Hot Straight Boy at Work Part 2 by Hard94u

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True Story |

The next day I saw Allen in the hallway and he yelled out to me. I turned around to see him sharply dressed and his cheeks rosy and eyes sparkling. He came up and shook my hand and put his other hand on my shoulder signifying he was very comfortable with me. Allen was 22 and I am 26. I too am athletic and have much the same physique as Allen. He wanted to take me to lunch to thank me for the massage. I was excited to see him and spend time with him.

At lunch he asked all sorts of questions about how I had gotten into massaging and I explained it had helped me and I wanted to help others. Since this was at the work cafeteria, I didn't say too much more of what I had on my mind. I told him what he experienced was a fraction of what massage could do. He was interested in hearing more and I told him another time, perhaps when he came over again.

As the number of times I massaged him increased, he became more and more relaxed and trusting. I then dropped the bomb on him about tantric massage and waited to see his reaction. He was not jumping into it right away but listened. I told him to read up on it and if he had any questions to let me know. Each time I gave him a massage, his body responded to my touch and his mind allowed me to touch and mold this beautiful young man like putty.

I had given Allen 7-8 massages. I talked up the tantric massage more and more each time only giving bits and pieces to allow him to accept things gradually. After a massage one night, in our conversation we had afterwards, he said he had read up about tantric massage but felt weird about it. I asked him to give me more details. He said no other male had touched him and he was 150% straight. I explained further that this type of massage was shared between men to bring them closer together and to use the sexual energy to move all over the body and to allow each of us to reach higher levels of energy and understanding. He then said, OK, I'll try it but if I feel weird, you have to stop. I told him, if he felt weird to let me help him work though it instead of stopping the process and he would be better off. I also said, it needs to take place over a weekend as it's not just one session. We planned on a weekend and I invited him to spend the weekend with me.

When the weekend arrived, I was so excited for him to come over Friday after work. I had explained he would have a much better if he had not had any type of ejaculation for 21 days. He was shocked and said he would try. He had been dating some but said he hadn't gotten to the sex part as he kept dating as he couldn't feel that comfortable with anyone yet. He followed me home from work and we ate lightly as I told him it works better if you have. I also told him in this process of tantric massage, we would take turns as it has to be a gift to one another.

As I helped him breath through the sessions, his body was glistening with the oil and circulation. As we took turns along the way he was so relaxed and comfortable touching me and giving me a gift as he put it. We went to bed, and said Namaste to one another and slept soundly. The next morning we had fruit and began the massaging once again. The first night he wasn't comfortable being naked while he massaged me. I never pushed him but just allowed him to grow into it. Finally the time came to massage the genitals. As I lifted his beautiful penis up into my hands, I remembered that handsome boy wiped-eyed and filled with excitement at his new job out of college. I dreamed then of seeing what he looked like naked, and now nine weeks later, I had his cock in my hand and was massaging it and making him hard. I massaged his scrotum and testicles softly exciting them and making them churn with energy. As he shivered and shook with sexual energy, I would move the energy up to his heart and through his body. I had done this many times, but Allen was the very first person I had respond so exceptionally well and enjoy so many orgasms without ejaculating. I kept him at this state for as long as I felt I could making him breathe through the urge to ejaculate.

Then it was his turn to massage me. He didn't dress, but rather, got up and hugged me and said Namaste. We both drank some freshly squeezed juice and walked around the house totally nude. His body was so beautifully shaped and his erection had subsided a little but his penis was still not totally relaxed. When he massaged me he did amazingly well and for a straight guy, he was the best student I had ever had. Afterward, I had baked salmon and vegetables. We just sat around nude and relaxed. He asked if I was gay and I said I was. He told me if he had known that in the beginning, he would never have come over, but now it didn't bother him in the least.

I taught him how to flush his colon and rectum and he was not really liking this part but he did as instructed. I told him if you think you have experienced a spiritual sensation so far, wait until this next session.

I felt it would be better for me to teach him how to do a prostate massage on me before I did it on him. I talked him though the process and as I pretended to have my eyes closed but watched his face as he massaged my body. At first he was frowning but as he saw the sexual energy he was creating, his eyes were wide and opened. He massaged my cock and testicles and then massaged my prostate. I moaned and took deep breaths to move the energy.

I had to cut the session short as having this hot beautiful straight man touching and massaging me in a sexual way, otherwise I would have exploded and I was afraid that would freak him out. We ended the session with me hugging and saying Namaste. It was then I felt his hard cock touching my hard cock and as we hugged, our cocks slipped between one another's legs. We just held one another for awhile and Allen was extremely relaxed and enjoying this experience. I felt something wet on my perineum and it was warm. I was concerned Allen had ejaculated but realized it was pre-cum.

I wanted to take a break so Allen he could calm down. We had some fruit and talked. He asked me when I decided to be gay. I had to explain to him it isn't a decision but it's how you're born. He was quiet and looked at me and said, no one ever explained it to me this way. I knew you could get any girl you wanted. Just look at you, he said. I was puzzled and wondered what he meant and then he said, you're just a very good looking dude. I thanked him but thought to myself, how hot he was there pealing an orange and naked. He looked up and smiled and asked why I was just watching him peal an orange. I told him because I had found out he was just a beautiful guy inside and out. He looked down at the orange and said he was feeling the same way. We have a very strong bond and friendship. I can see why the Greeks and Roman soldiers did this. To be continued...

Rating: 80%, Read 4888 times, Posted Feb 09, 2021

True Story |


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