My Aunt teaches me 3 - Suckling wet nurses by Barry

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Fiction | Asian, Lactation

One of the problems that the three of us wrestled with now that I was sperming at such a high rate was how to keep my fluid level up. Both females would drink copious amounts of liquids that would quickly replenish the juices that they expended when climaxing. However, my problem was far greater and even the huge drinks that my aunt would produce which were filled with sex enhancing products could not stop me from being permanently thirsty.

After I had been with my Mistresses for about a month, an event occurred which totally solved this problem. Maria then wandered downstairs and came back into the bedroom with the post. Slowly she sat down on the bed, reading. Once she had finished, she turned to my aunt, who by this time was showing an interest in the letter.

“Sue, that is a very interesting letter”, she started. “Have I ever mentioned to you my Asian friend Sharji? Well, in case you don’t remember, she gave birth to a baby boy just over two weeks ago. She has been sharing her flat with another girl, called Sandra, who also gave birth at about the same time. They became friends at their ante-natal classes and moved in together when they realised that both were expecting at about the same time.”

“Well, Sharji has been told by her landlord that she will have to leave her flat in a week’s time and neither she nor Sandra have anywhere to live. She isn’t asking to come and stay, but it did occur to me that if either of both of them were still lactating, then if they were prepared to feed Peter, we might be able to find a solution to his thirst problem.”

“Brilliant!” my aunt replied. “If they still have milk in their tits, then I would be absolutely delighted for them to come and live here. I have always reckoned that suckling from a wet-nurse must be one of the most sexy things imaginable, so if they are willing, this would get a lot of liquid into Peter as well as potentially increasing his sperm production. Why don’t you phone them and ask?”

I had been listening with only partial interest, for I was plugged into my aunt’s huge tit and as most of my head was encased in her warm tit-flesh, I could not really hear what was being said.

Maria left the room to find the phone and my aunt turned her attention to me.

“So, darling. If we are lucky we will have two lovely wet-nurses for you to suckle. Let’s hope Maria can persuade them to let you suckle their tits in return for board and lodging.”

By now I was fully awake and appalled at what I heard.

“You aren’t going to make me suck milk from a woman’s breast, are you?” I enquired in horror.

“Yes, that is exactly what we are going to do,” my aunt replied, gazing down at me plugged into her huge mammary. “You will love the warm secure feeling of drinking breast-milk straight from the tit. It is one of the most sexy feelings from a woman’s point of view, so I am full of hope that they will agree.”

With that Maria came back into the room.

“Good news!” she said. “Both Sharji and Sandra are still in milk, but their babies are being looked after by their respective mothers. They both agreed immediately to the idea of letting Peter drain their breasts and they were very grateful to you Sue for the offer. If it is all right, they will arrive this afternoon. Oh, by the way, Sharji did say that Sandra produces the most enormous amount of milk. Apparently she has to be plugged into the breast pump for most of the night, and she still swamps any nursing bra that she wears. I said that I thought Peter would be able to help her in a major way there. I actually spoke to both of them, as they have an extension phone and both are extremely excited at the idea of suckling a sex-slave. They did ask if you might agree to them having a small share of his sperm in return for all the milk he will get from them and I said I thought that would be OK, but I would need to check with you.”

“This is marvellous,” my aunt said. “Of course I will be delighted for them to extract sperm – it is only fair when you consider the difference all this breast milk is going to make.” She then turned to me. “So, you will now have your own ready supply of breast milk, so we won’t have any more complaining about being thirsty, will we?”

After lunch Maria went in the car to collect Sharji and Sandra. Rather than going upstairs to the bedroom, my aunt lead me into the sitting room, where she ordered me to sit on the sofa. She then sat on my lap and started to kiss and fondle me. I had not spermed during the morning, so my balls were full of new sperm – something that rarely if ever happened. My cock grew hard under the pressure of my aunt’s weight, but she contented herself with kissing me only.

Soon there was the crunch of gravel in the drive, which told us that Maria had returned. My aunt ordered me to stay in the sitting room, whilst she went into the hallway to greet the newcomers. The front door opened and I heard the sound of unfamiliar voices. I could recognise Maria’s and I could hear my aunt’s, but there were two new voices, which I guessed to be Sharji and Sandra. I stood in the room very aware of how incongruous I looked. I had been specially shaved in the morning, so my whole body was nude and shone with the oil that had been applied. My head in particular was totally devoid of hair and glistened with oil. I was also nude except for the fur shorts and the lewd pouch that stuck out in front. I tried to press down on my cock to diminish my erection, but the gentle touch of the fur simply made things worse.

Then the four women came into the sitting room and I caught my first glimpse of Sharji and Sandra. I was introduced to Sharji first and I was immediately struck by her incredible beauty. She stood about 6 feet tall and was slender as a reed. I guessed she came from somewhere in Asia, for her olive skin glowed with health, and her deep brown ebony eyes were clear and steady. She wore her dark hair tied up on top of her head, but I could see that it was black and shiny as if it had been oiled. She had a slender waist and the longest most beautiful legs I had ever seen. She came to me and to my immediate surprise took me in her arms and kissed me fully on the mouth. Her lips did not open, but I was mesmerised by her lovely ruby mouth and neat white teeth. I also noticed her scent, a gentle warm musk, which I found extremely sexy. I could tell she was lactating for her beasts were big and heavy – out of proportion with the rest of her slender body. She murmured that she was delighted to meet me and that she was sure we would form a close relationship. I was blushing furiously as her extreme beauty had completely caught me by surprise and both my aunt and Maria scolded me for being so embarrassed.

Next I was introduced to Sandra who was totally different from Sharji. She was considerably younger – in fact I reckoned she must not be more than 5 years older than me. She was shorter than Sharji and was most likely the same height as me. Although she had thick set and heavy features, she was extremely sexy in her own way and I found her very attractive. She had short auburn hair and a full plump figure. Her legs were not short, but I could tell from her very short skirt, her thighs were thick and powerful. Unlike Sharji, her breasts were truly massive. They were so huge, that it was easy to see the indentations that the straps of her nursing brassier made in her shoulders, for everything was straining to keep her huge mammaries in place. She came towards me with her arms outstretched and like Sharji she went to kiss me. Eventually she did release me and with the introductions over, we all sat down on the two sofas. My aunt sat with Maria, and me whilst Sharji and Sandra sat directly opposite us. Both girls had removed their coats and were wearing thin cotton blouses over their short skirts.

The 4 girls chatted away happily exchanging all the normal types of information one might expect. It was clear my aunt was getting on extremely well with both Sharji and Sandra and in no time they were laughing and joking as if they had known each other forever. During all this time, no one seemed to take the slightest notice of me but I was happy listening to the conversation and also drinking in Sharji’s cool beauty. After about 30 minutes I was suddenly brought back to reality, when I noticed a dark damp patch spreading across the front of Sandra’s cotton blouse. My aunt obviously noticed as well, for she switched from speaking to Sharji and said:

“Oh Sandra love, you are leaking. Do you want to go upstairs and change?”

“That’s very kind,” Sandra replied, “but my tits are bursting with milk. Would you mind if I suckled your little nephew for a while so that I could relieve the pressure?”

“Of course darling!” my aunt replied and then turning to me, she said: “Now, Peter. We are going to have to teach you how to suckle a breast properly, for we mustn’t have you hurting our guests, must we?”

Even though I had been thinking of my friends and how they would react to suckling a breast, I still found myself overcome with horror at the thought of actually having to suckle this huge woman’s breasts and I fell to my knees in front of Maria, begging her to help me.

I mumbled that I would promise to be good and after a few minutes she released me. I found all four sets of eyes on me and I flushed a deep red with the embarrassment of the situation. Sharji and Sandra were obviously embarrassed by what had occurred, but Maria explained to them that it was essential that I understood all the time that I was being kept for female pleasure. They murmured their assent to this. It was my aunt who intervened and smoothed things over.

“Now come on,” she said. “Don’t lets be silly about this? You know Peter, that you are going to have to suckle from both Sandra and Sharji, so the sooner you learn the better. Now lets have you on you feet. Sharji if you come over here onto the sofa with me, and we will set up Peter and Sandra on this sofa, with Peter lying in Sandra’s lap.”

Sharji moved away and Sandra shrugged off her blouse, which left her top covered only by her massive nursing bra, which I could see was soaked through with milk. I went over to the sofa and lay down with my head in Sandra’s lap. Her heavy perfume was everywhere and I was also amazed at the heat from her body. But the overwhelming scent was of warm damp breast and of course the smell of milk, which I was to get to know so well. Once I was lying comfortably in her lap, she reached around behind her and unclipped her bra. The thick material fell away and for the first time I was exposed to her enormous nipples. They were great mounds of flesh, with a well-pronounced point to each. Her aureoles were vast and seemed to extend half way up the body of each breast, and the breasts themselves had pronounced blue veins running down towards the nipples. It was clear that Sandra was in a bad way, for her breasts were hot to touch as they were bursting with milk. While I watched, drops of white milk formed at the point of each nipple and eventually dripped onto my chest. As I gazed up at Sandra it was clear to me that she was in considerable discomfort from the pressure of the milk in her tits, but this in no way diminished my horror at having to suckle on these huge breasts. But I knew there was no escaping, so I gave my attention to my aunt who was intent on teaching me how to suckle.

“This is quite easy,” she said. “All you have to do is to take the nipple firmly into your mouth and suck hard. Sandra will let you know if you are sucking too hard, but remember, no biting. If Sandra wants, it may help if you gently squeeze the body of the breast, for this will help draw the milk down to the nipple”

“I wonder if I could bother you for a damp cloth, for I had better expel some of this milk and get it flowing freely before I plug Peter in for the first time,” Sandra said.

Maria quickly got a cloth and towel from the kitchen and Sandra wiped the big rough nipple of one breast. As she rubbed, so milk oozed from the tip and dribbled down the body of her breast. I could also see the way the nipple swelled and peaked as she rubbed it. She then pressed the nipple between her second and third finger and squeezed quite gently. White milk poured from numerous orifices around the nipple, streaming into the cloth, which she was holding just under the nipple. Once she was happy that the milk was beginning to flow, she then wiped the body of the breast, which swelled and bulged under the pressure.

“OK my darling, I think we are ready now,” she exclaimed, and she again pressed the nipple between her second and third finger. This time however, she lowered the body of her breast down towards me.

“Mouth open!” my aunt ordered and I obeyed. Sandra pushed the big rubbery nipple into my mouth until it seemed that my whole mouth was full of milky tit.

“Now suck very gently!” she said. I sucked and immediately warm milk flooded into my mouth and dribbled down my cheek. I was so taken aback by the quantity that I started to choke. I coughed and spluttered and Sandra pulled her tit from my mouth, while my aunt patted by back until I had recovered. By the time I had stopped coughing, we were both covered in milk and my aunt made to spread the towel under us to as to cover and protect the sofa. As soon as I lay down into her lap again, the breast was offered to my mouth again. This time I took the big nipple into my mouth and I sucked quite gently and swallowed. Milk streamed into my mouth and Sandra sighed and bent over me, wallowing in the sensation.

“Oohh that is marvellous!” she breathed. “Go on darling, you can suck harder, my tits can take it.”

I started to suck more steadily and was amazed at the way the milk poured into my mouth. The taste was not unpleasant – quite sweet and of course just the right temperature. From my position attached as I was to the end of this huge breast, I was able to gaze up at the wide torso of my young wet-nurse. Being totally swamped in female flesh was now not a new experience for me, but the sensation of drinking warm milk straight from the breast was still totally new. I snuggled into Sandra’s heavy bulk and concentrated on pulling on the fat nipple wedged in my mouth, while she chatted easily to the other women in the room. I drank for what seemed like an age, but still the milk streamed in a constant flow from her nipple. However, eventually she pulled back so that the nipple plopped out of my mouth. I could clearly see the indentations of my teeth on the nipple and I was amazed at how it had swollen and elongated under the pressure of my sucking.

Sandra by this time was busy preparing her other breast. All the time I had been suckling on her first nipple the second breast had hung down, with milk leaking steadily from the nipple. A rivulet of milk had formed, running down the underside of her breast, over her heavy waist, and then slid between us, so that both our bodies were soaked in liquid. Now that she was ready for me to relieve the pressure on this tit, she grasped the body of the breast in one hand and squeezed. Milk streamed from every orifice. She smiled down at me.

“Have to clear the ducts darling, otherwise your first mouthful will not be a nice one.” In the weeks to come I got very used to what was called “duct clearing”, for both my wet nurses religiously did it before feeding me.

She gathered up the mass of swollen flesh of her second teat and fed the huge leaking nipple into my mouth. Again I sucked and was rewarded by a torrent of warm milk. I settled down to drink the huge quantities she was producing, but then I felt hands caressing the fur pouch, which still encased my genitals. I looked over to see Maria and Sharji whispering, while Maria fondled my cock. By this time I was rock hard for I had not spermed since first thing in the morning. The two girls nodded and Maria then went to pull off my shorts. My stiff cock sprang out and I tried to move away from Sandra’s breast to tell them to stop.

“No you don’t,” Sandra said and she clamped me firmly to her breast, ordering me to suckle and not to worry about what was happening further down. By this time I could feel hot breath on my thighs and then a mouth enveloped my cock. Whoever was sucking was doing an excellent job, for I could feel the sperm rising in my balls. Then the mouth came away from me and I felt the sofa sag as a body moved over my hips. I knew what was coming, and sure enough I soon felt the brush of wiry hairs on my cock head, followed by the hot slippery grasp of a cunt as a woman (I had no idea which), slid down fully onto my cock. By manoeuvring I was able to see which of my female companions had mounted me and I was not totally surprised to see that it was Maria.

Maria sank down with her full weight on me, sliding down easily over the length of my cock until I was totally enveloped in her.

“We usually spend an hour or so in the afternoon riding him,” Maria commented. “We like to spend time with his cock embedded inside us – sometimes we make him climax, and sometimes we don’t. It all depends on whether he has been good; how he has been doing in regards to his training, or whether either of us wants to feel his thick seed spurting inside us.”

“Ooohh I do so love the feel of sperm sliding up me,” said Sharji in a soft voice. “That warm feeling flooding inside you is just out of this world.”

“Would you like to try it now?” Maria enquired. “I am sure Sue would not mind if you took first place in the queue.”

“Fine by me,” my aunt answered, for she was deep into her book at that stage, with one hand fiddling with her hair and the other quietly wriggling inside her wet cunt.

I felt Maria begin to move off me, but her cunt muscles were not so happy to release my cock as she slowly withdrew off me. The walls of her cunt clung to the length of my shaft, pulling the inner lips and dragging the wet flesh of her tubes into view. Eventually with a little sucking noise, her cunt gave up the last of my cock, which sprang out, wet and shiny from Maria’s juices.

Sharji by this time was throwing off her clothes and for the first time I was able to look at her incredible beauty. There was not a wrinkle or blemish anywhere on her. Her olive skin was smooth and taught over her slender frame. She kept her nursing bra covering her breasts, so as not to lose any of her milk, for as she said, she was heavy and liable to leak furiously as she became aroused. However, as she removed her panties, so I caught a glance of her lovely mons. Her pubic hair was short and well groomed – just like the rest of her and I could see just the hint of pink flesh inside her gash. Her outer lips were full, heavy and pronounced but there was no hint of the incredible power of her cunt muscles, which I was to experience in the next few minutes. But still there was more in store for me. Once she was naked, she reached up and removed the pins, which were holding her hair on top of her head. Her long black hair tumbled and slid down over her shoulders a shining mass of living beauty, which bounced and writhed down her back, with the ends nearly touching her pert little backside. I gasped at the beauty of her hair, for it truly shone as if it were oiled.

She obviously noticed, for she took a great handful and framed her face with it, pouting in the most extraordinarily sexy fashion. “So, you like my hair, do you little darling?” she breathed. You will have plenty of opportunity to sink into it I can assure you.” But it was my cock, which she was attending to now, grasping it in her dainty little hand, turning it this way and that, giving it the minutest inspection. She knelt down to get a closer look and I could feel her hot breath on the still moist head of my cock. To my surprise, she took just the tip of my cock into her mouth and I could feel her tongue prising open the wee hole in the end of my cock. Her tongue then swirled over the head, making me gasp and almost choke on the breast milk that was still coursing down my throat.

“What a beautiful specimen!” Sharji said. “I will certainly enjoy mounting this one if I may.” With that she rose to her feet and kneeling onto the sofa, she straddled my waist. I looked directly into her eyes, as she prised open her outer lips and rubbed her clit to generate some moisture. A tiny spurt of juice flowed from her nether regions and then she was guiding my cock towards her hot box. I squirmed to try and get a closer look at what she was doing, for even after all the experiences I had been subjected to by my aunt and Maria, I still found the idea of being mounted by this incredible beauty, exciting. Sandra obviously recognised my excitement, for she withdrew her fat nipple from my mouth so that I had an uninterrupted view of what Sharji was doing. This nipple hung over my chest leaking a steady stream of warm milk, but I was too fascinated with watching Sharji to notice.

My gorgeous wet-nurse was slowly lowering herself onto my rod, inching her way down bit by bit. Her hair cascaded down over her shoulder as she watched with interest the rampant cock drill into her. Her lovely face was a picture of concentration; she was biting her lower lip with the strain of holding herself up and I could clearly see the well-toned muscles in her legs and torso, which stood out like ropes as she controlled the passage down.

From my point of view, I was amazed at how incredibly tight she felt compared with either Maria or my aunt. Her outer lips strained to accommodate my rod and as she sank down, so they seemed to be pulled into her by the pressure around her cunt. However, she was evidently thoroughly enjoying the experience, for she was letting out little gasps, which even I could tell were gasps of delight. Eventually she was there. I saw the last millimetre of my cock disappear inside her and then she was wriggling down on me determined to insert me more thoroughly into her. She smiled down at me, when she looked up from her work.

“That is quite gorgeous,” she breathed. “Now you just lie there and feel Sharji’s little cunt muscles start their work on you.” All the time she was speaking, I could feel her cunt muscles working on the length of my shaft. For the past month, both Maria and my aunt had constantly used me, and I thought I had a good idea of the sensations that ran through my body when my cock was being worked on by a rampant female. But nothing could have prepared me for the sensations produced by Sharji’s cunt muscles. The rippling feeling as I was being milked was more than I could stand and I cried as the nerve endings in my cock were stroked and caressed by her movements. Sandra by now had become agitated by the lack of attention being paid to her tits and she used my discomfort to try and get me back to the breast. She turned my head towards her torso and fed the big leaking nipple to my mouth. Obediently I swallowed the puckered flesh and drew mouthfuls of warm milk into my mouth. But still I could not believe the sensation that was coursing through my loins. Sharji was having a marvellous time writhing up and down, ensuring that she was fully impaled on my shaft, but also enjoying the fact that I could do nothing to escape her ministrations.

As I had not spermed for most of the day and as my cock was receiving the most unbelievable treatment, I knew I was rising towards a climax more quickly than normal. My suckling on Sandra’s nipple was starting to become irregular and try as she might to get me to concentrate on her rather than Sharji, it was clear she was fighting a losing battle. Both Maria and my aunt realised that I was getting close to the limit and they were determined that Sharji should climax before me. Maria came close to Sandra’s tit and breathed in my ear.

“No sperming until we say so. Just because you are excited at the thought of shooting your seed into that gorgeous lady, we will not have you losing your self-control. You have got to allow her to climax first. If you disobey me now, you will discover what those implements in the spare room are for!”

This brought me back to reality with a start. I fought the desire to shoot into Sharji’s wringing cunt and with all my self-control, tried to concentrate on Sandra’s tit. I chewed lightly in the nipple and heard her sharp intake of breath.

“Ow! That hurts! Don’t you dare bite me – just suck!” she commanded. But her words were drowned by a great shout from lower down the sofa and I realised that Sharji was climaxing heavily. The sensations coming from her cunt were quite beyond anything I could describe, but I knew that I had lost my self-control.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh”, I grunted as the thick sperm roared out of my cock and frothed its way into Sharji’s sopping tubes. My eyes were tight shut as I concentrated on shooting my seed into this lovely girl who was still keening and moaning on top of me. A tiny bit of me knew that I would incur the wrath of Maria for not sperming on her order, but at this time I could not care less. The only thing that mattered was to unload myself into Sharji and this I was doing with every muscle in my body.

“Eeeehhh!!” Sharji screamed. “I can feel his sperm roaring into my womb. Oh my God! It feels so lovely. Go on darling! Keep pumping. I want you to fill me up to the brim with your thick seed.” Someone had their hands on my balls and was massaging the last drops of sperm from me as I collapsed into Sandra’s lap, spent from my exertions. Having watched the competition between Sharji and myself, Sandra was still determined to reduce the pressure in her breasts and once again fed her nipple into my mouth, ordering me to suck. As I panted, so I drew great swabs of milk from her, slaking my thirst as Sharji still remained impaled on my slackening cock.

As we slowed, so Sharji made to move off me. My aunt was at her side holding a cloth, so that Sharji could run to the toilet and not allow my sperm to dribble down her leg. My cock was wrung of its last drop of sperm by Maria and I returned to Sandra’s breast, reckoning that no one could use me for at least one hour until my cock recovered. Maria bathed my genitals in warm water, removing Sharji’s juices from around my cock and balls, and then she dried me off fiddling with my cock, which had by this stage turned tiny and slack.

“What a pity I can’t have a go on him as well,” Maria said, as Sharji re-entered the room having dried herself down from her exertions. “Still we will have to try and sex him up sometime this afternoon, for I must have my dose of sperm and he is also to be punished for shooting before I gave the command.”

“Perhaps not,” Sharji replied. “I learned a useful little trick when I was living in my original country. We lived in a village miles from anywhere and the girls outnumbered the boys by at least 10 to 1. Every man was attached to a bevy of girls, all of whom wanted to have their turn on his cock. One day a group of us managed to kidnap a young boy and we took him off to our hiding place to experiment on. No one knew of this place, so we knew we were safe and we were determined to find a way to harden him up, so that we could all enjoy him one after the other. After some time we discovered that there are ‘pressure points’ just around the hips that if pressed divert the flow of blood from the legs to the genitals. If you press down, the slackest cock immediately springs into life for as long as you are pressing. What we discovered was that if you keep pressing down until the cock is vacuumed into the cunt, then the cunt muscles can keep him hard, just by working on him. The trick is to have him hard enough in the first place to get him into the cunt.”

“Well, lets try!” Maria exclaimed excitedly. “You hold his top half, Sandy and lets see if we can make this work.”

“Just before you start,” Sharji went on, “This must be used sparingly. If I just finish my story, once we had discovered this trick, we tied the boy up and gagged him. We then had a marvellous day and night riding him to our satisfaction. The trouble was we did not understand the damage we were doing to his genitals. By the morning, we discovered that we had almost killed him and that it was weeks before his balls recovered. Luckily we were able to make him swear to secrecy and we then tended for him, massaging his balls every evening until eventually he recovered. But I think you should be aware of the danger of using this trick too often.”

“OK, fair enough,” Maria said. “But I would still like to give it a try.” With that both she and Sharji knelt down by my waist, with my aunt looking over them. I felt Sharji’s hands moving softly over my hips, as she sought the correct place.

“The key is to find the big vein that pumps blood to the legs – yes, here it is, just inside the hip bones.” Maria’s hands joined Sharji’s as they explored around my waist and hips. Then I felt thumbs pressing down inside my hipbones and the weirdest sensation flooded through the lower half of my body. Very quickly I started to get a tingling feeling in my legs like pins and needles, as the blood was diverted from them. At the same time, I could feel the blood coursing into my genitals and my tired and exhausted cock started to grow and become stiff, with no help from me at all. In no time at all my cock stood proud, a bright red colour with the veins sticking out along its length. I struggled to free myself from the pressure as my legs were going completely numb and Sharji recognised the signs.

“Better jump aboard if you are going to Mari, as it is not good to keep the pressure up too long,” Sharji murmured. Maria needed no coaxing and in no time she was astride me, and squatting down over my prick. With her deft fingers, she prised open her maw and then sank down full length onto me, with an audible gasp. Once she had sucked me in, she wriggled down fully onto me and sat upright with a sexy smile on her lips. Sharji immediately released the pressure and I could feel the blood rushing back down my legs. But by this time, Maria’s cunt muscles had a firm grip on my cock and I knew she would not let me go until I had satisfied her fully.

Meanwhile, Sharji had come round to Sandra’s position and started to remove her heavy nursing bra. I noticed how the material was sopping wet with milk and Sandra noticed this too.

“Do you want to swap places, Sharj,” she asked. Sharji nodded and Sandra removed her huge nipple from my mouth with a ‘plop’. “Sit up darling,” she said, “so that Sharji can take my place.” Obediently I sat up and felt Sandra move off the sofa to be replaced my Sharji. As soon as she was comfortable I as made to lie down again in her lap and this time I found myself looking up at the lovely torso of my olive-skinned beauty. Sharji wasted no time in removing her bra and then I got my first view of her breasts and nipples. Unlike Sandra, whose breasts were big and pendulous, Sharji’s were neat and pert. The body of the breast was firm and round, but it was her aureoles and nipples that had me transfixed. The aureoles were quite small, but they rose from the body of the breast, peaking in the nipple, so that the effect was really one tumescent nipple, which as I looked at was leaking a steady stream of warm milk. Like Sandra before her, Sharji’s tits were hot and taught from the pressure of milk, and this time I needed no encouragement to attach myself to her milkers. She leaned over me and gently squeezed the body of one breast. Milk poured from the orifices, streaming down onto my chest, which she rubbed into me using her other hand. Then when she was content that her ducts were clear, she offered the breast to my mouth. I closed my lips over the peaking nubbule of flesh and sucked hard. Breath whistled from her perfect nose and her eyes were tight shut as she wallowed in the sensation. As soon as I got into a rhythm with the suckling, she moved to cradle me more closely to her body. I squirmed to ease myself deeper into her embrace, for her gentle scent and perfect features had me wanting to get as close to her as possible. One thing I did know – if my friends could see me now in the arms of this olive-skinned beauty, I would be the envy of my entire school.

Whilst I had been totally engrossed in feeding from Sharji’s breast, I had forgotten my ebony Mistress who was sitting astride me, with my overworked cock engulfed deep inside her tubes. Maria had been watching my reaction to Sharji and she could easily see that I was mesmerised by her beauty. To remind me that she was still around, Maria gave my cock and extra squeeze with her cunt muscles and I gasped at the sensation. The nerve endings in my cock had not had time to recover from the stroking they had received from Sharji’s cunt and now to be subjected to the ministrations of Maria’s cunt as more than I had experienced in my life. But Maria was quite happy sitting watching Sharji and I joined at the tit and she merely kept me hard with a small milking sensation coming from her cunt. I revelled in the warmth and sexiness of my wet-nurse, and soon I found myself dozing with Sharji’s tit wedged in my mouth. Every time I awoke I would suckle hard, drawing great streams of milk from her teat which, would make her gasp at the sensation but then she would cradle me into her bosom and I would drift back into a sleep.

As the afternoon drew on, I awoke with the realisation that soon I would have to move from this comfortable position. Maria had spent almost an hour with my cock wedged inside her cunt, but she had not at any stage indicated that she wanted me to climax. I think she was concerned at Sharji’s warning about the dangers of overtaxing young balls too much.

I was so exhausted that Maria had to carry me up to our bedroom. I immediately noticed that another double bed and been brought in, so that all 5 of us could sleep in the same room. I was soon to discover that the usual mix, was for me to sleep with one of the Mistresses and one wet-nurse. During the night, the wet-nurses could change over if one required her breasts to be drained.

Maria lay me on the bed and covered me with a duvet. Although it was still early, I did not need any dinner, for I was full of breast milk. I could also see that Sandra was intent on having me suckle from her again, for the stimulation of me suckling and also watching Maria and Sharji have their fun with my cock, had filled her tits again.

I was therefore put back to her breast while the others had dinner and then Sharji ‘fed’ me from her tits to allow Sandra to eat. By early evening all were ready for bed for I had already fallen into a deep exhausted sleep. For once I was not asked to sperm anyone during the night, although I did find myself getting hard at the very thought of lying so close to my new beautiful wet-nurse Sharji.

Rating: 69%, Read 174541 times, Posted Jul 05, 2004

Fiction | Asian, Lactation


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