Drugged on a Mountain Top by Sara_Quill

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Fiction | Drug, Female, Male

Drugged On A Mountain Top

She was warm and panting and she rubbed her sleeve past her forehead to wipe the sweat away. It was always difficult to dress for hiking in the mountains, on the one hand it was terribly cold so she wanted to wear a thick winter’s coat, but then again after hiking a few hours, she was always too warm and too sweaty.

Just a little bit further and she would be at the top of the mountain. She grabbed her walking stick even tighter and hoisted herself up another ridge. There it was. For a moment she just stood there admiring the view. She was surrounded by nature, the mountains peeking out over the misty valley, and there was the cutest little cabin not far away on the mountain side. She looked again, the cabin wasn’t on the map. A yellow light came from behind the window and a nice plume of smoke swirled up from the chimney.

She dropped her backpack on the ground and got herself a snack, a handful of almonds and some raisins. The cabin kept on pulling her attention, it wasn’t on the map, it didn’t matter if it was a private cabin or some tourist restaurant gift shop, it should’ve been marked on her map, she wanted to be alone with nature, how could she do that if there was a cabin mere meters away from her? If she’d known there was a cabin she’d probably picked another trail.

‘Hi there.’ Someone said.

She was startled and yelped. ‘Who, what... who are you?’ She asked.

There was a guy approaching her, he didn’t have a backpack and he didn’t look like the hikers she would traditionally encounter on a trail.

‘What?’ She asked.

‘Are you alright?’ He asked, he was quite the muscular guy and he had the arrogance and the attitude of an entitled spoiled business brat.

‘Off course I am.’ She said grumpy. He wasn’t suppose to be here. He wasn’t a guy that understood and respected nature and the mountains the way she did. He was the guy that would drink a red bull on the way over here and just toss his can into the bushes on the side of the trail.

‘You shouldn’t be here.’ He said. ‘There’s a thunderstorm coming.’ He pointed towards a flock of dark clouds.

‘I know.’ She said. ‘I’m not an idiot, but I think I have an hour or two before it hits and I’ll be long gone by then.’

He shrugged and came towards her. She wished he would go away so she could enjoy this moment, so she could feel the spiritual connection she had with the mountains, the wind, the trees, the valley. First there was the cabin and now his presence ruined her experience of solitude. He was standing next to her, his shoulder almost touching her shoulder. She didn’t step aside though, she didn’t want to be chased away by him. She was here first, she was already standing there, it was up to him to respect her personal space. She was consciously ignoring him, rigidly staring into the misty valley forcing her moment of spiritual catharsis.

He was fidgeting with something in the pocket of his jeans though. She sighed, it was probably his phone, he seemed like the kind of guy that would make a selfie and post it on social media. It wasn’t a phone though, it was some sort of epi-pen, at least that’s what’s it looked like.

‘Are you having an allergic reaction?’ She asked turning around, she sure didn’t like him, but she wouldn’t let him die because he was allergic to the almonds she just ate or something. His face didn’t seem red and swollen though. Quite calmly he reached for her fingers and before she knew what was happening he’d pressed the epi-pen onto the back of her hand. She felt the little sting of a needle with some drug breaking through her skin.

‘What are you doing?’ She said panicked. She pulled her hand back and rubbed over the sore spot. The damage was done though, the drug was already in her system. ‘I’m not allergic.’ She said. ‘Is that even healthy? Won’t injecting me with anti-histamine when its not necessary make me allergic to something.’

‘It’s not anti-histamine.’ He said. There was a friendly smile on his face as he looked at her. A gentle look in his gray and blue eyes. There was something attractive in his face she hadn’t noticed before, a softness, a wisdom, it made her heart beat faster and her knees feel weak. She shook her head and tried to regain her composure, she wasn’t falling for him, he wasn’t even her type, but then again whose type was arrogant strangers on far away mountain tops?

‘Then what was in it?’ She asked. ‘What did you just put in my body.’

His hand on her shoulder, softly he stroke up and down, it was quite soothing actually. Her back was still sweaty from her backpack and her muscles were somewhat stiff and started to ache, yet his touch seemed to relax her, to relax her muscles.

‘Don’t worry.’ He said. ‘You’ve walked a long way to get here, you’re tired, it’s okay to be tired and to need a rest.’

She nodded. It made sense she needed to rest for a while. She yawned and wanted to sit down on a flat rock. He grabbed her elbow and pulled her upwards again. ‘You can’t stay here.’ He said. ‘There’s a thunderstorm coming. You’ll get cold. You can take a rest in my cabin.’

‘Fine.’ She said.

It felt as if she wasn’t quite present in her body anymore, like she was zooming out, like she was a drone watching herself and the guy from a distance. His arm protectively wrapped around her waist. He was carrying her backpack and she was leaning heavily against him as they stumbled along the trail. She closed her eyes for a moment and opened them again, hoping she would see things more clearly, hoping she would become herself again. She wasn’t acting like herself, yet it felt completely logical to follow him to the cabin.

There was a fire crackling in the fire place, the smell of warm oak and hot cocoa lingered in his house. ‘Who are you anyway?’ She asked.

‘I’m Martin.’ He said. ‘Martin Harding. Not the Martin Harding from the Harding phones and tablets, that’s my father.’

‘Yeah. I thought you had an arrogant entitled air about you.’ She said.

He chuckled and helped her sit down on the couch, the pillows were soft and welcoming, she moved around and rubbed her cheek against the fabric, it was a nice sensation. The pillows were so kind, it was such a friendly embrace. She could get lost in this couch, she could make love to this couch, in fact why wouldn’t she make love to this couch, it was so perfect, so friendly, so soft. She grabbed one of the pillows and pulled it towards her chest, and then another pillow she squeezed in between her legs. Squeezing her thighs together to press her pussy against the pillow.

‘What are you doing, dear?’ He asked.

For a moment she realized what she was doing and embarrassed she put the pillow aside.

‘I don’t know.’ She mumbled.

He just smiled and reached out his hand, his finger gently stroking her temple. She tilted her face towards him, almost as if she was a cat, head butting his wrist to lure out more affection, her heart beating rapidly, a warmth in her tummy spread out quickly, maybe it was the fire making her feel so warm and cozy.

‘It’s nice and warm here, isn’t it?’ He said. ‘Why don’t you take off that thick coat.’

She pulled the zipper down. ‘You drugged me.’ She said. ‘Right?’ She wasn’t angry though, it was as if she was trapped in a river of love and happiness. ‘Right?’ She pulled her arms out of her sleeves. A warm tingle in her elbow, in her chest, she took her trousers off too and then the rest of her clothes until she was completely nude. She nestled her naked body against the pillows in the couch, a soft fluffy blanket she rubbed over her skin, over her boobs, it was a delightful tingle that took over her entire being, that tingle in her skin. It felt even better if her hands touched her own boobs directly, soon she was squeezing and massaging her own boobs, her thumbs rubbing over her nipples. Her body involuntarily started moving, squirming and writhing. Enjoying all the sensations on her skin.

‘Wow.’ He said. ‘Wow okay, I only suggested you take off your coat, but yeah, be my guest take off everything.’ He looked at her body and reached out his hand, for a moment his fingers were tickling her tummy. Every touch was a delight, the slightest graze of a fingertip over her skin send down a new tidal wave of pleasure and arousal. Her whole body seemed to be one big erogenous zone and she opened her legs, pushing her pussy in his direction.

‘Sshhh,’ he said. ‘There’s no hurry, you’ll be here for hours.’

She nodded, his voice seemed to pull her back to the surface, like she suddenly realized she was in a wood cabin on a mountain with this stranger, basically. Soon the flow of love and happiness and arousal grew stronger again and she sank back in the pillows on the couch. Wriggling her hips, thrusting her hips forward. She grabbed a pillow and pushed that between her legs. A soothing pressure, a mesmerizing sensation. It was bewitching. Intoxicating. She felt like she’d ingested three bottles of wine, but still she wasn’t drunk, she was just... happy.

She started panting and moaning softly and she was simply lost in the moment, lost in her own arousal.

‘You know what’ll feel even better than a pillow?’ He said.

Only when he pried the pillow out of her hand she opened her eyes, she barely registered he was naked and she let out a soft whining sound while she reached for another pillow.

‘Come.’ He said. He laid down on top of her and for a moment she was completely disoriented. Where was she? Who was he? What was happening. Then he felt his warm body rubbing up against hers, his skin, she wrapped her arms around her and squeezed her boobs against his chest, she pouted her lips and tried to kiss him. A warm erect cock pressing into her pubis, she rocked her hips back and forth.

‘That’s right.’ He said. His fingers grabbing her ass, he lifted her hips slightly off the couch and then he guided his own cock inside of her. She moaned and opened her legs even wider to welcome him.

It was such a hot feeling, such a hot and sexy and warm and cozy feeling. It seemed to push her over the edge, as if she was completely engulfed by the river of arousal, waves toying with her, bumping her up and down and back and forth.

She wrapped her legs around him, her arms too and she squeezed her body as tightly to his as possible. He laughed.

‘You like that?’ He asked.

She didn’t feel the need to answer, she just felt the need to enjoy this moment, to enjoy his cock slipping in and out of her. She wanted this to never end, she wanted to feel this good always. He was fucking her hard. Her whole body was shaking back and forth and then suddenly he was orgasming, she felt the cock pulsating, it was as if she could feel his sperm shooting inside of her. It was amazing, it was quickly building up an orgasm and she went over the edge. Her body trembling and convulsing and then she was squirting, she felt the warm waves rushing over her, rushing out of her, she couldn’t hold back. Her body kept on going and going and going. Every time her tummy convulsed and new gulp of squirt sprayed out of her pussy, every time her pussy contracted there was another orgasm, it was like a cycle that just couldn’t be broken, until her body was exhausted and she was panting and sweating and trembling.

‘Fuck you.’ She mumbled.

‘Yeah,’ He said. ‘You did, you did fuck me.’

‘I did.’ She laid her head back on the couch and closed her eyes for a moment. The world was spinning around her, as if she was tumbling down, as if she was floating through space. She opened her eyes and disoriented she looked around. ‘I did fuck you, but why?’

‘Because it felt good.’ He said.

‘Yeah.’ She nodded willingly. ‘Let’s do it again, but my body is exhausted, I don’t know if I can go again, but I want to go again.’

‘Why don’t you rest for a while, try to sleep, I’m not going anywhere. We’ll fuck again later.’

‘Okay.’ She said. She rolled onto her side and grabbed a pillow, she closed her eyes and almost immediately she drifted off. ‘How lucky you were on that mountain,’ she said, ‘It’s so abandoned here, what are the odds of that? What a random coincidence.’

‘Well...’ He said. He sat down on the couch and gently brushed some hairs out of her face, his fingertips caressing her forehead. ‘Me being here isn’t that weird.’ He said. ‘I come here often specifically because it’s so abandoned and I can do what I want without being disturbed. You know behind that door in the bedroom I’ve got another woman just as drugged up as you are.’

‘I’m not drugged. I’m just in heaven.’ She said.

‘Well she’s in heaven too.’ He said. ‘I’ve been bringing women I want to sleep with here for years, so me being here isn’t the coincidence, you are the coincidence.’

‘I’m the coincidence.’ She mumbled.

‘Would you like to meet Chantal?’ He asked. ‘I think you’ll get along.’

He supported her as she tried to get up from the couch and he held her elbow as he guided her towards the bedroom.


Rating: 90%, Read 11121 times, Posted May 27, 2020

Fiction | Drug, Female, Male


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