The Sixth Prince by linky_fangs

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Okay, this is my first attempt at an erotic story, so please be kind and enjoy! If I get enough positive feedback I may write a second part. <3

The Sixth Prince

Light grey, knee high boots treaded along a roughly beaten path in the bush. Steadily breathing in the crisp morning air, Jasmine picked up her pace, wanting to arrive as soon as possible. Ferns that bowed into the side of the trail brushed against her exposed thighs while her long black hair swished back and forth along the middle of her back. Her C cup breasts were tucked away under her bra, T-shirt, and femininely cut green sweater, though they still bounced slightly underneath the layers of fabric. Her lime green school bag was messily slung over her one shoulder as she jogged. Earlier it had been emptied, and then refilled with a homemade lunch, bait, a small blue tackle box, and an expandable fishing rod.

Jasmine rarely, if ever, wore makeup. She didn’t need it; she rarely broke out and was always told she looked prettier without it anyway. The blue streak in her hair fell across her soft cheek and she calmly blew it away. Swatting away overgrown branches, she hurried forward and the small path gradually opened up into a small clearing. Ah, here we are. Her favourite fishing spot finally revealed itself to her.

The wind in her lungs felt pure and exhilarating with faint taste of rich earth lingering on her tongue. Frogs croaked strongly in the distance and various plants reached up towards her curvy hips. She always loved nature. Walking over to a large flat rock as long as she was tall, Jasmine tossed her bag onto the smooth, but slightly lumpy surface. The stone was a mixture of several different minerals; swirls of different colours rippled across in different patterns and the odd patch of crystals stuck out on the far side. It was perched on a small hill that ran just above the riverbed, and the rock hung almost dangerously on the edge.

Her small white hands excitedly unzipped the bag and unpacked the contents, setting them beside her. The flowing water of the creek calmly sloshed in the background. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a low rumbling growl followed by three sharp yelps echoed across the small oasis. Jasmine raised her blue eyes in alarm, searching the thick layers of thriving vegetation. The abrupt noises continued, though slightly muted from distance; grunts, snarls, and several clicks were added to the inhuman chorus. Her eyes narrowed as her suspicion and curiosity began to grow.

Subconsciously putting down the overstuffed tackle box, she rose to her feet and scanned her surroundings a second, and then third time, looking for any small clue. The adventurous woman pondered to herself, trying to locate where exactly these sounds were coming from. What they were coming from.

Jasmine wasn’t a shy girl, or a cautious one for that matter. Having just turned nineteen a few weeks ago, she had just bought a nice little apartment and landed herself a job at a local cafe, all with outstanding determination and confidence. And, having been born and raised in this small town, she knew the place by heart; every pothole, the best restaurants, and especially this small forest down to every turn in the creek. Another thing she knew was that wildlife rarely visited and even the local people had no clue about this secret little place that she and her father had discovered when she was just a child. Leaving her supplies behind her, she stepped automatically over a large root and became engulfed in the tangle of high grasses, various small plants, outreaching trees, and clusters of bushes as she carefully picked her route toward the strange noise.

Weaving through the arms of trees, over stumps and rocks, and around water that was either running, trickling, or pooling up, Jasmine heard the sounds stop abruptly. The silence was tense and invoked a tinge of fear in her. What’s going on? How come it just... stopped? Feeling as if she had just stumbled into a great danger and drawn herself to its attention, Jasmine held her breath and reluctantly looked around in anticipation. A lone, dark figure caught her eye.

Her blood went cold, but she found herself slowly stalking toward the creature that appeared awfully human, but she knew it couldn’t be. No human could make sounds like that.It was leaning casually against a tree, not paying any attention to curious human, but kept watch over her out of the corner of its eye. As she got closer, she realized it must be male due to his facial structure and well groomed black hair at a length considered usual for teenage boys. His skin was an ashen grey and his clothing was all black; he wore a long jacket with wide sleeves and simple, dark pants and shoes. A quick movement behind him caught her eye. A slender, dark grey tail with a black, spear-like tip flicked in the air anxiously. Nope, definitely not human.

When she was about ten feet away, he stirred a bit, obviously quite interested in her now, so she hid cautiously behind a nearby tree. He soon fell silent again, and Jasmine peeked out at him from behind the bark. His eyes caught hers, and she couldn’t help but gasp a little. His eyes were a bright green and stood out dramatically being the only colour on him; they seemed to glow slightly, even in the strong sunlight. Her eyes drifted downward and she realized he wore no shirt underneath. He was actually quite handsome, had a bad ass look to him, and must have been in his early twenties.

The creature smiled as he looked Jasmine up and down. His eyes lingered on the firm mounds her breasts made, and wandered back to her face. “Well, well,” He chuckled in a deep, sexy voice, laced with an accent she couldn’t quite identify, “So you’re the curious little creature that interrupted me.” It was more of a statement than a question, and Jasmine was too intrigued to backup when he took a few steps closer to her.

“What the Hell are you?” She blurted out angrily. She had no clue how to respond other than like a ferocious animal, trying to make herself seem stronger and more dangerous than she really was.

“I’m Izial.” He smirked, trying not to laugh at her cute little attempt. Jasmine felt a heat grow between her legs as he stepped even closer. His scent wrapped around her. It was deep and richly spiced, but mixed with a hint of smoke. Her fear was replaced with a strange calming sensation. “I’m a prince; the sixth prince.” He smiled as he crossed his arms. “And what might you be?”

“I’m-I’m Jasmine.” She stammered out, discovering it difficult to find the words. “I’m... just a woman. I-I live here.” She added. “Well, n-near here.”

Izial reached out and brushed the streak of blue hair from her cheek. She immediately discovered he had a strong influence on her mind; drawing her closer and making lust pour into her thoughts, which in turn influenced her actions. Jasmine felt her cheeks get red and hot as the area between her legs began to get even more excited, widening her canal and preparing itself. Why am I feeling like this? This is definitely not the time for - His voice cut off her thoughts.

“My, you humans can be exquisitely beautiful...” He murmured as he lifted up her chin. Looking into his eyes, Jasmine saw they had swirled with a bright blue, the new colour beginning to take over and consume the other. Desire danced around in her eyes as he held his seductive gaze. It made her feel warm and relaxed, and before she knew it, her lips were on his, or his lips were on hers. She couldn’t quite tell who started the kiss, but it was wonderful. The cute young woman closed her long lashes and her mind was engulfed in the delicate, teasing movements of his lips. Leaning into him, Jasmine kissed harder, wanting more. Izial slid his hands onto her body; one hand held the back of her neck, softly playing with her hair, while the other started casually on her hip, but was quickly finding its way along her lower back to her bum. Jasmine muffled a moan and gently tugged on his lower lip with her teeth.

For a brief moment, he broke off the kiss and wrapped his arms firmly around her body, lifting her up and twirling her around so her back pressed up against the flat, rough bark of a nearby tree. Izial growled softly and smiled up at her, teasing her with his mysterious charm and sexy features, but most of all his arousal. It was controlled, but very animalistic, wanting to dominate her and give her what she now craved. Jasmine wrapped her legs round his middle and threw her arms around his neck, making them look a bright white compared to his silvery complexion. He snuggled his face beside hers, licking at and sucking at her earlobe, and breathed in the faint aroma of her finely brushed hair; wind and roses. Planting kisses down the side of her sensitive neck, his warm breath tickled Jasmine’s skin. Her natural scent smelled of herbal tea, and Izial got lost in the moment, taking in every sensation he could grasp. He felt himself gaining length in his pants as his mind taunted him with more sin.

She noticed his breathing quicken, and just the thought of what he was going to do to her next drove her crazy; her pussy was already starting to lubricate itself with slick discharge. She tousled his dark hair until it was shaggy, entwining her fingers securely in the silky locks, and sighed, lightly humping him with her hips. Izial took the message. His smile was beautiful and revealed small fangs as his eyes lit up with mischief; he was eager to continue. Shifting his weight, he pulled one hand free, skilfully removing her sweater. It fluttered to the grass below in a heap.

Jasmine ran her hands over the toned muscles in his chest and fully opened up his coat, almost drooling to go lower and take in the sight of his erection, which now pressed confidently against her inner thigh where their bodies were hugged together. Her mind consumed by lust, she rubbed against him harder and he let out a low groan from the friction. The two bodies were locked together firmly, teasing and taunting each other until Izial began to let his control slip and couldn’t stop himself from nipping at the skin between her neck and her shoulder. His fangs were sharp, but he was still careful not to draw blood.

Then, he instantly halted and his eyes flickered in caution, turning his head to look behind him. He scrunched his eyes shut, and his smile faded, becoming a mix of disappointment and urgency. He bent forward and pecked once more at her lush lips before lowering her to her feet and turning around, suddenly very serious.

Many footsteps thundered in the distance, closing in on them. Jasmine stood behind Izial; for the first time in her life she was afraid of what could be coming at her. What now? What can be stranger than him? What else is out here? Several white, winged figures swooped down, some jumping down from nearby treetops.


Jasmine stood still in shock, wanting to blend into the background and watch the scene like a movie rather than be part of it. Things were weird and confusing enough already; there was no way she wanted things to get more complicated. Especially with something she didn’t know anything about, or wanted to be involved in... Izial apparently had other plans.

“Hello there birdies. How did I manage to ruffle your feathers today?” He laughed mockingly at them. Jasmine noticed his eyes had turned a shocking blood red.

The three angels walked closer, but kept their distance. “We aren’t birds...” the youngest looking blond muttered to herself.

“Shush Aaron,” The tall, scrawny looking angel standing in the middle scolded him.

“Just what do you think that you’re doing here?” The third one yelled aggressively, his shoulder length brown hair messed up with twigs and bits of leaves.

“I was trying to start a fire.” Izial laughed, keeping his usual arrogant smile.

“It isn’t required here,” The tall angel stated, fluttering his wings.

“That’s what you think, bird brain. Everything needs the chance to regenerate in time.” Izial sneered.

“We aren’t birds...” The blond muttered louder, obviously annoyed. The middle angel shot him a stern look of disapproval.

“Just who in Hell do you think you are?” The third angel shouted angrily at him, weapon drawn. His dagger was a blinding white and he stood, ready to fight anytime Izial moved. Jasmine whimpered and cowered behind Izial, hoping he would offer some sort of protection if any fights broke out. He was too uninterested in the whole scenario to notice, but his eyes wandered to the threatening angel. He still held his stance with a strong confidence.

Izial’s smirk turned into a menacing smile, his fangs making slight indents on his bottom lip. He tilted his head and casually looked up. “I am Izial,” He began slowly, “The sixth prince,” He continued, adding suspense, “Of Hell.” Izial snapped his gaze down and suddenly the angel grabbed his own throat, his dagger falling to the ground. He fell to his knees, gasping for breath, but making no sound. His wings flapped furiously and his fellow mates looked at each other in horror. The young blond looked traumatized and stood frozen as he glanced between the other two angels. Finally managing to grasp a breath, the struggling angel chocked on it and gagged loudly. The constant, gut wrenching noises made Jasmine feel like puking herself, but Izial stood unaffected, sickly proud even. Falling to his side, the angel puked up blood, coughing up more until his eyes rolled back and he fell still.

“Call for backup.” The tall angel ordered to the blond one, “Now!” He hesitated at first, but then complied without a word and took off into the sky with swift wings. Once he had left, the remaining rushed to the aid of his fallen comrade, immediately recognising him as stone dead. He stared up at Izial with cold eyes, then left, also taking off into the sky and vanishing over the high treetops.

“That’s our cue to leave,” Izial spun back around and faced Jasmine. Her big blue eyes looked fearfully into his deep red ones, shock written all over her face. “We have to go. You cannot hide from them; they could smell you, and you now have my scent on you as well. I’ll have to take you with me.” Not having time to comprehend, much less react, Jasmine just watched as he began his ritual.

Words from another language filled the air, unlike the natural sounds of the earth; unpronounceable to humans and sometimes even undetectable to their ears. Hollow whines, echoing grunts, and indescribable syllables in unison with large hand gestures were carried out in a pattern, and soon a ring of red light pierced through the ground in front of Izial, who was completely focused; never once missing a beat. As he continued with a rippling howl and rapid clicks, everything inside the circle died, shrivelling to dust, and the earth cracked and crumbled away in a whirlpool-like vortex. Jasmine watched in awe as the prince seemingly controlled and tamed the fierce crimson spiral, commanding it calmer and cooling it like magma into what seemed to be a liquid shadow. Izial stepped back and grabbed the shocked young woman, pulling her tight against his body as he leapt into the newly formed dark portal.


Jasmine’s head pounded, her stomach twisted, and her mind swam, unable to think clearly. She sat up, feeling a thin, silky piece of fabric slip off her shoulder. Her body swayed in all directions, not able to find her center of gravity. Everything was calm. And warm. It was quite pleasant. A dim glow of candle light bathed the large room, which refused to come into focus. Loose hair, soft skin, no heavy clothing, air smoothly caressing her entire body; Jasmine felt that she was naked before she actually realized it. She blinked twice, and then lazily covered her breasts with one arm. Man, am I groggy... Uhg...

Once her surroundings became slightly less burred and her mind finally focused a bit, her eyes slowly wandered across the room, interested but not extremely. Everything still felt warped, hazy, and not important. She fell back onto the mattress with a light thud and rolled onto her stomach, trying to keep her breakfast inside her. Damn. What happened? She groaned and rubbed her head, trying to remember. Her body felt dead. However, her ears still managed to pick up the sound of boots clicking along a hard floor. They seemed to be drawing nearer. Jasmine listened, not because she could focus, or because she was interested, or even cared; she listened simply because she heard. A door clicked, and then swung open silently.

“Excellent, you’ve awoken.” A familiar voice exclaimed. She replied with a moan; the noises seemed slurred and fast, and it had a mysterious accent. “Ah, yes, of course,” It added, more hushed, “Here,” It paused, and she found her world spinning again as she was turned over onto her back by strong hands and propped up with a pillow, “Drink this.” A cold, curved glass rim was pressed against her lip. She swallowed the saliva that had pooled around her tongue and slowly opened her mouth, appearing almost drunk. “Good girl,” The voice murmured, making her feel dumbly happy as a sweet, tangy liquid poured down her throat. She choked and gagged on it a couple times, but the fluid that her body forced back out her mouth was quickly and gently wiped away by a soft cloth. “Shhhh, it’s alright, you’re doing well.” It encouraged. Slowly, her mind began to comprehend the world around her and she saw a set of glowing blue eyes staring happily at her. She slid herself away from them and squinted. Izial!

The demon was dressed in a fancy silk robe, black, as always, and wore tall boots, both with intricate designs that were skilfully embroidered in silver. Casually sitting on the edge of the bed, Izial reached backward and set down an empty glass and a heavily stained cloth on the nightstand, next to a row of tall candles. He bent down and kissed her strongly, possessively, then spoke as clearly as he could to make it easier on her. “I need to go back and finish attending my duties. I will be back shortly, I assure you.” With that, and his best imitation of an empathetic smile, he rose to his feet and the mattress sprung back up where he had been sitting. His figure darkened as he walked away from the candle light, back toward the blackness of the doorway.

Sadness registered in her brain. “No... Stay...” She groaned, using all of her power to force the words out.

He stopped and looked back at her, chuckling, “Sleep, Jasmine. You need it.” His pronunciation of her name was slightly off, but it was charmingly cute. With that, he left, his robe slightly fluttering behind him due to the unique style. Jasmine listened as his footsteps grew father away and the clicking gradually faded into silence. It dawned on her how dreary she was. Her eyes fluttered shut and gladly let sleep claim her body.


When she woke, she felt much better. Her body and mind were running smoothly again. Staring at the ceiling, she realized the only light came from candles that had been placed around the room; there were no lights or lamps of any kind. Rolling her head to her right, she saw she was in a king sized bed, covered in a thin silk sheet. She cured up into a ball and rolled over onto her side; once again realising she was still entirely bare of any clothing. The bedding flowed over her curves like water, and it felt wonderful; weightless, soft, smooth, and regulating a comfy temperature.

She sighed and looked around at the richly decorated room, which had been carved out of what looked to be volcanic rock. The space was rounded, like a dome, and so was the furniture; everything was made in a style she had never seen before and hugged perfectly against the walls. It was like a foreign, absolutely beautiful art. Along half of the curved wall, a large, stone-like structure stood. Both ends were made into shelves and cubbies that held various items; Old, loosely bound books, a couple jars full of silver and black liquid, many carved stone figurines, and a few odd objects she couldn’t identify were neatly packed into the available spaces. In the center was what looked like a table, possibly a desk, with yarn and several rods of candle wax scattered all over it. Some wax had been melted and accidentally hardened into translucent silvery blobs on the heavily used surface. Four candles flickered gently on different shelves, carefully placed away from the worn books.

Jasmine sat up and covered her chest with the silk cover, looking at the other half of the room. She saw the doorway, directly in front of the bed, and it had been closed shut. Strangely, it had no handle or knob, just a small, circular plate of metal with strange indents and bumps; it looked similar to brail. Next to the door was another candle, this one quite large; it stood almost three feet high, melting onto the floor, and produced a large flame. The rest of the room contained few pieces of furniture, just a large chair quite like a throne and a beautiful rug, but it had very unique decorations. Jasmine slid off the bed and awkwardly wandered closer, a little self conscious of her body; she felt exposed and quite vulnerable. The designs on the wall were gorgeous and all of them were in 3D. Some were simple pillars and spikes coming out of the wall at differing lengths, others were immensely complex; twisted and moulded sculptures that had been layered and jewelled with gemstones of every colour imaginable. They covered most of the empty space without making it look cluttered.

Looking around, Jasmine discovered she had no clue what time it was, what day it was, or possibly even what year it was. And, she was alone. Sadness and helplessness swarmed her heart. Where was Izial? She missed him. Though she didn’t know much about him, she had grown fond of him. Wait. Izial was the bastard who had taken her here; captured her. He had caused all of this, and she didn’t even have a choice. She was just his pet; stolen from her own world and now possibly forgotten, locked away forever. Her eyes burned and her head began to hurt again. Nothing is ever going to be the same ever again. I just screwed up. Majorly.

Jasmine threw herself on the bed and covered herself up in disgust. He isn’t even human... Wiping away a tear, anger started to boil up inside her. She wanted to be free; she deserved to be free. She wasn’t someone’s mere child or pet. Though her thoughts raged, her lip trembled. She knew she couldn’t fight back; he had killed an angel, a powerful, holy messenger, without even touching him, and he enjoyed it. And, even if she did manage to escape, where would she go? She hugged herself and cried. Everything was hopeless. Her nose began to run, dripping wet, tickly mucus down to her lip. Desperately looking around for a tissue, she noticed the rag on the nightstand that Izial had left. Her fingers clasped around the fabric, now impossibly dry and clean, and then wiped away the clear snot. The rag seemed to absorb it magically, and Jasmine watched in fascination, distracted from her emotions. Maybe there was some way out. After all, she wasn’t exactly bound to the technology of Earth anymore; she had access to much more powerful and unique inventions.

She quickly rubbed away the last of her tears and hopped off the large mattress, grabbing hold of the dark silk sheet. With a sharp tug, it was yanked free, and then skilfully folded and wrapped around her naked body like a towel. Jasmine tucked the last free corner of the light material down beside her warm breast and walked toward the large stone unit that took up half the wall. It was much taller than it had first appeared; at least 15 feet in height. Taking a few steps back, she saw that the books were resting on the shelf just above her head. Those must have some kind of information, or directions, or maybe a spell of some sort. She closed her eyes and reached as far up as she could, gripping one of the books at the base. It was ragged and musty, but it was lighter than it should have been for its size. Jasmine accidentally pulled it too hard and swung it around, causing it, her, and several other objects to fall down to the ground. She screamed and blocked her face as three small figurines smashed on the floor, nearly missing her head. Their broken pieces clattered beside her and two other books tumbled after them, their old pages breaking free and fluttering down in different directions.

Heavy boots raced down a nearby hallway, their sound rapidly closing in on her. Jasmine sat up just as Izial burst through the door, his eyes a blazing red.

“What in Hades happened?” He yelled frantically, dashing toward the mess.

“I was trying to escape from your prison, you monster.” Jasmine glared at him.

“You could have killed yourself!” He gestured dramatically to the scene.

“That was option two.” She muttered quietly, rubbing her head.

Izial hauled her to her feet and held her shoulders firmly, forcing her to face him. “I may be a monster, but I have no control over that, and this is not a prison.” He sneered, “This is my quarters, and you had better get used to it. This is your new home.”

“And how do you expect me to live here?” She snapped back at him.

He looked shocked, obviously not used to being argued with, but didn’t back down. “Obediently.” He answered flatly, releasing her. “Now, sit on the bed, Jasmine.”

“I don’t have to follow your orders.” She protested. The prince’s eyes flared and he grabbed her small figure, gently tossing her back onto the bed. She crossed her arms and shot a feisty look at him. Izial smirked, and then turned to repair the damage she had caused. Knowing that the human would keep her eyes fixed on him, he slowly untied his richly detailed robe and let it fall to the floor with a sly smile.

She wasn’t the only one who could play naughty.

Jasmine’s eyes widened and eagerly took in his naked form, reluctantly letting go of her grudge; he was tricky to stay mad at. Watching his long tail sway and twitch behind him as he worked, Jasmine saw that it extended from his tailbone and was a noticeably darker grey than the rest of his skin with a strongly defined obsidian tip. It created an interesting contrast that emphasized his nonhuman features. Izial grasped the aged covers of the two torn books, holding them high and open, showing what few pages they had left inside them. The loose papers on the floor began to stir, then shot into the air all at once and rejoined themselves into the books in a chaotic swarm, mending their tears and adhering in their proper order. He threw the restored books upward and they automatically hovered back into their places on the shelf in a swift arch. Next, he picked up the jagged figurine pieces and very bluntly just placed them in a pile on his desk with a quiet clatter. The demon suddenly turned around with a dangerous grin, his eyes cooling down to a sparkling blue.

His tail swung playfully back and forth near his ankles as he pursued toward his silent little human, who had now lain down on her side, loosely bundled in the bed sheet. Damn, he loved those blue eyes of hers, always the colour of happiness. Izial couldn’t help but smile, seeing that her anger had faded into an abundance of lust and curiosity. She was defiant and sneaky, which was frustrating at times, but the ingenuity she possessed to cover herself in such a way made him aroused to chase after something that provided such challenges.

The proudly bare demon climbed onto his bed and, easing onto his side, stared intimately at the awestruck woman, who tried to hide her naked body as best she could from his sight. Izial chuckled softly and stroked her exposed arm tenderly. He could feel her relax and melt under his touch. Jasmine murmured and slowly reached out to touch him back, but paused, looking for his approval. He smiled broadly, his fangs showing again, and gently ran his clawed fingers down her extended arm to her fingertips, luring her closer until her pale hand rested on his cheek. He cupped his hand on top of hers, then released it and crossed his legs calmly, stacking his boots on top of each other. Relaxed and exposed, he watched contently, giving her the opportunity to explore his body.

Jasmine cautiously glided her fingers along his masculine figure, touching every inch of grey skin on his chest, tracing his muscles, and drawing circles around his dark nipples, occasionally glancing back up at his face. He seemed to be enjoying it, so she wiggled closer and stroked his back lightly, making him close his eyes for a moment and nibble his lower lip with his fangs. She never noticed it before, but his ears were a much darker grey, much like his tail. They were pointed at the tips like an elf and angled backward into his black hair, making them barely noticeable. Jasmine thoroughly rubbed his shoulders down to his lower back and giggled; he made a quiet noise similar to purring and mumbled something she couldn’t comprehend.

The demonic prince let her examine his body further, finding her childlike curiosity adorable and her touch erotic. Noticing that she kept shyly eyeing his rapidly growing erection, he guided her hands along the contours of his hips, smiling as he watched her reactions. He dipped her hand down and brushed her fingertips against the dark grey head, pulling his hand away and letting her do as she pleased. Jasmine smiled and happily grasped his hard on, making him flinch and let out a low aroused growl as she regained her natural confidence, squeezing and teasing his shaft with more skill than he expected.

The pale woman flashed her own smirk at him as she watched him squirm; her fingers began tugging at his balls and pumping him firmly, but tauntingly slow. He stayed put and endured it, focusing on self control. She used both hands to pleasure his tool as it proceeded to lengthen, pumping her fists up and down and letting his tip push between her fingers. Izial’s mouth opened, his top lip slightly snarling when she teased his sensitive head. Jasmine slipped out of the sheet and revealed her own stunning body to him, showing off her perky breasts, flawless skin, and sexily curvy figure.

She immediately caught his attention... And interrupted his focus.

Leaping on top of her, the prince enforced his dominate nature, and pinned her to the bed. He smiled, his eyes twinkling with naughty intent. Leaning down to admire her cute human features, he spoke in playful growl, “Now it’s my turn to look at you.” The dark prince kissed her small nose, and then pressed his lips against hers, quickly lifting away before she could kiss him back. Slipping his tongue out, he licked from her jaw line down to her neck and playfully bit her shoulder as his hands groped downward and found her full breasts. Izial shot her a greedy look and slid his body lower on hers, his face now in the middle of her chest. Thoughtfully massaging her generous handfuls, he then teased her round, pink nipples, rubbing them between his fingers and gently tugging them until they hardened. Jasmine’s breath grew sharper and slightly irregular as his hot mouth engulfed a hardened nipple, licking and sucking, and then carefully circling his fang around its edge before repeating the delicate process to her other one.

Izial then stopped, proceeding to go lower. Restless in anticipation, Jasmine let out a soft moan and spread her legs for him, urging him to create more pleasure, to stoke her inner fires; he seemed to be an expert at this while she had very limited experience. Her face scrunched up as his quickened breath flowed over the soft skin of her inner thigh. The wetness of his tongue made her squirm slightly, so he wrapped his arms strongly around her legs, securing them in place, and continued licking up her leg in small strokes towards her small slit. She could feel him snicker as he teased her more, deciding to flick his long tongue along the inside of her other leg as well. Her gasp broke the silence when he sucked her clit into his gentle mouth, lightly flicking the delicate nub and swirling his hot saliva around it. Pulling away slightly, he squeezed it between his soft lips and growled, causing a strong vibrating sensation that made Jasmine yelp in surprise and grip the silk sheet in her fists.

The demon shook his lips back and forth, then slipped his tongue lower and plunged it into her moist pussy, nimbly pulling it in and out of her tight canal. Her scent was musty and strong, but very encouraging and tasted similar to heavily buttered toast; rich, smooth, and delicious. Izial ventured deeper, craving more, and pressed his thumb against her clit. Jasmine began to involuntarily hump his face, the intense sensations ravaging her mind and driving her closer and closer to release. His movements were strong and then delicate; strategically controlled, not quite allowing her go past the edge.

Izial pulled away just before a large orgasm could ripple through her body. Jasmine groaned and tried to lift her hips up toward his face in protest, begging him to continue. Kneeling between her legs, the prince placed his fully engorged cock on her belly and lightly slapped the tip against her belly button. She let her body drop back down and her mouth hung open in shock at his length; at least ten inches and as thick as her largest toy.

How on earth does he expect to fit inside me? Izial chuckled at her expression. “We are the masters of sin,” He pointed out, “And it has its benefits.” He stroked his cock thoughtfully, and then hoisted himself over top of her sexily sprawled out body, small in comparison to his own. Lowering his head, he pulled her into a passionate kiss. The fresh scent of her discharge still lingered on his breath and she could taste it on his lips.

“But... I’m still a virgin...” She pleaded, which was true. Jasmine had let her previous boyfriends do all sorts of crazy sexual stuff with her, but she had never let them penetrate her vaginally.

Izial considered this for a moment, sitting back up. “Yes, I noticed,” He shuffled backward a bit and rubbed his large grey head against her opening, coating it in her lubrication. Jasmine bit her lip, unsure if she was excited or worried that he might take her innocence anyway. “I shall claim you later, however...” He grinned mischievously, lifting both of her legs into the air with one hand. His eyes wandered downward, evaluating her ass. “This has already been taken, and so I will enter you here.”

With a clawed finger, he carefully prodded her little hole, trying to decide if his size was going to hurt her too badly. The demon made up his mind and pressed his slick head against her rosebud. He was forceful, but went slowly, pushing his girth into her hole inch by inch while setting her legs down on his shoulders. Jasmine winced; her face contorted by pain as he slipped himself inside, harvesting fluid from her pussy and slathering it on himself to make it easier on her.

The demon was breathless from her tightness, but continued to be gentle on the young woman; he didn’t want to hurt her and ruin the moment. She felt exquisite; nothing had felt better. Her anus gradually loosened up a bit, easing her pain and replacing it with overwhelming pleasure as Izial rocked back and forth inside her. Letting these new sensations flood her mind, she closed her eyes and focused on his massive length squeezing inside her sensitive opening, stretching her to her limit, and how her legs dangled over his shoulders. Izial bent toward her pussy and gave her a hickie as far down on her smooth leg as he could reach. Looking up, he noticed that she had started teasing herself by eagerly fondling her bouncy breasts and their sensitive nipples. Damn she makes it difficult to hold it together. The dark prince sped up his pace and watched, his bright eyes dancing with lust and pure pleasure.

Jasmine’s breathing became erratic; rubbing and squeezing the ample twin mounds on her chest had brought her to the edge and now Izial was pushing her over it. Her constant moaning escalated into rapid yelps and finally evened out into a loud cry of ecstasy as she came. The biggest orgasm of her life rolled through her body, making her mind swim in waves of overwhelming pleasure. Not being able to contain it any longer, Izial growled and thrust himself deep inside her small hole as it constricted and milked him, causing him to violently reach his own orgasm. Letting out a deep groan from the release, he spilled a heavy amount of his seed inside her. The two exhausted bodies remained connected as their muscles and minds slowly recovered from the high. Izial let the remaining cum drip out of him before slowly withdrawing from her hot, gaping hole.

Collapsing next to her, he flicked his tail in the air contently and lightly brushed it against her sweat covered skin, taking in the pleasant sensation. She continued to breathe heavily, the dancing hormones still slowly fading and taking longer to soothe her throbbing body. Happiness poured over both of them as he took her into his arms, cuddling her. As her body finally started to slow down and relax, Izial pulled the silk sheet overtop both of them. Together the two drifted off into a deep slumber, peacefully enjoying each other’s warm embrace.

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