Sisters broken II by soulbreaker94

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Fiction | Cruelty, Drug

The night was dark and cold as Krista walked, the wind cutting through her sweater like it was made of paper. She started to regret only wearing her leggings and sweater. With only a tank top beneath it. Her feet were feeling cold and she also wondered why she chose to wear flats with no socks on. A rock in her flat was biting into her sole, she bent over to remove it and was suddenly blind. Some kind of bag was over her head. As she began to scream she was struck with a tazer in the neck. She was out cold almost instantly.

The man moved his prize quickly, making sure not to leave anything behind. He drove home eagerly anticipating his coming fun. It would be something he would never get to experience again. Two sisters to break at once. This newest addition being quite the catch, with her dark auburn hair and thin little frame. And she was clearly lighter than her older sister. She was going to be a wonderful plaything for the man.

He arrived at his secluded cabin once more. He carried the small girl ove his shoulder. Down the same cellar stairs as he did with Sierra. He could hear Sierra whimpering loudly from the base of the stairs. He placed Krista in the corner nearest to her sister. He then placed shackles around both of her ankles as well as put gloves on her. These gloves had no openings for fingers. Instead her tiny hands were balled and packed into the gloves.

The man then closed the locking mechanism around her wrists allowing for no removal unless his key was inserted.

The man approached the squirming Sierra and slapped her pussy with the back of his hand. She roared in pain, clearly exhausted from the large dose of heroin she receieved earlier.

"Guess who I found, Toilet?" The man boasted.

Sierra focused a little more. Noticing the small figure in the corner with a bag on her head. No doubt the same bag she had seen.

"Krista?" She said.

"Sierra?! Where are we? Why can't I see?" Krista asked clearly panicked.

The man removed the bag from her head.

"You are in my remote workshop, and your sister lured you here on purpose." He spoke.

"What?" Krista was confused. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Isn't that right, Toilet?" Asked the man

"It's true, I called her here so he would spare my life for now and use me for you amusement." Spoke Sierra excitedly.

"What the fuck?! Sierra what is wrong with you? What would mom say? Krista yelled.

"Mom's a stupid bitch Krista and you know it!" Sierra retorted.

"I hate you so much you fucking loser." Krista responded angrily.

The man interjecteted; "If you hate her why don't you punish her for it?"

"What?" Both sisters wondered simultaniously.

"Krista, your sister is clearly just a selfish pieace of meat. If you really hate her you should show her your anger."

The man explained.

Krista stood up. Shackles still binding her ankles, she waddled to the surface her sister was restrained to. Getting a good look at he sister's situation. She noticed the large object protruding from her sisters anus. Her quivering snatch filled with some king of dildo. Krista felt herself getting wetter. Was she really aroused at this disgusting shit? She wondered.

"Yes show me your anger little sister!" Sierra laughed. Teasing her angry sibling.

Flush with anger, Krista swung down on her sister. Her leather ball gloved hand striking her in the stomach. The air left her briefly while she gasped for breath, coughing.

"Krista, what the fuck? I'll get you you little bitch." Sneered Sierra.

"Doesn't look like it now does it? When I tell mom what you did your life will be over." Said Krista

"Now now, that's assuming you ever see your mother again. However your sisters life is already over." The man said, smiling ear to ear.

"Maybe I will allow you to go free if you serve me well."

Krista's eyes lit up. She was determined to do whatever it took to escape.

"What, no! You said you wouldn't kill me!" Sierra cried.

"Don't worry, you won't be dying yet. But you will wish you did." the man said ominously.

'What do I have to do mister"? Krista interupted nervously?

"Simple. Every single thing I tell you to do." Said the man as he moved to his work bench.

He moved a large cart over to Krista, beside Sierra. The cart containing numerous items of different types. The hot sauce from earlier, pliers, a hammer and needles to name a few.

"Use whatever you like, just know if you try to escape you will know suffering the rest of your life with no mercy."

Krista stared at the items for a few moments. Not knowing what to think.

"What am I supposed to do with this stuff?" She wondered out loud.

"I order you to break your sister with whatever of these items you choose." He barked.

"Wait! I thought.." Sierra began.

"You only thought about yourself! Did you think once I had your sister you would suddenly be worth more to me?

If anything she's much younger and prettier than you, so why would I ever keep you around? You think because

you have twisted fantasies of being used that you get to decide anything? No you are a toy for me to break now

be quiet!

The man grabbed a whip from his bench and lashed out at Sierra, whipping her brutally in the breasts and stomach. She screamed in pain.

"Please sir I beg you please spare me! I will do anything. I will even help you capture my mother. She's only 35

and she is really pretty!" Sierra pleaded once again.

"Sierra you stupid whore! That's our mom you're talking about." Her sister said now infuriated with Sierra.

"Now that may be something I have to consider" Said the man while he pondered the thought.

Just then, an angry Krista cut in.

"I'll get mom to come for you instead of Sierra. I'll do anything she could do so don't listen to her."

"Well now that's a done deal. Sorry Sierra but it looks like you're done talking now." Said the man as he rummaged through a satchel.

"Wait no, please. I will do anything I swear--" Sierra began, as the man approached her.

He was holding a ring gag, large enough to force her mouth open and stop any kind of speech from being formed. He forced it into her mouth and secured it in place tightly around the back of her head.

"From now on Toilet, you don't get to speak. And soon the only thoughts in your head will be of death." The man spoke as if what he was saying was final. Sierra could sense he was serious. She was now regretting her fantasies and was truly afraid. She turned to look her sister in the eyes.

"Serves you right you stupid cunt" said Krista loudly.

"Krista you may begin now." Said the man sternly.

"I don't know what to do.." Spoke Krista.

"Allow me to offer you some ideas. Maybe begin with the hammer. Hit her good ankle or her knees. Here let me spray her down with some ice water, to make it harder on her." The man said as he began hosing down the small girl. He then freed Krista's right hand allowing her to grasp the hammer.

Krista touched the hammer. Thoughts of escape crossed her mind, but she quickly decided if she did what she was told he would let her go. Now focused on her anger towards her sister, she lifted the hammer focusing on her sisters left leg. It was shaking, strapped to the X table. Her foot a swollen heap, twisted and sore.

"O'wy" Sierra mouthed trying to gain back the good graces of her sister. But it was too late.

Crack! The noise was loud, Sierra brought the hammer down onto Sierra's freezing cold ankle. The blow clearly damaging her ankle further. Krista removed the feather anklet from her sisters abused limb.

"You don't deserve this matching anklet anymore." Krista mocked as she stepped away.

"Well done Krista, are you thirsty?" He asked.

"Yes sir, I am very thirsty." She responded.

The man handed her a small bottle of water. Krista began to drink quickly. Sierra moaned loudly. She was clearly thirsty. Krista suddenly felt bad for her, and motioned to give her some water.

CRACK. The whip echoed slicing skin from Krista's forearm. "Your sister is no longer a person she does not get to drink water!" Yelled the man.

"If she doesn't hydrate she will die." Stated Krista, showing concern for her sister suddenly.

"She will hydrate, but not with water." Said the man with a playful tone.

"What do you mean?' Questioned Krista.

"Watch." Said the man as he lowered his pants and drew his large slender penis from his pants. Not soft but not

hard, the man approached Sierra's head. Pressing a leaver on the table lowering her.

Sierra began to panic. She had a feeling what he was implying and she hated the thought of it. He was going to pee in her mouth. And she was helpless the stop it.

Krista watched in shock as the man mounted her sisters open mouth. He fit his penis into her gagged mouth and released a sigh as he began to piss directly into Sierra's throat. Not a single drop escaping her mouth he sat there relieving himself into her stomach.

"Can you taste the apple juice I wonder?" Mused the man as he withdrew his member from the girls mouth.

"That's so disgusting!" Announced Krista.

"Careful, little one. You're not far from becoming what she is." The man snapped.

"No, please! I don't wan't to drink pee!" Krista squealed, sobbing.

"Just do as I say and you will be spared for now." he spat.

"Sierra, I think it's time for that gag to come off."

The man approached Sierra, pliars in hand. Sierra looked puzzled and fearful. What could he possibly do now?

"What nice teeth you had, it's ironic that you will lose them so young." The man said as he began the process of prying out Sierra's front tooth.

Krista watched, dumbfounded. She hated her sister but felt such pity on her. The pain seemed unimaginable. The process went on for 30 minutes. One by one, the man removed each and every one of Sierra's teeth.

"Isn't that much better?" Said the man as he removed the ring gag from Sierra's sore and bleeding mouth.

Sierra shook with tremors of pain. Her entire being was in agony. Her ankle was a searing pain that shot up her

leg and made processing thoughts difficult. But she realised that all of her lovely teeth were gone. Displayed on a tray beside her. She cried and said nothing, seemingly defeated by her suffering.

"That's step one, you did great! Didn't she Krista?" He joked.

"Uhmm.. Yes" The small girl mewed.

"Reward her with a drink now Krista." The man ordered.

"What? Me?" Krista said surprised.

"Of course I mean you! Now do it before I decided to marry you to my dog!" The man said impatiently.

This startled Krista. She waddled over to her sister and sat down on her face. Parting her labia she focused on peeing. Her sister now defeated and motionless simply accepted what was happening while Krista let out a small stream of urine yellow as apple juice. Sierra swallowed multiple times as a reflex to prevent choking. She coughed at the acidic taste that burned her throat and made her mind go blank.

"Good girl, Krista." Said the man, revealing that he was holding a camcorder.

"Now say hello to your classmates and parents."

Krista was stunned. She could not imagine anybody knowing about what was happening. How was she going to escape and go back to living her life if anybody knew?

"Please don't sir" She pleaded.

"Silence girl. Unless you want to be a human toilet like your cunt sister I suggest you start getting used to being recorded." Said the man bluntly.

"If you're good I might only send it to your mother. But if you're bad I promise you I will send videos to all of your peers, teachers and relatives. Now address the audience and state your name and age."

"Hello... My name is Krista and I'm 18." The girl began

"Explain to them what your sister did to you." The man ordered.

"Well, she agreed to luring me here against my will." Krista said, still sounding angry.

"Good, now are you going to enjoy breaking your sister down until there is nothing left?" The man asked.

After a short pause, Krista turned to the camera and spoke;

"Yes I'm going to help ruin her life for what she did to me."

"Lovely, now take the needles from the tray." Spoke the man

Krista obeyed the man. She grabbed a needle from the tray and waited.

"Now I want you to poke that needle into the center of you sisters eye. Repeating the process in both eyes do you understand?" The man explained.

Silently Krista moved to Sierra's head. Sierra hearing what was said, began to panic and shake. Closing her eyes tightly to avoid any possibility of harm to them.

"Don't worry I have the perfect tool for this." Said the man as he grabbed some tape from a shelf.

The man began to tape open the poor girls eyelids. Preventing her from closing her eyes. She was now in extreme panic mode. Shaking randomly, trying her very hardest to break free.

"Now now cunt. Be calm this is only step two. Here enjoy some more of your new medicine." He whispered into her ear.

The man had injected Sierra again with another syringe of heroin. Sierra's eyes glazed over and she fell into a relaxed state and stared up into the lights.

"Begin now." said the man to Krista.

Krista began her task by staring into her sisters eyes. Pinpointing the very iris of her big green eyes. And then slowly poking the iris with her needle. Sierra was now seizing. Drooling at the mouth. Unable to process the pain her body was experiencing.

"That's perfect. Now the other eye, and leave in that needle." Said the man, still filming the events before him.

Krista repeated the process with the second eye. Sierra now lay completely stiff. Her eyes glazed over and bloodshot.

"Now just to make sure this is okay--" The man trailed off as he gently struck the first needle with the hammer.

Sierra's cries echoed loudly. Her nails digging into the wooden table she was bound to. "ting" as the man struck the second needle. Sierra unable to take the pain anymore, lost consciousness. The man was not done and provided her with a concoction of amphetamines to rouse her. Now awake she was moaning constantly. The pain too much to handle.

"Now Krista, I want you to poor that ghost pepper sauce into her eyes okay?" He told her.

"But she will go blind!" protested Krista.

"What do you think the point of all this is? She took your freedom now take her vision." demanded the man.

Krista could do nothing but obey. She had no choice. As she squeezed the bottle she whispered "I'm so sorry" To her suffering sister.

Sierra's eyes were wells of pain on her existence. He mind was set ablaze with pain. She could see nothing as the world went black and she caught one last blurry glimpse of her sister. Who's life she ruined.

Rating: 55%, Read 4027 times, Posted Aug 05, 2020

Fiction | Cruelty, Drug


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