A fantasy comes true by john1948

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A true fantasy come true The 2nd and 3rd of

Keith had me get in his car and we got naked to fuck again. I had seen videotapes of us having sex at my home and in his car. He didn’t have to threaten me that he would tell his parents.

He said, “If the cops find out they’ll believe when I show the tape.” I said, “Keith you don’t have to do that. I want you to fuck me.” He had me get on my back and said, “ I want to cum in your cunt.”

I opened the car door and bent down to suck his young penis. He didn’t ejaculate until we got back in the car when he ejaculated. I said, “Keith I want to suck your penis until you ejaculate.” He said, “Alicia lets get comfortable and fuck in your bedroom.”

I wanted his sperm again and rolled him onto his back to suck him. I masturbated him and tasted more pre-cum. I want his sperm. Keith said, “Alicia you are so good. I’m going to cum in your mouth now.” He ejaculated in my mouth and rolled me over to fuck my vagina.

I still cannot believe his huge penis didn’t hurt me as he fucked me. He drove his 7” penis in and out of my vagina. I had many orgasms. I held my legs up and said, “Keith fuck me until you ejaculate.” He managed to pump his entire 7” penis deep into my vagina.

I don’t know how many orgasms I had. I wanted him to never stop fucking me. Keith stiffened as he ejaculated again deep into my vagina. When he pulled his penis out of my vagina, I felt warm cum drip out. I fantasized John sucking my vagina after a guy ejaculated in me. I also fantasized John sucking a penis and his sperm.

Keith said, “Lets fuck in another position.” We sat on the floor. Keith said, “Alicia get on your back so I can fuck your mouth.” I shouldn’t have been surprised when a friend of Keith’s showed up. Kent who is 15 said, “Keith said you would let me fuck you too.” I figured Keith must have showed him the tape and I had to let him fuck me.

You will learn in the next part that he learned about me from John and not from Keith. His penis might have been 4.5”. I wanted to fit his entire 4.5” penis in my mouth. After class another young boy put me on my desk to fuck. I guess the whole class knew about me. I took him home to fuck in my own bed. I hoped John would catch me.

I got on my stomach when Todd, another boy from my class wanted me to let me fuck him. I figured that I might as well enjoy these boys and let them fuck me. Keith came back and said, “Alicia I’m sorry I told the boys.” He then said, “Another guy with a 7” prick wants to fuck you.” I asked, “Keith how many boys did you show the tape of me?”

Before he answered another boy came in naked and wanted to fuck me. Phil is the last boy, I hope. He said, “You are my first very fuck Alicia.” His penis is about 8” long. I said, “Please fuck me from behind. You are too big and might hurt me.”

I had a thong on and he said, “Keep your thong on while I fuck you.” Even though he had such a big penis, I loved it when he pumped into my vagina. I sat on the bed when he guided that huge penis into me again. It didn’t hurt when he fit the entire penis in my vagina.

A week later I was at the beach when Keith and Kent saw me. Keith offered me a drink. I knew it would make me horny. I drank it. This fulfilled another fantasy that I had. I wanted to boys at a time. Keith said, “Alicia get on your knees for us.” They fucked me. Kent asked, “Alicia would you like to suck our cocks together?” I wanted to see what it would be like. They ejaculated in my face. After they ejaculated we sat on the couch and I masturbated them.

A true fantasy come true The 3rd of 4

John and I agreed to finish the story telling both our fantasizes.

(John) Alicia caught me in bed with her friend Keith. I want to suck his cock.

(Alicia) I want John and Keith let me masturbate them to ejaculate on me. I had John and Keith get naked. I want to compare their penises.

(John) My erection was a big as Keith’s.

(Alicia) I want to suck John’s penis.

(John) I fulfilled a fantasy of Alicia’s and mine when I sucked her vagina that had sperm leaking out on to her thighs.

(Alicia) John and Keith ejaculated their sperm all over my chest and breasts.

(John) Alicia masturbated Keith and me and we ejaculated all over her chest and tits. She looked so hot with all that sperm on her.

(Alicia) I said, “John I want you and Keith to come to our bedroom.

(John) Alicia invited Becca to have sex with Keith and me. After Becca and I fucked Sharyn came in naked to have sex with us.

(Alicia) I watched John take pictures when Keith and Kent fucked me.

(Becca) I got into bed to get a closer look of Alicia fucking the boys.

(Alicia) I have fantasized for a long time having 2 boys fuck and ejaculate in me at the same time. Keith gave me another drink that I spilled without him knowing I threw it out. One of my fantasizes will be fulfilled when John sucks Keith’s penis. Another of my fantasizes was fulfilled when John and Keith fucked me together. I asked Keith, “Will you let John suck your penis and cum?”

(Alicia) John stood in front of Becca and me with his penis hanging out.

(John) Alicia pointed to my soft penis and Becca laughed at it. Alicia took my penis and masturbated it to 6” long for Becca. I left to change clothes. When I got back Becca and Alicia kissed.

(Alicia) I stopped kissing Becca and John masturbated all over Becca and me. I went to class and had Becca stay for extra help. I want to kiss her and see how she reacts.

(Becca) “Alicia, are you bi-sexual? I think I am and I want us to kiss.”

(Alicia) “Becca I had a fantasy of you and me sucking our cunts and French kissing.”

(John) I watched Alicia and Becca in bed French kissing for 10 minutes. A fantasy of mine was fulfilled when Becca and Alicia sucked each other’s cunt.

(Alicia) Becca sucked my vagina and gave me an intense orgasm.

(John) Becca and Alicia went into the woods. I saw them hug and kiss and finger fuck each other.

(Alicia) I wanted to suck Becca’s vagina and give her an intense orgasm. I sucked her vagina and gave her about three orgasms.

(John) Alicia and I went into the woods and saw Amy, Alicia’s student. Amy is a sexy teenage girl who is bi-sexual too.

(Alicia) I said, “John lets take Amy back to our house so I can suck her vagina, thighs and boobs.”

(John) I held Alicia down as Amy licked her thighs and sucked her cunt. Later Amy and I met with her naked. John sucked her vagina.

(Alicia) I invited Amy and Keith to our house. I want sex with them. I surprised John and said, “John Keith is here for you to suck his penis.” I want Keith to ejaculate in John’s mouth.

(John) “Alicia, show me how to suck a penis.” We sucked his penis together. I wanted to see if I could make him ejaculate in my mouth.

(Alicia) John shocked me when he pulled Keith’s penis out and sucked it. I watched John and Keith suck each other’s penis to orgasm. John ejaculated in Keith’s mouth. Keith hadn’t ejaculated. John masturbated him to get him to ejaculate. Keith asked me to kiss him as John got him to ejaculate once.

(John) “Alicia suck my penis as I suck Keith’s to an orgasm.”

(Alicia) “John suck Keith’s penis. I’ll try to make him cum in your mouth.” Keith got on the couch on his back and John sucked his penis.

(John) Alicia guided Keith’s penis in her vagina and I licked his penis from her cunt.

(Alicia) John and I went home to find Becca and Keith in the kitchen. I went to our bedroom and found John sucking Keith’s penis.

(John) Alicia left our bedroom and Becca came in as I sucked Keith. Sharyn wanted to watch me suck Keith’s penis and make him sperm.

(Alicia) John and Keith came into the kitchen. John sucked Keith.

(John) Keith sat on the couch and Alicia and I sucked his penis and balls. We wanted him to ejaculate in our faces and mouths.

Rating: 68%, Read 9254 times, Posted Sep 09, 2010

Fantasy |


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