In The Spotlight. by AlwaysLearning

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Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Exhibitionism, Male

The lights were out, the crowd quiet. A breeze chilled the sweat on her skin. Her strained legs quivered but she could not relax them. Again, Jade tested the bonds around her ankles, her waist, her arms; they held. She was trapped: legs spread, ass up, weight on her arms folded on the low table below. There was a noise like leaves falling, or a hundred people breathing together.

The spotlight came on. Heat gathered around her. Jade breathed in quick, shallow gasps as footsteps sounded loud on the stage. He did not speak to her or to the crowd but Jade could feel their attention heightening, their eyes focusing. Fingers trailed up her bare thigh and grazed her ass. Jade looked blindly into the light and squeezed her muscles against the line of heat he left over her skin. The hand returned, palming her hip and shifting her in her restraints. Two hands now, running over her as she waited. Every second made her hotter.

Jade felt a sound that was part sigh, part moan slip from her throat. A hand fisted in her hair and pulled her back and upwards so that the rope around her waist dug into her flesh. Her breasts peaked, the breeze finding her nipples and hardening them. She ached for him to touch her. Her mouth had opened when he pulled her head back and now she licked at her lips, wetting them.

He brushed her pussy. Only then did Jade realise how wet she was. Her slickness made his fingers skim across her, smooth and quick. The hand came back. He eased his thumb into her, his fingers curling forward and rocking against her clitoris. He pushed down with infinite slowness, stretching her open and making her lean into him, straining backwards for some friction. She was denied. He let her head forward and unwound himself from her hair, then took his hand away from her pussy.


Jade saw his silhouette slide in between her and the light but he was too close, and she too dazzled, to see anything of him but a vague outline.

He forced his thumb past her lips. She sucked, tasting herself. He stroked her throat with his free hand as she swallowed, feeling the taut skin shift. She drank herself from him. The crowd was warming up, their anticipation tangible in the air, flooding over the stage and making Jade tremble.

The thumb pulled her jaw open until her mouth gaped wide. He gripped her hair again and held her still as his cock came to rest on her tongue, pushed to the back of her mouth, and forced through the tightness there to slide down her gullet. Jade closed her eyes and savoured the taste of him. She worked to control her need for air, her gag, as he lazily pulled back. All the way to her lips, he withdrew before starting forward again. One hand stroked her cheek tenderly.

Over and over, he pushed forwards until his hips touched her face and pulled back until she licked at the head of his cock. Salt coated her tongue and, though she swallowed desperately, she could not keep from dipping her saliva onto her folded arms. She stopped trying. She focused on the heat and the hardness of him fucking her throat, the control of his pace and his hand holding her still. She opened for him, aware of the ache in her pussy strengthening.

At last and with an audible groan, he withdrew completely and wiped her lips with his open palm. Jade worked her jaw, grateful for the chance but missing the feel of him. Anticipation made her eyes follow as he stepped away and when he moved behind her she felt a shiver run down her back.

Jade heard something swish through the air. The crowd inhaled. He drew the tip of something small and flexible over the top of her left foot in its heel and up, over her calf and behind her knees, along the taut muscles of her thigh and over the wet folds of her pussy. Jade bit her lip. The crop swished again and landed a stinging smack on her upraised ass. She jumped as far as she could in her bonds, from shock rather than pain. More light, quick blows licked at her skin, a few touching her burning pussy, until she was afire with sensitivity and her pussy was ready – God was it ready – to feel more than a fleeting stroke from a hand or a whip.

In that daze, Jade felt him slide into her. One motion, one breath, and she was full of him and he was pounding away the ache that he had created. No teasing now, no slow, languid movement. This was pure and unbridled. It was primal lust. Jade closed her eyes and concentrated on the feel of him beyond the walls of her body. All of the build-up flooded to that one part of her until she was panting, writhing under the ropes and twisting against him.

He held her by the hips, pulling her tight into every thrust. The audience was getting louder, whistles and moans lashing towards them from the stands beyond the spotlight. Jade barely heard, so focused was she on the delicious, agonising tide rising within her. The sensations washed past, pain and pleasure melding into one sweet tension that grew and grew until Jade’s eyes opened, she let go of her breath, and the fire contracting in her middle was flung outwards in a glorious deluge of release.

She came, falling from the heights to which he had led her and, she realised, dragging him with her. He had thrust into the clutching tightness of her climax and, draped over her and panting in her ear, was spilling himself deep into her. Jade tilted her head to the side and savoured the fullness of him resting inside her. He stroked at her ribs and licked her neck, slowly.

The light died. The audience erupted.

Rating: 87%, Read 8005 times, Posted Apr 20, 2017

Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Exhibitionism, Male


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