The Devil's Pact, Hell Chronicles Chapter 8: Seduction by mypenname3000

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The Devil's Pact, The Hell Chronicles

by mypenname3000

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Chapter Eight: Seduction

Notes: Thanks to b0b for Beta reading this!

Lamia – The Abyss

“I wish to parley with your Lord,” I purred, staring at the women and the charred, skeletal demons that had us surrounded.

“Let me tear them apart,” growled my sister Cora.

My sister was a brute. A manticore. She towered over me, her body a mass of muscles. I touched her arm and whispered, “Force is not the answer. We are outnumbered. And we need allies if we are to find our Mothers.”

I forced out a bit of my powers, soothing Cora's rage. I was a lamia, twisting someone's desires to my will was as easy for me as breathing. Around us, other daughters of Lilith and those human followers of Mother were ready to fight. We had gathered many, but more had to be lost in Hell.

“Who are you?” a beautiful woman with strawberry-blonde hair asked, stepping forward from the enemy army. She had adorned herself in armor, a rifle gripped in her hand. Whichever demon they served had not twisted these women into whores or monsters.

It was a hopeful sign.

The skeletal demons were far older, leftovers of Molech. His power was broken by Mark, and his poor, twisted sacrifices had been claimed by someone new.

“I am Lamia, Daughter of Lilith,” I purred, brushing back my purple hair off my shoulders and fixing this woman a seductive gaze. “We are merely trying to find our Mother and sisters in this new chaos. We mean you and your Lord no harm. And who are you, noble mistress?”

“I am Lady Kayleah, concubine to Lord-Mayor Bray Colton,” the woman answered. “You and your kind do not serve the tyrant Brandon?”

“Never,” I answered, my voice twisting in disgust. “Why would I serve that worm?”

“He controls Lucifer's territory,” Kayleah answered. “The Morningstar is rumored to have died and been cast back into Hell.”

Mark Glassner had triumphed once again. If he defeated Lucifer, I doubted any power in the Mortal world could contend with him. I would dearly love to hold his soul and degrade him and his whore. He killed Mother and all my sisters.

“Take Cora and myself to see your Lord-Mayor so we may treat with him. We do not want to be associated with a rapist like Brandon.”

Kayleah nodded her head and motioned her hands. The skeletal demons slinked forward, their charred bones rattling as they walked. They surrounded Cora and I, their clawed fingers twitching like they wanted to tear into our flesh.

“We will return shortly, Mona,” I smiled to the redhead human, silver piercings dotting her nose. She had been one of the Coven, the first women that had served Lilith. She could be trusted. “Keep the daughters in line.”

“I will, Lamia,” she nodded, glancing at the daughters. She wasn't intimidated by the monstrous creatures.

The skeletons escorted us to Kayleah, who then marched with us. “You are those Brandon sacrificed to Molech, yes? Bray Colton was the mayor of Tacoma.”

Kayleah nodded her head. “When Molech died, Bray and his wife Yoon held us together. Now we have conquered Molech's territory.”

As we marched, we passed more skeletal demons and bands of men and women in armor. “Your Lord is in the field with his forces.”

“We're preparing to attack Brandon,” Kayleah answered. “The bastard will pay for what he did to us.”

Lamia’s heart ached for the woman's pain. Molech raped the women sacrificed to him, their bodies slowly roasted by his heat. I reached out with my power, taking away some of her sadness and replacing it with joy in her new life.

Cora glowered beside me, her clawed fingers tensed.

“Relax, sister,” I whispered. “I will forge an alliance, and then we shall find our mothers.” I hoped Chantelle had not died, but she had been captured or killed by Mark during the disastrous assassination attempt. And there was no doubt Lilith was dead. Mark never would have allowed her to live. Cora died just outside Mother's safe room, slain by the bastard.

We were led to a collection of tents on a grassy field. The burned, blasted land of this part of Hell abruptly ended on green grass. This area of Hell was shaped by Bray. He used the power of all the souls chained to him to create his pleasant spot.

More women lounged here. We were in his inner sanctum. He was a man, and even he couldn't resist forming a harem. They all eyed us with suspicion. Bray had earned these women's loyalty. He didn't enslave them.

Mother might hate me for forging an alliance with a man, but this one did not enslave women. And men were not nearly as bad as Mother liked to believe. Maybe it was just my appetites—I existed to bewitch men and control them—but I found their strong bodies held an eroticism that a woman lacked.

We were led to the largest tent. Kayleah thrust aside the opening and the skeletal demons parted to let Cora and I enter. It was dimly lit inside. A pair of thrones sat in the center, Bray Colton and a woman, presumably Yoon Colton, sat beside him. At one time, Lilith had considered using me to expand her influence to Tacoma and dominate the man. That was before Brandon's disastrous rule catapulted Mark into his dominance.

“Lord and Lady Mayor,” I breathed, pushing out my lusts into the two figures as I curtsied. It was a little awkward while naked, but both figures' eyes followed the bounce and sway of my perfect breasts. “I am humbled by your presence.”

Kayleah moved to the pair, giving each a kiss before whispering in their ear. Her armor melted away, and she knelt on the floor between them, naked and unashamed. Yoon's hand casually reached out and stroked Kayleah's hair.

Bray and his wife were equals. Excellent.

“Our beloved Kayleah claims you wish an alliance,” Yoon purred.

“My sisters and our human mothers merely wish to be reunited with our family and our divine Mother, the Goddess Lilith,” I answered, pushing out more of my lust. “We wish to secure allies to help us in our task and, once we have attained our strength, to help defend us against the brutalities of Hell. Such as Brandon.”

“Brandon,” Bray growled. “That monster deserves to suffer for eternity, not ruling Dis.”

“I could not agree more,” I smiled. “That is why you need allies. I speak for the followers of Lilith. I am the daughter of High Priestess Chantelle and our great Goddess Lilith. I am Lilith's most favored daughter.” My powers flowed out of me, pushing against the pair, inflaming their lust. “I wish to find a common ground for an alliance. But perhaps this isn't the right location for such delicate negations.”

“What are you saying?” Bray asked, his erection tenting the front of his regal clothing while his wife squirmed in her seat.

“Something more private. Intimate.”

Kayleah frowned at me. “Master, I think—”

“Hush,” Yoon purred. “I think an alliance is a wonderful idea.”

I nodded my head.

“But there would have to be terms,” Yoon continued. “A pact of mutual defense and support.”

“Of course,” I agreed. “If either of our domains is threatened, the other would come to the aid.”

“And in such a case, my Lord husband and I would be the dominant partners of the alliance.”

I licked my lips, letting my hands run down my body. “Perhaps that is something we should discuss in private.”

“Yes,” Bray nodded.

His wife arched her eyebrow. “Very well.”

The pair rose and I knew I had them in my hand. “Wait for me.”

“Whore,” growled Cora.

“That's how Mother made me,” I giggled, striding forward to join the Mayor and his wife, walking further into the tent.

We passed through a gauzy strip into a bedroom, a large, low mattress sprawled across the floor. It was big enough to hold ten or so people. More pillows were scattered around the room. The Mayor wanted to enjoy his harem all at once.

I could smell the lust permeating the room. I shuddered at the intoxicating scent. It was almost as wonderful as Mother.

Yoon and Bray's clothing melted away. He was a muscular man, his face handsome and his cock thick. I licked my lips as he seized me, pulling me down to the bed. Yoon was petite, her skin a creamy olive, her nipples dark and hard. She pressed against my back, nibbling on my ear as Bray's strong hands squeezed my breasts.

“Lilith has to be the leading partner in any alliance,” I moaned as Bray's lips sucked one of my hard nipples into my mouth. I sent out my power, twisting their minds to obey me.

“I don't think so, succubus,” moaned Yoon, her tongue nibbling on my ear. “Your Lilith was defeated by Mark. We know what his sword does. She is no longer powerful. But we are. We are the new gods of Hell.”

I moaned, her fingers reaching around to push towards my pussy. “Lilith will rise again,” I panted. “Our Mother is the oldest Human woman. She will be a power again once we find her. You will submit to this.”

Bray laughed, rising up and seizing my purple hair. “You are mistaken,” he laughed.

He pulled my hair, dragging my mouth to his cock. I opened up, swallowing his shaft. He groaned as I swirled my tongue about his girth. His lust pulsed through him, and I used it, pressing on his mind, twisting him to my desires.

But it wasn't working.

His hands tightened on my hair, forcing my mouth up and down on his cock. I panicked for a moment. My powers always worked on men. I should have him wrapped around my pinkie. He shouldn't be able to resist me. Not when I sucked on his cock.

Yoon's hands stroked my ass, spreading my cheeks open. Her mouth dipped in, licking up my dripping pussy to my asshole. I shuddered as she swirled her tongue about my puckered hole. She wiggled her tongue into my asshole, pleasure racing to my pussy.

The lust battered into my mind. Her slim fingers slipped into my juicy hole. I clenched about her probing fingers, struggling to regain control of my lust. They should be losing their minds to my lust, not the other way around.

But her fingers were amazing. I shuddered as my orgasm swelled. I sucked harder on Bray's cock, my tongue swirling as his strong hands fucked my mouth up and down on his cock. His salty precum flooded my mouth, the delightful flavor compelling me to suck him harder.

I wanted to taste his cum.

“That's it,” Bray growled. “Submit to us, little succubus.”

No. I do not submit. I make men submit to me. I tried to focus my thoughts, but the lust burned through me. Yoon's tongue wiggled deeper into my asshole, sending shuddering electricity to my pussy. Her fingers curled and found my G-spot.

My orgasm threatened to overwhelm me.

I had to maintain myself. I couldn't lose control.

I threw all my power into Bray's mind. His cock throbbed in my mouth. He was about to cum. When he did, I would dominate him. He grunted, his hands tightening in my hair. I pushed on his will as his cock erupted.

Thick, salty cum flooded my mouth. His mind was lost the bliss of his orgasm. I shoved my will hard, using the power of his climax to aide me. And I slammed into his iron will.

He didn't bend. He didn't submit.

Yoon's fingers and tongue sent me over the edge.

I gasped and spasmed as my orgasm erupted through me. I swallowed Bray's cum, load after load, as I moaned my bliss. His hand tightened about me, sliding down to grasp my neck. He ripped me off his cock, staring me into the eye. His hand squeezed, a collar about my throat.

“We will be the dominant partner in the alliance,” the Mayor growled.

“Yes,” I moaned.

Yoon lifted up her face. Her hands cupped my chin, her fingers smearing pussy juices across my face, and stared me in the eyes. “We shall seal our alliance by marriage,” she purred. “You shall join us as our wife, ruling at our side. We will be bound to Lilith by ties stronger than words.”

I couldn't agree to that. I would be parted from Mother forever.

And yet, I wanted to submit. I wanted to obey this pair.

“Agreed!” I gasped and felt Bray's will seal around my neck like a leash. I was chained to him, parted from Mother.

But I could still aide Lilith. I was their wife. Power flooded me, pooling between the three of us. All the souls they controlled washed through me. I would guide my spouses to aide my Mother. I shuddered, my eyes widening, lust burning hot through me. Bray pulled me down. I didn't fight him.

I submitted to my new husband.

Our lips met in a three way kiss. Yoon's mouth was sour with my ass. Our tongues licked and sucked. Yoon's hand reached between my legs, grasping our husband's cock. She brought it to the entrance of my pussy.

I pushed back, groaning as his thick girth filled me. It was as wonderful as being fucked by mother.

“My husband!” I gasped, writhing my body. I rose, my breasts jiggling as I straddled him. His strong hands roamed my body. “Our alliance shall change Hell!”

“Yes,” Yoon moaned, straddling her husband's face. “Together, we shall defeat Brandon.”

I rode our husband with hard, fast strokes. Yoon leaned over, her lips nibbling at my breasts. I shuddered and moaned, stroking her hair. My pussy clung to the thick shaft, my nerves burning with pleasure. Yoon's hands explored my body as she nibbled and sucked at my nipples.

“So wonderful,” I growled. “You have so much power. It's intoxicating!”

My eyes fluttered as I rode Bray. Yoon's lips kissed up my neck to my ear. “You delightful succubus. You shall bewitch our enemies. You shall enslave new allies to our cause.”

“Yes,” I gasped, my breasts rubbing against hers as I bucked and bounced.

Bray's strong hands squeezed at my thighs, his cock throbbing inside me. The lust built between the three of us. Our emotions merged together. Yoon moaned into my ear, her lips hot as she sucked and nibbled. I wrapped my arms around her body, holding her tight, as my orgasm screamed through me.

I gasped and shuddered, my pussy writhing about Bray's cock. “Cum in me, husband! Cement our alliance and marriage! Make me your wife fully!”

“Yes, dear,” Yoon purred. “Cum in our new wife.”

Yoon shuddered in my arms, her voice purring in my ear as she climaxed. Bray drank down her juices with noisy slurps. His hips thrust up, his cock burying deep into my pussy. I bounced atop of him, another orgasm building inside me.

And then his cock erupted.

Cum burst into me in a hot flood. I shuddered and swayed atop him. I clung to Yoon as my climax burned hot through me. And then we collapsed onto the bed in a sweaty pile. Both of them clung to me.

A weird feeling stirred in my heart.

Was that affection for the pair? Maybe. I had eternity to explore any feelings for these people.

But I had to tell Lilith's followers of the alliance.

They all accepted it. Except for Cora.

“You debased yourself, sister,” she snarled when we returned to Mona and our sisters. “You lay with a man.”

“I secured our future,” I told her with haughty imperialism. “We needed allies. We needed a place to shelter while we find Mother.”

“You no longer serve Mother,” Cora snapped.

“Our alliance came with a cost. I paid it. But I still love Mother. I will still be your ally, Sister.”

I reached out to touch Cora. She smacked my hand away. The hatred in her eyes hurt. We were the daughters of the High Priestesses. We were the first two of Lilith's daughters born. And my sister hated me.

“I will find Mother on my own,” Cora snarled, her tawny hair bristling. She turned and leaped, sailing through the air and landing beyond the ring of skeletal demons I now could control.

Mona shook her head. “You made the right decision, Lamia,” she said. “The rest of us understand.”

“Thank you,” I smiled, giving the woman a hug. “I just hope Mother will understand. Wherever she is.”


Chantelle Paquet-Holub

“We can split into two groups and hit the army from both sides,” Lana said. “Abby, you need to eliminate the scouts.”

“I go now,” Abby, a Dabbat, hissed . She was a brown-skinned, hairless woman, her eyes slitted like a snake. With a burst of yellow sulfur, she borrowed into the ground. As a Dabbat, she could control the earth.

“We need to move fast,” Luka added. “The army is near. If we want to be in position.” The Alukah licked her fangs, her blood-red hair twitching.

“I think it'll work,” I said, glancing at the outline Luka had sketched in the dirt. We could hide behind sulfur hills that the army marched between. We would attack them and free the women they had chained like chattel. “We'll show these fucking men what happens to rapist and slavers.”

“Yes,” Lana nodded, her blonde hair flying about as she nodded her head. My wife summoned a sword in her hand. “We'll cut them to bloody ribbons and leave them to suffer for eternity on the plain.”

“Yes,” Luka moaned. “I'll feast on their leader's blood.” Her crimson hair transformed into bat-like wings before she took flight.

“Let's move,” I shouted, leading my half of Lilith's followers and children to the east.

<em>*Be safe,*</em> Lana whispered in my mind. We were connected by the <em>Siyach</em> ritual, able to communicate with a thought.

<em>*You as well, my love.*</em>

My force reached the hill. We climbed up. Near the top we fell to our bellies, crawling up the last few feet so we wouldn't be seen. My lithe, dancer's body had no problem wiggling through the dust. Young Crystal lay beside me, a conjured spear in her hand.

The army marched through the hills. A horde of men carrying spears and marching in ranks. At the head of the column were four figures riding on hellish mounts. The lead rider was wearing the armor of a samurai of all things, his armor lacquered red, his face-mask hideous like a demon’s. The three other riders were women in kimonos, riding side-saddle, their faces painted like geisha. At the rear of the column were the women prisoners, all chained and marching along with slumped shoulders, their bodies naked.

“We'll free them,” Crystal grinned, enthusiasm shining across the teenager’s beautiful face. “And we'll punish all those men.

“We will.” I took a deep breath, then sent to Lana, <em>*We're ready.*</em>

<em>*Attack!*</em> Lana screamed in my mind.


The Samurai

“You seem tense, my Lord,” Chisato purred from behind, my concubine's voice a soft whisper. “What weighs on you?”

I worked my jaw as I gazed at the yellow, sulfurous dunes that spilled around me. A group of women and demons lurked behind them. “The scouts have not returned. We are near those women and we are blind. Something has happened to them.”

I looked over his shoulder at Abimbola. The Black man strode forward without a word, stopping at my heel. “Samurai?”

“Halt the column and ready for combat,” the Samurai ordered. “Then send out a platoon to scout in—”

“My love, above you!” screeched Orihime.

I heeded my concubine's warning. A flying demon plummeted from the dusty sky, her wings formed from her red hair. She was naked and lovely. I reached for my sword as the demon struck me, throwing me off my nightmare. The demonic horse neighed and reared as I rolled on the ground.

The demon hissed, its fangs snapping at my flesh. Scarlet eyes peered into mine through my war mask. My hand froze on my sword. A great lethargy swept over me. Those eyes were so hypnotic. I just wanted to lay there and stare into them.

The demon's fingers found the silk knots that held my war mask in place, pulling it free. Her fangs were so sharp. I wanted to feel them buried in my flesh. My cock hardened with the excitement of the demon feasting on my blood.

<em>...My Lord...</em>

A distance voice yelled at me. Lovely and pure.

A second voice joined hers, as perfect as a cherry blossom falling from the tree.

<em>...fight, my Love...</em> a third voice screamed.

The demon's fangs sank closer.

My eyes found my three concubines, their white-painted faces full of fear. Their love pulsed through the chains binding us, driving back the hypnotic stare of the demon. Her sharp fangs touched my skin, piercing my flesh like a pair of needles.

“No!” I bellowed, clenching my gauntleted fist and smashing it into the side of the demon's head.

She went tumbling, her fangs ripped free of my flesh.

“You are so strong, my Lord,” Hikaru shouted.

“Defeat the demon, my love,” Orihime smiled while Chisato nodded her head.

I rose.

The demon charged.

I drew my sword. My blade blurred as I performed the iaijutsu draw. The demon screamed in pain as my sword cut her in half. She fell in a screeching, quivering heap on the ground at my feet, her blood pooling into the yellow sulfur. A second flick of my sword decapitated her. It wouldn't kill her, but someone would have to heal her or she would spend eternity severed from her body.

My senses came back. Roars and shouts surrounded me. The women and demons were attacking my army. I seized the reins of my mount, hauling myself back up into my saddle. “Abimbola!” I bellowed.


“Split our forces. A third will hold the western enemy while the rest attacks the east. Once we have crushed the eastern foe, we will bring our full might to bear on the remaining attack force.”

“As you command, Samurai.”


Svitlana “Lana” Paquet-Holub

I charged down from the west at the army. Luka had their leader pinned. We had our surprise. We could take them. I ran between the Supergirl, the former man, and Haja, one of Lilith's daughters. Haja was a dangerous being. Her eyes were always shifting through rainbow colors, standing out from her pale-white skin and hair.

A laser beam lanced out from her eyes, carving through the enemy soldiers.

We could do this.

On the other side, Chantelle led her force. There maybe more enemy soldiers, but we had the element of surprise and Lilith's daughters. They wouldn't stand a chance.

We reached the base of the hill, charging out across the sulfur plain. A cloud of yellow dust kicked up before us. The soldiers recovered quickly, forming into a spear wall, shouting and yelling as they marched forward at us.

I gathered my power, the combined might of all our souls, and sent a wave of energy out, slamming into the spear wall, bowling over the front ranks. Men flew and screamed, crashing into the ranks behind them.

“Yes,” hissed Haja, her laser eyes lancing out.

Then a spear flew and took Haja in the gut. She screamed as she fell. I couldn't stop running to help her. We were almost upon the soldiers. More spears were thrown. With a thought, I battered one out of the sky before it hit my stomach. Then I fell upon the soldiers trying to stand, hacking with my sword.

Lilith's daughters and followers crashed into the ranks. “For Lilith!” I screamed as I laid about with my sword, hacking men apart.

My heart thudded as I fought. I shot out my powers, throwing away soldiers. I fought and yelled, my vision almost red with my wrath. Sweat poured down my body, my limbs grew tired as I fought. We pushed deep into the line.

The enemy soldiers folded, their center bulging, but the ends wrapped around us.

In a moment of clarity, I realized that we were encircled. The soldiers fought with skill and training, not in a frenzy like Lilith's daughters and I did. Their retreat in the middle suddenly seemed like a plan to surround us. Now the enemy attacked us from all sides

“I think we're losing,” I gasped as the soldiers overpowered the women or cut down Lilith's daughters.

<em>*Lana, I don't think the battle's going well,*</em> my wife shouted in my mind.

<em>*Flee!*</em> I shouted at her. <em>*Get away. We're surrounded.*</em>


Chantelle Paquet-Holub

I wanted to flee. I wanted to listen to my wife, but the Samurai rode around us, leading more of his soldiers. His sword was deadly, cutting down a bullish Lammasu with a single stroke. We were cut off. Surrounded.

We lost.

My stomach sank.

The Samurai rode forward into our midst, clearly unafraid. His sword dripped red and more blood splattered on his crimson armor, only visible by the way it glistened. I walked towards him, shaking in disgust.

“You are the leader?” he asked, his voice thick with a Japanese accent.

“Yes,” I groaned.

“Your women will be spared if you surrender,” he barked. “You have the privilege of joining the God-King Brandon's harem.”

I flinched. “Him?”

The Samurai nodded his head.

I looked around. Young Crystal fought beside her mother. Other women screamed in pain as they were driven back. These men would butcher us and leave us to lie in hacked pieces to suffer for all eternity. Already, most of Lilith's daughters had suffered that fate. We couldn't help Lilith if we were left in agony.

My stomach clenched and I trembled. There was no choice.

<em>*I have to surrender,*</em> I told my wife. <em>*I have to save who I can.*</em>

<em>*There's always hope,*</em> Lana answered. <em>*Lilith and the bulk of her daughters are out there. Cora and Lamia will save us.</em>

I nodded my head. “We surrender!”


Svitlana “Lana” Paquet-Holub

“We surrender!” I bitterly commanded, looking at the faces of the stunned women I led.

An ebony-skinned man pushed forward, his face full of lust. “On your knees!” he barked. “That's where women belong.”

I shuddered in disgust, kneeling before him. His armor vanished at his thought, his thick cock growing long and hard. I swallowed, trembling in disgust as he moved closer. I saw the look in his eyes.

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

“Mother!” a low, growling voice hissed.

The ground shook.

I opened my eyes to see Cora. My daughter stood above me, her tawny hair bristling with her anger. Her clawed hand swiped and ripped the Black man's head off. She kicked his body into the charging spearmen.

“Cora!” I shouted in joy.

She seized me, threw me over her shoulder, and leaped away.

“No!” I screamed as we almost flew over the tops of the soldiers, their spears flying up to stab us. “We have to go back! They have Chantelle!”

“Sorry, mother,” Cora growled when she landed. My manticore daughter leaped again, carrying us to the top of the hills. “I cannot fight them all. I can only save you.”

“No, no!” I screamed. “We can't leave my wife to those brutes! Please!”

“We won't forever,” Cora said, jumping again. “Lamia has found us an ally.”

“An ally?”

“Yes!” Cora hissed. “Lamia has...despoiled herself with a man. She has married one of the new warlords of Hell, but she secured us a powerful ally. This warlord will have to rescue Chantelle. He swore to defend us.”

<em>*Cora saved me,*</em> I sent to Chantelle as my daughter raced across the plains, bouncing me on her shoulder.

<em>*Good,*</em> Chantelle whispered. <em>*I'm glad one of us escaped Brandon.*</em>

My blood ran cold. <em>*The Brandon?*</em> Terror beat in my heart. The atrocities Brandon committed against women in the three days he occupied Tacoma sicked me. My poor wife was in his clutches.

<em>*Lamia has made a powerful ally. We'll rescue you,*</em> I promised my wife.

<em>*I know you will.*</em>

My wife's positive thoughts brought tears to my eyes. She had complete faith in me. And I wouldn't let her down. I wouldn't let her remain Brandon's prisoner a moment longer than necessary.


Chantelle Paquet-Holub

I shuddered as the black chain was forced around my neck. I looked behind me at the butchered daughters of Lilith, moaning and gasping in pain, unable to die. “I'll come back for you. I'll heal you when we're free.”

The Samurai rode past us, his three concubines at his heel. Those geisha did not care one bit that we were chained. We were added to the host of women destined for rape at the hands of Brandon and his disgusting men. The soldiers all leered at our naked bodies as we were led through the dunes.

They would have raped us already, but the Samurai stopped them. “Brandon gets first choice,” he reminded them all. “You get the scraps.”

The geisha all nodded their heads like that was the most normal thing in the world. They were as vile as the men. Their fellow women were enslaved, and all they could do was fawn over the Samurai, their eyes dewy with lust for the warrior.

A whip cracked and the column marched forward. I looked over my shoulder in the direction Lana and Cora fled. Help would come. My wife would not let me languish in Brandon's hands. My Lana would save us all.


Bray Colton

“Lana is one of Lilith's High-Priestesses,” my new wife Lamia purred. The purple-haired woman was intoxicating to be with. Yoon was right to bind her by marriage. “She is married to my mother, Chantelle.”

“And Cora is her daughter?” I asked.

“Yes.” Lamia smiled, amused that Cora returned so soon after she had stormed off. “Lana will speak for the followers of Lilith. Already they have sworn to her.”

“And she wants my aide to free Lilith's followers captured by Brandon?”

Lamia nodded her head.

I looked out at the High Priestess of Lilith. She was an exotic beauty, her breasts large and round, her blonde hair falling about her shoulders. She moved with a dancer's grace, striding forward with the hulking Cora at her side.

“Step-mother,” Lamia bowed. “I am pleased to see you.”

“And will your husband help us rescue your mother?” Lana demanded.

“I will,” I said. “I want to crush Brandon.” He had to pay for what he did to Yoon and the rest of my women. He could join Molech roasting in our fires for the rest of eternity.

A smile crossed Lana's lips. “Then what are we waiting for?”

To be continued...

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