My Fleet Experience by Jax_Teller

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My Fleet Experience

By Jax_Teller

Being aboard a ship that was the lead Ship of the Americas' battle group was a proud moment in time for me, a third generation sailor. My Family had been sailors on both my mothers' family and my fathers' family sides. I was born to be here, in charge of a missile system, at the tip of the arrow thrusting into the history books. Unfortunately Every day blended into the next and if it weren’t for the duty schedule I wouldn’t even know what day it was. A month out to sea this time and our tour of duty was getting monotonous. Working on a missile system meant being below deck most of the time and even on off duty time, it just didn't seem like I could see the sun on a regular basis.

There were days on end when I didn’t see the light of day. While it is possible to exist without sun light I wasn’t the kind to try it, I like the feel of the sun on my skin. But this was what I had signed up for, what wasn’t part of what I signed up for was the females. When I joined the Navy the only duty station for women was on supply ships and land based duty stations. Because we were at war and the number of active duty personnel in the armed forces had dropped dramatically and vacancies were nearing the point of critical failure. No one wanted to see the draft put in place, so women were now allowed on combat missions and aboard war ships. Equal right to die I guess is fair, but the transition wasn't that easy.

One of the popular opinions of the time was that the sex of the person doing the job next to you should not matter. Most all of us agreed to that in a perfect world. But this was the real world and historically whenever males and females are put in close quarters, sexual interaction, to put it politely, was the end result. This is where my story gets interesting, because I was stuck in this particular situation. The “fraternization” rules were always there but were clearly out dated. Sexual harassment in the work place was a hot topic of the day and we were under the looking glass. Reality had to enter into the equation but at this point in time things were being played fast and loose in more than one way. I was of the opinion that the powers above had put us in this situation intentionally with failure as the expected outcome. It was my intention to not become sexually active with any of the new female personnel.

I don’t know who said it first but the old saying goes “the road the hell was paved with good intentions.” The first one of the females to enter into my section was second class petty officer Linda Loveland. I thought for sure this was a setup and I resisted even asking her what the name on her birth certificate was. Beside the name, she could have been a model or porn star with her looks and figure. I had never looked at the dungarees or working blues in a sexual fantasy way, before her. Her uniform was crisp as if it just came from a dry cleaner, and everything was properly in place. The seams in the shirt that were really only required at formal working inspections made a perfect line across her breasts where her nipples were located. It took work not to look at her too much when doing the morning informal quarters, where I would do a cursory inspection, take attendance and make task assignments for the day.

Linda was a sweet girl who had joined the Navy just out of high school. She had quickly moved up in rank and was only a second class petty officer because she lacked the time on an active missile system to qualify for first class petty officer. As a Master Chief PO In charge of the missile system, I knew it wouldn’t be long before she moved up in the ranks. I assigned her to some preventive maintenance with me so I could evaluate her ability. The tasks fortunately or unfortunately put us inside the housing of the system check fluid levels and that meant working in a very tight enclosed space for several hours.

I assigned the other two techs to the magazine to do some preventive maintenance in there. We got to work and once inside the housing, Linda knew where to look for things and impressed me at how well she knew the inside of the system. It was hard not to notice her smell in such tight quarters. Usually if the guy working with you had too much cologne on there would be some teasing and banter, but her smell wasn’t so much about a perfume as much as the scent of a woman. And Linda smelled wonderful, and I found it increasingly difficult to focus on the task and not her. She was part of my task, to evaluate her knowledge of the system. I was sure there was no place on the evaluation sheet I had to turn in for each member of my section for the smell of the individual. I am sure command would not need to know that detail. Although to be fair, I would be happier to be in there with her smelling that way then some of the guys in the department. We finished up the maintenance task with only a few close calls with handing tools about and positioning ourselves to do the tasks.

The next few days went well with no incidents to my knowledge and I was surprised not to hear any complaints from either side. Then we had to do maintenance on the tube that the missile actually went into and it was tradition for the newest member of the crew to be the one to go inside the tube. It was so tight that some of the larger bodied individuals couldn’t fit, but it was seen as a test of sorts. Anyone who had any cloister phobia would be terrified to go in but it was a necessary task. Seamen Larry Daniels brought it up that the new member should go in the tube. I began to think it over and Linda said not a problem and pulled the ladder into position. She climbed up and in, and did the task and that’s when it happened. As she was backing out her shirt caught on one of the chalks that hold the missile in position. The shirt seemed hooked and wouldn’t come free as she tried to move around with no room to move. Finely she said that she was going to need help to get free. I said I’ll be there, as I topped the ladder and looked in past her shoes into the tube; I looked directly at the underside of her bare breasts.

Her uniform shirt, tee shirt under it and her bra were all caught on the chalk, and when she wiggled to get out the bunching of her clothing had pulled up over her breasts. She told me she couldn’t reach the point that was caught and that I would have to reach it from below. I hesitated to think about how else to get her free and given the tightness, there was just no other way at this point. So I reached in and there was no room for my hand on the outside of her clothes. Feeling my dilemma, she said just go inside. I was glad that I couldn’t see her face at this point but I said ok, and reached between her breasts and found the edge of a clamp that was stuck threw the clothing and told her to move back in as much as she could. After a brief struggle I was able to dislodge her cloths and I pulled my hand back out from between her breasts and out. I grabbed the tails of her shirt and helped her wiggle back out and then I stepped back down the ladder. As she got to the edge of the tube and stepped on to the ladder she was disheveled but free from the tube. When she got down she stepped out and one of the others finished putting the tube back together. She returned a few minutes later, her shirt was tucked back in. She looked at me and thanked me for freeing her and I said that was ok.

I thought that was the end of it, but as we finished for the day I dismissed my section as usual and Linda asked permission to speak with me privately. I motioned her to my office (a mistake) and once inside she thanked me for not telling the guys about how she had been stuck in the tube. I said getting stuck happens from time to time, that it was no big deal. She said really, you’ve had someone stuck in there by their boobs before then? I must have turned every different shade of red and answered no, not quite like that. She said frankly she was wondering how long it would be before someone copped a feel, but this wasn’t like that at all. I said thanks, and she said if I wanted to, she’d be in the TV lounge later and maybe we could do something more. I said that’s a plan and I said I’d see her later.

It took me a couple hours to get my hard on to go down enough to get away from my desk. And I was thinking that I should just stay in my quarters for the night, not go to the Lounge later, but my cock took over and I decided to go anyway. I mean what’s a little fun right? Oh yeah, I’m her superior and I would be violating rules, and it would be aboard ship, meaning it would hard to keep it secret, so it would probably get out, and I’d be court martialed. But it was just a little fun right? Damn Cock ruled out and I found myself in the lounge watching the evening news when Linda came in and sat down next to me.

Once again I found myself wanting to get into a uniform not mine, this time though it wasn’t a dream but her sitting next to me. In another life we’d be sitting around our living room watching the news and the thoughts running my body right now wouldn’t be a problem. As the news finished up, Linda said you want to go to the gym and get a work out in? I thought to myself hell yeah I will follow you anywhere; I answered out loud ”yeah I need to keep fit.” There were a few others in the TV lounge that didn’t seem to notice our leaving. I told her I’d meet her in the gym in 15minutes so I could get changed. I walked into the gym and there it was empty and Linda stepped in behind me. I decided to go to the matt area to stretch before exercising. I did my usual stretch set and Linda followed me through the basic stretches, and we moved to the stationary bicycles and chose a course. We chatted about ship goings ons and then as the cycle set was nearing an end she said so, would you like to go to the systems storage locker for a more person work out. I said yeah and as the cycle slowed to a stop, we both stepped off at the same time putting us face to face for a second and as she moved out of the way she let her hand drag across the front of my shorts.

I knew intellectually that this was a career ending path, but once again I had been at sea on and off for more than a year and my cock was doing the leading. We went to the system storage locker and she closed the bulk head door, and latched it. She turned to me and we began to kiss, it had been so long since I had been physically close to someone that I was enjoying taking my time. I let my hand slide under her Tee shirt and feel her breast. I thought to myself how perfect her breast felt in my hand. Her nipple was hard and there were little bumps around the areola. Linda reached inside my shorts and grabbed my cock, which was hard, and she began to stroke it slowly. I was thoroughly enjoying myself and the consequences of my actions weren’t even in my head at that point. I was savoring every moment, the smell of her hair which was different from the rest of her, the light perfume smell of her deodorant, and yet the scent of her.

Just as we began to remove our clothes, General quarters sounded and for us, that meant go to the system. We straightened our clothes and stepped out the bulk head to our duty station just as one of our ASROC missiles was launched. The noise was deafening, and we watched as the missile took flight and the system re-positioned and a second missile was launched. We were technicians and had nothing to do directly with fire control or loading unless there was a problem. We watched as our system with six missiles still loaded and ready, reloaded the two empty cells. While that happened one of the other missile systems fired and then there was quiet again. We all looked at each other and the controls, with everything operating perfectly, we waited, I wondered if the 4 other members of our system had noticed Linda and I were in or PT clothes. It really didn’t matter at that point because it wasn’t unusual to work out in the evenings. As the all clear horn sounded we all relaxed and made our way to the television lounge to see if there was any news about the latest launches. We rarely ever found out what the targets were or what the successful hits were.

Two days of smooth sailing and command passed the word that a port of call would be coming up in 36 hours, and for all section heads to prepare a schedule of leave for our sections. What it basically came down to is with six of us assigned to the system, two had to be on watch at all times and two were to be sleeping, while the other two would at shore, and we’d rotate. We were expected to be at shore for 3 days for repairs. I wasn’t in the loop as to what repairs would require us to be in port but found out through scuttlebutt that one of the other systems had a part fail and that we were port bound until the new part was delivered. If it took more than the estimated 3 days and we were needed, the part would be flown out to us. The ship had a helipad but the seas had been rough as late and landing on a small ship was difficult enough without it bouncing like a cork in the water. I of course took this as a sign from GOD to take Linda to port myself, or to take Linda by God.

Once at port and the announcement was made for shore call, I sent the first two off, and decided that Linda and I would take last slip ashore. She asked me what I was going to do at port and I said well, I plan to find an all-night first class restaurant and have a steak dinner, with the first beautiful young lady I came across. She looked at me and said ”you’re going port side with me and therefore she’d be the first beautiful young woman I’d come across.” I said “well yeah it looks that way doesn’t it?” She laughed and said “cool.” We waited at the quarterdeck for the last two of our section to return and as they boarded, we disembarked. Both of us in our winter dress blues, walked down the planking to the pier, and I hailed a taxi that was waiting nearby.

I opened the door for Linda and she got in, and I followed her in and closed the door before any of the others could ask to ride along. The driver said where to? I answered Best steak dinners available, preferably with a bar and dancing. I had learned not to get specific unless I was sure of a place at a specific port. The driver said yes Sir~ and I looked up as he looked back and said Hey now, It’s chief Not Sir~ I work for a living. He laughed at that and said with a cheesy accent Aye Aye Master Chief. He had known my rank all along, and this was his way of creating good will as he drove me to my destination. As the taxi pulled up to the restaurant the driver turned and said ask for Sergio, and tell him Mikael sent us, that he’d take care of us. I said how much and the driver told me $5 American dollars and I handed him a fifty dollar bill and said thanks.

We went in and asked for Sergio and the greeter took us to a room off the main seating area and sat us next to this huge fire place. The area only had a few tables and they were quite a ways from each other. Sergio came to our table and introduced himself as the head chef, and then announced his specials. I told Sergio I had been at sea for over a year and wished his best steak, with his choice of compliments. Linda asked for the same. A waiter came by shortly and we ordered our drinks. The meal was spectacular and Sergio provided the best steak, with several smaller plates of his specialty items. When we finished the bill was placed on the table discretely in a leather bound booklet and I was surprised that the meal and our drinks came to $45 American dollars. I put a $100 bill in the booklet and handed it to the waiter who had dropped it off and said no change. He thanked me and Linda and I stepped outside and our Taxi awaited us, I told the driver that this time I wanted to go to a place for a luxurious nap. He looked at me and then at Linda and I detected a slight nod with the twist of his head.

A few minutes later we were at this spa sauna resort, and the driver said this place will accommodate you quiet well Master Chief. I thanked him and asked how much and he said nothing this time. I thanked him and told him I would need a ride back to the pier in 4 hours. He said that he would be waiting outside and should I need him sooner to ring a number on a card he handed me. Linda and I went inside and I asked for a suite and paid the $20 in advance. I led Linda to our suite and when I opened the door there was a small pool with steam rising from it as well as a whirlpool, along with what I would describe as a California King. The bed was huge and over stuffed. There was a radio playing lightly that I left on. Linda wasted no time in removing her clothes and lying back on the bed. I was right next to her naked as well.

I kissed Linda and began playing with her most perfect breasts. They were perfect in every way to me, not too big or too small just right round and firm. Her nipples were erect and she gasped when I put my mouth to one and lightly began twisting and squeezing the other. I left my hand wander to her stomach and noticed her muscles and how tight she was and yet how perfectly soft her skin was. I was feeling as though I was in a dream with a top model, and then just as I began to feel at her pubic mound and found no hair at all she grabbed hold of my cock. I released her nipple and Linda slid down my chest slowing only for a second to tease my nipple as she went onto lower her mouth over the head of my cock. She licked and sucked and when she sensed I was getting close to coming she pinched lightly but with just enough tension to stay my orgasm for the moment.

She let go of my cock and slithered on top of me and ever so gracefully slid my cock into her pussy. She was wet and tight to start but not so tight that it hindered the entry process. I wanted a woman, this beautiful woman in front of me not some girl. And Linda was all of that, she worked my cock in and out of her and I could feel her orgasm building within her as her movements became more deliberate. I sensed her need to change positions and without a word we rolled over with me on top now. I picked up the pace and was pushing all of my cock in her and as I did my balls slapped her ass. I looked down at the wonderful woman below me and she looked deeply into my eyes and I could feel her pussy muscles clench my cock and she mewed a purr that I could only recognize as an orgasm, and I pumped my hot load of come deep inside her, keeping our eyes locked into each-others.

I slid next to her as my cock began to soften, and we drifted off to sleep. An hour later the sound of the whirlpool woke me and we both went over and swam in the pool for a few minutes and then dressed. It was difficult for me to accept that I was so happy, with someone who was so perfect for me, and yet it was so wrong and so dangerous. As we exited the spa our taxi was waiting as promised. He opened the door for the both of us and when he got in he asked if we wanted to back to the pier now, and I said no I don’t want to but we must. The next few days were especially hard on me for all the time I had been aboard ship, I was never in such a rush to get off duty. This proved to be a difficult time for keeping things secret aboard a ship was next to impossible. One of the members of our section had even come to me at one point and said he thought Linda was a lesbian because she turned down all the guys at every opportunity. I laughed to myself, knowing she wasn’t a lesbian, but told him, the new rules say don’t ask don’t tell.

End of Chapter One

Rating: 92%, Read 25244 times, Posted Jan 05, 2016

Fiction | At work, Erotica


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