. ------ ------.”

Elizabeth wasn’t paying attention and didn’t catch the student’s name. She didn’t really care. Just another nameless student to blend in with the rest of them. She made a quick, casual glance at the person walking through the doorway.

She did a double take.

Walking in the classroom was a tall, lean figure timidly holding a large hardcover in front of himself and shyly slouching like a child for the first time without his parents. He was dressed in a black, slim fitting hooded jacket and a crimson red shirt underneath with dark, slim jeans and blue Converse tennis shoes. His dark brown, curly hair was lightly tussled and fell over his forehead, slightly coming over his eyebrows and grew down about an inch past his jaw line. But what really stood out were his eyes. Deep evergreen colored eyes that seemed to pop with his light skin color.

She almost shook in excitement over the timid looking boy. Her eyes widened with amazement. He was exactly what she had wished for.

She listened to the rest of the class quietly snickering and poking fun at the new boy’s appearance, but she was instantly infatuated with him.

“I’m afraid we don’t have any seats available, but we do have a student absent today, go ahead and sit there, it’s the one in the back by the window, next to Ms. Mercer,” Mr. Shultz said, grinning through his teeth. He hated being here just as much as Elizabeth, maybe more.

Elizabeth quickly realized that he had been assigned to sit directly behind her. She was almost speechless yet through determination, she let out a small smile and a simple “Hi.”

He didn’t respond. Not surprising as his head was looking down to the floor. He quickly walked to his seat, obviously trying to escape the critical gazes of the class. He sat at his assigned seat behind Elizabeth and began to quietly read the large hardcover. Elizabeth noticed out of a sly glance behind her shoulder that he was wearing a pair of reading glasses. He almost looked cuter with them on.

Free period went by without a single sound from the new boy and, just as quickly as he entered, he was out of the room when the bell rang. Elizabeth wanted to catch him and attempt to make idle conversation. To her disappointment, she didn’t have any other classes with him and she didn’t see him until the end of school that day.

Elizabeth noticed him retrieve even more unmarked books from his locker and place them in a European carry all type bag. He was a real bookworm, just like her.

She started to approach him once more, but she was pushed to the side by a group of football jocks. They were headed towards the new boy.

“Nice purse, faggot!” one of the large thugs said as they smacked the bag from the boy. It flew across the hallway and the books within it went in several directions. He sighed as he stuck his hands in his pockets and his cheeks began to flush bright red. He almost looked as if he was about to weep. He slowly walked towards his book bag that was being trampled by the passing students who pretended not to notice him.

Elizabeth walked over and picked up the two books that had landed at her feet. She picked them up and walked to him.

“Here” she said in an almost motherly voice while bending down to hand him the books.

He looked up at her with puppy dog eyes. The emerald green of his eyes seemed to shine in the fluorescent light of the school hallways.

“Oh, Thank you.” His voice was soft and almost flat.

“I’m sorry about those guys. They’re the bullies of the school. Just watch out for them next time.” She said with a reassuring smile on her face.

He simply nodded and returned the books to his bag. He began to turn away when she stopped him.

“Hey,” she said while grabbing his arm to get his attention, “I, uh, didn’t get your name.”

He gave a slight smile and his eyes lit up.

“Christopher King. It’s nice to meet you.” He held out his arm to shake hands with her.

“Elizabeth Mercer. Good to meet you too.”

She couldn’t help but notice his smooth hands.

“Hey, I’m going to get a drink after school. Would you like to join me?”

How could she say no?

They walked close together through their small northern American town. She suggested a local coffee shop they could go to since he had no idea where to go in the town. Everything was close together so the coffee shop was only a few blocks from school.

Once they reached the shop, they both ordered and sat down at a small two-seated table. The shop was basically a Starbucks clone but still had a local feel to it.

The two made small conversation all the while sipping the ginger tea they both ended up ordering. She learned that he came from Washington DC and that his father was transferred for work. She was the same. Her mother had transferred from California to work and that she had only lived in their town for about four months. Both of their parents had been divorced and yet to remarry and weren’t looking for anyone anytime soon.

They felt comfortable talking to each other. It felt almost natural. This had never happened to either of them before. They shared the same tastes in movies, literature, and music.

They finished their drinks and headed out of the shop.

“Well, since you’re new to this town, would you like me to show you around?” Elizabeth asked hopefully.

“Sure, that’d be great.” He answered her with a confident smile, something he had never done in his life before.

They walked around the small city close together. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were a couple that had been together for some time.

She described the city as they walked together as a big city just compressed to fit only about twenty thousand people. She wasn’t joking. All major restraints, stores, even neighborhoods were in just a short walking distance of each other. Even their houses where only two blocks from each other. Very much like Manhattan.

It got late, and they decided to head back home. They reached her house first. It was a medium sized house made for two or three people. The yard was kept neat and despite almost all the leaves falling, the lawn was spotless.

“Thank you for showing me around.”

“Your welcome, thanks for walking me home,” she said with a cheerful tone.

“You know,” he said with a more serious tone and quickly wiping the grin from his face, “I really don’t have many friends. In fact, none at all. You are honestly the first person I’ve hung out with like this in about two years…”

“I know how you feel,” she interrupted him by placing her thin index finger on his lip, once again using her motherly tone again.

There was a silence for a good forty five seconds. They just stared into each other’s eyes with blank expressions.

“Uh, well…I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” he said, waking from his trance.

“Oh…uh…oh, yeah. I’ll see you in the morning. Good night, Christopher.” She said walking backwards towards her door, still facing him.

“Night, Elizabeth. Oh, just call me Chris.”

She smiled, “You can call me Liz.”

Chapter II: Love?

Elizabeth waved goodbye to him while opening her front porch. She watched him walk down the street back to his house before she closed the door.

Her mother was sitting in the living room, drinking coffee and working on a new assignment of which Elizabeth had no interest. They exchanged quick greetings and, as always, she went straight up to her room to occupy herself until dinner.

She couldn’t get her mind off the new boy she’d met. She replayed the afternoon with him over and over in her head. Not only was he the first true friend she’d ever had, but she also found herself wanting to be with him more and more. Never before had she felt feelings like this towards anyone else. Was it a simple crush or something more?

The clock struck seven and her mother called her down for dinner. They ate together and spoke of their day making small talk. This was probably the only thing that Elizabeth shared with other teenagers; she wasn’t very close to her parents.

Throughout dinner, she didn’t make any mention of Christopher, but it was the only thing she could think about. She only hoped that he was thinking of her at the same moment.

The rest of the evening went on as normal, Elizabeth worked on the computer and her mother kept to herself in the study. It was 11 ‘o’ clock when she decided to go to bed.

She couldn’t sleep.

She tossed and turned trying to fall asleep but her mind was plagued with images of her new crush, or that’s what she kept telling herself it was. Nothing more than an innocent high school crush.

It was almost two full hours before she could get to sleep, but to no avail. She awoke only an hour later from a dream. The type of dream she had never had before. Her blankets were soaked with sweat but it wasn’t a nightmare. She looked down towards her waist and found that her panties were dripping. She had a sex dream and you can guess who it was about.

The clock read 3:20. She had to get up in less than four hours. She knew the only way she could get any sleep tonight.

She closed her eyes and brought images of her dream that she could remember back to mind and slowly caressed her stomach. She lifted her shirt to touch her bare skin, imagining it was Chris’s smooth hands and not hers. Her left hand met the bottom of her right breast. She gently cupped it in her hand and massaged it slowly.

She lifted her shirt up to her collar bone too expose her C cup sized breasts. She gently made circles with her fingers around her areolas. Her nipples instantly became erect. She began to twist them softly. Chills ran down her body as she imagined him doing it and not her. All the while, her right hand had made its way down her toned belly and to the waist band of her panties. She teased herself by slowly moving up and down her pubic bone, getting closer with each movement.

Her right middle finger soon met her clitoris. She shook with pleasure and let out a small squeak. She bit her lower lip to prevent anymore noise from escaping when she remembered her mother's room was right next to hers. Gently, she let her middle finger make small circles around her tiny clit. She was leaking right through her panties by this point. She lifted her legs and removed the simple white cotton fabric to expose her dripping slit.

Her right hand moved down towards her bare pussy. Two fingers began moving up and down the length of her wet opening. Her bottom lip was turning red as she clamped down harder, trying not to scream out in pleasure. She found an alternative. She grabbed her shirt collar and bit down on it tightly.

Slowly, she continued to rub her slick hole. She built up more and more speed until her fingers slipped inside herself on their own. She gasped and her eyes widened with that action.

She liked this feeling. She imagined it was Chris's cock that was slowly entering her her small hole.

Slowly, at first, she moved her middle and ring fingers in and out of her pussy. With every thrust, a muffled squeak would come through her shirt.

She started to imagine Chris was the one trusting in and out of her tight, virginal pussy. She wanted him to be her first. She imagined him holding her tightly as their lips met and he continued thrusting deep inside her.

Her body was shaking more and more. Every passing second brought her closer to her growing climax. She vigorously thrust her fingers in and out of her increasingly wet pussy. Her body then locked up and her hips began bucking as her right hand pushed its fingers as deep as they could go into her cunt and her left hand squeezed her right breast.

Her body convulsed into the biggest orgasm of her life. She matched her finger’s thrusts with her orgasmic contractions. A muffled scream of pure ecstasy came from her saliva soaked shirt as her eyes shut tight. She thought of him cumming with her. His cock would be buried deep inside her as he came, filling up her insides with his thick seed on her command. They would both scream each other's names in unison and collapse from their powerful orgasms.

She lay exhausted in a pool of her own juices. Her entire bed was covered in sweat. The image of Chris laying beside her after the most wonderful experience came to her mind. She brought the covers over her body, ready to fall asleep.

She thought of cuddling next to him.

Pressing her cheek up to his chest and listening to his steadying heart beat.

She would hold him tightly and he would wrap his arms gently around her in a warm, loving embrace.

She began to feel faint.

Her eye lids grew heavy and she soon drifted into a deep sleep.

To Be Continued….

Rating: 87%, Read 27663 times, Posted Nov 02, 2009

Fiction | Female, First Time, Masturbation, Romance, School, Solo, Teen, Teen Female, Virginity, Young


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