Druids Ordeal - Chapter 3 by eyToad

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Fantasm | BDSM, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Extreme, Female, Interracial, Lesbian, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Spanking, Torture

Druids Ordeal – Chapter 3

by E.Y. Toad

I awoke this morning on the floor. I must have cried myself to sleep after Kelmane and Ardy left me last night.

I could feel tears welling up in me again, but I remembered that Kelmane had ordered me to get myself cleaned up. I did not want to anger him and thought it best to put off my self-pity until later.

My pubic hair was caked with Ardys dried semen, and it was also on both of my thighs and my chin and neck. I spent almost an hour trying to wash it all off of me.

My vagina was sore and quite tender to the touch. I was not prepared for Ardy to violate me so savagely, nor for the scraping of a warted penis for such a long time. My jaws also ached. I mustered what little strength I had and cast a minor soothing spell upon myself. It took the edge off, but I am still tender.

After cleaning myself up, I anxiously awaited my mid-morning meal. I was still queasy from swallowing so much semen. It was all I could do to keep from vomiting last night, but now I wish I had; at least that disgusting fluid would no longer be in my stomach...

I was suddenly overcome with a horrible feeling of dread. What if... Gods! When was my last monthly cycle? I could not remember! Gods help me... I could not bear the thought of ...

Just then the hatch opened and Ardy came up the ladder. He had my food, fresh water and some clothes. He walked to the table and set the food and clothes down, looking at me the whole time with a strange look on his face. I think he was ashamed of himself. I just looked away. After he finished his chores, he started back down the ladder and paused.

“Huunnn?” he grunted quietly. I turned my head even further away from him until I heard the hatch being closed and locked.

I looked at the clothes he had left on the table. It was a gaudy three-piece outfit; an ankle length skirt, a long sleeved blouse that stopped short of covering my stomach, and a type of undergarment I had never seen before. It would barely cover my pubic hair in the front, and there was only a thin strap up the back.

I put the outfit on. The blouse and skirt were very sheer; you could fairly easily see my undergarment if the lighting was just right. Only a design pattern on the blouse kept my nipples from being visible.

I looked like a prostitute. No... more like a... a dancer. Gods, what was he planning to make me do?


It was early evening. I had heard commotions outside all day long; horses, wagons and people greeting each other. I could not see the ground from my window but I assumed these were the diplomats Kelmane spoke of.

The room filled with a flash of light. Kelmane appeared and walked up to me.

“I see you have cleaned yourself up, girl. “ he said. “The outfit flatters you quite nicely.”

“Kelmane, please tell me what is going on. What is expected of me? Have I not suffered enough?” I asked.

“We are having a banquet tonight, and every night this week.” he stated, “And as I said before, you are the entertainment for my guests.”

“What does that mean? How... what am I to do?” I asked.

“These diplomats are of vital importance to me, girl!” he said, almost shouting, “You will do whatever is necessary to please them!”

“But...” I began.

“Let me make this clear to you, girl. These people signing the alliance agreement is much more important to me than your life. You will do everything in your power to please them. If you do not please them... if you fail me, I will hang you by your thumbs from the ceiling in the lowest dungeon of this tower, and whip you to the verge of death every day for the rest of your pitiful life. Do you understand me, girl?”

“I... y-yes... I... “ I stuttered.

“Good. Do not fail me.”

“Y-yes, Kelmane.”

“Your first duty will be to entertain our guests by dancing. I know you can dance, as it is part of normal druid rituals. You will dance slowly, and in an enticing manor. You will caress your body as you dance, and tease the guests with quick glimpse of your female... charms.”

“Yes, Kelmane.” I said, hanging my head in shame.

“If you are not dancing to my satisfaction, I will use a spell of charm on you again and force you to dance properly. And then you will be severely punished after the banquet.” he warned.

“I understand.” I said, tears welling up again.

“There will be representatives of several clans and races seated around the banquet table. You will begin dancing immediately after dinner, and you will continue to dance until the last guest has retired for the evening. ” He ordered.

“I will do as you ask.” I replied. This did not sound so horrible. I do not like the thought of enticing men with my body, but I do enjoy dancing.

“One other thing, girl...” he said “At any time, if one of the guests gestures to you, you will immediately work your way over to them, dance seductively for them for a few minutes and then slowly make your way down to your knees and under the table.”

“Why... why would I...” I stammered.

“Don't be stupid, girl! This is what is expected of a dancer at these gatherings!” he shouted, “You will work your way under the table and pleasure them with your mouth!”

“By the Gods! You want me to act as a common prosti...” I started.

“You will act as I tell you to act!!!” he yelled, striking me full across the face with the back of his hand, “And make sure you swallow every drop. I do not want my guests to suffer the embarrassment of semen stains on their formal garments.”

I just looked away and sobbed.

“I have hired two other girls who will be part of the entertainment as well, but neither of them have your looks, or youth, so I expect you will be quite popular.” he added with a grin.

“Yes, Kelmane.” I said, my hand on my burning cheek.


I was brought down to the banquet room towards the end of the meal. The two other dancers and I were in a small room off to the side waiting for the guests to finish eating. The other girls were attractive and both had larger breasts than I, but they looked as if their best days were behind them. One of them grabbed my cheeks in her hand, moved my head back and forth as if inspecting me and said “I don't envy you tonight, Blondie!”

We were given the signal to begin. I had no idea what to do so I let the other two girls lead and I watched them closely. As we entered the room, there was some polite applause and three dwarfs cheering, probably already drunk. I looked around at the diplomats. They were a very strange collection of beings. Besides the dwarfs, there were five gnomes, a huge creature that I believe was an ogre, a night elf, three small men wearing hoods that appeared to be halflings, and several other creatures that I did not recognize. They all looked unsavory and I felt a slight aura of evil hanging over the room.

We started dancing. I felt very awkward at first, but after a few minutes I was getting the hang of it. The other girls were much better at this than I, but most of the eyes seemed to be on me, except the disgusting ogre who seemed to be more interested in cleaning out his nose with his finger, and the halflings, who looked around suspiciously and whispered amongst themselves most of the time. The dwarfs continued to cheer and holler at us.

After about half an hour, the dwarf on the left, who seemed to be the leader, gestured to me. The other two dwarfs gestured to the other girls. We all danced our way up to them and seduced them for a few minutes. I was still following the lead of the girls.

As we worked our way down under the table, all three of the dwarfs already had their penises poking out of their garments and were rubbing themselves. The one in the middle had a very large penis, the other two were somewhat smaller. One of the girls pushed my out of the way, saying “I'm not doing the big one!” and crawled over to the one who had gestured to me. The other girl then took the one on the right, leaving me with the largest one.

I watched them for a few moments to see how they did it. They were both licking the head of the penis, so I did also. Then they started running their tongues up and down the length and flicking their tongue all over it. I matched their movements for several seconds. They put the penises in their mouths and started slowly going up and down on it. I tried to do that as well, but I was not able to go down nearly as far as they did.

It was only about three or four minutes in to this when I heard the girl on my left start to make noises.

“Mmffff, guh, guh, guh, guh” she gulped as she seemed to be swallowing rapidly. I saw the dwarfs legs stick straight out and he let out a yell. After the noises subsided, she slowed down her movements and eventually stopped, wiped her mouth and looked at me.

“Too bad, Blondie. Yours was a quick one.” She gloated.

I kept going up and down on the middle dwarfs penis. I could only take about half of his penis in my mouth before starting to gag. A few minutes later, the girl on my right started making noises. I tilted my head to watch her out of the corner of my eye. Her eyes closed tightly and she grimaced several times, trying not to gag.

“Hmmph! Hmmph!” she huffed through her nose. She seemed to be letting the semen build up in her mouth rather than immediately swallowing it. Every few seconds she would swallow with a loud gulp and continue bobbing on the penis. I decided that this way would be easier for me when the time came.

As I was still looking at her, I felt the dwarfs huge penis tighten up and start throbbing. I then felt a hot load of semen hit the back of my throat. I was not prepared for this and my head jerked up, banging against the bottom of the table. I vaguely heard several people laughing.

I regained my composure and concentrated on my task. It was bad enough having to endure this humiliation, I did not want to be punished as well. I waited for three or four loads of semen to shoot in to my mouth and then quickly swallowed. It certainly did not taste good, but it was not as disgusting as Ardys semen had been.

I repeated this several times and each time there was less semen to swallow. I was sure I had got it all. I slowed down as I had seen the other girls do and after I was sure he was done, I took my mouth off of it. I checked his garment to make sure it was clean. Gods! There was a huge glob of semen near the bottom of his shirt. I wiped it off with my finger and looked around for somewhere to put it. I couldn't find anywhere that was suitable so I closed my eyes, put my finger in my mouth, closed my lips around it and wiped it off, swallowing it. For some reason, it was much more disgusting to taste it like this than it was while the penis was in my mouth. This last swallow made me more queasy than all the rest of it did.

I licked the spot on his shirt several times where the semen had been. I figured saliva would dry quickly and I wanted to make sure there was no semen to leave a stain.

I sat under the table for a few moments to wipe my mouth, straighten my clothes and calm my stomach down, then began dancing again. The other two girls were still dancing as well.

As I danced, I thought about how much easier that had been than I expected. It was still humiliating and disgusting, but it was much better than having my mouth forcefully raped as Ardy had done. I could get through this.

A short time later, the ogre diplomat stormed out of the banquet hall and left. I did not understand what had happened but Kelmane did not seem pleased.

Throughout the night, I noticed that the night elf had been staring at me, but barely spoke a word to anyone. Night elves are an ancient race of uncertain origin. Their most distinctive feature, of course, would be their dark blue skin. They are slenderly built and look almost fragile. Their faces are usually hairless and smooth, even a bit feminine. They are usually about five to five and a half feet tall. They are generally unfriendly to other races and live in secluded underground cities where outsiders are not allowed.

This night elf had short, black, cropped hair and small facial features. He wore a plain light gray robe and no jewelry or insignia. Still, he managed to have an aura of dignity about him.

So far I had been lucky and only had to pleasure the dwarf. The guests were starting to get their fill of drink and it was getting late. I actually may get through this night without further humiliation.

Just as these thoughts passed through my mind, the night elf gestured to me. Gods! A few more minutes and I would have been dismissed.

I danced over towards him and used my seductive moves as I made my way under the table. It was quite dark by this time as the candles and torches were burning down. I positioned myself between the night elf's legs, opened his robe and caressed his thighs as I put my head in his crotch, ready to begin licking his penis. His penis must be quite small, I thought, because my mouth could find nothing but pubic hair.

I kissed his pubic area and moved lower, trying to find his penis with my mouth. Maybe their penises were positioned lower than other races? I continued kissing and licking his pubic area, moving lower and lower when suddenly, my tongue hit a moist, fleshy area and I smelled a distinct scent... the scent of... vagina? By the Gods! It was a female!

A wave of shame overtook me! I had just put my tongue in a womans vagina! Even the most grotesque male would be better than this! I can't do it... I can't. I scrambled out from under the table and ran to the side room, crying and sobbing.

I heard a commotion in the banquet room. It seems I had gravely insulted the night elf. I could not imagine what punishment Kelmane would have in store for me.

Kelmane stormed in to the room and grabbed me by the throat.

“You bitch!” he yelled, “You will go out there this instant and make this right! I've already lost the ogres, I will not lose the night elves because of you! You will go out there right now, you will beg for her forgiveness and then you will offer to submit yourself to her for anything she desires!”

“I... I can't... not a woman... please... anything but that!” I begged.

“You will do as I say...” he said, growling under his breath so only I could hear him, “and you will do it now, or I swear I will have you skinned alive before daybreak!”

“Kelmane, please...” I began, then saw the look on his face and knew he was serious, “I... Yes, Kelmane, I will do... as you say.”

I composed myself, went to stand before the night elf and dropped to my knees.

“Ma'am, please forgive me. My behavior was unacceptable. I was... I was unfamiliar with... I mean... I thought...” I stammered.

“You have insulted me, girl!” she said, her words dripping with indignation.

“I'm sorry, Ma'am. Please allow me to make it up to you!” I begged.

“Yes, girl, you will.” she said as she motioned to her two soldier escorts that had been standing near the door all night.

The soldiers grabbed me and roughly shuffled me up several flights of stairs. We entered a room, that I presumed was the night elf's quarters. The soldiers teased and taunted me, grabbing my ass and squeezing my breasts as they bounce me back and forth between them. This went on for several minutes until they heard the night elf coming. They then stopped and each grabbed one of my arms as they stood at attention.

The night elf walked in, stood in front of me and looked me up and down a few times.

“Strip her.” she said calmly. The soldiers immediately obeyed, one grabbing my blouse and ripping it off, while the other tore my off skirt and threw it aside, then easily snapped the band of my undergarment with one fast jerk and dropped it on the floor. They still had hold of both my arms so I could not cover myself.

I stood there, trying to lay one of my knees across the other in a vain attempt to hide my pubic area. The night elf gazed at me for several moments and then grabbed both of my cheeks with one hand, bunching my lips together.

“So, you don't like females?” she said, hesitating for just a moment, “So, you don't like... me? I could only grunt in response and nod my head.

She then put her mouth up to mine and kissed me deeply, forcing her long, narrow tongue deep in to my mouth. When I felt her tongue touch mine, I was struck by revulsion. This was unnatural! It was perverse, disgusting and despicable! I could not do it! I would rather face the punishment of Kelmane! I turned my head away from her in disgust.

“So, this is how you want it to be, eh?” she hissed, a smile forming on her face, “Good... Gooooodd”.

“Hang her from the ceiling.” she ordered.

The soldiers did as they were told, tying my hands tightly together with a length of rope and throwing it over a beam on the ceiling. They pulled the rope tight, until my toes were barely touching the ground and then secured the other end to a cloak hook on the wall.

I hung there, completely naked, spinning around slowly as I tried to reach the floor with my feet to relieve the weight from my arms.

The night elf opened a chest and searched through it, looking for something. She finally pulled out long riding crop.

“I think we'll start with this.” she said, tapping the crop in her palm.

“Ma'am... please... I did not mean to insult...”

Whack! She hit me across the left side of my ass.

“Ahhhhhh!” I yelled. It hurt, but not like Kelmane's belt.

“P-please, Ma'am... I'm... I'm...”

WHACK! This one was harder, and on the back of my left thigh.

“Eeeeeeiiiiiaaa!” I yelled, “PLEASE!”

She walked around and aimed for the right side of my ass. WHACK!

“EEEEEEEEYYYIIII!!!” I screamed, “By the Gods!! I'm sorry!! Please!!”

She looked at the soldiers and calmly said “Lift her legs and spread them wide.”

The soldiers both grabbed a foot and pulled them up to about the level of the night elf's chest. They then spread my legs wide. My vagina was now fully exposed to her.

“Wider.” she ordered.

The soldiers both took a step away from each other, spreading my legs farther apart than I thought possible. My thigh muscles ached and I thought my legs would pop out of their joints.

“Interesting...” the dark elf said, “I've never seen a blond vagina before.” The soldiers looked at each other and snickered.

She pulled the lips of my vagina apart slightly.

“And fresh too...” she continued, “You have not been with many men.”

“No, ma'am... please, ma'am... my arms... they hurt.“ I pleaded.

She then bent over and put her face in my crotch. I felt her tongue slowly probing around inside the lips of my vagina, as if she were tasting it in several places. I got no pleasure from this, but I must admit that it was soothing to the tender skin that was still raw from Ardys rough treatment last night.

I then felt her tongue wiggling around, forcing itself in to my vagina. Suddenly, the revulsion hit me again. This woman had her dark blue tongue inside me! It was disgusting! I pulled my hips back away from her. I could only move a few inches, but it was enough to get her tongue out of me.

“Nooo... please!” I begged.

“Again, you insult me!” she hissed, with more emotion than she had shown previously.

She then pulled the crop back well over her shoulder and slammed it down on my right inner thigh.



Whack! Again on the right thigh, but closer to my vagina.


She repositioned herself and lashed the crop along the top of my pubic hair line.



She reared back and lashed again.

Whack! I felt an explosion of pain as the crop landed squarely on the lips of my vagina.

“GGGGGGAAAHHHHHH!” I screamed, thrashing around as much as I was able.

Whack! Again directly on my vagina.


The next few seconds were a blur of pain as she rapidly lashed me many times, up and down both inner thighs, and all around, and directly on my vagina. My screams must have awakened everyone in the tower.

She finally stopped beating me. I looked down, and my thighs and pubic area were covered in red welts. Please forgive me Ronak. I am not strong enough. I am no hero. I cannot endure this pain any longer. My will is broken and I am defeated. I can now do only what I must do to survive.

“Please, ma'am... no more... please... I will do as you ask...” I begged.

“Oh? So you have atoned for your insults so soon?” she asked rhetorically, “I think not!”

“Release her legs!” she ordered.

The soldiers dropped my legs; my toes were again barely touching the floor. The skin on my thighs and vagina burned as my legs came together.

The night elf again searched through the chest, pulling out a whip about 4 feet long.

“PLEASE!!! I will do anything you want... I swear it!!!” I pleaded.

“Yes... I know you will...” she hissed walking around to my right side.

She reared back and brought the whip down, lashing it across my breasts, the end of the whip wrapping around to my back.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGHHHH!!!!!” Gods, this was worse than Kelmane's belt. I think I started to lose consciousness.

She cracked the whip across my hips, leaving a red welt all the way around to my ass.


“Please! Oh Gods! You are killing me! Please, Ma'am!!! NOOOO!” I begged, as I saw her lift the whip again.

Crack! My stomach felt as it were on fire!

“GODS! OH GODS! HELP ME! Guh! Guh! Guh! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

One of the guards took a step forward. “Ma'am... you are going to kill her...” he said meekly.

“One more word and you are next!!!” she yelled, frightening him back in to silence.


“Uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh” I moaned as everything started to go black.

Crack! I saw the whip lash across my legs, but it was strange; like it was happening to someone else. I felt the pain, but it was as if I were numb and detached, watching a scene in a play.

Crack! Everything went black.


I felt a splash of cold on my face. I woke up still hanging from the ceiling and immediately felt searing pain all over my body. I have no idea how long I was out, but the night elf and soldiers were still standing in front of me, so I assume it was only a few minutes. One of the soldiers had a pitcher in his hand. He must have splashed water in my face.

I looked down and was shocked to see dozens of red welts up and down my body, criss-crossing each other. She must have kept beating me long after I passed out. I could not move without severe pain.

“What... have you done to me...” I sobbed.

“I do not like to be scorned, girl.” the night elf said, “However, I am not completely heartless. Hold still.”

The night elf took a step back, raised both of her hands and started chanting strange words. They were unfamiliar to me and were in a language I had never heard.

She stood there for several seconds chanting, then suddenly both of her hands began to glow. It was a deep red glow. She seemed to be straining, almost in pain. I felt an odd sensation over my whole body. It was not a warmth exactly, more like, a… buzzing... tingling? I can't explain it.

I wasn't sure, but I seemed to be in less pain than before. I looked down at my body. Was I imagining things, or were the welts... fading?

She kept chanting for nearly a full minute. It was obvious now that the welts were fading and the pain was almost gone. Was she a healer?

She stopped chanting and dropped to her knees. One of the soldiers held her by the shoulders so she would not fall.

I was healed! The welts were gone, with nary a trace they were ever there. I felt completely normal again.

“Ma'am... you are a healer?” I asked.

“I am Madrian, High Cleric of Valindour.” she replied, standing back up and straightening her robe. “Now, the choice is yours. Do you intend to spurn me again?”

“I... I will do as you ask, Ma'am.” I said, looking away in shame.

“Cut her down and leave us.” she ordered. The soldiers did as they were told and walked out, closing the door behind them.

“Ma'am...” I began

“While we are alone together in this room, my name is Madrian.” she said, pulling her robe off her shoulders and dropping it to the floor. Standing naked before me, she was quite beautiful. Her breast were very small, her nipples a deep blue, almost black. Her pubic hair was as black as the hair on her head.

“And... my... my name is... Dahlia.” I replied.

“That is a nice name... Dahlia.” she said softly, putting her hand on my cheek.

She took a step closer to me and reached up to kiss me gently on the lips. It was very uncomfortable having a woman kiss me this way. It was not unpleasant, but it was unnatural and I felt ashamed.

I returned her kiss. I did so not out of desire, but only to please her and to avoid further punishment. I felt her tongue gently slide in to my mouth. I was momentarily repulsed, but I quickly got control of myself so as not to upset her again.

We kissed for several long seconds, then she nudged my head towards her chest. I kissed her neck, and worked my way down to her breasts. I kissed her nipple several times and then licked it, circling my tongue around it several times. She tilted her head backwards, sighed and caressed my head.

I could feel her nudging my head lower and I knew what she was wanting. I could not bear the thought of what I was going to have to do, but I had little choice. I gently kissed her nipple one last time and slowly kissed and licked my way down her stomach and continued to go lower. When I reached her pubic hair, I felt her stomach quiver with excitement.

She took my head in both of her hands and raised my head to look me in the eyes. She stared at me for a few seconds and then pulled upwards on my head, prompting me to stand up. I stood up and she kissed me deeply for many seconds. I kissed her back and slid my tongue in to her mouth.

She put her arms around me and walked backwards as we kissed, leading me to the bed. She spun around and laid me down on the bed. I adjusted myself so that I was lying straight, with my head on the pillow. As she was still standing beside the bed, she bent over and started kissing me again.

She crawled up in to the bed, her head towards the foot of the bed. She started kissing down my neck, leading down to my breasts. She kissed and suckled each of my nipples for a time and started moving down my stomach. As she kissed lower and lower, she hiked her leg over me to straddle my face. The distinctive scent of her vagina was strong, but not overpowering.

I could feel her working her mouth in to my pubic hair. I knew what I had to do, but I hesitated, trying to work up my courage. I could feel her hair brushing against my lips. After a few more moments of hesitation, I knew I could not wait any longer so I stuck my tongue out tentatively. I probed around with my tongue until I felt the warm flesh of her vagina. It was very wet and swollen.

“Ahhhh.... yessss!” she sighed.

I closed my eyes and continued. I had no idea what I was supposed to do, so I just gently licked and kissed her lips.

I started to feel her tongue on my vagina. She slowly slid her tongue up and down my closed lips, gradually spreading them apart. As before, it was not exactly pleasurable, but it was not an unpleasant feeling.

I took my cue from her and tried to mimic what she was doing to me. She seemed to be concentrating around my clitoris, licking around it and gently sucking on it with her lips so I started doing the same to her. I could feel it getting firmer.

“Mmmmmm... Mmmmmm... Oooooo... she moaned.

I felt her tongue probing for and then entering my vagina. Her tongue was quite long and thin so it was not painful. In fact, it was beginning to feel rather good. Then a wave of shame came over me as I realized that I was beginning to enjoy this depravity. I may have been forced to endure this, but I would not shame myself in this manner.

I again mimicked her actions and inserted my tongue in to her vagina. I was not expecting it to taste so badly. Her outer lips had a scent, but did not have a taste. The instant I inserted my tongue, it was assailed my a repugnant taste and I immediately withdrew it. I don't think she even noticed. She was rocking her hips back and forth, rubbing her vagina against my mouth. I just kept my tongue out, flicking it back and forth, letting her position herself wherever she desired.

“Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh.” she panted, as she rubbed against my flickering tongue.

“Mmmmm... Ahhhhh... AHHHHHHHH!” she stopped licking me and raised up, arching her back as she sped up her rocking motion.

“Mmmfff, Mmmfff, Mmmfff!” she grunted with each thrust of her hips.

“YESSSSSSS!!! AAAAAHHHH!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!” she yelled, her thighs tightened around my head as I continued to flick my tongue. She was squeezing my head between her thighs so hard that is was difficult to concentrate on licking.

“Mmmmmm... Mmmmm... Mmm.” she moaned, slowing down her thrusts.

She collapsed on top of me, her head resting on my stomach.

“Oh, girl... that... was...” she panted, trailing off.

She laid there for a time and then moved her head back towards my vagina.

“Now girl, I will do the same for you!” she said.

“Ma'am... I mean... Madrian, thank you, but you don't....” I began.

“I don't mind, girl!” she replied, “I want you to feel good too.”

She started licking my vagina again. I laid there for several minutes, afraid to move or say anything. Eventually she realized nothing was happening and stopped licking me.

“What is the problem, Dahlia?” she asked.

“I'm sorry, Madrian. Please do not be offended. I... I think you are a beautiful woman, but I'm... I mean... I am betrothed... to a man... I... I just don't...” I stammered.

“I understand, Dahlia.” she said, “I am not offended.”

“Thank you, Madrian” I replied. “I'm sorry.”

“No, girl, thank you!” she said, “I needed that. It has been so long...”

She trailed off as she seemed to be thinking about something.

“I think I can do something for you after all!” she said excitedly, getting out of bed and standing up.

She stood at the edge of the bed and raised her right hand. She recited a few words and her hand began to faintly glow with a greenish light.

I felt a strange sensation in my vagina. I have no idea what she was doing. She wasn't even touching me, but it... it was feeling very pleasant.

“What are you.... what?” my thoughts were interrupted by a feeling unlike anything I had experienced before.

“What...ohhhh! What are you doing to me?! I... ohhhh Gods... ahhhh... what... mmmmmm... by the... OHHHHHH GOOOODDS, MMMMM!” My whole body felt as though it were going to explode with ecstasy! Was this what it was like? Was this an orgasm?

“AHHHHHH, Yes! Yes! Yes! OHHHH GODDSSSSSSSSSSS” I screamed, gripping the blanket with both hands and thrusting my hips in the air.

With one last thrust of my hips, my whole body tightened up and exploded in delight.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!” I moaned deeply, and then collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

I lie there for several moments before I remembered where I was and opened my eyes.

“What did you do to me? I asked.

“That was a spell I picked up a few years ago.” she said, crawling back in to bed and lying next to me, “Unfortunately, it won't work on the one who casts it. Believe me, I've tried. It's just as well; If I could do that to myself, I'd never get anything done.”

I smiled and closed my eyes. She pulled the blanket up over us and put her arm around me. We both fell asleep within minutes.


I awoke the next morning to the sounds of Madrian washing and getting dressed.

“Good morning, Madrian” I said.

“You will call me 'Ma'am'.” she said rather coldly, “You may get your robe and leave now.”

“I... yes, Ma'am” I replied. I admit, my feelings were a bit hurt by her change of attitude.

I picked up my robe, put it on and started towards the door.

“Girl...” she said, not even looking up at me, “Tell your master that you have pleased me. Tell him that I agree to the alliance.”

“I will tell him, Ma'am.” I replied, opening the door to leave.

“And girl...” she said, looking up at me, “Thank you.”

“You're welcome, Ma'am!” I replied happily, and then walked out, closing the door behind me.


I reported the news to Kelmane. He was very happy.

“Wonderful, girl!” he said, grabbing my face and kissing my forehead. “When this is over, you shall be generously rewarded!”

“The only reward I wish is to be set free.” I replied.

“You may yet earn your freedom, girl.” he said.

“What, Kelmane? What must I do to earn my freedom? Tell me and it shall be done!”

“My only concern is convincing the other diplomats to join the alliance. You continue to aid me and when enough of them have joined, you will be free to go.” he replied.

My heart soared! I would be free soon! I would happily do whatever it took.

“The gnomes have requested your company tonight.” Kelmane said, “Be cleaned up and ready to go by nightfall.”

“The gnomes? Which one?” I asked.

“Which one? All five of them, of course! They are brothers... and they do EVERYTHING together.” he replied.

Everything? Gods!

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