Short, Sexy and sweet: 5- A Family Affair!! by FYI2

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Fantasy | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Old Female, Teen Female, Threesome

Chapter 5

Jericho didn’t really understand what was going on, his sister, Yasmin, was pointing at him, but she didn’t have pants on and she had cum dripping out of her hairy pussy, it was very strong to his nostrils.

“I knew there was something going on between you and mum” Yasmin explained, still not moving the vibrator from her pussy.

“Well...I want to know why you were near my door and obviously masterbating to whatever we were doing” Jericho fumbled to get out, he was trying not to stare at his half naked sister, as it was a sight to behold and he was getting turned on.

“I...well..shut up.” Yasmin replied, in one swift motion, she pulled the vibrator out of her dripping pussy, put it in her mouth and sucked all the juices off it, then stormed off into her room.

“That was weird” Jericho said, closing the door and going back to his bed, where his mother was, she scooted on the bed to get on the edge of it.

“She’s jealous. A few weeks ago, she told me she saw you get out of the shower and how big your cock was. Yasmin has a crush on you, but was too afraid to do anything about it. I’m sure that now you and I have broken the bonds of what a family is supposed to do, its a free for all.” Beth giggled, running her fingers over his back softly, watching his arms get goosebumps.

“That’s interesting. I had no clue. Shall I go talk to her?” Jericho asked, pinching his mothers nipple, grinning as he did so.

“No I’ll do it. You go get a drink, while I talk to her” Beth told him, she kissed him softly and grabbed her dress and put it on as she made her way to Yasmin’s room.

Jericho put on a pair of boxers and went down to the kitchen, he opened the fridge and was about to reach a bottle of water, when the phone rang, scaring him a little.

“Hello?” Jericho answered, curious as who was calling, it was 2pm and his father wasn’t going to be home for a few more hours.

“Hey son its me.” It was his father.

“What’s up dad, you don’t usually call” Jericho replied, he was fairly sure he heard a female giggle in the background of his fathers phone call.

“I’m staying at a hotel, I have a meeting all day and all night and then again tomorrow. So tell your mother I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon” he hung up abrutly, leaving Jericho to his own thoughts.

Beth and Yasmin came down the stairs together and stood in front of Jericho, Yasmin was blushing and he could tell Beth told her everything that had happened.

“What’s going on?” Jericho asked, looking at his mother, then at his sister.

“We had a talk and Yasmin was jealous, but she really wants you to know something.” Beth began and Jericho noticed his sister step towards him, her eyes downward, her hands went around his stomach and she got on her knees and slowly tugged at his boxers.

“Oh!” Jericho clicked onto what his mother meant and happily let his sister pull his boxers off and grab hold of his cock, which was getting erect at her touch.

“I really...REALLY want to show you how much of a loving sister I can be” Yasmin said in a sexy low voice, pursing her lips and batting her eyes up at him.

“I can’t wait, what are you going to do mum?” Jericho asked, putting his hand on his sisters face and letting her kiss his thumb playfully.

“I will join in, once your sister has had her fair share, continue” Beth chuckled, kissing his hip and leaning down and kissing her daughter, sliding her tongue passionatly in her mouth, before leaning against the fridge.

Jericho grinned and looked down his sister, she began to jerk him off, getting a nice motion, before opening her mouth and wacking it against her tongue. Yasmin swirled her tongue over his rock hard cock, folding it halfway around it, Jericho was impressed at how long her tongue was.

“Oh....yeah, wow, suck my cock” Jericho moaned, flicking the straps of her shirt off her shoulder, causing her cleavage to show and he saw Yasmin’s purple bra.

“Mmmm....mmm” was all Yasmin could utter, she let go of his cock with her hands and removed her top and began to undo her bra.

“Wow, they look amazing” Jericho groaned, seeing her perky 16 B-cups, her nipples were hard and her left one had a freckle close to her nipple and her right one had a nipple ring, it was a cheap diamond skull, but he didn’t care, he was seeing her topless.

Beth was enjoying the show and had an idea, she got up quietly and grabbed her phone out of her bag that was on the couch and called her sister.

“Do you like the way I suck your cock?” Yasmin asked, looking up at him and kissing the tip of his cock, waiting for him to answer.

“Fuck yeah, I can’t wait to suck those amazing tits” Jericho beamed, reaching out to try and touch her nipples, but she teased him by moving her chest away from him and giggled.

“You can wait, like I have been for ages” Yasmin growled, leaning forward and deep-throating his cock, and squeezing his balls lightly.

“I’m about to cum...keep going and i’ll fuc....I’M CUMMING” Jericho cried, he held onto the back of Yasmin’s head and shot 3 loads into her mouth. They weren’t big loads of cum, but enough to make Yasmin gasp for breath and lick her lips and swallow the sticky load.

“Mmm you taste like caramel” Yasmin smiled, standing up and pulling her top off, and she pulled her pants off and stood in front of him with her purple panties still on, she put her hands on her hips and raised her eyebrow at him.

“I take it you want a fucking from this amazing cock?” Jericho stated rhetorically, teasing her by putting his hands on her hips and slidding them up her body, she wasn’t curvy or stick thin, but she was a little chubby, which he didn’t mind.

“You guessed right” Yasmin huffed, leaning in and biting his shoulder roughly, then putting her hands on the back of his head and kissed him deeply, Jericho’s lips tingled from her passion.

Jericho put his hands on her panties and was about to pull them off, when the doorbell rang.

“Fuck. Quick, put your stuff back on” Jericho hissed, panicing at whoever it could be.

“Calm down you two, its just my sister Isabelle. I told her about everything and she so wants to join. I hope that’s ok” Beth looked at her children, trying not to laugh at their expressions.

“Aunty Izzy wants to come orgy?” Yasmin asked, putting her hands on her hips, Jericho coudn’t resist and smacked her ass.

“The more the merrier, how about I open the door?” Jericho suggested, his mother allowed it, enjoying the view of his erect rock swaying and curious as to what her sister will think.

“Hello there Aunty Izzy” Jericho announced firmly, as he opened the door wide.

“I was hoping you’d open the door Jericho, damn you are fine. Open wide for me and swallow what i’m about to give you then kiss me” Isabelle demanded, he did so.

Jericho opened his mouth, Isabelle put a small pill on his tongue, looked at him, he swallowed it and then moved in to kiss her, he tasted mint on her tongue and her hair smelt like ash.

“Right now move and let me through. Hello my dear sister and my darling niece, who is already naked, excellent. Now I suggest we move to the bed room, I have given Jericho some Viagra, I know he is a healthy and horny teen, but I’m sure, he would like to satisfy all three women. Three beautiful and fuckable women” Isabelle said, taking charge and walking into the front door, as Jericho closed the door and looked down at his cock, he didn’t feel different, but he was already erect.

“Woohoo!!” Jericho cheered, causing all three women to laugh, Isabelle grabbed his cock, and began making her way upstairs, Beth locked the front door and followed, and Yasmin trailed behind, getting really wet at the idea.

Jericho got pushed onto Beth’s bed and Isabelle dug in her purse and pulled out a candle, handties that were silky and much better than what was used on Beth earlier and a nail file.

“Right, who wants to rock that hard cock first? I’m sure I interrupted a brotherly and sister moment. So Yasmin, jump on that cock, but no kissing, not yet.” Isabelle told them, Yasmin smiled and slid Jericho’s cock into her hairy pussy, she moaned as it hit her pussy walls and felt amazing.

“Oh god that cock....feels so good” Yasmin moaned, she put her hands on his chest and began small thrusts, she looked at her mother, who climbed on the bed and kissed her sons cheek and pinched her daughters nipple playfully.

“Your pussy is amazing, I can’t.....ow...what the hell” Jericho flinched, as Isabelle was dripping hot candle wax on his chest.

“Shut up and pay attention to your sisters needs” Isabelle demanded, she handed Beth the candle, as she began to get undressed.

Isabelle had a small chest, but she was a very perky A cup and had a skull tattoo smoking on half her left side of her chest and a middle finger on the right side. She took her skirt off and pulled her yellow silk panties off, exposing a tattoo above her pubic area that said ‘Shut up and rug munch’, which Jericho saw she had a full bush covering her pussy, and she smelt strong of piss and sweat.

“Wow...ow damn it” Jericho flinched again as his mother dripped wax on him, causing Yasmin to laugh and ride him a little harder.

“Sorry baby, couldn’t resist. Want me to kiss your owy?” Beth pouted in a mocking way, before kissing his lips, then his chest, then kissing her daughter.

“Right, Beth you have had your fill already, but you can let him finger you, while he eats me out. Do you want to make out with me, while Jericho fucks you and sucks me?” Isabelle asked Yasmin, who was riding Jericho faster, she simply just nodded, trying not to cum.

Jericho watched as his aunty climbed onto the bed and shoved her hairy pussy into his face, he raised his hands up and parted her pubic hair till he could see pink and slid his tongue in, lapping up her juices that were leaking out of her.

“Ooh damn, his tongue is excellent. How is yours my sweet?” Isabelle grabbed Yasmin’s face and kissed her roughly, sliding her tongue into her mouth and she moaned into her, as Jericho was fucking and sucking the both of them right.

Beth grabbed Jericho’s right hand and he moved his fingers and found her pussy, he slid two fingers over her wet lips and then slid them inside her, teasing her clit and feeling her body move into his fingers.

Jericho’s left hand moved from his aunty’s pussy, to his sisters tit and squeezed, rubbing her tit sensually, adding movement into his hips and hearing his sister squeal.

“I’ called me Beth...fuck” Isabelle moaned, leaning forward and kissing Yasmin’s neck, turning it into a hicky.

“Well I saw how were in I didn’t want to out” Beth cooed, she gushed onto her sons hand.

“Jericho, are you close to cumming?” Isabelle asked, he raised his hand and gave a wag of his finger, then put his thumb and index finger up to a ‘close’ indication.

“I’m nearly there...oh I am so close” Yasmin cried, sweat was coming from her forehead and she could feel her pussy tighten around her brothers cock.

“Ok, ride him as you can” Isabelle informed her, putting her hands up in the air, while Yasmin put her hands on her brothers chest and tighted her legs around him, she picked up the pace and Isabelle was enjoying her tits bounce everywhere.

“Oh yeah.”

“mmmm” Jericho muttered while tongue fucking Isabelle.



“Oh fuck yeah”



“MMMMM....ME TOO” Jericho crowed from underneath Isabelle, but continued to tongue fuck her and lean deeper into her.

Yasmin finally stopped cumming and rolled off her brothers cock, her hairy pussy was covered in his cum and she was breathing heavy, she looked over at her brothers cock, it was glistening with her pussy juice and still rock hard.

“That looks delicious, dont mind if I do” Isabelle purred, she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around Jericho’s cock, lapping up her niece and nephews cum and sucking as hard as she could.

“Enjoy?” Beth asked her daughter, who was still enjoying Jericho’s fingers inside her.

“Fuck yes. I can’t wait to go again.” Yasmin breathed, she was feeling light headed and felt cum leak out of her pussy.

“Well I think my sister wants to ride it first.” Beth chuckled, cumming again herself and pulling her sons hand out of her dripping pussy and licking his fingers, enjoying her taste.

“Damn right I want to ride it. Jericho, its time to fuck me” Isabelle got up and moved off his face, and moved her pussy over his cock. Jericho leaned up and kissed his aunty passionatly on the lips, then she lowered herself onto his cock and sat upright, and rode him as hard as she could, while pinching his nipples in the process.

“Whoa...damn ow easy” Jericho complained, putting his hands on her hips and pulling her deeper into him.

“Shut the...fuck up and take it bitch” Isabelle growled and slapped his face, the sound echoed in the room and his face had a bright red hand print on it.

“Oh did I forget that I like it rough? My bad, still” Isabelle said, she leaned down and kissed him heavily, before sitting up again and riding harder.

Jericho put his hands up and groped her tits, they may have been small, but he could still grab a good handful, Isabelle squealed in pleasure and put her hands on his, she looked down at him and bit her bottom lip.

“Come on Jericho, your...mother bragged about how good this cock was.....I’m mildly impressed, but come on, make me cum like a fountain” Isabelle growled, leaning down again and this time biting his neck.

“Hold onto me then” Jericho whispered, she did as she was told, and Jericho put his hands on his aunts ass and moved off the bed and put her against the wall, using all his strength to hold her up and fuck her hard against the wall.

“Hello,” Beth admired.

“Yes....oh fuck yes...thats what...i’m talking about.” Isabelle screamed, digging her nails into his back and wrapping her legs around his waist.

“You like that you dirty slut?” Jericho asked, as she moved her head to look him in the eye.

“Fuck yes....Oh fuck..fuck my cunt” Isabelle moaned, she leaned in and kissed him deep, moaning into his mouth, while pulling his hair.

“Mmmm, take it”

“I’m taking it....”

“Cum for me slut”

“Fuck me harder” Isabelle demanded, Jericho grabbed his aunts right leg and put it on his shoulder, causing her to scream with pleasure.

“Like that?”


“You like this cock?”

“Yes...oh fuck...I’m almost there. Make me...cum with that cock”

Jericho kissed her again and moaned into her mouth, he tasted the sweat come from her and his back stung as her nails got deeper.

“I’M CUMMING. OH GOD, I’M CUMMING ON THIS COCK” Isabelle screamed, gushing onto his cock and held him tight, as Jericho fell back on the bed and and exploded into his aunty’s cunt.

“Did you enjoy?” Beth whispered to her sister, as Jericho had fallen asleep, Yasmin was also asleep and laying at the base of the bed. Jericho’s cock had finally went flacid, but not after he and Beth fucked each other heavily, cumming everywhere and wrecking a lamp in the process of their passion.

“Hell yes I did, I am so satisfied. Haven’t been fucked like that for years.” Isabelle replied, taking a deep breath and laying down on the pillow to get comfortable. Beth’s nostirls flared up, as the room smelt like sex and sweat, the bedsheets was wet with all their cum.

“When he wakes up, I want to be fucked first. Hard and passionately” Beth told her, kissing her sister on the lips softly, then her sons and then her daughter, before laying down on the pillow and closing her eyes.

To be continued

Rating: 92%, Read 30451 times, Posted Jan 21, 2014

Fantasy | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Old Female, Teen Female, Threesome


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