One Big Happy Family Ch. 3 by Brother+Prophet

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Fantasy | Erotica, Female, Incest, Teen Male, Threesome

One Big Happy Family

Chapter 3

Sara spoke with someone at the front counter and asked for a cab to be called for her. As she stepped outside of the conference hall she grabbed her cell phone and called home. The phone rang several times and finally she heard it pick up just before the machine answered.

“Hello!!!” Her daughter answered in a heavy panting voice like she ran to the phone. “Hi darling, I am on my way home. Your father is staying at his luncheon and I was getting so bored I just had to leave.” Margo was suddenly worried; shocked to hear her mother say that; yet at the same time she thought it would be great.

“Yeah sure Mom, Seth and I are home and bored too. So maybe we can do something more fun then Dad’s luncheon.” Margo looked at her brother and smiled. Their Mom hung up the phone and they started to get the house cleaned up and ready for their Mom’s arrival so they could set the plans that they discussed with Pappy.

Sara rode in the cab and was thinking the whole time that Margo sounded kind of odd when she spoke to her. She wondered what was going on and then her mind started to wander to some dark and naughty places. Before she knew she was pulling into her driveway and her pussy was soaking wet. She got out of the cab after paying the fare, when she looked back into the seat to make sure nothing was left behind she saw a fairly large puddle of her own juices where she was sitting.

She felt her cheeks redden and she hurried to her house before the driver could see what had made her blush. She entered the house and leaned against the door after it closed. She could not believe that she let herself think of her children the way she had in the cab. It was one thing to have a loving affair with her Father, but to even consider such a thing with her children was something else all together.

She collected herself and headed to the laundry room to dispose of her wet underwear and then check on the kids. She entered the small room and quickly pulled her undies down and off. As she did, she rubbed her wet lips and was shocked as to how wet she was. She looked around real quick and deftly pushed a finger inside of her and touched her g-spot and instantly had an orgasm. It caught her off guard and she almost fell over with the strength of it. She leaned against washing machine and caught her breath and recovered from her orgasm. She stood and walked into the living room.

She was surprised to see that the room was clean and she could even tell that the floor had been vacuumed. She looked further and saw that they even dusted and arranged everything as she liked it. She went through the house looking for her kids as well as being amazed at how much her children had cleaned while she was gone. That could explain the odd sound to Margo when she called, they could have been finishing up the cleaning. After walking through the whole house she finally found Margo and Seth in her Master Bedroom. She just stood in the doorway and was shocked, before her were her naked children.

Her son was standing at the end of the bed, his hard cock standing straight out for his Mother to see. She was shocked and surprised to see that Seth’s hand was between Margo’s legs and rubbing her pussy. Sara looked at her young daughter, this was not the first time that she had seen her naked, but it was the first time she saw her naked pussy with her son’s hand rubbing it. Sara’s mind raced and she was not sure what to do. She closed the door and walked down the hall and around to the kitchen.

She heard her bedroom door open within a few minutes of her sitting at the table with a glass of wine in her hands. Her son and daughter sat at the table, one on each side of her, and they were still naked too. She cannot help but look down at her son’s impressive, bare cock. She looks over at her naked daughter to see her bare, naked breasts with tight hard nipples and without thinking she licks her lips.

Seth looks to his Sister and then to his Mother, he licks his lips as well then says, “Mom we have something to tell you.” His Mother swung her head back over to Seth and she found it very hard to look him in the eyes with his cock twitching in his lap. She concentrated and looked him in the eyes and was surprised to see the lust in his eyes.

“What, Son?” Later she would wonder if she would regret those words, but at the time she didn’t. Seth again looked at his Sister and then said, “Mom I saw you at Pappy’s house the other day. I saw you having sex with him. I watched you in the backyard suck his cock and fuck him. I was so hard watching it all that I came all over the side of Pappy’s house. I went in after you had left and talked to him. He admitted to everything and told me all of it.

“Today he came to the house and talked with Margo and she was told as well. He also told us that you have wanted to have sex with me. Well I am all for it, the only condition is that we have to include Margo as well. Like me, she has had fantasies about your body for a long time. We have done all we could to let you know, but until Pappy told us, we thought you were just not interested.

“So today, we decided it was going to happen. The house is all clean and you don’t have to worry about it. On top of that we have already heard from Dad and he is not going to be coming home tonight. Something about having to do some extra work on a project. Of course we know what that project is don’t we? So why shouldn’t we enjoy ourselves the way we all want?”

Sara sat at the table she tore her eyes away from Seth and took a serious drink of her wine. She wanted this moment for a very long time, ever since her Father mentioned how sexy it would be for her to have sex with him and Seth at the same time. Now that fantasy might come true. As she thought about it, she felt her bare pussy start to get wet once again. She felt the heat rise in her chest and consume her face. Margo looked at her Mom and then at Seth, and she knew it was going to happen.

Margo reached over very slowly and gently brushed her hand against her Mother’s breast. Her Mother did not jerk away, but leaned into the gentle stroking as Margo got more courage to feel more of the breast that had once given her sustenance. Seth watched his Sister stroke his Mother and his cock started to twitch and throb again. He knew it too! The plan had worked just as his Grandfather had said it would. He moved his hand down and gently stroked his Mother’s exposed thigh. She moaned and closed her eyes tighter.

Seth slowly got up from the chair and moved closer to his Mother. His hand still on her thigh, he rubbed her skin and loved the feeling of how soft it was. He moved closer and whispered into her ear, “Mom, we want to make love to you… Please!” She nodded in consent and spread her legs wide when his hand moved to her inner thigh.

Margo slowly got up as well and got closer so she could whisper into her Mother’s other ear, “Mom I want to taste your pussy. Pappy said that you have the sweetest tasting twat he has ever had. I want to taste it too…. I want to know if it is sweeter then mine.” Margo moved her hand down her Mother’s body until her hands were between her legs. She felt Seth’s hand on their Mother’s other thigh. They both moved their hands up until they discovered that their Mother was not wearing any panties.

Seth being the bolder of the two siblings looked into Margo’s face and then asked, “Mother what happened to your panties?” He saw her face flush more, and she tried to speak. He pulled his hand away and Margo did too.

“I was riding home in the cab and my mind wandered to ideas of you two being naughty together. By the time I got home my underwear was soaked through and I had left a small puddle in the seat of the cab. I immediately came inside and went to the wash room to put them in the wash and touched myself and had an orgasm in the wash room. I found the house clean and then you two naked in my room and never thought about putting on clean underwear.”

Seth smiled, “So what were you thinking that Margo and I were doing? Did you imagine me fucking her with my thick cock? Or did you think of her and I in a heated sixty-nine sucking and swallowing each others juices?” Sara squirmed in the seat upon hearing her Son talk that way. She even moaned a little. “Would you like to watch us do that Mommy dear?” asked Margo.

Sara opened her eyes and they could see the pure lust in them. They knew that they had succeeded and that the rest of the day was going to be amazing. She looked at them both and gathered her courage: “I want to have Seth in me first. I want to feel his hard cock slide in and out of my wet pussy like the degenerate slut that I am. While he is doing that, Margo I want you on my face and sliding your twat all over my face while you play with my tits and nipples and use me like a slut.” Her face was a bright red and she felt the flush all over her chest too. She was finally letting her inner slut free and it was going to be with her loving children.

Margo and Seth leaned in and kissed each other in front of their Mother, then leaned down and kissed her. “Mom, if that's how you want to start our new lives then let’s do it.” Margo grabbed her Mother by the hand and Seth by his cock and led them back into the master bedroom. As they walked down the hall, Seth began disrobing their Mother, leaving a trail of clothes in the hallway. When they got back into the bedroom Margo moved their Mother to the edge of the bed and then pushed her back onto it.

“Before Seth gets to push his thick cock into you, I want to taste your pussy Mom, is that okay?” Sara squirmed and moaned with the idea. “Yes baby, please taste my slut hole. And please, when we have sex, I want it to be as slutty and perverted as we possible can; language too.” Her children looked at each other and smiled.

Margo moved her Mother into the center of the bed and slid in between her legs. She looked at her Mother’s pussy and saw that it was clean shaved and that her outer lips were not stretched out like some pussies she had seen on the Internet. Her own pussy started to get wet as she moved closer and timidly touched her Mother’s wet pussy. Her Mother moaned in pleasure and encouragement. Seth leaned against the corner post and watched with his cock in hand. A sight he thought he would never see was his Sister sucking on his Mother’s pussy. His cock was so hard that if he continued stroking it he would explode all over his Sister’s ass before he ever got to fuck to his Mother.

Margo licked her Mother’s pussy like she had seen in the movies and she remembered how her Grandfather and Brother had done it to her earlier. She made sure she used long tongue strokes against her Mother’s lips and when she was at the base of the pussy to push her tongue in a little to get a taste of juices on her tongue. Once she did that she was hooked. She continued to push her tongue into her Mother over and over again. She had to have more of her juices on her tongue, and she knew that Pappy was right. Her Mother had a sweet tasting pussy for sure.

Meanwhile, Margo’s pussy was dripping juices all over her inner thighs and Seth could not stand seeing all that juice go to waste. He dove in like a mad man and started to lap and lick at her thighs. Margo moaned into her Mother’s pussy, which made Sara moan and buck her hips. Seth sucked the juices and then flicked his tongue over her engorged lips and clit. Margo moaned again and their Mother moaned after her. Margo delved her tongue in deeper just as Seth did the same to her.

Seth’s hand was stroking his cock and he had to stop before he came all over the sheets. Margo pushed her tongue in deep and pulled out and flicked the tip upwards. Sara almost screamed as her orgasm erupted over Margo’s face. Sara’s hands grabbed the sheets and yanked hard and pulled them from the corners. Seth looked up from his sister’s pussy and saw his mother’s face go white and then rush with color. Her eyes were squeezed closed then flew open and were wide open again. Sara looked up and her hands grabbed the hair of Margo and pulled her up. Seth wrapped his hands around Margo’s torso and pulled her up and against him.

Sara felt her body twitch with the after shocks. She had never had an orgasm as intense as the one that just blazed through her body. She slowed her breathing down and watched her children as Seth’s hand slid over his sister’s breast and erect nipples. Margo moaned with the attention and pressed her ass against her Brother’s erect cock.

“None of that now, I want to feel Seth inside of me. It is obvious you two have already explored and played with each other and now it is my turn.” She looked Seth in the eyes and could see his lust for her and she wanted to feel it now. She sat up and motioned for Seth to come to her. He released his sister and leaned over to his Mother. Their faces meet and Seth instantly kissed his Mother like he would a long lost lover. Sara moaned into his kiss and returned it fervently.

Their kiss continued for a long time and Margo moved aside which allowed Sara and Seth to get closer. Margo reached down and gently stroked Seth’s cock as she gently stroked her Mother’s pussy and clit. Margo’s own pussy was still wet and extremely hot. She then started to stroke each of them more aggressively, wanting them to fuck so she could get more attention.

Seth pulled away from the most intense kiss of his life and looked at his sister stroking his hard cock. He grabbed her hand and pulled it away from him before he exploded all over her hand. He leaned over and kissed her hard and passionately, then pulled away. He looked at his Mother and he knew he could not wait anymore. He leaned in and kissed her quickly then moved her back onto the bed.

He slid between her legs and saw that Margo was still stroking her clit and pussy and he could see how wet his Mother was. He leaned down and licked her swollen lips, Margo’s fingers, and his Mother’s clit. He could understand what his Pappy had said and agreed that her pussy did have a unique sweetness to it, much like his sister’s does. After a few licks he pulled away and moved up her body until his cock was pressing against his sister’s hand and his Mother’s wet pussy.

Margo wrapped her hand around Seth’s cock and stroked it a few times. She then squeezed the base of his cock until he groaned and she maintained that. She had read on the Internet that that would help a guy from shooting his load too soon. She leaned over and kissed her Mother on the lips and then kissed up to her ear. “Mom….. are you ready for Seth to push his swollen, fat, cock into your slut hole?”

Sara moaned and bucked her hips towards Seth's cockhead. Margo pulled it back to tease their Mother with it. She then pressed his cockhead against her Mother’s clit and let Seth fuck her clit a few strokes, then she made him stop. Finally, after some teasing and tormenting Margo aimed Seth’s cock for their Mother’s opening hole and let him push his cock all the way in. She kept two fingers wrapped tightly around his cock and enjoyed the feeling of his pelvis mashed against her fingers and their Mother’s pelvis.

Margo was almost purring herself, but Sara was in pure heaven. It had been a very long time since she had had a young, virile cock in her pussy. She immediately started pushing up against him and trying to get him as deep into her as she could. She wrapped her legs around his back and was pulling him into her. She wanted to feel all of him inside of her and wanted to do all she could to accomplish that.

Seth slid his cock all the way into his Mother and it was heaven. He was amazed at how tight she was; after all she did have two children. As he continued to push his throbbing cock into her she started moaning louder and louder. Seth continued his pace and started to buck his hips as well. Sara started bucking her hips up to meet Seth’s thrusts and she could already feel an organism approaching. She wanted it desperately now and rose with each thrust. Her legs were pulling him into her and she was pushing up into him. She started to tighten her inner muscles to grip his thrusting cock with all her might.

Margo reached around and started to push her brother into their Mother. She was enjoying the look on her Mother’s face and she wanted it to continue. Margo pulled her fingers from Seth’s cock and pushed on his ass. Seth started slamming into his Mother and he knew that he would not hold on much longer. If Margo hadn’t been squeezing his cock he would have exploded much sooner.

His Mother was bucking up into him and he was slamming down into her. He could feel his balls start to tighten and his cock throb. He yelled out, “Mom I am going to flood your cunt with my juices and it feels amazing.”

Sara started bucking and pushing up to her son and she felt her own orgasm approach. As it took hold of her body and filled her insides she screamed and yelled. “Ah… fuck me hard, damn you child… give it all to me and make me feel like a woman.” Her screams continued but none of it was coherent to anyone.

As her pussy squeezed and convulsed around Seth’s cock he let go and fucked his Mother as hard as he could. Margo moved aside and watched in wonder at the furious pace and then she knew when he lost control. Seth screamed “Mother” and then slammed his pelvis into his Mother and didn’t move. Margo watched as his body convulsed but he kept his cock buried as deep as he could inside his Mother.

Finally after several minutes, Seth pulled his shrunken cock from his Mother and fell onto the bed beside her. Margo immediately dropped between her Mother’s legs and started to lick and suck his cum from her Mother. She knew she had created at least one or two smaller orgasms as Sara’s legs squeezed around her daughter’s head. When Margo got all she could from her Mother, she moved over and licked Seth’s cock clean and then patted his chest. He was already asleep.

Margo moved up and kissed her Mother. Sara looked into the eyes of her darling daughter and smiled. “Dear, I think it is time we got rid of your worthless Father and make this home a happy home all the time. I think the three of us will make each other happy and take of each other quite well.”

Margo smiled back and replied, “About time Mom, we were really tired of the game. But I think that Seth is worn out. Let's rest and then make dinner.” The ladies rested a little bit and then got up to make dinner. They let Seth sleep until the food was on the table then they woke him up. None of them bothered to wear any clothes and ate in relative silence. After dinner Sara explained her plan to Seth and he agreed. From that point forward, they were a much happier family.

Rating: 90%, Read 38281 times, Posted May 06, 2009

Fantasy | Erotica, Female, Incest, Teen Male, Threesome


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