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John was your slightly better than average Joe. He made a decent living as a math teacher and tutor in his spare, but don't let that title fool you. He was far form your average math nerd. He was on the tall side standing at 6'2'', fairly built from spending years in the gym, and lean too, sporting a nice 6 six pack most of the year. He was married to his wife, Colleen coming up on 4 years this October. Generally speaking he was a happy guy. He had friends at work ,a good job, a good looking wife, but was lacking in the sex department.

It's not that he didn't have a sex life, but more along the lines that it was extremely boring. There was no excitement. John enjoyed the chase leading up to sex, teasing and being tease, and foreplay. His wife on the other hand liked none of that. If they were going to have sex, he would have to get on top do his business and get off or on occasion his wife would ride him. On rare occasions he would get jerked off, and blow jobs were out of the question. Colleen would rarely let him finger her let alone let him eat her out. She was a prude, and sadly he didn't know that until they were married. One night she got a little too drunk and she let him have his way with her obeying his every command. She jerked him off, swallowed his load begging him to cum in her mouth, and he fucked her every way he could think of. He even shot a load up her ass, and she moaned in pleasure the entire time. But she didn't remember any of it the following day, much to his dismay. He was never able to get her to do any of it ever again, or get her to drink enough to repeat it.

But John was always faithful, and never thought about cheating on her, no matter how many women gave him glances or winks at the bars. That was until one day he got a fb message from an old high school friend....

"Hey there! Remember me!". Popped up from an icon on his screen attached was a selfie of a drop dead blonde. "Jess?" he said to himself not being able to believe the picture. Her skin was nice and tan kissed by summer's sun and her bikini left little to the imagination let alone barely containing her fits. The small pieces of blue polka dotted fabric appeared to barely cover her hard nipples. He felt his cock twitch almost right away. He couldn't believe the nerdy girl he used to tease in high school was the same girl he saw now.

John quickly responded tearing his eyes away from the picture, "Of course! How have you been?". He stared at his phone screen waiting for a reply.

"Oh great just enjoying some drinks on the beach, and wishing I had someone to rub some lotion on my back ;)". John's imagination quickly went to work picturing himself rubbing oil all over back, maybe moving his hands briefly across her ass or her tits.

"sounds like a good time, I'm sure you could find a guy over there to take care of your dire needs right now :p" John replied quickly taking a flirty tone.

"I know, but I'm drunk, and I would probably let them enjoy themselves too much". Colleen replied. John couldn't believe what she was telling him. They haven't spoke to each other in close to 10 years, and here she is sounding all buddy buddy.

"How much have you had to drink?" He replied, but she ignored his message and responded with "I had the biggest crush on you in high school, I always wanted you to ask me out"

John was floored. He couldn't believe what he was reading. Why now? What was the point to this? She knew he was married. She had to. John didn't even realize it but by now his cock was hard, and started to think about what it would like to have his cock between her nice firm tits. But he was quickly brought back to reality when his wife started to talk to him. Not knowing what she said he said a simple, "yes dear".

He quickly returned to his phone and responded to her message by writing, "well maybe you should have acted on it :P"

And that was it. For the most part over the next couple of months they talked back and forth about normal life. Nothing sexual whatsoever. John was happy that he had connected with an old friend and enjoy reminiscing about the old days, and good times and troubles he and his friends got into. That was until one night when he woke up to use the bath room. He saw a message from Colleen which wasn't anything unusual, that was until he read it. "I bet if you fucked me in school our lives would be so different right now" and of course she sent a picture of herself naked sitting on the floor with a bottle of wine sitting between her legs. John couldn't believe what he saw. She was so hot. Her body was perfect. He saw her tits and they were just how he pictured they would have been with the bikini top off. Big with small nipples, and perky. She had a finger in her mouth, and a longing look on her face. Right away John was hard. Luckily he was already in the bathroom and he started to stroke his hard cock looking at the picture. She sent another message, "I want your cock in my mouth. I know you saw my message, are you hard? Are you thinking about me? Without thinking he replied...

"I want you to suck my Dick" and it was sent without him realizing it. "Oh god, I'm so wet. I want to wrap my lips around your cock and suck you dry. I want you to shoot your load down my throat" she replied and after seeing that John started to beat his Dick harder and harder. He saw another message pop up, "don't com yet John, I still need you to fuck me, my fingers aren't doing it for me tonight" and with that was another picture. This time the wine bottle was gone and her hand was hurried deep into her pussy. Another message popped up, "Won't you make me cum, I want you in me, I want your cock in me" John couldn't process everything going on. Her tan skin contrasted by her pink pussy lips, he fingers in her cunt, her small waist, her sending him these messages and before he knew it he was about to cum.

As if someone else was controlling his hand he replied to her, "I'm about to cum, I want to shot my load all over your face.". Almost right away she replied, "yeah baby cum for me, I need your cum" and with that he blow his load, moaning in relief. It was the hardest he had orgasmed in ages. And just like that another message, "Good job tonight hot stuff, I can't wait till next time. I haven't climaxed like that in ages. Good night ;)"

Slowly coming back to reality John deleted his messages, and cleaned up the toilet and wondered back to bed. His wife was sound asleep, and John quickly fell back asleep. He awoke the next morning feeling like the night prior was just a dream, and felt incredibly guilty. But he liked it, hell he loved it even. That is exactly what he wanted his wife to do, but she never would. John didn't hear from her in a couple of weeks and he figured that was that. She just had to get something out of her system. While he wasn't upset that she didn't contact him, part of him wished she did,

It wasn't until his wife was away on a business trip that he heard from her again. His phone vibrated. Looking down he was who it was from, and he got excited. He opened it up....

"hey there hot stuff ;) miss me?"

"maybe a little bit" John replied. "oh please, I know you did. I've been thinking about you" Colleen replied. John knew better than to start this. It was going to lead down a rabbit hole, but one that he knew, deep down he knew he wanted to follow.

"oh yeah? How so?". He replied. He waited for her response, not able to take his eyes off his screen....

"I can't stop thinking about fucking you" She replied, "I keep fantasizing about how great it would feel to have your cock in me.". "tell me you haven't thought about it"

John quickly replied "I have. I haven't been able to get those pictures of you out of my head. I'm getting hard just thinking about them.".

"will this help to get you hard?" Colleen replied, there she was standing in front of a mirror. She was wearing black high heels with the laces running up to her knees, white panties that barely covered her pussy, her hand tugging down at their waist, and a sparkly white bra. John couldn't take his eyes off the picture, that is until another one popped up on his screen. her bra was gone this time. her large tits barely covered her arm across them.

"Move your arm, I want to see your tits" John replied.

"No not until you send me something back. I think you owe some pictures." John read Colleens words and jumped up and took his shirt off in record time. He always felt awkward taking selfies, but he didn't care right now. He snapped a picture of his six pack, and replied with "Good enough?"

"Mmmm look at you stud, I guess it's a start. what do you want to see?" Colleen messaged him. He wanted to say all of you but he wanted to be in control and have some fun. "Get down on your knees, and start fingering yourself." John wrote.

Almost right away she replied, "mmm yeah tell me what you want, you're getting me so wet." the picture soon followed. he saw nothing but lust in her eyes. he knew that she would do anything he said. Without any encouragement she sent him another message, "I want to be your dirty slut, your dirty secret, I want your cock" and another picture. her panties were gone she saw standing there in front of the mirror with a dildo shoved up her pussy. John swear he could see her juices dripping off of it. What he would do to lick her pussy right now he thought to himself. "I'm so hard right now, I want your mouth around my cock" John was so turned on and so hard he had to free his cock from his pants. he undid his button and pulled down his zipper, freeing his cock. he slowly started to stroke his cock.

"mmm baby, tell me what you want. I'll do anything you want me to do as long as I get your cum." Colleen replied.

that was all the encouragement John needed, he started to tell her everything....

"first I'm going to throw you on that bed and start kissing you. moving down to your neck, and then to your tits. sucking on them and start to slowly move down to your stomach, to your waist, and then to your wet pussy. Kissing your clit and then start to eat you out. Licking and tasting your sweet juices."

"mmm eat my pussy baby" Colleen replied followed by "then what"

"I'd eat you out until you cum" John replied starting to jerk off harder.

"fuck me now please, I'm so wet, I need to cum again." Colleen replied.

"No not yet, you're a dirty slut and I'll fuck you want I think you deserve it." John quickly typed.

"Then tell me what you would do next, please I need your cock in me" Colleen answered. She sent him another picture of her sucking on her dildo." Do you want me to suck you off first? I can almost taste your com already"

"No next I would make you get on your knees, shove my cock down your throat, take it out and start to fuck your fits. " John replied

"MMM I bet your big enough that I could suck it at the same time. Oh that would feel great, sucking on your cock while you fucked my tits." "tell you will com on my titties, I want your cum all over them. Colleen replied.

"yea you dirty slut i'll come on your tittiess, don't worry but afterwards I'm going to fuck your face, and if you suck it right maybe i'll fuck you."

"MMM no, no, no fuck me now. I need your cock in me, I need you to stretch my pussy with you cock. Please John fuck me, now I need it. I'm so wet.". colleen replied

"fine slut, well I guess I would just push you onto the ground and spread your legs. And start to rub my cock against your wet pussy."

"mm put your cock in me now please."

"finally after you beg me for it, ill thrust it in you and start to duck you hard like the slut you are."

"oh fuck I'm moaning so loud, yeah baby fuck my pussy, fuck me harder."

"i'd throw your legs behind your head, and start to fuck you harder and harder until you're about to cum."

"No don't stop, I need to cum again, please don't stop, baby fuck me."

"Fine, I start thrusting again. One at time, making you beg for me to duck you hard again, and then I pick the pace back up again. Harder, and harder, and harder you start to moan as I feel you pussy wrap itself around my cock until you cum. I pull out and start to duck your face"

"oh yeah I'm cumming already, let me suck your cock. I want it, I want your load in my mouth. I'm still so wet I can't stop playing with myself. I need your cock, now."

"I fuck your face, shoving all 9 inches down your throat until you gag. Over and over again until I'm about to com. I grab you face and shove my cock down your throat and hold it there till you can barely breath, and then I shot my load down your throat making you choke."

"ohhh baby yeah I'm coming again."

John couldn't take it anymore, he couldn't hold back he climaxed harder than he could ever remember. His hold body shock as he exploded.

"oh. I just cummed so fucking hard"

"oh baby me too, I wish you didn't have to waste it like that"

"its okay maybe someday you won't have to ;)" John replied

"I know your wife is out of town ;)". Colleen replied

"hahaha yea come over anytime". John replied

"MMM I just might have to. Thanks for a good time tonight, see you later ;)". colleen messaged him

"you too, good night'" and with that last message John went back to the living room, turned on the TV and started to watch a movie. It just over an hour later when he heard a knock on the door...

"hey there, you ready for round two?". And there was Colleen standing in her high heels, a short black skirt that barely covered her ads and barely contained her fits, with a bottle of wine. John quickly pulled her in the house and threw her on the couch......

Rating: 88%, Read 29673 times, Posted Sep 22, 2015

Fiction | Cheating, Female, Male, Masturbation, Toys


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