Forcing the hot kid. by SexualGod989898

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True Story | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Boy, Gay, Oral Sex, School, Teen, Teen Male

In school, there was a boy named Michael. He was in my PE class. He was just perfect. He wasn't that tall (only 5ft 4") but he had a perfectly smooth body, with nice abs, he also had amazing legs, which made me drool whenever I saw them. His face was just amazing.

I was not one that hanged around with him, but whenever we would get changed in PE, I would look at him and wish I could do something to him, just... have fun. He was hot. I dreamed about the things I wanted to do to him every time I saw him.

I would stare at him constantly during PE, looking at his amazing legs and chest, under his small singlet.

One day, it was just too much.

He was getting changed in PE with all the other students. I saw him there, with his amazing chest. He pulled down his trousers, and I just started in amazement as his nice little cock in his boxers. And that tight ass.

After the 1 hour of PE, it was the end of the school day, we were about to go get changed, when sir asked me and Michael to pack up the badminton courts. In which we did.

As we rolled up the nets, all I did was stare at his beautiful legs. He simply looked at me awkwardly as we packed away the things.

Then we went into the changing rooms. They were empty.

He began to get changed. This was my chance. I went up behind him, and gently stroked the bottom of his legs. He turned around and said "What was that".

I said "You are beautiful".

With a startling look, he said "Well... That's nice... But I have a girlfriend, sorry..."

I then went back to getting changed. Then I took a quick thought as he took of his singlet, and revealed his beautiful body. I quickly went over behind him, and grabbed hold of his mouth with my hand, and grabbed hold of his cock in my other. Pulling him towards me, I dragged him into the small cupboard to the side of the changing rooms.

Inside the cupboard were multiple things, it was used for a storage cupboard for all the different PE activities, such as Rugby, Football, Basketball, and yes... Tug of War!

I firmly placed him down onto the chair, and holding him with my left arm, grabbed the tug of war rope, and tied it around the chair. He started to scream loudly, but I simply grabbed a old bib of the shelf and shoved it in his mouth.

He was now secured to the chair.

I told him "You are beautiful, and I will have sex with you. He vigorously tried to pull himself out the chair, but it was too secure".

I decided to pull the sock out of his mouth, and I shoved my tongue into his mouth. Oh it was so warm, I licked that tongue around his mouth like there was no tommorow, and started to kiss him. He was trying to stop. I slapped him round the face and said "You WILL kiss me". He then started to calm down, and began to kiss me.

I sat on his lap, and began to lick around his face, and down his naked chest. It felt very good. I began to get closed to his shorts, and once I was there, he started to vigorously move again. I pulled down his shorts, to see his lovely boxers. I fondled with his penis through his boxers. It felt so nice. With a seconds hesitation, I pulled the boxers down as fast as I could, to reveal his small flaccid penis. It looked so tasty. I licked his penis, and begun to tickle his lovely balls. He started to calm down, and let out a small giggle.

I then went down onto his legs, and began licking those fine lovely legs of his which I had so desired.

Then I stood up, and undressed myself. He began wiggiling in his seat, as his penis slowly became harder as I had no clothes on.

I said "Do you like me?" in which he replied,

"Your hot".

I then went over to him and shoved my 7" dick into his mouth, and shouted "Suck it!". In which he did, he sucked that penis nicely, and got faster and fasted, my penis felt amazing. "Oh faster Michael, faster, you beautiful little boy, your parents won't want to find out about this". He continued to shove my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth.

I then pulled my cock out, and noticed his penis was fully hard now.

He was sitting perfectly still.

I decided to untie him. As he was untied, he quickly came over to me. I thought he was going to run off, but he started kissing me passionately. I could feel his soft warm lips upon my skin. I stumbled over to the chair, and sat down on it. He sat on my lap, and we kissed for another 5 minutes.

Quickly, he lurched up and grabbed the rope, and tied me to the chair. I began to struggle. He then said "You did it to me, now I will do it to you". I began to wiggle in my seat, as he turned the chair around, and shoved his penis through the gap of the open back chair. He said "Lift your butt". Hurrying, I lifted my butt, and he started to fuck my ass. It felt amazing, sensations pounded throughout my body as he thrusted his penis through my ass. It was amazing, however, the rope had come untied. I quickly jumped up and shoved my cock right in his ass. He let out a loud squeal.

He shouted "What are you doing?"

and I said "You weren't supposed to enjoy this"

So I shoved my penis into his ass as hard as I could, and he began screaming at the top of his lungs saying "DO IT FASTER, OH YES YOU BEAUTIFUL BEAST".

My balls began to tingle as I felt the oncoming orgasm reaching its peak. I continually thrusted my penis in and out of his small tight ass. I then went and sat down on the chair, with my penis still in his ass, and pushed him up and down on the chair as I fucked him still.

He began to screaming saying "OH PLEASE STOP, STOP PLEASE" and I continued.

Suddenly, a shock wave rippled throughout my body, and my muscled tensed up. My penis shot out barrels of cum right into his ass. He screamed 'OH YEAH BABY' as his warm ass was covered in my slippery cum.

I began to regain my breath.

We then walked back into the changing rooms, and as he got changed, I continuously masturbated him until we left, which he enjoyed very much.

After this, we were best friends, and would always have a little after school session in the school changing rooms when we had PE.

Rating: 80%, Read 39548 times, Posted Nov 15, 2013

True Story | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Boy, Gay, Oral Sex, School, Teen, Teen Male


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