The Devil's Pact, Cult of the Ghost Chapter 3: Winter by mypenname3000

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The Devil's Pact, The Cult of the Ghost

by mypenname3000

Copyright 2015

Chapter Three: Winter

Wednesday, November 21st, 2013 – Deidre Cheshire – Cassia County, ID

I hadn't been to my dead aunt's ranch since I was a kid. It seemed the same now as it had then, like time had stopped for this one spot and the rest of the world had moved on. Right into the hands of Mark Glassner.

The main house was painted a faded blue, rising three stories at the center around several barns and sheds. My great-grand father had built it to house his rather large family at the turn of the last century. But with thirty women, it was going to be cramped.

“Let's get everything inside,” I clapped.

The thirty of us had pooled our resources before we left, clearing out every store in Paris for supplies: sleeping bags, dry goods, and canned food. Dr. Savitri Anada, our resident gynecologist, had brought as much medical supplies from her clinic as she could.

I touched the gold amulet around my neck, brushing the inlaid green jade and black jet. All the power our devotion to the Ghost had generated was contained in this amulet. I had to use a lot of it to keep that Sheriff from molesting Lizzy. The new, sexual freedom of the Theocracy had definitely let some men think they could fuck any woman they wanted.

And since that was the way the false god Mark acted, it wasn't at all surprising.

“It's nice,” Rhonda May smiled, hefting a sleeping bag. Her twin sister carried a crate of canned food.

With this amulet, and the seven unborn daughters of the Ghost, we would yank him out of Hell. The Boone High cheer squad hauled out bags of flour and rice, still wearing their black-and-gold uniforms. Three of them—Ursula, Kelly, and Latonya—were pregnant. I knew they were all carrying girls. I cast a spell to make sure their fetuses were female. Lizzy, the smallest and youngest member of the cult, strained to carry supplies. She was another mother-to-be. The last two were Tammy, a young woman, and Carla, the former ghost hunter.

I lugged supplies in with the rest, the inside of the house cold and dusty. The woodpile alongside the barn was well stocked with more than enough to make it through the winter. We'd probably have to use the fireplace and wood burning stove to keep the house warm.

“What are we going to about the Sheriff?” Carla whispered, falling in along beside me, her red curls tumbling about her shoulders.

“I'll use the illusions to distract him again,” I told her.

“But that takes power. Aren't we going to need to stockpile it as we near our due dates?” She patted her stomach “Will you be able to keep it up?”

I frowned, thinking back to the Tenets of Respect and Worship, the Chinese book from which I had learned the ancestral magic. There was a defensive spell in it. It would require the other amulets. “I think there's a last resort we can prepare. Hopefully, we can keep the pig distracted until he find something else to amuse him.”

“Fucking pervert,” she muttered. “So, what's this defensive spell?”

“Well, six of us will get to have some fun with the Ghost,” I smiled.

“I volunteer!”

I looked out at the other women streaming in and out. “Maybe it's best if I don't play favorites.”

“I guess,” laughed Carla. “I'll prepare some lots to be drawn.”


I blinked as she leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before she turned and walked off. I licked my lips, tasting the sweet remnants of pussy. I don't know why I was surprised that her lips were adorned with feminine juices, there was a lot of loving going on. Even I had made love to half of the women in the cult already despite the fact that, until our meeting, I had never even thought about being with a woman.

It was...nice. Though I would prefer the Ghost's cock.

“Don't just stand there, Ms. Cheshire,” Lizzy said, her braces flashing as she smiled. She dropped a bag of sex toys on the table. “We have lots of work to do.”

“You're right, sugar,” I smiled, putting my arm around her shoulders. “How you feelin'?”

“Fine,” she smiled. “I got to pee a lot.”

“You're, what, two months pregnant.”

“About,” she nodded. “I still get queasy in the morning. It sucks.”

I wish I had his child. I might still turn up pregnant. I had been with the ghost a week ago. But it was so early in my cycle, I doubted I had conceived.

It took almost an hour to unload all our supplies. We all crammed into the den, the women sitting on the floor, cuddling up together, or crammed on the two couches and the love seat. They looked around the room. A crackling fire warmed the den, painting the walls with dancing shadows.

“What's going on?” Mindy asked. As far as we knew, she was the Ghost's first lover. She loved to talk about the time he popped her cherry in a changing room at the mall.

“I want to cast a defensive spell,” I smiled. “We generated a lot of energy during that orgy when we swore ourselves. Enough to come close to putting up defensive wards.”

“Is this about that pervy Sheriff?” Cheryl-Lynn asked, her arm around her pregnant girlfriend Tammy. “Who did he think he was, trying to molest us?”

“Yeah. Only the Ghost should do that,” giggled Marissa, snuggled up with her twin sister.

I explained the problem to them. We were going to need to store power in my amulet, to be ready when the children were born so we could summon the Ghost and free him from the Devil and Astarte's bonds. When I mentioned the six lucky women casting the spell would get a visit from the Ghost, they were all excited.

“Let's do this!” clapped Ruth. She was naked. The Ghost had turned her into some sort of exhibitionist. He affected each of us in different ways. “I want to be picked!” Her perky tits bounced as she shot her arm up.

“We're going to draw lots,” I said. “Carla has filled up a jar with six slips of paper marked with a star. If you're chosen, then you get to be one of the lucky girls.

The women were all excited to be the ghost lovers. Rhonda May was the first one to get lucky and draw a lot, the young woman performing a celebratory dance like she had just scored a touchdown. The next chosen were Zena, Mercedes, Ruth, Nevada, and Latonya.

I opened up a small bag I had in my purse, dumping out six amulets made of silver set with green jade. “These will be the foci for the spell. We need to power them so these six women can cast it.”

“And how do we power it?” Rhonda May asked, a big grin on her face as she took one of the amulets.

“How do you think?” I laughed, licking my lips.

I could feel the pure, feminine lust in the air. Rhonda May's twin sister pulled her down, the pair exchanging quite the charged kiss as their clothes fell off. Nevada, our nurse, was swept up by Doctor Savitri, a naughty gynecologist that the Ghost had enlisted to help molest patients. The Indian woman tongued the the busty nurse, playing with Nevada's pierced nipples.

Nevada pushed Doctor Savitri down, spreading her cinnamon thighs. Savitri moaned, her pussy shaved except for a strip of black hair leading down to her clit. Nevada kissed down the landing strip until she reached Savitri's clit, nuzzling and licking.

“Oh, yes,” gasped the Doctor. “Umm, that's it.”

The jade amulet hanging from the nurse's neck flickered with green light and her plump ass invitingly wagging at me. I fished out a U-shaped dildo, a strapless strap-on. I pushed the curved end into my pussy, my tunnel gripping the bulbous end. It was shaped so these amazing ridges pressed against my clit, the dildo thrusting out before me.

I felt to my knees behind her, licking up the nurse's spicy pussy, sucking on her fat labia. She moaned, squirming a she pleasured the doctor. I tongued her pussy as hard as I could, giving her all the pleasure I was capable of. I wanted her to moan and shudder on my lips.

I wanted her to explode.

I nibbled on her clit, my nose pressing into her sweet folds. All I could smell was her delightful pussy. The air resounded with gasps and moans as women squirmed about us, pressing against our bodies in the narrow confines.

“Suck my pussy, slut!”

“Oh, yes! Eat me! Oh, fuck!”

“Tongue me!”

“I love it when you suck on my tits!”

“Drink my piss! That's it! Oh, yes! You filthy whore!”

My pussy squeezed about the round end of the dildo, eager for my pleasure. The nurse gasped into the Doctor's pussy, her hips shaking. A flood of spicy passion poured into my lips as she had her first orgasm.

The jade amulet grew a little brighter.

I rose, burying the end of the dildo into her cunt. “Oh, yes!” I groaned. “Take my cock, whore! Oh, fuck!”

My hips pumped, pleasure stirring through me. I loved it. My dildo sloshed through her wet pussy, pressing against my clit. I smacked her ass, loving the way her flesh jiggled. I smacked her again. She moaned, thrusting her hips back into me.

The dildo pressed hard against my clit.

My passion exploded through my body. I slammed into her, thrusting my hips back. I shuddered, my orgasm pumping hot. Her jade flared as more pleasure was fed to it, an offering to the Ghost.

“Yes!” I moaned. “Fuck, yes!”

I kept pumping, my orgasm shuddering through me, my clit rejoicing with the thrill of it. I was swaying, almost lost to the bliss. I almost could feel the Ghost watching us from Hell, smiling with satisfaction as he saw our dedication to him.

“Yes! I'm cumming!” Nevada gasped. “For you, Ghost! Yes, yes, yes!”


Thursday, November 22nd, 2013 – Rhonda May Myers

I trooped outside the next day, the jade amulet shining around my neck. The orgy last night had been intense. It had never quite ended. You just sort of collapsed and slept before you were dragged back in. Some had paused to cook food, eating in hurried bites before plunging back into the orgy to add more passion to power the amulet.

I wanted to sleep for a week.

But first I was going to go be with the Ghost.

The other five women had already been out to cast the spell and came out with big smiles on their face, well-fucked by the ghost. They had been naked like I was. It was so cold. My nipples were hard and my skin goosepimpling. But I needed to do this to get everything ready for the ghost. I walked out past the barns before hopping over a fence into a dirty horse paddock.

I reached the point Deidre told me to, stretching out on the cold ground.

“Blue hells, that is cold,” I gasped, shifting on the ground and looking up at the sky, my legs spreading wide. My teeth chattered, making speech impossible for a moment. Something drifted down, white and fluffy.


I pushed my hands between my thighs, pressing them into my pussy. “I call upon my guardian spirit. Come upon me, Ghost of Paris. Leave your mark on my body and this spot. Defend your devoted worshipers.”

Another shiver went through me, but not from the cold. Electricity dance on my skin, the jade pendant flaring with powerful light, pushing away the cold. The snow fell on me, a flake here, a flake there, melting instantly, water beading across my flesh.

“Well, well, well, another purtee, young thang itchin' for my pecker,” a voice hissed out of nowhere.

“It's you,” I beamed. “I missed you.”

“Course you did, sweetness.” A hand slid up my thigh, fingers shoving into my pussy. I grew wet in an instant, heat burning through me. “You're just a slut achin' for my big, ol' pecker.”

“I am! My pussy's missed your pecker so much! Me 'n Marissa both. We can't wait for you to be reborn.”

His fingers pumped harder inside me, curling up. I arched my back, shuddering, so deliriously happy to be touched by him again. His thumb brushed my clit, bliss pouring through me. The pleasure swelled and then I gasped and writhed, cumming on his fingers.

“Yes, yes! That's what I needed!”

“You cummin' already, slut?”

“Hell, yeah, I am!” I gasped. “You're touchin' me!”

He chuckled, pulling out his fingers. I could see them outlined by my juices. The falling snow settled in his hair and on his shoulders, melting and running across his invisible body. He loomed over me, blocking the snow, his hard cock brushing my thigh.

“I bet you really want my pecker shoved up your sweet cooch.”

“More than anythang, Ghost! Fuck me!”

His hand squeezed my perky tit, his fingers pinching my nipple, then his cock drove into my cunt. He was thick, spreading me open. I shuddered, looking down at my thighs wrapped around empty air. I could just see my pussy lips gaping open, my labia sliding in and out my pussy as his cock drove into me.

“That is one tight cooch,” he groaned. “Fuckin' A, but that is what I need! Nothin' like tight cunt.”

“Nothin' like my Ghost's pecker fuckin' my pussy!” I gasped, humping into his thrusts, the pleasure burning through me. The Jade amulet flared, interacting with the ghost somehow, completing the defensive circle around the house. “Fuck me! Oh, yes! I love you, Ghost!”

His lips nuzzled at my neck, his breath hot as he grunted into my ear. He rutted in me, pounding my pussy. My clit was mashed by his groin, the pleasure swelling in me. I let it sweep through me, his thrusts sending me in to rapture.

“That's it! Cum on my pecker like the fuckin' slut you are! That is fan-fuckin'-tastic, whore! Oh, yes!”

“Fuck me! Cum in me! I'm your whore! Forever, Ghost! Give it to me!” Another orgasm swelled, crashing through me. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

He slammed into me, burying his cock all the way into me. “Take my cum! Oh, yes! Take every last drop of it, slut! Your cooch is hungry for it!”

“Dyin' of thirst, Ghost! Give her what she needs!”

His cock buried into me. The cum erupted, a hot flood. My pussy convulsed about his cock. I hugged him, holding his strong body, savoring as his cum poured into me. I never wanted to let him go. I wanted to hold him in my pussy forever.

He vanished, my pussy suddenly empty.

“Please, no,” I sobbed, my pleasure trembling through me. I hugged myself and wished the Ghost was still atop me.

The snow was cold on my flesh, dusting the ground. I pushed down my tears as I stood up. I had given the Ghost some pleasure to tide him over. I had been his lover and let him satiate his desires in my flesh.

I just had to be patient, and then he would be in my arms again.


Saturday, February 21st, 2014 – Heather Pritchard

“How are you feeling?” Doctor Savitri asked me as I walked into the small bedroom that served as our clinic.

“My ankles are swollen and I have to pee all the time,” I giggled, touching my baby bump through the woolen sweater I wore.

Women were moving through the house, their feet echoing on the hardwood floors. The winter had been hard. Everything was falling apart in the world as Wormwood ravaged across the globe. We were lucky to have electricity on any given day since late November.

If it wasn't for the magic, we would have all died. The military would bring in food once a week into the nearby town of Burmly, but we would be lucky to see any of it. And with thirty people living in the house, it had been getting a little dire until Ms. Cheshire figured out how to duplicate food with a spell.

When we do have power, we all crowd around the wide-screen TV hanging on the living room wall. The flatscreen TV was so modern. It always seemed so out of place in this old house. The screen was full of reports of all the dead. Millions in the US alone. Probably over a billion around the world. But the plague finally seemed to be dying down.

Enough so the Patriots tried to assassinate Mary last week. A pity they had failed.

When it wasn't grim news reports, it was broadcast of Mark and Mary reminding everyone that they were in control and glossing over the fact that they had surrendered the City of Seattle to a Demon or that men were dying by the droves.

But not women, so we were all perfectly safe.

“Have you had in spotting?” Dr. Savitri asked as I settled onto the bed, spreading my legs apart. Nurse Nevada reached up my skirt and pulled down my panties, her fingers brushing past my clit; she always did like to tease me during an exam.

“No, Doctor,” I smiled. “I would have told you.”

“And any cramps?”

“I shook my head.”

“I wish we had an ultrasound here,” the doctor sighed, adjusting a lamp so she could exam me. Her cinnamon fingers slid towards my pussy. “Growing a little excited?”

“Don't I always?” I asked. “You're a hottie, Doctor.”

I had grown so brazen living with all these women, sleeping where I could, fucking whomever I wanted. It was sometimes like one long party. There was almost always someone having sex, and with thirty women crammed in the house, there was no privacy.

The doctor grinned at me. We all knew how this exam was going to end. Her finger probed into me while she pressed on the outside of my flesh. I moaned, my pussy contracting about her digits. Her fingers wiggled about a bit more than a doctor normally would during a pelvic exam, and her thumb just kept brushing my clit.

I moaned, squirming as the pleasure swelled.

“And how are your nipples?”

“Sore,” I groaned. My breasts were growing, and so were my nipples. They were darker and fatter, my areola spreading across my mounds.

“Nurse, why don't you help the patient?”

“Yes, Doctor,” purred Nevada, her blonde hair brushing my face as she pulled off my sweater, my hard nipples coming into view. “Umm, they look bigger.”

She squeeze my tit, her fingers sliding up to roll around my nipples.

“Definitely bigger.”

“Yes,” I moaned as she rubbed my nubs.

“Is that relieving the soreness?”


I squirmed more, sensations flooding through me. The doctor had abandon her examination, her tongue swirling about my clitoris while her fingers pumped in and out of my pussy. I gasped, licking my tongue across the braces covering my teeth.

“Doctor,” I panted. “Oh, yes!”

“Let's check your nerve sensitivity,” she purred, hooking her fingers inside me.

“Fuck, yes!” I gasped, half-sitting up as she caressed my G-spot with an expert touch.

“That sounds like a positive reaction to me,” laughed Nevada.

“Super positive,” I moaned, crashing back into the seat. “Keep stroking me. Oh, fuck! I need it! Give it to me!”

My body quivered, the pleasure billowing through me. I arched my back, Nevada's mouth engulfing my right nipple. Her tongue swirled, adding more sensations to the growing swell of bliss.

It crashed through me.

“Doctor!” I moaned as my orgasm burned through me. “Oh, yes! Oh, yes!”

“I'd say everything's working out,” purred Nevada. “Patient is very responsive to stimuli.”

“And her pussy is tasting healthy,” the doctor nodded, lifting up her head, her lips shiny with juices.

Nevada leaned over, kissing the doctor on the lips, tasting my juices. “Umm, definitely healthy. Now's my favorite part.”

The Doctor moved away and Nevada pushed her lips against my pussy, her tongue flicking through my cunt for a moment, then they wrapped around my urethra. Doctor Savitri claimed they could tell if something was wrong by the flavor of my pee. But I think Nevada was just a pee slut.

Her hand reached out, stroking the gentle curve of my belly. My bladder was already filling full again. I shifted, relaxed, and groaned as my pissed flowed out. Nevada swallowed, savoring my nasty, salty urine.

“Oh, yes,” moaned the doctor, hiking up her skirt and running her hands through her pussy. “Drink her pee like the dirty slut you are.”

My eyes were fixed on the doctor's pussy, her cinnamon finger dipping into her dripping hole as my piss flooded Nevada's mouth. I shuddered, humping my hips, eager for her to drink down every drop of my passion.

“Filthy whore!” hissed the doctor, her finger flying through her pussy. “Flood her mouth! Give the fucking slut what she needs.”

Nevada moaned as she swallowed mouthful after mouthful, her eyes flashing up at me, full of happy desire. My piss petered off, her lips sucking down the last few mouthfuls. Then she latched her mouth onto my pussy, tonguing through my excited flesh.

Dr. Savitri shuddered, cumming on her own fingers as another orgasm swelled through me. I humped my pussy into Nevada's eager mouth, my toes curling, and then a wonderful, shuddering cum rippled through me.

“Yes,” I sighed. “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Mmh, delicious,” panted Nevada. “She tastes so healthy.”

“Good,” Doctor Savitri smiled, straightening her skirt. “You can run along dear.”

“Yes, Doctor,” I smiled, leaning down to give Nevada a kiss on the lips, tasting my acrid piss.


Thursday, March 27th 2014 – Sheriff Caleb Barends – Boise, ID

“I'm glad you survived,” Governor Cantrell said when the meeting wrapped up. “Going to need you to keep a firm hand on the southern part of the state.”

I grinned, giving the Governor a nod. I had spent the last four months quarantined in my home. The worse winter I've ever lived through. I never caught Wormwood, but it killed half my deputies. Luckily, I had Corina to keep me company while I was trapped in my house. And about half-way through the plague, I added Vicki and Amanda to my household. Their dad had died of the Wormwood along with their older brother, and I was more than happy to take in the nubile, young women.

Corina was behind me. The runaway had turned into a great sex slave, obedient and cheerful, finding happiness in her new role thanks to the God's teachings. It was a whole new world. A third of all the men in the world had died. There were a few extra women lying about just waiting to be snatched up by a strong man.

The Governor and I seemed to think alike. He had a pretty Black, young woman waiting on him. She may have been his daughter, I wasn't sure. The Theocracy didn't care about such things. Governor Cantrell's dark hand shook mine with a firm grip.

“I'll keep southern Idaho in line, Govenor,” I agreed. “I'm just glad this damned quarantine is finally over.”

“You're telling me,” he sighed. “I couldn't even move into the Governor's mansion after Wilson died. But my wife and Jenny kept my company.” He put his arm around his daughter, and she smiled, leaning her head on the Governor's shoulder.

“Your wife doesn't have a problem with Jenny?” I asked.

“No, no. My wife's a devout follower. She understands these things now.” Cantrell grinned. It was rumored he had an affair a few years ago, right after he became the Lieutenant-Governor.

“Okay, take care, Sheriff. I have a million things to attend to. The world almost fell apart, but at least I kept Idaho mostly together.”

“Yeah. I should be heading back. Caissa county's in a bad state. It was tough getting through the winter.” I put my arm around Corina, pulling her to me. “But I had some sweet company.”

The Governor laughed, slapping me on the shoulder. I walked out, Corina clinging to me. It was nice to drive my vehicle for the first time in months, even if it was all the way up to Boise. I could stay the night, but I was eager to get back to Caissa county.

All winter I had been thinking about that slut with the braces and the rest of her lesbian cult. Sapphicist. What stupid name. I had planned on using those women to keep up morale with my deputies, but that had all fallen apart during the plague.

My cock stirred. It was time to remind those dykes that they were part of the Theocracy, and they needed to do their part to repopulate. I started up my SUV before unzipping my pants; Corina knew what to do.

“That's it,” I groaned as she sucked on my throbbing cock. I pictured the slut with braces. I wanted to enjoy her again. “Let's get home. A lot of work's piled up.”

Corina sucked harder. She was such a good slut. I stroked her hair. Braces would be a nice addition to my harem. The dykes could part with one snatch. And if not, I could persuade them to see it my way.

To be continued...

Rating: 75%, Read 11234 times, Posted Jun 23, 2015

Fantasy | BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Latina, Lesbian, Male, Pissing, Submission, Water Sports


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