Rhodes Family Fun Part 1: Sibling Fun_(1) by BoMan34

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Fantasy | Group Sex, Incest

The Rhodes Family

Mr. (Kevin) Rhodes: Age: 52

Mrs. (Karen) Rhodes: Age 47

Alice Rhodes: Age 20

James Rhodes: Age 18

Tiffany Rhodes: Age 17

Tommy Rhodes: Age 15

Part 1: Sibling Fun ;)

It was April 20th, 2015, and the parents of the Rhodes family where going out to enjoy their 22nd anniversary dinner. The two parents decided to leave Alice in charge for the night, seeing as the last time they left James in charge, Tommy came home drunk. Of course Alice objected to this, and that is where our story begins.

(Imagine there was a theme song for an incest family tv show XD)

“Mom!” Alice whined. “Why do I have to watch the little shits, I mean they can watch themselves, their not fucking 12 anymore.” She groaned, “I’m 20 years old and I just got back from college, I don’t want to be cooped up in this house on a Saturday night. And neither do the others. I mean James is 18, going to college next year, he doesn’t need me watching him.” She tried to argue, knowing it was hopeless, what ever mom said goes. Alice was a sexy young woman. She had dirty blonde hair, where she had no idea came from, her mother and father both had dark hair. Her eyes where a dark green color. She was tall, about 5’10”. She had pretty good breasts, C cups. She was happy about her body, especially her ass which she called her deadly asset.

Her mother looked at her with a sympathetic smile. She understood what Alice was saying, and if she was Alice, she would complain about the same things. “First, watch your language. I understand Alice, but its not like we’re just going to a local restaurant. If that was the case I wouldn’t make you watch them, hell, I’d let them go out themselves.” She said, as she looked at herself in the mirror. Seeing the dress she had bought for this special night out with her man. It was a black dress with one strap on her right shoulder. It had a slight sparkle to it, so when ever the light hit it in the right way it would shine. She smiled, happy at how she looked. She was in very good shape for a woman in her late 40’s. She exercised almost everyday and knew how to eat right. She used to be a personal trainer, but retired to become a stay at home mom but the trainer side was still in her. She turned slightly to look at her ass, which of course looked amazing. Her dark brown hair was cut in a bowl look. She looked at the time, 5:30. “Kevin we have to go.” She then turned to her frustrated daughter. “But that’s not the case, it’s at a nice country club 2 hours away. We’ll be back tomorrow morning at 9.” She said as she gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek and knocked on the bathroom. “I swear Kevin, if you make us late I…” she turned to see her daughter. She was going to say won’t have sex with you, but changed her answer. “I won’t let you go to the hockey game with Tommy.”

A voice came from behind the door, “Okay, okay, I’m coming.” As the door opened, a huge man walked out. He was large in almost every aspect. Yes, even that aspect. He stood at a tall 6’5”. He had salt and pepper back hair, where it was graying slightly at the temples and down. He smiled at his daughter. “I’m sorry honey, but we can’t honestly leave James in charge.” He said with a deep chuckle. His voice was deep, but welcoming. He was a very successful man. Best lawyer at his firm, and owner of one of the best restaurants in the town. “Alright, ready to go Karen?” He asked, as he put his large hand on his wife's shoulder. He made his wife look like a child next to him. Hell, he made everyone look like a child next to him.

They hugged and kissed Alice, and walk down the stairs. “Good bye everyone. Listen to Alice, and don’t give her any trouble.” They said as they walked out of the house, getting into their car. Karen turned to her husband. “She’ll be okay right?” She asked. She felt guilty that they were keeping her home on a Saturday night.

Kevin smiled, “I’m sure she’ll be fine. She’ll be upset but just forget about it in two days.” He said as he gave her a kiss, and pulling out of the driveway. He drove to the end of the block and took a right.

Alice watched her parents drive away, slightly upset. She then turned to her younger siblings, whom she had grown slightly apart from ever since she went to college. Yes she still loved them, but she didn’t know everything that was going on in the house. She sighed and walked into the den where they were all sitting. She sat down in the empty chair, looking around the room.

On the couch was James and Tiffany, both watching the Tv. The show that was on was a How I Met Your Mother remake. Alice looked at James. She would be lying if she said he wasn’t attractive. He was tall like his father at 6’2” and had the same dark hair which he wore short and spiked up. His eyes were a light blue that would make any girl fall head over heals for. He was obviously in great shape, he was a wrestler in High School , soon to be one in college. He had the same smile as his father with the same deep laugh. His face was cute, and his jaw line was amazing.

Alice then turned to Tiffany. Her little sister. She had heard rumors from some of her friends that Tiffany had turned into a little bit of a slut in the past year. I was shocked, but I could see it. Tiff was always the girl to get adventurous and she was beautiful. She had long flowing light brown hair that went to her back, which was now in a pony tail. She, like James, had those blue eyes they were both so lucky to have. Her lips were definitely sexy and small. Her body was good too. She was a similar hight to her mother at 5’7” She had smaller breasts than Alice, but definitely perky.

Then was the youngest and littlest Tommy. He was then on his phone and not really paying attention to anything else. He was the little runt of the family. He was small and skinny, not muscular like James but still in shape. Somehow he had gotten Karen’s height and only stood at 5’8’. He had freckles on his cheeks and nose which made him look insanely cute. He had dark green eyes just like Alice. He had a huge smile whenever he laughed. His hair was a dark brown, which he had in a flow. It was long and covered his ears and almost his eyebrows. He was definitely the lax bro of the family, if thats the term. He loved the sport. He noticed Alice looking at him, and opened his mouth to speak.

“Uh, so I can go out right?” Tommy asked, as he turned to her. He was wearing a light green shirt that read “Bayshore Lacrosse.” He was in shorts and white socks. The other two turned, hoping for the answer.

Alice was a little shocked, he went straight for the point. “Uh, no sorry Tommy.” She said. “Mom and dad said no one can go out, sorry.” She said shrugging. Tommy was upset and everyone else looked upset about this as well.

“But why.” He whined, “There’s a party tonight at Trent’s house, and I want to go, please Alice, please.” He said, giving her big puppy dog eyes.

Alice shook her head, “What, you think I’m James? I’m not gonna let you just get drunk on my watch. And you think I want to be here, yeah right.” Alice said, trying to lay down the hammer.

James took a little offense. “Hey, it was one time okay, I didn’t know there would be drinking at the party.” He said in defense. Tommy laughed at that.

“Yeah sure, cause what high school party has beer?” Tiffany said in a teasing tone, the tv now playing in the background.

Alice laughed at that, a big smile on her face. “Okay, so what do you guys want to do?” She asked, looking around the room. “Cause I don’t want to be bored tonight, and I know you guys don’t.”

They all thought about it a bit, giving ideas here and there, until they landed on a good old family game of truth or dare.

“Yay, truth or dare, I missed being 13.” Alice said laughing at that this is what they decided to play.

“Well it’s better than fucking twister.” Tommy said. He thought his idea for truth or dare was a good idea, and he wasn’t the only one. Tommy wasn’t really into the incest thing, his friends actually made fun of him a lot for having hot sisters. But he would be lying if he said he didn’t want to see their tits. And he planned on somehow having this game make that happen.

Tiffany rolled her eyes. “Okay fine, I’ll go get the bottle.” She said. She stood up and grabbed a bottle of beer. She took a sip of it, then another. “One sec.” She said with a giggle. Then she downed the rest of it. It was obvious to Alice her once innocent little sister, wasn’t so innocent now. “Alright, who wants to spin first?” Tiffany asked, as they all moved to the floor, making a small circle.

“I think cause Tommy had the great idea, he should go.” James said, which led the girls to agree with him.

“Okay fine.” Tommy said, as he took the bottle and spun it. It landed on Alice. “Okay big sis truth or dare?” Tommy said with a mischievous smile.

She answered quickly “Truth!” She looked around as they all gave her a look. “What? I don’t trust Tommy with a dare.” She said shrugging.

“Fair enough.” Tommy thought for a moment. He did wish she picked dare, would of been easier for him. He then thought of one. “Okay sis, have you ever kissed or had sex with a girl?” He asked, with a big smile.

Alice was taken back a bit. She knew Tommy had always been bold, and not afraid to really ask anything, but that was pretty straight forward. “Wow, kinda personal eh?” She said. She slowly nodded her head. “Yes I have. It happened sophomore year of college, I fucked Julie.” Alice said, as she got ready to spin the bottle for her turn.

Tommy and James smiled at each other, with Tiffany a bit stunned. Tommy broke the small amount of silence that they had. “Man, she’s hot, you’re lucky.” He said with a goofy smile. James punched his shoulder and pushed him down slightly.

She glared at Tommy, but agreed. “Yeah she was, but I’m not bad myself.” She said, just to mess with his head. She then spun the bottle. It was a forceful spin and finally landed on Tiffany. Alice looked at Tiff and said “Truth or Dare?”

Tiffany smiled, “Truth, I guess.” She said with a big smile.

“Okay Tiff, uh, how many guys have you slept with?” Alice asked. She wanted to be more subtle with it, which wasn’t really her thing, and she really wanted to know.

Tiffany was taken a bit by surprise but answered. “Uh, like 6…..” She said, knowing that was a lot for a high schooler.

Everyone looked at her surprised. Alice was thinking, oh shit her friends where right, And Tommy and James were more worried if one of them was their friends.

“Will you stop staring, geez, lets just play the game.” She said annoyed at their looks. She spun the bottle. It landed on James. Tiff bit her bottom lip. She had seen James in the shower once, and lets just say she was very impressed. She wanted to see it again. ‘Okay James, truth or dare?”

James smiled. “Well, I guess someone has to start. Dare.” He said with a smile.

“Okay goodie.” Tiffany said with a smile. “I dare you, to take off your pants and boxers. Show us what you’re working with.” She said bitting her lip. “I mean some the girls have said, its….. nice.” She said looking up at her big brother.

Everyone was taken back by the dare. Alice looked at Tiffany. “James you don’t have to do that, its wrong.”

“Come on Alice, I know you want to see it.” She said. It was true Alice did want to see.

“Well I don’t.” said Tommy with a laugh.

James looked around the room. A little nervous that he was actually going to do this. He was also flattered that they wanted to see it though. He unbuckled his jeans. Pulling them down quickly. He stood there with his pants around his ankles, a black shirt on, and American Eagle boxers. There was already an impressive bulge in his boxers as he slowly pulled them down. Once the boxers where off, his 8” cock stood out for the room to see.

Both Tiffany and Alice were taken away by the size and the girth of it. It was huge! Alice couldn’t turn away. Even Tommy was impressed by it, noticing the large vain on it. Tiff spoke out. “Uh, forgot, have to stay like that for two more rounds.” She said, as James sat down and spun the bottle.

The bottle landed on Alice. He smiled. “Okay Alice, truth or dare?” He asked, almost not even caring anymore that his dick was out in front of his siblings.

She bit her lip, what would a dare be from James. “Uh, dare.” She said nervously.

James had a huge smile on his face. “I dare you to show us your boobs. It’s only fair.” I said shrugging, pleading my case.

Alice nodded. It did seem fair, and it would be fun. She slowly took off her shirt, revealing her large tits in her pink bra. She bit her lip, as she unhooked, it. She let it slowly fall down as her C cup tits fell out.

Tommy and James’ mouths hung open. Impressed by the sight they both had witnessed. They were extremely nice. Even Tiffany let out a silent “Wow”

She blushed, and went for the bottle, not caring to put her shirt back on. It landed in between Tommy and Tiffany. “Ooh, so you guys can pick together, truth or dare?” Alice said with a smile.

Tommy didn’t even let them discuss it. “Dare.” He was getting very aroused from the expose tits, and eve the dick got him excited for some reason. Tiffany was mad he answered without her, but she would of said the same thing.

Alice smiled. “I dare you both to get undressed.” Alice said with a huge smirk on her face. “I mean, me and James pretty much are.”

Tommy and Tiffany shrugged. Both were confident with their bodies, even if their assets weren’t as large as the older siblings, they were still very nice. Tommy went first. Quickly pulling his shirt off, revealing a surprisingly muscular and fit body. He had abs and even the V. He had a few freckles on his chest and no real hair whatsoever. He then unbuckled his shorts, throwing them off. He also had American Eagle boxers which had a nice bulge for a guy his size. He then removed them, showing his 7” cock. It was nice and cute. There was no real pubic hair around it, so either he shaved it off or he didn’t really grow much hair. It looked like it was getting slightly hard, which made Alice happy.

Then Tiffany went. She pulled off her pink top, leaving her tits in a white bra. She then took her short shorts off, showing a pair of royal blue panties. She noticed Tommy’s cock and was impressed. She thought he was gonna be small. She then removed her bra to show her perky B cup tits and then her panties. Her pussy was small and shaven. The most surprising thing about her body was the belly button piercing.

“Well, were all basically naked, now what?” Tommy asked. As he looked around the room.

“Now this.”Alice said as she walked up to him. Giving him a quick kiss on the lips as she went down to her knees. She kneeled in front of him, his dick right next to her face. “You know Tommy, I always thought you were cute.” As she kisses the tip of the cock. She smiles as she sees his face go into full ecstasy mode. She then put her mouth on the tip of the cock, playing with the tip with her tongue. She flicked her tongue back and fourth on it. She then started to bob up and down, tracing her teeth gently on the base of his cock as she went up and down. Every time she went to the tip, she swirled her tongue around it then went back down. She kept her eyes looking up at Tommy the entire time.

‘Ohhhhh sis…….” Tommy moaned, he arched his head back, as he was in just pure pleasure. He had never received a blow job before from anyone, and this was amazing. He closed his eyes, moaning the whole time. “Alice, Im…..I’m close.” He said. trying to hold it in so he could have this moment last.

She pulled off of his dick for a second. “Cum in my mouth baby bro.” She said, with some drool connecting her lips and the tip of his cock. She then deep throated his entire cock. Waiting for him to cum.

“Ohhhhh” Tommy moaned, he felt the tremble in his knees snd let his load out in his sisters mouth. It was amazing, as he spurted the most cum he had ever ejaculated.

She smiled, happy with her work, as she stood up and swallowed the cum. She then kissed Tommy on the lips, letting him taste himself. “You taste good baby bro.”

At this time, Tiffany and James were just standing there in amazement of what had just happened. Tiffany felt herself getting wet at the sight of her sister sucking Tommy’s cock. And she could tell James was as well, his cock was rock hard. His erect size must of been at least 2 inches bigger than his flaccid size. It was all impressive, and she wanted him. She turned to him, and he made a move.

He picked her up and kissed her, as he guided her too the couch, laying her down on it. He then removed his shirt to reveal his fit body. The site of his body made Tiffany’s mouth water. James then kissed the inside of her thigh, as his head traveled to her pink pussy. He looked up at her, and gave her a nod. He then buried his face in her pussy, sticking his tongue in and out. Her head arched back, as her legs opened wide for him. She placed her hand on his head, and grabbed her hair tightly. He kept going, darting in and out. She moaned loudly as she orgasmed. She had never done this when a boy ate her out. James was good. He pulled away, and smiled. “I guess that was good?” He asked her. All she did was nod with a huge smile on her face.

The siblings turned to each other, and Tommy asked, “So what now?” This lead to a smirk on everyone else’s face.

Okay, thanks for reading! That’s the end of Part 1. Uh, let me know what you guys thought of that in the comments. It was my first time making an erotica so I want to know how it was. I want to pick up from this to make a Part 2 if you all liked it, and maybe more stories with the Rhodes. And if you guys want to see any pairings between characters just let me know. And any pairing is good. Thanks so much.

Rating: 92%, Read 82913 times, Posted Apr 02, 2015

Fantasy | Group Sex, Incest


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