100 Bottles Of Beer by fbailey

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Fiction | First Time, Incest, Male, Oral Sex, Romance, Teen Female, Virginity

One Hundred Bottles Of Beer

I had to listen to my daughter and my four nieces sing “One hundred bottle of beer on the wall” for the entire trip. Not just once either. As soon as they got down to “One” my wife would say, “One more time!” I promised myself that I would kill her later.

I had been coerced into this trip. Both of her sisters had been married on the same day in a double wedding ceremony. They were also celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary. My wife volunteered to take their daughters with us on vacation.

My daughter Alyssa was fifteen years old. My wife’s two sisters each had two daughters ages fourteen and thirteen. Her one sister had Julia age fourteen and Katie age thirteen. Her youngest sister had Jasmine age fourteen and Katherine age thirteen.

That had been the longest eight-hour drive that I had ever taken. Not only did I have to listen to those girls sing that ridiculous song the whole way but I had to make six pit stops for them to pee and three more because they were hungry.

When we finally got to the campground we checked in. We had been assigned the cabin that was the furthest away from everything. The girls started complaining right away and I just smiled to myself. Paybacks! They had punished me so now they were going to suffer. I loved it.

It was late and we were tired so my wife sent us all to bed early. The cabin did not allow for much privacy, as it was just one big room. Even the bathroom was twenty feet from the back door. Obviously that pissed the girls off too. An outhouse! Ha! Ha! There was electricity and there was water in the kitchen sink too, just no toilet facilities.

The cabin did have one double bed along with eight single bunk beds. Of course all five girls wanted the four top bunks so my wife told them to work it out. We would have fourteen nights and that one girl would have to sleep on a lower bunk each night.

Then of course there was the problem of the girls changing their clothes. Again it was just one big room. My wife asked me to step outside while the girls changed. Sure, why not!

From outside in the dark it was very easy to look inside the cabin into the light. It looked just like daylight in there. So I watched as the five teenage girls undressed and put on one of my white T-shirts. I knew that my wife had brought several extra T-shirts along just for that purpose. The girls removed their bras but wanted to keep their panties on. My wife told them to at least change into clean panties to wear to bed. I had been excited to see all of their sweet little breasts with their tiny hard nipples but seeing their hairy little pussies was even better yet. The girls were all over the place so I got to see them from every direction. They all had a cute little ass too.

Finally my wife came outside to get me. She ran into my arms and kissed me very passionately. Then she looked back at the cabin and smiled.

She said, “I thought that you would have a good view from out here! That’s why I insisted that they change their panties too! Did you enjoy it!”

I said, “I certainly did!”

She asked, “Did it make up for the drive up here?”

I smiled and said, “Almost!”

She said, “Well I can promise you a show just like that every night! I think I can do you one even better too but you’ll have to trust me!”

I grabbed her ass as I kissed her and pressed my hard-on into her crotch.

She giggled and asked, “How would like to fuck me in there with all of the girls listening to us?”

I smiled and said, “It might be fun!”

So my wife took me by the hand and walked me into the cabin. She told the girls to go to sleep. She handed me a clean pair of underwear and told me to go outside to change. I did then I returned. As I climbed in I asked her what she was wearing to bed. She replied that she was going to wear what she wore every night…nothing at all. So she stripped naked right in front of five very interested young girls. She turned the lights off and climbed into bed with me. I took off my underwear and hung them on the bedpost for morning.

My wife didn’t wait one minute before she was under the covers and sucking on my hard cock. Soon she had thrown off the covers and was straddling my hips. Then she lowered herself onto my cock. She knew full well that all of the girls were trying to see what she was doing. She didn’t care; in fact she loved it. I hadn’t seen this exhibitionist side of her very often so this was really a thrill for me too. She was putting on a very good show for the girls too. She moaned and she whispered things to me loud enough for them to hear if they remained silent. They remained silent! She said things like “I love the way your cock feels inside me,” “Oh pinch my nipples harder you know I like it,” and “Make me cum big daddy! Make me cum real good!”

When she said ‘Big Daddy’ all of the girls started snickering and giggling. She said ‘shut up and go back to sleep’ but she never missed a stroke until she felt my cum squirt up into her. Then she did a few double jerks, like spasms then she too had an orgasm. A good one too!

Every girl the cabin knew it too once she shouted out, “Oh God! I’m cumming! Fuck me harder! I’m cumming! Don’t stop! That’s it! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Then she collapsed onto my chest and just lay there exhausted. Eventually she rolled over to her side of the bed and we fell asleep. I was pretty sure that the girls were still awake and were trying to absorb what they had just seen.

In the morning the girls were wide-awake when I woke up. I looked at all of their eyes staring at me.

My daughter Alyssa was the first to speak, “Daddy! Can we ask you some questions?”

I knew what they wanted to ask me about. Sex! I thought about waking my wife up to help answer them too but she looked so beautiful and peaceful lying there. So I held my finger up to my lips to signal them to be quiet, then I pointed at my wife so that they knew not to disturb her, and finally I pointed outside. They understood! I swung my feet out of bed, grabbed my underwear off the bedpost, and stood up to put them on. I knew full well that the girls could see my bare ass and a couple of them might have even seen my balls but I didn’t care at that point. I slipped out of the cabin and walked out to a picnic table near the car. The girls followed me in my T-shirts. They sat on the picnic table as I leaned up against my car. Not one of the five girls had any panties on. That made my cock rise in my underwear.

Again my daughter Alyssa asked, “Daddy! Can we ask you some questions now?”

I replied, “Yes! But this may be embarrassing for all of us! Remember if you ask a question you had better be prepared for an honest and truthful answer!”

Alyssa asked, “What was mommy doing to you last night?”

I replied, “We were making love!”

My niece Julia asked, “Why was she on top?”

I replied, “Sometimes a woman likes to be on top so that she can be in control of how fast, how deep, and how forceful our lovemaking is!”

My niece Jasmine asked, “How come she was shouting at the end?”

I replied, “Well she was enjoying herself so much that she wanted me to know that she was having a wonderful orgasm!”

My niece Katie asked, “How come she gets to say the word fuck but we can’t?”

I replied, “Well she really shouldn’t have! However in that particular instance she was using a different word for lovemaking!”

My niece Katherine asked, “What is cumming and orgasm?”

I chuckled softly and replied, “Well! Have any of you ever masturbated or played with yourself?”

They all raised their hand.

I continued, “When you tickle your clits for a while do you get a kind of gooey feeling deep inside that sort of makes you feel funny?”

They all raised their hands again.

I continued, “That is what girls call an orgasm and what boys call cumming! But girls call it cumming too as you heard last night!”

Apparently they were taking turns and it was Alyssa’s turn to ask, “Was your cock in her cunt?”

That caught me off guard. I have never heard my daughter talk like that before. I replied, “Well! Yes! But you probably should say penis and vagina or pussy!”

Julia asked, “Why? Weren’t they called cock and cunt when you were in school?”

I chuckled and swallowed hard and then replied, “Yes they were but I was trying to point out that the polite thing to call them was penis and vagina!”

Jasmine was next and said, “Well we all call them cock and cunt when no adults are around!”

I replied, “But I’m an adult!”

Katie giggled and said, “You sure are! I never saw a cock that big on any of the boys I’ve known!”

That caused a round of giggles, pointing, and staring at my crotch. I looked down and saw that I was as hard as I had ever been. It was sticking straight out. So I asked, “Any more questions?”

Of course little Katherine had one, “Would that big cock of yours fit in my cunt?”

Once again I cleared my throat and replied, “Yes it would! It may hurt you somewhat but I could force it into you if I had too!”

Leave it to my daughter Alyssa to say, “Prove it!”

Fortunately for me at that very moment my wife waked out of the cabin. I was never so happy to see her before. She too had on only one of my T-shirts with no panties on either. The girls were admiring the hair on her pussy that my T-shirt could not cover.

My wife asked, “So what have you guys been talking about?”

Julia said, “Sex!”

Jasmine said, “You fucking him last night!”

Katie said, “About masturbating and cumming!”

Then Katherine said, “If his big cock would really fit into my tiny cunt!”

My wife blushed and said, “Oh my! I thought you were just trying to figure out what to have for breakfast!”

Alyssa said, “We already decided that! We want daddy’s cock for breakfast!”

Julia said, “Yes!”

Jasmine said, “All of us!”

Katie said, “That’s right!”

Katherine said, “And I’m first!”

My wife said, “Okay! Shall we go inside or do you want him to fuck you right out here on this picnic table?”

I finally got to say something, “Inside!”

All five girls jumped stood up and ran into the house.

I kissed my wife and asked, “Now what?”

She rubbed my hard aching cock and said, “Lets go inside and take care of this! It appears that little Katherine is first! I wonder where your daughter fits into the lineup!”

As we walked toward the cabin I slipped my fingers into my wife’s pussy. It had been cleaned. That meant that she had gone to the outhouse and washed up afterwards in the sink. She had done all that while the girls were out here torturing me. I wondered if she had put them up to it. She must have!

My wife said, “Take your time with Katherine! Eat her out for awhile, finger her, try to give her an orgasm first, and then slip it in real gently! Her pussy is small but her hymen is already broken. It will stretch to accommodate you if you are gentle! Whatever you do make her enjoy it or you will scare off the other four! Make it one just girl a day and give Katherine all of your attention today!”

I kept my fingers in my wife’s pussy, even as we entered the cabin. I made sure that the girls all saw where my fingers were before I pulled them out and walked over to Katherine. She was already sitting on my bed with my T-shirt still on. I turned Katherine so that I could slip the fingers that had just come out of my wife’s pussy into her little pussy. Katherine knew exactly where my fingers had been and she even parted her knees for me so that I had better access. I poked around inside her opening and my wife had been right Katherine did not have an intact hymen. I wondered how she knew that. I took a hold of the bottom of the T-shirt and Katherine sat up and raised her arms so that I could slip it off easier. She lay back and opened her legs up wide. I felt like a gynecologist. Then I leaned in and started licking her virgin pussy. She tasted very clean and again I had to wonder what was up. I moved around on the bed to give myself better access to my niece’s tiny pussy. This little angel was extremely willing to let me do anything that I wanted to do to her, including fuck her. I ate her pussy and licked her asshole. That sure excited her just like it excites my wife. I even licked her soft downy fur that tried to cover her pussy. Soon I was attacking her tiny little clit with the tip of my tongue. Katherine cooed and purred as she ran her fingers through my hair. I knew that it was working when she started humping my face. I reached down and tried to remove my underwear. Suddenly my daughter was there helping me with them until I was free.

I stopped licking Katherine for just a moment to say, “Alyssa! Will you suck my cock and get it all wet for Katherine?”

She said, “Sure daddy!” and then she started sucking it while lying on her back.

It was more than I could take so I said, “That’s enough honey!” I pulled my cock away from my daughter’s sweet little mouth and brought it up to Katherine’s sweet little pussy. I watched as she closed her eyes tight and took a deep breath in anticipation. I knew that she expected me to push it in so I did. It would not do any good to have her get ready like that and then for me to hesitate and not follow through with it. So I pushed just a little, then a little harder, and finally the head popped inside if her tight opening. Her eyes opened up and she smiled at me.

Katherine said, “Wow! That feels good! Mom’s dildo hurt more than that the first time!”

Now I really knew that something was up. I had been set up to fuck these girls on this vacation. I only wish I knew whom to thank. This was fantastic!

I went back to concentrating on Katherine. She was tight and I had to really push my cock up into her. She seemed to be enjoying it and so was I. I felt the head of my cock hit the bottom of her hole. I had most of my cock into her and it was plenty too. I backed my cock out and pushed it in again. Katherine was anticipating my thrust and raised her hips up to meet me. In a few strokes we were mutually fucking one another. God she was tight and my cock liked being in her tight little pussy. As I approached my climax I could only hope that she was approaching hers too. Well I hoped but then again I really didn’t care. I had reached that point in time when the little head always tells the big head what to do. At that moment my little head was saying, “Fuck her! Fuck her good!” I must admit that I agreed with my cock so I started fucking into her faster, stronger, and deeper than before. I was thrusting my cock into her and forcing her body up the bed toward the headboard. She was light as a feather. I was afraid that I would give her a concussion if I kept ramming her toward that headboard but I couldn’t stop myself. Fortunately I started to cum in her. Katherine started that cute little cooing and purring like she had done earlier. I knew then that she was having her second orgasm from me.

Katherine cried out, “Oh God! I’m cumming Aunt Kathy! Fuck me harder Uncle Ted! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Yes! Yes! God yes!”

Katherine had tightened her ankles around my back forcing my cock into her all the way. Now she had relaxed and she was lying limply on the bed under me. Her eyes were open and they sparkled. Her cute mouth was open and her tongue was licking her dry lips. So I kissed her before I let my cock slip out of her well used pussy. I rolled to the far side so that the girls could see Katherine. I put my finger in her hole and went after her clit again as I sucked on one of her nipples. Her clit was swollen and much easier to find and stimulate this time. I gave Katherine her third orgasm and she loved it.

I kissed Katherine and said, “Thank you very much for giving me your virginity! I love you, you know! Now you are mine for the rest of the day!”

Katherine asked, Can I sleep with you tonight too?”

My wife Kathy said, “Sure you can sweetheart! You two stay there and rest! Girls! Help me with breakfast!”

Katherine said, “Thank you Uncle Ted!”

While the rest were busy I asked, “So who’s idea was this anyway?”

Katherine said, “If I tell you will you get mad?”

I replied, “No! Honest!”

Katherine said, “It was mommy, Aunt Kathy, and Aunt Linda’s idea!”

I said, “The three sisters! Why?”

Katherine said, “Well we girls started asking them too many questions about sex! So they got together and decided that you were the best choice to introduce us to sex! Apparently you have fucked them all! That’s how they knew that you were the best one to fuck us!”

Yes I had fucked both of my wife’s sisters but how could my wife know that I was the best unless she had fucked both of her brother-in-laws too. So the women had tested us men to see whom they should give their daughters too and I had won. Fantastic!

I said, “Thanks sweetie! That clears up a lot of things! Lets get cleaned up before breakfast!”

We walked out to the outhouse together and took turns peeing. Then we came back inside and washed up at the kitchen sink. By then we just sat down to breakfast. It was only nine o’clock in the morning. I still had a whole day ahead of me.

My wife took the other four girls and I kept Katherine with me just incase I needed her sexually. Her job that day was to be my ‘love child’ as she called herself.

I made love to Katherine again at lunch, at dinner, and at bedtime too. I waited until everyone was there to watch us. Slipping my cock into Katherine became much easier. Giving her orgasms was much easier too. Me cumming however was getting harder and taking longer but that was also part of the reason why I was chosen for this job.

After little thirteen-year-old Katherine I got her fourteen-year-old sister Jasmine for a day. Then I got thirteen-year-old Katie and her fourteen-year-old sister Julia after that. My own fifteen-year-old daughter Alyssa was my final victory. I might add that she was the best one too. It might have been her age but I was pretty sure that it was because she was my daughter.

I had not been giving my wife the attention that she deserved but she said that she could wait until we got home. She said that she would share me with Alyssa. Fantastic!

Each girl was special in her own way. Jasmine had an orgasm while I sucked on her nipples. Julia liked my finger in her ass and my tongue in her mouth. Katie enjoyed being on top. Alyssa liked it best doggy style. Like I said each girl was special in her own way.

The End

One Hundred Bottles Of Beer


Rating: 86%, Read 76947 times, Posted Oct 20, 2007

Fiction | First Time, Incest, Male, Oral Sex, Romance, Teen Female, Virginity


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