Diary Of A Sick SIck Bastard by Filthdemon

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Diary | Bi-sexual, Incest, Rape, Violence

I'm a 51 year old divorced dad. A big muscular bruiser with an old man's beer belly. 6 1 and 240 pounds of mean. My name is Jake. The wife left me a few years back, She couldn't handle my ravenous sexual appetite and frequent violent outbursts. I was on her every chance I got. On a typical day I'd cum in her 6 times or more. Like most wives she liked to withold sex. But that didn't work with me. I had to have it and it made my dick just fucking pulsate when I beat her so the more she said no the more my tool liked it . I have this foot long section of garden hose. Whenever I started bringing that fucker down on her back and ass, she came to her senses pretty quick. I'd fuck her after the beatings and every vicious thrust moved her body backward and her head would bang against the backboard of the bed. It was amusing in a way and of course it increased the pleasure of it all. So she left me. The bitch. The end came when I slammed her face into the dining room table and broke her nose. It was very arousing and very expensive. For a while after she left I spent a lot of time down at the adult bookstore. Letting the drugged up bug-eyed male trolls suck my dick. One of them I recognized as the son of a former neighbor.who had to move to a cheaper place when he got laid off by the investment bank that he worked for. The son, in his early 20's now was always a good looking guy with light blonde hair. He used to be on his high school's swim team. I had no compunctions about feeding him my big salami. He knew who I was and asked me not to tell. He didn't have to worry. I mind my own business. Besides, he gave a helluva blowjob. Why fuck that up right? His father would kill us both. Fuck him. I stopped going there though once I found a desparate old pig who sold herself cheap.. I'd slap her around manhandle her then hate fuck the bitch for an hour or so.. All for 50 bucks. Sometimes she got less. She didn't like it either. I told her that's all she's worth. Fuck her. She's only a pig. The last time I saw her she went into a wild-eyed rage over the fucking money. I punched her in the face and she spit out a tooth. Now I was the one in a rage. She had a heavy gsauge extension hooking up some contraption for hrt health. I disconnected it and doubled it up and started whipping the living shit out of her. Even her face had some nice raised red welts. I worked on her tits and belly too as she cowered on the floor in a corner. She was crying and screaming pathetically. She curled up exposng her back. I came down on it like a ton of bricks with the cord. I made some nice and disgusting bleeding welts. My dick was fucking tingling so I grab her by the hair and force her head onto my dick. I banged her hard on the back of her neck with my fist as I facefucked her and the blood poured out of her big nasty mouth. I blew my load in about 1 minute. That beating really aroused me. I choked her with the cord and warned her not to turn me in. She nodded as her face turned bright red. I spit in her face and threw 40 bucks at her and left. I went to a hardware store and picked up an extension cord just like the one she has. It sure is better than the garden hose.

Saturday June 2nd 2018

I go to a bachelor party. There are 14 of us there plus the "dancer" who was actually a pig. The plan was that she would sit on the toilet seat and suck our dicks one by one. We decided that needed to change, so she got a painful and humiliating gangbang. We even fucking spit on her. We were all over her for 3 hours. A couple of really hung guys DP'ed her. It was a savage assault on her holes. They had no mercy. She was crying and squirming frantically. I jumped in and calmed her down. I cut off her air by pinching her nose and covering her mouth. After about a minute of that she was fucking tranqualized and let it happen. She was bleeding from both holes and the blood helped lubricate the bitch. Later I had already cum a couple of times when I saw her on her back on the floor during a lull in the action near the end of the savagery.. I had nothing left so I kneeled over her face and made her lick my asshole. Getting rimmed is one of life's simple pleasures. Another guy joined the fun trying his best to fist the slut. He has big hands though so he got only 3 fingers in her snatch. Judging by her reaction he did a good job of making it feel like a fisting. Her arms and legs were flailing all over the place as he dug those fingers into her pussy and moved them around up there. Sometimes giving her a rapid fire finger fucking. She couldn't get up because I was sitting on her face. As you might expect, we had to tip the cunt big to keep her quiet. Forty dollars wouldn't do the trick with that whore.

Tuesday June 12th 2018

My daughter, Karen is 25. She is pretty sex-crazed herself. In addition to being irresponsible. She moved back in with me after getting her own divorce.. Her hubby just couldn't take it anymore. Her spending, her cheating, her laziness. He found out from a friend that she was doing threesomes with the couple next door. It didn't take long for her to fuck up that marriage. He was a good guy too. I liked him. So since then she's been mooching off of me. No job no school no housework. Just a fucking sponge. I'm pretty well off. That's why I'm retired already, but that doesn't mean I should carry her for the rest of my life.

She is pretty good looking 5 6 very slim longish blonde hair 34C tits. You can guess how I know her bra size. So in addition to the bank of dad she has a half dozen guys on the string. They get plenty of sex and she extracts whatever she can squeeze out of them. I think they know she's a bad bitch because none of them had agrred to let her move in. She tried when I gave her the ultimatum but had zero luck. The ultimatum was spread your legs for me or move the hell out. She didn't want to do it. Can you imagine? She has fucked like a bunny for about a gazillion guys but resisted her dear old dad. She thought it was so fucking sick. The bitch was in tears which only increased my desire to bang her. It aroused me when I made her cry. I dropped my pants and underwear and waved my dick at her. Blow me I said. My cock is 7 inches long and pretty damn thick. It has a huge spongy mushroom head. She gets on her knees still crying like a fucking baby. She started lapping it up and down the ahft and circling the head with her tongue. When she took it in her mouth she had trouble with the size of it and she was doing a lousy job. I wound up face fucking her. After puking a little bit, she gets up and starts giving me shit. Screaming at me like a fucking nutcase. I slap her face so hard she almost falls over. You do that again and I'll throw you the fuck out I tell her. Now get back on my dick. I really went to town on her when she did. There was a lot of choking and puking and of course crying. I fucked her later at night. She suffered through the whole fuck. Apparently my big dick is just too much for her. I was making her cunt sore. As soon as I could get it up again I got back in the saddle and fucked her again like a goddamn pile driver. I told her you don't just have to pleasure me you have to like it too. Afterward she gets the claw - 2 fingers in the cunt and the thumb in her asshole and a whole lot of squeezing and another speech about showing some enthusiasm. She wasn't happy but I was having a grand old time.

Friday June 15th 2018

Tonight I wanted anal from her for the first time, so I woke her up and told her to turn over for an ass-fuck. That's the blunt language she always gets from me now, And of course she gives me a song and a dance. She gives in after I pull her out of bed by the hair shake the shit out of her and slam her against the wall. I mount her as she lays on her belly. I have a lot of trouble getting that big head in there because I hate lube as well as condoms and I never use either. I eventually slammed it in . Then she got a hate fuck that she'll never forget. I pushed her face into the pillow as I plowed into her ass like a fucking battering ram. It was nice and tight too. I was surprised. She cried and begged the whole time. I couldn't give a shit less. In fact it only made my cock throb even more. I just kept thrusting. 45 minutes later my big cock spewed out a huge load of cum in her asshole. I leave the bedroom and come back with a wet rag. I throw it at her. You got blood on the sheet. Wipe it! I said. You may have guessed by now that I'm a fucking sadist.

Tuesday June 19th 2018

She told me a while she is going to move out. She wouldn't give me any details. I said fine, do that. I figured I'd miss her cunt but I wouldn't have to put up with the rest of her either. Today I found out how she was going to do it. I get a phone call from a friend who lives about 20 miles from here. He was so embarassed and apologetic. He says he called an escort service. They send a slut to his house, except that it ain't a slut, it's Karen. She told him not to tell me but he felt he owed it to me. For one thing he paid a fortune for a pig and he had to get his money's worth so he fucked her anyway. I wasn't a bit surprised she was doing that anyway. Now it was official. As a matter of fact it aroused me. I said tell me the details of your encounter with her and we'll call it even. No hard feelings. Listen to this. He ass fucked her and she made it clear that she didn't like it and gave hin all kinds of shit. He had to listen to that for an hour as he speared her ass over and over again, like a fucking machine he said. He has a huge cock too. I saw it at the bachelor party. If she wasn't so incredibly tight he would have been really pissed. He pulled out at the last minute and came on her fucking hairdo just to get even. She wanted to kill him he said. I smiled and jerked as he told me all this. When he told me that he stiffed her at tip time I came on the fucking coffee table.

Thursday June 21st 2018

So anticipating her departure I go back to the Adult Book Store and find the swimmer. It turns out that he isn't living with his parents anymore. He lives with a roommate who is going to leave him stranded and unable to pay the rent by himself. He needs another place to live. He'll get that and I'll get another sex slave. I bent him over right there in the fucking video booth and test drove his asshole. Very nice. Not as tight as Karen but he's a mighty good fuck.

He bled like a fucking horror movie too. My cock was bright red when I pulled out of him. I almost slipped on a puddle of it on the way out of the booth. I'll get tired of him eventually and throw him out of the house. But for now I'm happy. He'll pay me rent and please me on demand.

Saturday June 23rd 2018

It's a nice day. Karen is out whoring around. I peek out the window and I see a younger guy, early 20's is my guess. Tallish skinny fluffy light blond hair. He looks like one of those twinks you see in gay porn vids. He's a holy roller trying to convert everybody in sight. The door is slammed shut right in his face time after time but he keeps trying. I get an idea. He rings the doorbell and I let him in. His name is Jonathan. Take a seat on the couch I say and I

tell him I'm going to get a soda and ask him if he wants one. He declines and I go into the kitchen I come back my cock hanging out. How do you like my big cock jonny? Why don't you kiss it for a while? He gets up, heading for the door. I go and grab him. Come on Jonny you owe me a chat about Jesus. I just want to give you a little taste first. I bet you don't see many this big eh? I don't see any he says. The bible says that is an abomination. I say that means disgusting doesn't it? I have a beautiful cock. It's not disgusting and sucking on it ain't disgusting. I start pushing down on his shoulders. He says no no and tries to get away. I thought this would be easy I say to myself, the guy looks as gay as Boy George. I act really annoyed and steamed. OK OK lay over the armrest of the couch there. You don't have to suck it. Now do it! He's nervous now thinking I may be a psychopath or something. He still has his clothes on when he nervously lays there with his ass sticking up. I start rubbing it through his clothes. His buittocks and along the crack. He's starts crying now begging me to let him go. That was my plan if he resised enough but I went too far for that to happen now. I pull him up turn him around and start undoing his belt. He tries to push me away and I double him over with a punch to the belly. Then I clasp my hands together and pound on his back and he falls to the floor. I get all of his clothes off. Other than some pubes he doesn't have a fucking hair on his whole body from the neck down. I pull him up by his hair. Now get over to the that fucking armrest. Still crying and so afraid, he does it and I start pushing my

huge muchroom head into his asshole. He cries and begs and I say keep that up my dick just gets harder and redder when you do that. Now talk to me about Jesus while I spear you. Go ahead convert me. Save my soul. No no please stop he says. So pathetic. I ram it hard, and he squeals like a pig and cries his fucking eyes out. I rake his back with my fingernails as I drive my expanding red dick into his asshole. I grab a handful of that blond twinky hair and yank his head back. Squeeze it as I pull out. DO IT! He tightens his asshole and squeezes my very very excited dick as I pull it back for the next savage thrust. Then before he can loosen it up I slam it in to his tightened butthole. He screams like I was killing him. I give him a few hard slaps to the face with my left hand as my right hand keeps a tight grip on his hair. That did it for me . I let loose with a load of cum inside of his ass. Now get dressed and get out. If you keep your mouth shut your church won't find out about this abomination you just indulged in. His cock was hard through the entire fuck so I didn't give him a dime of hush mnney. Why should I? He'll come back, and when he does I have some more surprises for him. An hour later and my cock is throbbing. I started jerking. I fantasized about this woman I used to work with. Kim is her name. In her twenties thin and very cute. Nicest person you ever want to meet. I pictured going to her place and when she let me in I brutalize her rape her and fucking torture her with a hot soldering iron. One of my favorite fantasies. Good for a great orgasm. I saw a movie once where a fat pig guy uses a soldering iron on a whore's tit. My dick was twitching. After cumming I get into bed and take a nap. Hopefully, when I get up Karen will be home and I'll force feed her my cock. I'll eventually pay Kim a visit too but that's for another day.

Rating: 48%, Read 11736 times, Posted May 28, 2019

Diary | Bi-sexual, Incest, Rape, Violence


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