Cupids curse (in proved grammar and proof read) first 4 chapters by youngitunes

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“Again I'm having the same dream” I thought to myself. It's always the same cold and dreary room. At first it always seems pitch black but thanks to a few small candles lights around the room I could see into the next room. In the next room there is always a red sofa where a strange woman awaits for my company. I can't hear her voice but somehow I know she’s calling for me. As I get out of bed to come to her I feel the same sharp pain in my eyes. I never stop moving no matter how intense the pain gets as almost if my body were possessed. The burning candles were drawing me closer to her with every step, like a moth I was attracted to the flames in the other room. When I finally reach the sofa my heart starts thumping wildly like a horse on an open field. Again she signals me to sit down next to her. The mysterious woman does nothing more or nothing less. And in reply to her soundless motions I take my seat next to her. As I sit down next to her she lets off an odd yet luscious smell that could hypnotize even the holiest of men. It's always chilling how beautiful this woman is, as if she wasn't from this world. Her eyes are dark crimson red but always give off this gentle feeling. That always makes me fall in love with her in an instant. While looking towards me she always plays with her silk like long black hair. After staring deeply into my eyes, she finally begins to talk but I hear no sound. I’m only able to faintly understand one sentence. “You have come to age.” She looks at me with a bright smile, because I was able to understand what she was trying so say. Then as she begins to lean over to me I always wake up in cold sweat gripping on the only thing I ever received from a father I’ve never met.

It's nothing new to me. I've been having same dream ever since my 18th birthday. At first it was only happening once a week, but now it’s happening every night. “Shit! I’m going to be late.” I shouted after looking at the time on my IPhone. You see today is the first day of the 19 years I've spent on this planet that I will be living alone. Well with my best friend.

“Jaden, come downstairs right now.” My mom shouted from down stairs.

“I'm coming mom.” I said in a nonchalant tone.

You see my mother has always raised me by herself ever since the day I was born. So I was pretty much her baby but recently she got married to my step dad John. He's a nice guy, but lately it seemed like my mother has been acting like a stranger. So I saved up the money that I earned during the summer to rent an apartment with my best friend. “What is it mom? I'm trying to pack before Noah gets here.” Trying to make up excuse to avoid my mother from seeing my hard on.

“Oh honey let him be, he's a growing boy. “John said laughing while drink his morning red bull.

“But John, it’s not going to be the same without Jaden in the house. What am I going to do without my baby boy? “My mom said with a sad expression on her face.

“Ha-ha don't worry I'll keep you busy long enough. With that tight ass of yours I'm sure I can think of a few things.” He said while groping her ass.

“You guys need to get a room already.” I said with a disgusted look on my face. My mom was about to say something but my cell phone interrupted her. It was Noah!

“You’re outside! Hell yeah I’m coming! Give me ten minutes!” I hung up the phone and with that I packed up rest of clothes and said goodbye to the house I've spent my whole life in.

After a 2 hour car drive we finally reach our apartment in Huston Texas. “We’re finally free from rules Noah. From this moment on we’re bachelors, who live on the wild side!” The words just left my mouth. I couldn't wait to meet girls and go to clubs. All my life I had to go to an all-boys school but now I’m free to make my own choices in life.

“Um Jaden, buddy I have to tell you something before we go up to your apartment.” He said looking worried about something. I didn't really pay him any mind and just ran up the stairs. All that was going through my mind was I'm free.

When I got up the stairs the door was already unlock. I went in without giving it a second thought. To my surprise there was a naked girl with pink hair. “Noah!” I barked after seeing a real girl naked for the first time who wasn’t my mother. With his head low Noah said “Jaden I guess you met Amanda already?”

“What the fuck! Bro what the hell is this? I thought it was going to be me and you until we got girlfriends! “I exclaimed furiously.

“I was going to tell you during the car ride but you seemed so happy. You see I met this girl last week and we decided to move in together. Look I know you’re mad but that girl has nowhere to go and I figured since you can't pay the rent by yourself she could help you.” He said passing me my book bag.

“I don't even know who she is. My mother would kill me if she finds out I lied to her and that I'm living with a girl.”

Noah then smiled and said. “You do know her, her name is Amanda and she's single.” he said while walking towards his car.

After standing outside my apartment for a while, the door opened. “So are you going to stand outside or come in?” The girl with pink colored hair said. I walked into the apartment not looking her in the eyes. “So I take it you already know we're going to be living together? If you feel uncomfortable I'll leave.” I said trying to stay calm.

She grabs my face and said. “You know you’re not bad as bad looking as I thought you were going to be. “When Ashley (Noah girlfriend) said she knew a guy I could move in with, to be honest I thought you were going to be ugly. But you’re kind of cute especially with your crimson red eyes, and short jet black hair.”

“What are you talking about my eyes are green. Where is the bathroom? I'll show you that you’re wrong.”

She pointed to the left door at the end of the hall looking flustered. While walking down the hall I became horny and hot, like someone set my body on fire. When I got to the bathroom my eyes and hair were really red and black. I felt my heart my heart beating rapidly as if it wanted to jump out and say “Hi” to the world. Soon I felt a warm hand wrapping around my dick.

“Hey, I usually don't fuck a guy I just met, but there’s something so different about you and it's making me so wet. So how about you and I go see how combatable we are. “Amanda whispered, while nibbling on my ear.

I couldn’t say a word; it felt like my brain was being melted away. All that left in my mouth was “Sure.” She guided me to her room by my penis with nothing more than a towel on. I was speechless; I never knew a hand other than mine could feel so good.

As soon as we got into the room she threw me on the bed, with a look of lion about to eat its prey. “Just be a good boy and be quiet I'm going to make you feel real good. “She said.

With that she pulled down my brown cargo pants and removed my underwear with nothing but her with juicy pink lips. “Aman...Ama...Amanda you don't have to do this.” Was what I wanted trying to say but the moment I felt those lips of this tanned girl I almost ejaculated. I had no more time to think and before I knew I was pushing her head down on my now fully erect 6 inch cock. I could tell she was trying to gasp for air. The harder she gagged the more pleasure I felt. I soon notice her beginning to cry a little, so I finally let go the hold I had on her head.

“What the fuck did you stop for? I was about to cum and I never had a guy make me cum by sucking his dick.” She yelped slowly removing my penis from her wet moist mouth dripping with cum and her drool. “You’re going to pay by letting my hot pussy eat your dick until it’s full.” She said with a greedy look on her face.

What could I say lying in front of a hot chick, with big tits, pink nipples and hungry for my dick? All I did was nod silently hoping this moment would never end.

“Good boy. “She said while licking her lips. As she lowered her hips, I could feel this warm sensation wrapping around my dick like a perfect glove.

“Oh My God, How can a dick be so perfect? “She howled while riding my dick up and down like it was going out of style. Occasionally she would stop and let her whole body shake and just sit there looking amazed. I think she came. When she was like that I couldn't help but thrust my dick in her as hard as I could waiting to see her reaction. Not long after her body would give out a small jolt of pleasure and she starts riding it again. I don't know how many times I came in her, I lost count after 5. It’s a shame but good things always come to an end. Feeling the need to pull out and take a smoke break I said. “Amanda I need a little break time then we can continue when I get back.” She look a little displease when I said that but I had to stop.

“Fine I'll let you go but when comeback I want oral.” She whispered while licking my face.

I pulled out and went to the bathroom. When I went back to the bathroom my hair and eyes was back to normal. I didn't care why it was back to normal. I took a quick piss and smoke. Then I heard a loud scream coming from Amanda's room. I instantly ran to her room to find her back covered in what looked like a tribal tattoo.

“Amanda what happen?” I shouted wondering what was going on. She looked at me with a devastating look on her face. “Who are you?”

Part 2

The first thing I notice when I wake up is usually the ceiling. But today seems a little different, maybe because only a few hours ago I lost my virginity to a woman I never met. Of course I've watch porn before, but l never heard of anyone who forgot who they had sex with. I remember every word she said to me.

“Listen I usually don't sleep with guys I just met, and you’re not my type at all. If its ok with you could we just act like this never happen?”

I said “sure.”

After that I went to my room and went to sleep. It was the first time in a while I didn't have that dream about the mysterious women either.

“Damn! I got too lost in my thoughts again.” It's was already 9 am. After getting dress I made my way to the kitchen only to find Amanda cooking. Damn she was just as sexy as she was last night. With those blue skinny boot cut jeans, and an ass that would put Kim Kardashian to shame.

“Um good morning Amanda,” I said trying to cut the awkward air we had between us.

She didn't turn around, all she said was. “Look I know we’re living together and all, but could you please not talk to me when my partner is here.”

“Your partner,” I said confused

Before I could get another word out someone covered my eyes. “Jaden guess who?”

The tone she uses was sexy, yet familiar.

“I don't know.”

“You’re so mean Jaden, even though you got a boner from me just whispering in your ear.”

Only one person in this world could have a mouth so rotten. “Sarah?”

“Oh! So you do remember your cousin, who you lost your first kiss to.”

“How could I forget, you made me play spin the bottle with you all the time.” She finally let my face go and said. “You always were a party pooper.” I couldn't help but notice her small petite figure. Those small tits that were just big enough to be considered an A cup breast size. Her curvy hips in those daisy dukes shorts. “Jaden are you done drooling over my body yet?” I quickly snap out of the trance I was in. “What are you talking about? I would rather be caught whistling at Wendy Williams, before drooling over you.”

“Oh is that right?” With that said she kisses me on the lips. I could slowly feel her tongue just dancing in my mouth. My head started to get fuzzy. I could feel my heart beating throughout my entire body. After a few seconds she pushes me back.

“Tell me, do you still want to whistle at Wendy Williams?” Before I could say anything I heard a voice in my head. “What are you waiting for? Make her your women!”

“Jaden that was just a joke, you don’t have to get so angry.” I tried to cover my ear, but the harder I tried to block the voice the louder it got.

“Sarah GET AWAY FROM ME!” I didn't know what was going on. My body was getting hot. My conscience felt like it fading away to a dark place. Before I knew it, I was in the bathroom washing my face. To my surprise it happened again, my eyes were crimson red and my hair was jet black. I could feel it through my deepest veins. My body wanted it, no my body needed it. It was a craving that I never felt before like I was hungry for something more than food. Part of me wanted to go back in the kitchen and fuck Amanda and Sarah until they were screaming their brains out. “Jaden I’m sorry if I upset you in anyway. Amanda and I are going to leave for a while.”

After I few moments I heard the door close. I took that as my chance to go to my room. Unlike the last time my eyes stayed red as blood. I knew this was not something a doctor would know about, so I went on Google. Nothing came up, but a story about cupid making a deal with humans. I had no other choice but to get dress and go to the main library downtown. I threw on anything I could find. My favorite black & white Polo shirt and my navy blue Levi jeans. Not knowing what effects the sun would do to my eyes I grab a pair of sun glasses just to be safe.

When I arrived at the library, it was almost empty but for a few girls and the Liberian. She was a slender young woman with long black hair, who looked to be in her mid-twenties. “Do you have any reference materials pertaining roman mythology?” It was the only thing that kept on popping up whenever I Google my symptoms, so I decided to start with that first. “Huh” She said looking up from being engrossed in a paperback book. “Do you have any references on roman mythology? “I repeated, saying each word separately.

“Ro-man-myth-logy?” She repeated, almost singing. It sounded so lovely the way she said it, like the first line of a poem. I could feel my heart gradually beating slower, then how it was a few moments ago. My blood suddenly became less violent; it was almost as this one girl had the ability to calm down my spirit.

“Just a minute please. I'll check” she said, she bit her lower lip and turned around to type the words ROMAN MYTHOLOGY on her keyboard. Some twenty titles appeared on the screen. While she was operating her computer, I was looking down at her long hair and elegant backside. I didn't know exactly what to make of her. She was beautiful and seemingly quite intelligent. There wasn't a reason in the world not to find her appealing. She pressed the COPY button for a printout of the screen data, which she handed to me.

“You have five titles to select from.”

She said, “1. A guide to roman mythology

2. Pictorial atlas of roman mythology

3. Cupid curse

4. Tales of the gods of Roman

5. Understanding the gods of roman”

I had an allowance of three books with my card. I chose numbers 3, 4, and 5. Numbers 1 and 2 did sound intriguing, but they didn't seem to have much to do with my investigation, so I left them for some other time. I found a nice quiet spot in the back of the library. The first book I read was called Cupids Curse. It told a story about how the God of love was bored helping every human fall in love. Then how one day a man approach Cupid with an idea.

“Cupid you are the god of love, a man with power that far surpass any human. With a power like yours, why do you use it for such meaningless things?” Cupid did not how to take this man, so he ask the man, “What would you do if you had my powers than boy?” The man begins to grin, “Lord Cupid there is a saying among the people. With great power comes great responsibility. The way I see is, those whom who been given the power to change their life, should change the world as they see fit.” Cupid laughed for the first time in years and agrees to the man request, only on two conditions. 1. The man could never tell a soul of his new found powers and 2. He will never be able to truly fall in love with any human. Cupid then told the man to return back in three days. When three days came to pass the man return, as promise cupid gave him the power with a brand new arrow that was red & black.

The books than goes on telling how a man with the red eyes and the black hair took over a town, and had nothing but women serving his every need. Though out the book I kept seeing the same word, but I couldn’t understand what it meant. So I made my way back to the front of the library. “Excuse me, would you happen to know what these words mean?” I handed the book to the Liberian. She hesitated, teasing the tip of her cute pink tongue between her teeth. “Okay, this isn’t too hard, you see this is Greek, and it means desires awaken. “I repeat it after her, “Desires Awaken.” I felt my knees get weak, just saying these mare words, made me cum in my pants. My body started to change again, but this time it was different. My hair once again change color, my blood was warm, and my eyes could see what it has never able to see before, the chains of love. The slender young Liberian was no match for my powers, with one mare touch from my hand I could feel her whole body shake from an orgasm. “Master my body feels so hot, my pussy never been this wet. “She howled while play with her cunt. “Become my women and you will feel pleasure like this every day.”

She nodded and took me to the break room. She immediately strips down to nothing but her panties.

“Fuck me; fuck my pussy until I have your baby master.”

Seeing the face of a woman who I had admired with such a slutty face gave me a hard on. I threw her body on the coffee table. I took her size DD breast in my mouth and suck them until I thought milk was coming out. She was about to let out a furious scream, but I sealed her mouth and said, “Shush we’re in a library.”

She tried as hard as she could to keep it in, but not even she could handle this new found power. “Please fuck me! I can`t take it, fuck this virgin pussy.” Those words hit my brain hard, so I gave her what she wanted; I stuck all 6 inches into her pussy in one go, she let out a yelp.

“Are you okay?” I ask. She replies not by words but by wrapping her legs around my hips and kissed me. She was too cute; I could no long stop even if I wanted to. The faster I pump in and out of her, the harder she would bite down on my shoulder. Then she said the words that would change my life. "I love you master, I will always be there for you no matter what.”

Part 3

It's been nearly two weeks since my encounter with the sexy librarian. Since then I've been testing my powers out to see how long my cupid curse can last and to see just what the side effects might just be from using this newly founded gift. What I've discovered so far is, to activate my strange ability at will, I must say “desires awaken,” and to deactivate my power at will, all I have to say is “I love you.”

Sounds simple enough but each time I use that form I've noticed more and more changes to my body and the women I concord and haven't. It would seem my height changed from 5'8 to 6'3. Whatever I eat burns off like nothing, I've lost weight. For the first time in my life I have a six pack. I've also notice whenever I deactivate my power I feel light headed and lose my craving for sex. As far as the women go, the ones I've had sex with seem to forget about me the instant I deactivate my power, but as soon as I reactivate my power they all seem to call me by the name master. The women I have not slept with have become nymphomaniacs. As of right now I have three women under my command and 10 women dying to fuck me. The librarian, my roommate and, my landlord Jenifer, the thing that bothers me the most is they all have the same tribal tattoo on their backs. I've also notice that the mark left on their backs can only been seen by me, and it’s also their weak spot during sex.

“Jaden what are you still doing here? Class is already over. Did you stay for extra credit?”

I heard a voice but I choose to ignore it. I was too deep in thought reflecting on these last few weeks. I decided to ignore whoever it was, hoping they would catch on and leave me alone. Then she whispered in my ear in a seductive tone. “You know my pussy is wet right now, but it could always get wetter. “Those words alone sent a cold yet pleasant shiver down my spine. “Hey can't you see I'm...”

I was lost for words, when my eyes met my college professor. She was a chubby lady but young and beautiful. I don't know why but whenever I think about a fat girl, I think of someone fighting over the last piece of cake or sitting on the couch, eating a bowl of ice cream complaining no one wants to marry them. Don't get me wrong your plain fat women are fine. Fat women are like clouds in the sky. They usually have nothing to do with me. But a young, beautiful, fat woman is another story. She was more on the plump side. But it complimented her cute face. “Professor Ella.” She looked at me and gave me a nice simple smile. “I been giving you lectures for almost three weeks and you forgot my name. “She said while taking a seat next to me. I couldn’t do anything but blush at my own embarrassment. Maybe it was because of the women I’ve met these last few days that I had mix her name up with someone else.

“Just kidding, my name is Ella Jones, but you can call me Ella. “She said while gesturing her hand for a handshake. “So Jaden are my classes that boring or do you have something on your mind? “Again she took me off guard. “No! What would make you think that? “I asked.

“Well for one, you’re always grinning like a perverted old man.” she said while playing with her long blond hair. “No! I was just... What type of teacher tells her student her thing is wet?” She burst into a laugh and trekked two fingers up my chest. “The type that understands about your gift to the world more than you do,” She said with a grin.

“What do you mean?” I asked in a stern voice.

“Before that, tell me something Jaden,” Ella whispered in my ear.

“What's that? “I ask wondering what she was up to.

“Do you want to sleep with me?”

“No! “I said.

“Oh, then how about now?” As soon as she said that, I could smell a sweet yet gentle fragrance in the air. “So Jaden, how about now, do you want to fuck?”

My mind started to feel like it was melting away with each word that left her beautiful glossy lips.

“No, “I said.

“Silly boy, are you hard right now?”

“No, “I answered, knowing full well what was happening in my pants.

“Is it difficult?”


“Not being able to fuck me?”

“It's not as hard as it looks.”

“You really are cute, “she said while slowly moving her hand to my crotch.

“I'm going to ask one more time now. Do you want me to take care of your true desires?”

“Yes, “I said.

“Yes what?”

“Would you please take care of it for me?”

“Good boy, I knew you would see things from my point of view. “She said with a sly smile. Then she unzipped my pants and took my stiff penis in her hand. “It's so warm and thick,” She said. She started to move her hand but then stop. “I'm going to give you a special treat. That most humans can't handle. “Her head soon went underneath the table. Not to soon after my cock felt like it was melting like ice-cream on hot summer day. I could feel her tongue wrapping around my dick. She made a quick pause, and slowly removed her tongue from my dick. Then she took my dick and stuffed it into her mouth. I could feel her uvula gentle caressing the head of my penis. After letting my dick get comfortable, she replaced her tongue with her teeth. And slowly work my shaft out her mouth. She repeated this three more times before I came in her mouth. I had so many questions to ask her, but before I could ask some students came in. “You’re not the only one. “Were the last words I heard from her before she left to talk to the students. I ended up going back home and eating some left over Chinese. Trying to put everything that happened so far into context, slowly but surely I felled into a deep sleep.

Yet again I was having the same dream. I awoke in the same room, showing nothing but candles, the women on the sofa calling me to come to her. But this time when I finally reach her, she was upset. I tried several times to grab hold of her, but nothing work. After a few minutes she finally looks my way. Yet again I hear nothing any I'm only able to read a few words from her lips. As I started to make out what she was trying to say. Her hair started to cover her face. I tried to move the hair from her face. But every strand of hair I touch turned into cold blooded snakes. I somehow manage to fight them off. But one of them bit me on my wrist. I instantly drop down on the ground, bursting in a blaze of pain. I awoke lying in a bed of sweat. I spent two hours in the bathroom. Throwing up the Chinese I ate for dinner. Not knowing what else to do I called Noah. What we talk about, I don't remember. All I knew was that I went back into a deep sleep. I don't know how long I slept for. But it was the first time in a while I enjoyed it.

I didn't dream about anything, I guess that's what made it so perfect. But all good things must come to an end. I awoke to someone washing my face with a warm wet washcloth. “I'm sorry did I wake you? “A woman asked. I couldn't tell who she was or what she looked like, but she had a laid back atmosphere around her. So I close my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. “You have beautiful black hair. Its way different then the picture I saw of you,” the women said while washing the sweat from my face.

“It's not that special, “I said still half asleep.

“Really, then I guess that tattoo on your wrist is nothing special either. “I still didn't pay her any mind. Then I felt warm smooth lips press against mine. It was only natural that I kissed her back. I then felt a hand slowly make its way down to my shaft.

“Hey now, “I couldn't get any other words out.

“You know who I am Jaden. You and I have been together, ever since you’re coming to age.” I thought it was another dream, never opening my eyes once.

“Good boy,” she whispered in my ear. I felt her put a pillow over my face.

“Let me take good care of you, I'll make sure you forget all about those dirty women. “I could feel her tongue wrap itself around my dick. Just as I was about to cum, she suddenly stop. She sat on the bed, took my hand, and bought it under her dress. She wasn't wearing any panties. I felt the warmth of her vagina. It was deep, warm, and very wet. My fingers were all but sucked inside. “Why are you doing this?” I asked. Instead of answering, she wraps her hand around my dick.

“You don't have to think, Jaden. I'll take care of everything.”

“Why? “I asked, but there was no reply.

The strange women mounted me and used her hands to slip me inside of her. Once she had me deep inside, she began a slow rotation with her hips. As she moved I could feel her dress caressing my naked stomach and thighs. Her vagina felt warm and at the same time cold. It tried to envelop me, to draw me in, and at the same time to press me out. My erection grew larger and harder. I felt I was about to burst wide open. It was the strangest sensation, something that went beyond sexual pleasure. It felt as if something inside her, something special inside her, was slowly working its way through my penis into me. The women said nothing. Instead, she began to move her hips in an even more erotically stimulating way. Her soft flesh, itself almost an independent organism, enveloped my erection with a gentle pulling motion. From behind her I heard-or thought I heard- the sound of a knob being turned. A white flash went through the darkness of the pillow. “What the fuck is going on, Jaden how could you?” I couldn't think clear anymore. There was only one thing for me to do. I came....

Part 4

When I woke the next morning, a wave of terror overtook me. It suddenly came, like an electric shock and froze me in place. My muscles turned to stone. Every pore of my body gushed sweat, and my legs began to tremble. My best friend Noah was dead. Not just him a woman was lying beside him. I held my breath and listened, but I couldn't hear a thing. The pounding of my own heart reverberated in my ears with such force I couldn't even hear my bed room door open. The door was opened by a slim young man with short hair and extremely regular features. He was possibly the handsomest man I have ever seen in my life. But even more than his features, what caught my eye was his clothing. He wore a shirt of almost painful whiteness and a deep green necktie with a fine pattern. Not only was the necktie itself stylish, but it even had the perfect knot, every twist and dip exactly as one might see in a men's fashion magazine. His pants were dark gray, and he had worn black loafers. Everything looked brand new, as if he had just put it on for the first time a few minutes before. He was somewhat shorter than I. The hint of a smile played about his lips as if he had just heard a joke and was smiling now in the most natural way. I took a deep breath. Here I was in my room with two dead bodies. The air in the room was chilling and smelled of the dead body corpse. I began to explain the situation, but he gave his head a slight shake to signal that it was unnecessary for me to say anything. Holding the door open inward, he ushered me into the hallway, and after a quick glance at Noah, he closed the door, saying nothing all the while. He looked at me with crimson red eyes narrowed as if to apologize. I was now standing in my living room. We were met by a man wearing green sunglasses. The young man gestured me to take a seat. As soon as I sat down, he removed them and stared at the lenses for a while, and then he put them back on. He wore what looked like a brand new white polo shirt under a navy cotton sports coat. There was a glass of iced tea on the table in front of him, but he had apparently not touched it his drink yet. No one said anything. The man appeared not to have even notice that I had arrived. The young man behind me made little throat clearing sounds as if testing a microphone, but still he said nothing.

The man was the first one to speak. “I have very little time to spare, so let's make this as simple and straightforward as possible.”

“Make what as simple and straightforward as possible? “I asked straightforwardly.

At last the man took off his sunglasses, folded them, placed them on the table, and looked directly at me. His eyes were red just like mine and the young man, but his gave off this murders intent aura. As he gazed me in my eyes it felt as he was looking into my mind, mentally raping every thought that ever pop into my mind. After a few seconds that felt like days, the man started to grin. “Are you afraid of me? “The man asked.

“No, “I said.

His grin began to slowly turn into a smile, as if someone had told a joke. “Good, I would hate if you were weak. I've been watching you since the day of your awakening like father ask.” The man said, while picking up his untouched iced tea. “You know my father? “I asked. The man took a long sip of his drink before he decided to speak. “I shouldn't be so surprise you don't know anything. As I recall your mother was never one to share secrets. But if you still can't tell by now from our red eyes, the three of us are brothers. I am your eldest brother Aeron, and the one behind you is Eden.” He showed no sign of lying. I watched him sitting there and said nothing. “I’m sure this is quite a shock to you. Finding your friends dead and finding out you had brothers. I'm not here to do you any harm, believe me, so you don't have to look at me that way. I'm just here to help my baby brother.”

Unlike Eden I couldn't read Aeron; he was too perfect to be called a human. “Do you mind if I smoke? “he asked, “I was trying not to before, but sitting here and talking like this without a cigarette is like torture.” Finding it hard to speak, I simply nodded. Aeron took a filtered cigarette peace from his pocket, and place it between his lips, and made a loud, dry scratching sound as he lit it with the match. He sucked the smoke into his lungs with obvious pleasure. Each long puff made the end of the cigarette glow bright red like burning coal. Once he had sucked all the nicotine he needed into his lungs, he gave a sign of relief and produced a strange look on his face that hovered somewhere midway between a smile and a smirk. Then he opened his mouth. “Well, now, let me start cleaning up before we get an unwelcome guest.” He gave a simple nod to Eden and shoved his hand into his pockets, pulled out a key ring with one key attached, and held it up for me to see. “Jaden let's go for a ride,” Aeron said.

“Why?” I asked, my voice sounding somewhat mangled. Aeron face changed.

“Jaden I'm not asking you, I’m telling you to get your sorry ass dress and get the fuck ready to go.”

Eden gave him a gentle look; I would guess trying to remind him about the blood bath in my room. Aeron gave Eden a simple nod and without a word Eden disappeared into the dark hallway. Shortly after a few moments he returned with a few of my things. My black with white stripes hoodie and my navy blue jeans, and my pair of white air Nikes. While putting on the jeans I notice a strange looking snake tattoo on my wrist, wrapping its way up to the back of my hand. It looked so real, I could feel its cold gaze draw me in closer and closer. “Jaden stop playing with Sister’s marking,” Aeron shouted.

“What do you mean marking?” I asked. “It doesn't matter now,” Aeron said while lighting another smoke. After I got dress Eden was told to put a blindfold over my face. A thick layer of artificial darkness soon surrounded. “Don't be afraid, brother won't hurt you.” Eden whispered in my ear. His small voice had calmed down my heart. “This is only going to hurt for a minute,” Aeron said. Soon after those trusting words I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and blacked out.

When I awoke I couldn't tell where I was at, the blindfold blocked my eye site. It was so utterly still that when I held my breath I was overtaken by the sense that the world had stopped in its tracks. Before long, as women opened a door and stepped quietly into the room. I knew it was a woman from fragrance of her perfume. This was not a sent a man would wear. I could hear the slight sound of the woman's clothes rustling as she crossed the room and gently lowered herself next to me. So lightly did she settle into the cushions of the sofa that is it was clear she was a small woman. Sitting there, the women stared straight at me. I could feel her eyes focused on my face. The women, never moving, went on staring at me for a long time. I sensed her slow, gentle breathing but not hear a sound. Eventually, the women reached out and placed her fingertips on my penis, very carefully, as if inspecting some valuable, fragile thing. Then she began to caress it. I didn't know how to react to this, or how I was expected to react. The women said nothing. Aside from the sound of rustling clothes, the room was enveloped in a deep silence. The women traced her fingertips over my skin as if trying to read some minutes secrets script that had been engraved on it. Finally, she stops caressing my penis. She then stood up, came in front of me, and, instead of using her fingertips, used her tongue. The way she did it, was far more mature then the way my sex slaves and Ella had done it.

Her tongue moved and clung to my flesh with far greater skill. With varying pressure, changing angles, and different movements, it tasted and sucked and stimulated my penis. I felt hot, moist throbbing below the waist. I could feel my penis grow bigger in her mouth. I didn't want my curse to activate. To do so would have been all too meaningless. But I couldn't stop myself. My better half started to take over, I could feel my blood ragging, my cock becoming hard as a rock. Then I felt a small prick in my neck. “Jaden you must clam your spirit, or you will fail your right of passage.”

It was Eden. For no clear reason, I felt that those words of his were something I could believe in. Soon after, I felt my muscles stiffening, my mouth and throat going dry. “What was going to happen to me?” I ask myself. The women stop sucking my penis and slowly guided her fingertip up to my face.

“Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just going to fuck you until I'm full with nothing but your semen.” She started to kiss me all over, taking special care of my mouth. She had the breast of a little girl. I caressed them and took her nipples in my teeth, then slid a finger inside her warm, moist pussy and began to move it. With my fingers in her pussy, I moved my lips up her neck to her ear and took a nipple with the fingers on my other hand. As the women breathing intensified and her throat began to tremble, I could feel her slim legs part ways, as she eased my penis in her. “You won't get me pregnant will you? If you do you will take care of it right?” The women murmured in my ear. “I'd be so embarrassed if I got pregnant by my brother”

“Brother!” I shouted.

“Just relax,” she said.

When I was all the way in, she trembled and released a sigh. She started to rock her hips slowly, without warning, I came. It was an intense, unstoppable ejaculation. I clutched her in my arms as my semen pulsed into her warm hole again and again.

“I'm sorry,” I said. “I couldn't stop myself.

“Don't worry Jaden,” said the women claiming to be my sister, giving me another kiss on the mouth. “You don't have to worry about that. Do you always worry about that when you're doing it with your slaves?”


“Well you don't have to worry about that with me. Forget it. Just let yourself go as much as you like.”

I didn't care any longer if she was my sister or not. I flipped the women on her back. Growing harder, I went inside her again. She held her breath and twisted her hips beneath me. I moved slowly and quietly with my arms around her, and we started talking. I felt at ease to talk that way. I found out her name was Anthea. We held each other like that for a very long time. “Oh this feels marvelous!” Anthea said. “Moving's not bad either,” I said. “Go ahead. Give it a try.” I lifted her hips and went in as far as I could go and savored the sensation of moving in a circular pattern until, having enjoyed it to the full, I let myself cum. Altogether, we joined our bodies four more times. At the end each time, Anthea would lie in my arms trembling slightly, and release a long sigh.

After lying still for some time, I heard a clapping sound. “Well done brother, to think you were able to make the mighty slut Anthea to cum.” The voice was from Aeron. “Eden take that blindfold off of brother. Jaden I hope you’re not too tired from playing with sister, because tonight the whole family is here and we have a lot of catching up to do.” Eden finally took the blindfold off of my eyes. My eyes were met by 2 naked men, and 4 women.” No way! Why are you here Mother? ”........

Mother was stark naked. Facing towards me as I laid on the bed, with nothing on, not even panties, revealing two well-shaped breasts, two small pink nipples, and, below a perfectly flat stomach, a black triangle of pubic hair, looking like a shaded area in a drawing. Her skin was very white, with a newly minted glow. At a loss to explain her presence here, I nevertheless went on staring at her beautiful body. “Mother what's going on? Why are you here? I asked, trying to figure out what was going on exactly. Not even giving me a small glance, she simply reply with, “Those are questions I cannot answer.”

Aeron interrupted us, while sitting down at a table. “Jaden there are many things you don't know, and you do know.”

“What do you mean by that?” I ask.

Aeron lets out a fairly long sigh. “How should I explain this in the most simplest of ways to you brother,” Aeron said as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, and placed them on a table. As he sat there thinking, he started to twirl the lighter between his fingers. As time went by a women in a maid outfit appeared, coming through large steel door. Not even taking a glance at my mother hanging from the wall, she placed an ashtray in front of Aeron and left. He lit up with a clipped flick, narrowed his eyes and released a puff of smoke. Aeron didn't say a word, choosing instead to contemplate the lit end of end of his cigarette. When the tip of Aeron's cigarette had transformed into a goodly increment of ash, he gave it a measured tap, and the ash fell in the ashtray.

“You inherited a very rare blood,” began Aeron, in a high, piercing voice. “It was necessary for you to be raised in our house. But your mother or what I would like to call a whore, took you away in the heat of the night.”

“That’s not true,” I said. “My mother raised me by herself, after my father walked out on us.”

“Walked out? Walked out? ”Cigarette at his lips, he scratched his palm. “What has this women been feeding you all these year's Jaden?”

“She told me father was a sweet man, but he had mistresses, and left her the moment she told him she was pregnant.”

“Can't say I capisce,”he spoke, measuredly. “Surely you must be mistaken. Father loved, and worried about you, until he was sent to his grave. He hired people to watch every move that whore made, he spent millions on you. Did you really believe a single mother could afford to send her son to a private school, for 12 years? Your mother is nothing but a gold digger!”

“What the fuck did you just call my mother? Talk about her again like that and I'll kill you.” I snarled. “Now please, wait just a moment.” Eden chose at this point to intervene. “Brother don't you think you’re being too hard on Jaden? Aeron, Jaden it is important to proceed with this discussion in an orderly fashion.”

“I don't see that happening, as long as that woman is in my sight.” said Aeron, with a sense of animosity in his voice.

“There is no order to this. What kind of order do you mean? This discussion doesn't have any.”

“Let him speak first,” I said to Eden.

“We can add proper order afterwards, assuming there is one.” Eden looked at me for a few seconds with his lips lightly pursed, and then gave a little nod.

“All right, then brother Aeron first. Please.” Eden said

“Well then,” Aeron cleared his throat. “There's not much time, so let's cut the socializing out.” He crushed his butt out in the ashtray, and looked up at me. “Brother there is thousands of things I could tell you about your mother past. But how about you hear it from the horse’s mouth,” he said, while staring at my mother. She turned her face. “I thought it would be like this. So I bought you a present,” Aeron said, with a sadistic smile. He snapped his fingers twice, and the steel door blew wide open. Then enters one mountain of a man, wearing a loud aloha shirt, khaki army pants stained with grease, and white tennis shoes the size of scuba diving flippers, Skinhead, pug snout, a neck as thick as my waist. His eyelids formed gunmetal shells over his eyes that bulge molten white. False eyes, I thought immediately, until a flicker of the pupils made them seem human. He must have stood two meters tall, with shoulders so broad that the buttons that on his aloha shirt was practically flying off his chest. The hulk glanced at the wasted door as casually as he might pop a wine cork, and then turned his attentions towards my mother. No complex feelings here. He looked at her like she was another fixture.

“Now Jaden, I tried to talk to your mother the easy way. But now were going to have to play by my rules.” Aeron continued with a sadistic smile. Big boy parked his weight on the edge of the bed, on other side of the gigantic room. He crossed his arms, as thick as normal human thighs, his eyes glued to my brother.

“Now then,” Aeron said, while standing up. “Eden grab hold of Jaden, you too Ella and Anthea.”

“We can do this more gentleman like if we wanted to brother,” Eden yelled out.

“But it's not necessary,” Aeron said. “Desires awaken.” His pupils started glowing red, while hair was turning black. Aeron made his way to where my mother stood. “Eden, Ella, and Anthea, I will not repeat myself again, no matter how much he struggle hold him down, even if you have to use the power of cupid.” Aeron barked.

“Eden you don't have to listen to this guy.” I said. Eden looked at me with a sorrowful smile, like that of a puppy.

“I'm sorry brother, but orders are orders. I hope you won't come to think badly of us.” Eden walked behind me and wrapped his arm around my neck, like a choke hold, “Desires awaken.” With that one line I felt a tight grip around my throat. Ella slowly made her way towards me. As she made her way over, she ran her hands through her soaking wet pussy, with one hand cupping her large breast. “No fair Jaden, while watching you fuck Anthea I got this wet. I know I told you I could get wetter, but didn't know I could this wet without even fucking you yet. Desires awaken.” Her blonde hair became a gorgeous silk black, her breast became perky. Her cute plump body turned into an even more stunning, curvy figure. Not even kayden kross could compare too her.

“How about this, I'll give you a special treat for making me so horny,” she said as she pulled her soak and wet fingers out her damp pussy. She took the hand that was covered in her sweet nectar, and polished off everything that was on her fingers. She licked up every last drop, savoring lick she took. One by one, she removes a finger out her mouth. “It's done, Eden let him go,” she said.

I took that as my chance to escape. But she grabs my arm with the most intense physical strength. “Sorry, but the fun part is about began.” She threw me back on the bed, and stuffed my mouth with the fingers she drenched in saliva and her nectar. I tried to pull her hands out my mouth with all my strength, but she was to strong. “Jaden did you know people who've been granted master cupids gift, can make they're pheromones levels 100 times stronger than the average human. The men can change a female’s heart and make them fall madly in love with them. The women's, on the other hand can make a man dick twice as thick as a normal man, if they fuck our hot and wet pussies. But if a man was to swallow our sweet honey and saliva at once,” she let out a small chuckle. “He becomes nothing but a mindless sex slave, for 24 hours,” she said while pulling her finger out of my mouth.

“Why are you doing this?” I shouted.

Aeron answered, “Because it's important for siblings to bond. Why else?”

“You people are sick,” was all I could say.

“No brother, we are gifts to these humans; we are the ones that set them free.”

“Free?” I asked.

“You see brother, when we activate our powers as Ella said; our pheromones become greater than the average human. But do you know what happens to the ones affected?” Aeron asked while foundling my mother's breast. “You see, the first thing they loss is their minds. It will go, and with it goes all sense of lost, sorrow, pain, worries. Nor will love matter. Only lust will remain Indescribable lustful sensation.”

All I could do was let out a simple grunt. But I could feel every last thing he was talking about. My body and mind started to feel like it was on fire, my heart started to pound, every thump sent chills down my spine, every pore of my body started to crave Ella body. What was happening to me, I asked myself.

“Well, I see time is running out, so I'll think I'll cut short our little lesson.” Aeron said. “To tell you the truth brother, your mother has already been placed under my curse. But everything that happens next, remember I'm doing it all for you.” Aeron looked at Big Boy and nodded. The Big Boy nodded. Immediately, Big boy took of his clothes, only to reveal a monster for a penis. It had to be at least 9 or 10 inches, the girth was the size of a can of Campbell’s soup. “Was this man even human,” I ask myself. Big boy then made his way to my mother. He slid both of his enormous hands between her soft white thighs.

“Oh please don’t do this.”

“Now whore,” Aeron started. “Tell Jaden about your slutty past or my buddy will fuck you until you uterus rips in two.” Her eyes became lost in Aeron eyes. “Please masters fuck my dirty pussy.” she said. “Tried to warn you Jaden,” he said laughing. “Once you’re a slut you’re always a slut.” He nodded once again at the hulk. Without even a look of compassion, he lifted my mother over his dick, and when he felt his dick being kiss by her drenched pussy lips, he shoved every last inch of his dick in her body.

“Oh god, pull it out,” she screamed.

“You heard what she said pull it out.” The man took heed to my brother advice. With a simple nod, the man pulled half of his dick out, and with all his strength, pushed it right back in. There wasn't much for me to do but stare and cry on the bed and watch my mother being rape.

Big Boy whistled through it all. I couldn't recognize the tune. I could only make out the sounds coming from my mother. First high and shrill, then low and harsh, her screams sounded more like a scraping violin bow.

“I'm getting horny from just watching,” Aeron said with admiration.

“You sadistic fuck,” I screamed.

“Don't be like that Jaden you will hurt your big brother feelings. Look, she was so against it at first, but look she's keeps thrashing her hips against his in a rhythm.” Eden said

“Please Jaden, don't look at your mother slutty face,” she said while violently thrashing her hips.

“Jaden stop paying so much attention to your mother. I'll get jealous,” Ella said while stuffing her face with my cock. It felt like my penis was melting in her mouth as she slid my cock in and out and gently grinded her teeth against my shaft. As I felt an explosion coming, she stopped.

“Jaden I want to you to cum in my other mouth today,” Ella said. Like an animal in heat, I threw her on the bed and fucked her doggy style.

“Oh god, Oh my fucking god Jaden, you so deep,” she lustfully shouted out.

She turned her head around and started to kiss me. Our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths. The moment she bit down on my tongue, I came.

“Did that feel good?” she asked.

“It felt amazing,” I said as I started to pull cock out of her. Then I felt I tight clamp around my dick. “What's going on?” I asked.

“Did I not tell you that until I’m satisfied, you will be my sex slave for the next 24 hours? I tried to pull out even harder. But my penis grew stronger inside this woman wet and moist walls.

“Desires awaken,” I said trying to fight my way loose.

“What a cute dirty boy, trying to use your powers on me.”

“Damn right! Now let ....”My head started to get fuzzy, my hips started to move on its own. “Wha... What did you do to me?” I asked.

“I see you finally took the bait. Like brother said, those who are affected become mindless beast that only cares for sex.”

No matter how many times I came, I would get instantly hard again, coming back harder and stronger each time. I kept having black outs, throughout the whole 24 hours. One minute I was fucking Ella, then next I was fucking Anthea, and the very last woman was my mother.

Was it the right thing to do? I couldn’t answer that. I can't be sure. I guess I'll never know. But at the time, it was as all I could do. We both were in a heightened state of tension and confusion, and she made it clear she wanted me to give her release. We explored each other's bodies in the darkness without words. I kissed her and enfolded her soft breast in my hands. She clutched at my erection. Her opening was warm and wet and asking for me. And yet, when I went inside of her, mother tensed with pain. Was it because of that hulk bastard? I asked, and she nodded. I went in as far as I could and stayed that way for a long time, holding her in my arms without moving. And then, as she began to seem calmer, I allowed myself to move inside her, taking a long time climax, with slow, gentle movements. Her arms tightened around me at the end, when at last she broke silence. Her cry was the saddest sound of orgasm I had ever heard.

“Well done brother. I knew you had it in you. Now let’s start the real fun.” Aeron Said before my mind faded away.

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