Is this what he wants, my secret deaire. Chapter 1 by aliveinpr

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Interracial, Prostitution, Wife

Is This What He Wants? Chapter 1

by aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional writing.

Mary was visiting with her friend, Constance, and was unsure how to ask about her husband’s fantasy. Finally, after four glasses of wine, Mary felt brave enough and asked, “Constance, I need to ask you about a problem I have with Allen.” Constance looked at Mary and said, “What’s the matter? We’ve been friends a long time, of course you can ask me anything.” Mary looked at the floor and pondered just how she was going to put her thoughts into words.

Mary shifted nervously in her chair and then sheepishly said, “He keeps telling me. When we are having sex, he keeps telling me.” Constance looked puzzled and asked, “What are you talking about? He keeps telling you what?” Mary paused and then finally said, “Allen keeps saying he wants to see another man fucking me.” Constance eyes widened and she asked, “Is that a fantasy he has, or is he really serious?” Mary said, “I think he’s serious. After four years of marriage, he wants to see me having sex with another man. Some times, he says MEN, not just one man, but MEN. I’ve only had sex with two other men in college, and Allen is the man I picked as my mate and husband. I don’t understand why he would want me to ruin our marriage, to cheat.”

Constance was stunned at what Mary was saying. She then asked, “Have you talked to him about his fantasy?” Mary said, “No, I really don’t know what to say to him. I have told him that he is the only man in my life and I don’t need another.” Constance asked, “Why do you think he’s serious?” Mary said, “He is constantly watching porn on the computer. He doesn’t try to hide it, usually there’s a porn video playing when I walk into the den. He makes comments like; ‘Look at her take that cock’, ‘She’s loving it’, or ‘They’re all going to fuck her in front of her husband’. He keeps telling me to watch with him”.

Constance thought for a while and then asked, “Have you watched some of the videos he watches?” Mary, paused and blushed as she said, “Well, yes, but not with Allen. I look when he’s not around, usually when he‘s at work”. Constance asked, “What do you think when you’re watching those videos?” Mary looked back at the floor, turned red and shifted in her chair. She finally said, “God, Constance, I get goose bumps and my pussy gets wet and pulses when watching. It really turns me on to watch those women fucking in front of their husband. I don’t know what to do. Should I tell him I want to fuck other men? I just don’t know, maybe it would end our marriage if he did see another man fuck me.”

Constance asked, “What kind of porn does he watch regularly?” Mary said, “Oh, a man and woman fucking, and there are several where the woman is fucked by a group of men. It seems that most of his choices are where black men are fucking white women.” Constance began rubbing the crotch of her shorts, her eyes seemed to glass over and her mouth began to drool. Mary watched her friend and then finally asked, “Constance, what’s wrong, are you OK?”

Constance came back to reality and said, “Oh, my God. That’s my fantasy. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be fucked by a black man. I’ve heard so many stories about black men having huge cocks and they could fuck for hours.” Mary said, “I can see that really turns you on. Has Bill ever said he would like to see you fucked by another man?”

Constance said, “Bill has never said anything about fantasies. He does try to get me to watch some porn with him, and some times I do. I don’t want him to see me get turned on, so I usually yawn and leave. I wish he was like Allen, telling me his fantasy of seeing me with other men. I do watch porn when he’s at work just like you. I see myself as the woman being fucked by black men. mention of me with other men,” Constance added, “I wish he would, then I would tell him I want a black man to fuck me, to feed his big black cock in me, to stretch my pussy and fill me with cum.” Mary stared at Constance, her mouth open as she watched her friend begin to rub her crotch hard as she spread her legs.

It was like Mary was not even there, she had become invisible as Constance unzipped her shorts and shoved her hand down her panties and began to masturbate mumbling, “Yes, big black cock, yes, yes.” Mary then witnessed her friend having a shattering orgasm right in front of her. As Constance was calming, her eyes closed and the sweat running down her face. Mary quietly exited and began to drive home.

Mary had never seen another woman having an orgasm in front of her, only those in porn videos. She got home and turned on the computer. She was curious about her friends desire to be fucked by a black man. Mary searched for interracial porn and she was surprised that the internet was flooded with black and white sex. She watched white women screaming their orgasms as they were be pummeled by large black cocks. She noticed that the black cocks were fat and long, and the women wore wedding rings as they sucked those cocks and then joyously screamed when being fucked. Mary then watched several videos there the husbands were present as their wives were ravaged by black cocks. She learned the term. ‘cuckold’ where husbands offered their wives to other men for sex.

Mary had marveled at the size of the black cocks she saw in the videos and began to have the same thoughts as Constance. She was turned on seeing black cocks more than when she saw white cocks in the videos. She began to wonder if Allen’s focus on interracial porn was his fantasy to see her having sex with black men. The thought of having lustful sex with black men now became her secret desire. She wondered if Allen’s fantasy was real, did he really want to see her fucked by other men, was that what he really wanted?

That night, Mary and Allen laid in bed. She put her hand around her husbands cock and stroked him as she bent down and saw pre-cum oozing from his pee hole. She licked the pre-cum and then took his cock into her mouth and began to suck hard causing Allen to moan. She looked up and saw his smile. Her mind recalled those interracial movies where the women were able to take those black cocks deep in their throats. She knew she had his entire 7 inch cock in her mouth and she began to wonder what it would be like to have a fat, long black cock going into her throat. Her husband’s cock was nowhere close to her throat, not as fat and long as the ones she had watched.

Mary did have a mild orgasm as her husband’s tongue licked and swabbed her labia before he began to fuck her. Again, she thought about fat, long black cocks stretching her pussy and thrusting into her cervix. She was becoming disappointed that his cock did not slam into her cervix. She was now realizing what had stimulated Constance, her friend’s fantasy of being fucked by a black man. Once again, Allen talked about watching her with another man, and this time, she imagined a big black cock fucking her as her husband watched. After her husband filled her with his cum, she was disappointed when he fell to her side and began to snore. Mary was now feeling that there was something missing in her life as she felt her husband’s cum oozing from her pussy.

Mary couldn’t sleep. She got up and went to the den where she turned on the computer and began watching interracial porn. It didn’t take her long to strip off her nighty and begin masturbating. The first two short videos showed white women screaming their orgasms as they were fucked long and hard by big black cocks. She was amazed at how long black men could fuck before they would ejaculate. Mary’s pussy was soaking the desk chair with both her juices and her husband’s cum. She was frustrated that her fingers were not big enough or long enough to fill her pussy. Mary went to the kitchen and searched for anything fat and long. She then remembered the cucumbers she had bought for their salads. ‘Yes,’ she thought, ‘they were fat and long.’ She picked the largest one and returned to the den.

The next videos she picked were gang bangs. She watched seven big black men ravage a married white woman as her husband helped hold her legs high and apart for each of the black cocks to fuck into her. Mary was imagining herself as the woman in the video as she plunged her cucumber deep into her pussy, faster and faster as she watched a white woman screaming for more black cock, begging to be fucked deeper and harder. Mary had her first orgasm with her legs shaking, her head thrashing from side to side as her ‘black cock’ cucumber was shoved deep into her pussy. She fell onto the floor as her legs continued to spasm as she held the cucumber in her soaked pussy. Panting and regaining reality, Mary knew she had to fulfill her husbands fantasy, which was now her desire. She wanted to experience the sexual rapture of the white women she had watched fucked by black men with their husbands watching.

Before shutting off the computer, Mary made a purchase. The largest, longest black dildo from a sex web site. She even paid for ‘over night’ shipping, she wanted more than a cucumber, at least until the real thing. Off to bed she went with a smile and stretched pussy. Somehow, she was going to have her husband ‘insist’ she find a lover, hopefully a black lover. She was now beginning to crave black cock like her friend. As she was falling asleep, she had visions of being surrounded by naked black men with fat, long black cocks.

Mary called Constance and told her that she was feeling the same about interracial sex. She wanted the same and told her how she had masturbated with a cucumber while watching a white woman gang banged by seven black men. Constance said, “Oh, my God, come over and show me the web site. I want to watch that porn.” Mary gave her the site and said, “I’m expecting a package I ordered, maybe it will come tomorrow.” Constance asked her what she was expecting, and Mary said, “The fattest, longest black dildo on the market.” Constance asked, “Oh, my God. Will you let me use it?” They both laughed as Mary assured her they would share.

She finally got her package and her fake black cock was immediately put to use. It became a regular ritual that Mary and Constance got together during the day and fucked each other with ‘their’ large rubber black cock. Their ritual included watching interracial porn as they imagined themselves as the married white women being sluts to black men. There were times when Constance wondered out loud what it would be like to be a whore for black men, to have black men visit her all day long, having her womb pumped full of their cum. Mary never said anything, but the curious idea was planted in the back of her mind.

Mary had many pleasurable nights with her husband as she was constantly imagining being fucked by black men. Only after Allen had tired and fallen asleep did she realize that her husband didn’t have that large black cock and she was left disappointed. Many a night, she would go to the den after Allen fell asleep. She would watch interracial porn while stretching her pussy with her fake black ’friend’.

The night finally came and Mary decided to test the waters. As they were making love, Allen started talking about Mary being fucked by other men. Mary sat up, grabbed her husbands cock and asked, “Tell me just what you want, you want me to enjoy the company of other men?” She felt Allen’s cock begin to swell as she then demanded, “I would like a clear answer as to what you envision in your fantasy”.

She felt his cock begin to harden when he said, “Well, I don’t know, just seeing your legs spread as another mans cock pushes into your pussy.” “So,” Mary said, “I have no doubt in my mind that I love you, but, I need to know if you truly love me. Would that expand our love, or cause problems with our marriage? Would there be jealously watching me?” Allen was quiet for a bit and then said, “No, no jealously, but it would be a real turn on watching you, I think our love life would be better.”

Mary went further and asked, “What would you feel watching me quivering and gasping under the naked, thrusting body of a stranger, would you be happy to see a bigger and longer cock driven into my body?” “Oh, God,” Allen said, “Yes, I can see that now.” Mary then asked, “What if he kissed me, a deep passionate kiss?” Allen just nodded, smiled, and groaned, “Oh, God.” Mary further asked, “Even if we thrust our tongues into each others mouths?” Mary felt her husbands cock begin to throb in her hand as his eyes glassed over. “So,” Mary said, “you want me to delight in the company of other men.”

Mary continued, “We have watched a lot of interracial porn. What if that man was black. What if his black hands roamed my naked body. Or, watching me rub his bare cock, drawing his foreskin in and out. Maybe watching me lick the pre-cum from his black cock?” Mary saw her husband’s eyes gleaming as his lips formed a smile. He then said, “That would be so hot.” “So,” Mary asked, “You would want me to be a ‘hot wife’ and dress to attract the attention of other men, especially black men?” Allen’s cock suddenly twitched and he shot cum all over his stomach. Mary knew her desire to be fucked by a black cock was Allen’s true desire.

She took it further and asked, “What if there were several black men at the same time? Would you like to watch that?” Allen said, “Oh, a gang bang. Oh, so hot, seeing a bunch of black cocks fuck you” She asked, “Should I go shopping for sexy clothes tomorrow. The type of clothes that would make me a ‘hot wife’? Maybe wear short dresses without panties?” Suddenly, Allen's cock was hard again and she began to stroke him before taking his cock into her mouth.

She knew her desire for a black cock was going to be fulfilled, especially with the blessings of her husband. She lifted her mouth off his cock and asked, “Do you want to be cuckolded, to spread my legs for a black cock to ram into my pussy?” “Yes, YES,” yelled Allen, “I WANT TO SEE YOU ENJOY GETTING FUCKED.” “Even if it’s black?” Mary asked. Allen then admitted, “To see your white pussy fucked by a black cock, my God, yes, that would be so hot.” Mary returned to sucking his cock and it wasn’t long before he ejaculated again, with her swallowing his cum as she smiled. Allen fell asleep as Mary smiled and felt her pussy pulsing and oozing her vaginal juices. Tonight, it didn’t take long for her to fall into a deep satisfying sleep.

Morning came and Mary rewarded her husband by waking him with a sensual blow job. Allen smiled as he went for his shower. Mary made coffee and breakfast for her husband. All the time, she pranced around the kitchen in only a pair of panties. Mary sat on Allen’s lap as she said, “I had a dream last night. I dreamed that you brought home a black man and he fucked me all night.” She felt her husband’s slacks clad cock pushing against her panties. Allen said, “Not fair, I’ll be hard all day at work.” When Allen left for work, Mary called Constance, “Hurry over for coffee.” “What,” Constance asked. Mary just said, “News, hurry.”

Constance arrived, out of breath from the rush and asked, “What is so important?” as Mary was pouring a cup of coffee for her friend. Mary related the events of the night before saying that her husband wanted to see her fucked by a black man, even gang banged. Constance jaw dropped and she asked, “How did you ever convince him?” Mary said, “If you want to fuck a black man, sit with your husband when he watches interracial porn, and ask him what his fantasy is.” Constance said, “He has never mentioned a fantasy.” Mary said, “He will. Tell him that I ‘confided’ with you about Allen’s fantasy. Just ask him. He probably doesn’t know how to broach the subject with you. So ask, open up his hidden fantasy. I’ll bet he has the same fantasy as Allen. Be sure to tell him that Allen wants to see me fucked by black men.”

Mary grabbed Constance’s hand, pulled her to her feet and said, “Help me shop, Allen wants me to dress like a ‘hot wife’, to attract men.” Several hours shopping and Mary ended up with seven ‘slutty’ outfits. Constance wasn’t left out, she also bought one very revealing mini dress and top.

Allen arrived home to his loving wife, a fabulous dinner as she was wearing one of her slutty outfits. He admired her nylon covered legs, five inch red pumps and a micro-mini skirt that barely covered her scanty panties. Her thin blouse displayed her hard nipples without a bra.

During dinner, Allen couldn’t keep his eyes off his wife’s breasts with the faint show as her dark pink aureola and erect nipples pushing against the fabric. After dinner, Mary undressed only to her panties. They snuggled partially naked on the couch as they watched an interracial porn video. Mary knelt in front of her husband and exposed his cock. She lovingly stroked and sucked his cock, listening to him describe the movie. He commented on how hard a white woman was being fucked by a big black cock. Mary asked, “Is that how you see me?” Her husband groaned and emptied his balls into her mouth. Mary swallowed his cum as she knew that’s what her husband and a black lover would want.

After the video, Mary said that they should retire to the bedroom where she had a surprise for him. They shed their last remaining garments as Mary went to the dresser. She returned naked with her black dildo. She watched Allen’s eyes expand as his cock grew hard. She asked him to fuck her with her black friend as she laid back and spread her legs. She was proud of Allen as she kept telling him to watch that big black cock fuck his loving wife.

Two weeks and Allen regularly mentioned extramarital sex during their love making. She made a habit of wearing her revealing clothes for her husband. Mary didn’t push the subject but had interracial porn playing on the computer when Allen entered the den. Their love making had become better, She broke the ice by telling Allen that she had put several adds for a lover in interracial hook up sites. She showed him what she posted and the pictures did not show her face, but her beautiful body in various poses, especially with her legs spread wide to invite a lover. Allen didn’t comment but smiled when reading ‘Husband wants to watch a BBC fuck his white wife’.

Constance called Mary and told her that the revelation that Allen had a fantasy of watching her fucking a black man had paid off. Constance said, “Brilliant, your recommendation worked. He opened his hidden fantasy like you said.” She was thrilled that her husband wants her to enjoy the sexual pleasures of a black man. She said, “My pussy is oozing all day long just thinking about having a black cock stretch and impale my pussy. We spend each night watching porn, watching black men fucking white wives. Bill seems to be constantly hard, and he gropes my crotch saying that’s what black men want, white pussy.”

Mary said, “You know, Allen and I are going out to a dance club this Friday, why don’t you and Bill join us. We haven’t been out together for a long time.” Constance agreed and said she would let Bill know their plans. Constance said, “I think I’ll get another outfit for Friday night. Bill loves the one I bought, he even insists that I don’t wear panties with it.” “Perfect,” said Mary, “I have a knock out outfit that should guarantee dances from all the men.”

Mary, Allen, Constance and Bill headed to a nice dance club for a fine dinner and then dancing. Mary and Constance enjoyed their wine and having a few dances with their husbands. Mary’s eyes opened wide when a large well dressed black man approached and asked her to dance. She got the OK nod from Allen and she giggled as she was led to the dance floor. Mary made sure to hug her partner tight and rub her pussy into his muscular leg. She did nothing when his hands would fall to the top of her ass. She was eager to take his lips to hers as his head bent down.

Constance had similar dances and they both enjoyed their black partners. Mary then had to visit the ladies room and when she exited, she ran into her dark dance partner exiting the men's room. She asked him why he didn’t let his hands wander to her bare pussy and he said, “You are married and with your husband. I’m married too and this would complicate things. I don’t want to intrude in a marriage.” Mary said, “My husband gives me the OK to have a lover.” Her hand went to the crotch of his slacks and rubbed the outline of his semi-hard cock. She took his hand and guided it to her pussy. He rubbed her mound for a few seconds and then withdrew. She learned his name was Jeremy. Mary was disappointed that he didn’t rush her into the bathroom and fuck her, but she did have his name and phone number.

Mary attacked Allen when they got home. She was constantly thinking of her black friend and the cock she had felt in his pants. Mary asked, “Did you like to see me as a ‘hot wife’?” Allen smiled and hummed, “Oh, yeah.” She then asked, “Did you enjoy watching me dancing close to that black man? How about watching his hands on my ass as I was grinding my pussy into his leg?” Allen said, “My cock was hard and I was surprised I didn’t see his hand up your skirt.” Mary said, “His hard cock felt good against my pussy, I pushed against him. Did you like that?” As Mary felt her husband’s cock hardening, he hissed, “Oh yeah.”

Mary enjoyed her husbands energy in their sexual encounter. He had rarely fucked her more than once at any time, but tonight was a night she finally reached the best orgasm in the entire time of their marriage. When Mary fell asleep, she had a smile on her lips and savored the cum pooling in her vagina. She hoped that cum would soon be from a black man.

Mary and Constance had their regular coffee clutch to discuss their evening at the dance club. Constance told Mary that her black dance partner was going to have a motel room for them that afternoon while Bill was at work. Mary asked, “I thought Bill wanted to watch, why are you going to cheat?” Constance said, “I want to enjoy my first black cock without the fear that Bill might change his mind and stop us. I just feel too nervous to have Bill watch the first time.” Constance left to get ready for her ‘date’, letting Mary know she would fully disclose her first black encounter.

That night while Mary and Allen were calming and cooling from their sexual encounter, Mary looked at Allen and said, “If other men are going to fuck me, it has to be complete.” Allen, said, “OK, I suppose.” She said, “I mean ‘complete’, that means no condoms, even if the men are black.” Allen asked, “You mean to cum in your pussy?” “Yes,” Mary said, “I need to feel them throbbing and pumping cum into me.” Allen paused and then said, “Well I guess, if that’s what you want. I would prefer eliminating any chance of you getting pregnant.” Mary said, “You know I’m on the pill. I need the feeling of a complete sexual encounter, finishing with cum inside my pussy, no condoms.”

Mary had her plan. Mary pulled on Allen's cock and then licked his pre-cum. She took his cock fully into her mouth and when she knew he was going to cum. Pushed him on his back and straddled his body. Mary guided her husband’s cock into her pussy and rode him, rocking back and fourth making him cum for the second time.

She laid on his chest and then rolled off spreading her legs. Mary said, “Eat me, please eat my pussy.” Allen looked at her and said, “But I came in your pussy.” “Please,” Mary begged, “Please help me cum. Eat my pussy please.” Allen balked as he said, “I fucked you twice, you have cum in your pussy. That’s nasty.” Mary said, “OK, if you won’t eat my pussy after it has cum, then I won’t suck your cock until you can cum in my mouth.”

Allen looked at Mary, watching his cum pooling in her open vagina. He then bent down and with reluctance, he began to lick his wife’s pussy. ”Yeah, baby,” Mary said, “your tongue feels so good, yeah eat me, clean me.” It didn’t take Mary long to arch her back and push her pussy into Allen's face. She began to moan loudly and then wrapped her legs around her husband’s head as her legs violently shook. Mary laid next to Allen and said, “Oh, that’s good, thank you honey. Did you like that?” Allen looked at her and said, “It was OK, not as bad as I thought it would be.” Mary, remembered watching cuckold’s cleaning black cum filled pussies, said, “That was so nice, please clean my pussy every time, please? Just like in the video’s.” Allen groaned an OK.

Mary answered the door and met a smiling Constance. They sat at the kitchen table with their coffee when Constance said, “It was great. The best fucking I have ever had. He fucked me for over three hours.” Mary said, “Everything, please details.” Her friend smiled and said, “I left the motel with four loads of his cum in my pussy. He was so deep, it took a long time for any to leak out. He fucked me regular, doggy, side by side, over the arm rest of the couch, and bent over the edge of the bed. I sucked his cock and swallowed everything he pumped in my throat. Oh, yeah, he taught me how to take his cock deep in my throat.” It was Mary’s time to slide her hand into her panties and masturbate.

Mary told Constance how she got her husband to eat her cum filled pussy. She said, “Now, he will be prepared to clean my pussy after I’ve been filled with black men’s cum.”

Constance smiled and said, “That’s a real turn on. My lover is going to teach me anal fucking next week. It’s a bit scary, but I really want to try it. Bill has never fucked my ass.” Mary smiled and said, “Oh, yeah, I want that too. I’m going to have Allen fuck my ass, that will get me ready for a gang bang with black men.”

Mary had good, but not great sex with Allen for two nights with her husband automatically cleaning her pussy of his cum. On the third night, Mary said, “I want to try something new. I want you to fuck my ass. I’ve seen that a lot on the porn we watch.” Allen got off the bed and went to the kitchen. He returned with a stick of butter and Mary thought, ‘my husband is resourceful, we don’t have lube and he cleverly solved that problem.’ Mary got on her hands and knees, spreading her legs for him. Allen made sure to butter her asshole well, even sticking the end of the cube into her. She felt his fingers working her sphincter open and after three fingers, he used more butter and then began to enter her with his cock.

Mary relaxed her muscles and then felt the head of his cock pass the sphincter and then hold for a few seconds. She felt a bit of pain and then told him to push further. He stopped when four inches were pushed in. She began to squeeze her muscles, causing Allen to moan. He then pushed his entire seven inches into her ass and began to fully pump in and out. Mary felt pleasure build and knew she wanted black cock to open her more. She wanted to feel a long black cock buried deep into her bowels. Allen began to shake and then he pumped his cum deep into her. When his cock softened, he pulled out and cooed into her ear, “That was great, you have such a tight ass.” Mary said, “Yes, it was great. I never thought anal could be so good, I now know why those women in the videos had orgasms from anal sex.” Mary made a mental note to buy a lot of anal lube.

Anal sex had become a regular part of their sexual desires. Mary looked at Allen and asked, “Would it turn you on to see a black cock deep in my ass.” “Oh, Yes,” Allen said. “What about a black cock in my ass and another in my pussy?”, asked Mary. “Oh, my God,” said Allen, “a hot gang bang, fuck yeah. Double penetration with black cocks. ”

After dinner one night, they sat in the living room watching an interracial porn involving cuckold husbands. Mary asked, “Are you sure, you could be a cuckold husband.” Allen said, “I’ve given it a lot of thought. Yes, I can do that, watching other men fucking you.” They then watched some interracial cuckold porn. Husbands holding their white wives legs high and apart as black cocks plunged into their pussies. There were many where the husbands cleaned their wives pussies after being fucked hard. Mary felt Allen’s cock harden and then she asked, “Is that what you want to do? Hold my legs wide for black cocks, or guide those black cocks into my pussy with your hand?” Bill smiled and said, “Oh, yeah, putting those hard cocks in your pussy.” Mary asked, “Are you sure you want me to cheat?” Bill answered with a question, “How could it be cheating when I’m right there helping those black men fuck you?”

Mary had long and hard orgasms that night as she envisioned Allen’s cock entering her as that of strange men fucking her. She even began sleeping all night with cum pooled in her pussy instead of showering after sex. Mary began to think of the phone number for Jeremy. Would he be her black lover? Would he cheat on his wife? She thought about Constance’s statement that she would love to be a whore for black men, being fucked all day long, her black lover pimping her. Would Jeremy want to pimp her, for her to be his whore?

With nervous fingers, Mary dialed the number Jeremy gave her. Jeremy answered and she learned that the number was his work number. Jeremy explained, “I don’t want to take a chance of my wife answering or asking who I was talking to. This way, we are free to talk.” Mary asked him, “Can we get together, I felt your cock through your pants, but I want to have the real thing in my hands and pussy.” Jeremy said, “I’m not sure I could cheat on my wife, I love her and don’t want to jeopardize my marriage.

Mary began to cry and said, “Please, Jeremy, I want a black cock, I want to have that experience to be fucked by a black man.” Jeremy said, “I’m sorry, I just can’t cheat on my wife. It would be on my conscience, I just can’t do that.” Mary, still crying, said, “I really want that experience, my husband wants to be a cuckold husband. Allen was hard as a rock when he watched you dancing with me, he wants this.”

Jeremy thought for a few seconds and then said, “Well, I know a guy that’s always talking about how he loves turning married white women into black cock sluts. Maybe that’s your answer. Would you like his phone number?” Mary began shaking and pleaded, “Oh, God yes. Please, please. I want black cock bad, my husband wants to see me fucking a black man.”

Mary got the name and telephone number of Theo and then she asked, “Does your friend have a fat, long cock?” Jeremy began to laugh and said, “He must have what you want, all his married white sluts keep returning for more. I think he even pimps some of them.” Mary remembered Constance saying she would like to be a black cock whore. Mary asked, “Are you sure? You know I want it, are you sure you won’t fuck my pussy? I want black cock so bad, please change your mind.” Jeremy said, “I just can’t, I love my wife. Dancing and feeling a white woman’s ass is as far as I can go without feeling that I’m cheating. Give Theo a call, I’m sure he won’t turn you down.”

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Rating: 90%, Read 15586 times, Posted Aug 24, 2020

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