Playing with our neighbours son by Mr.Stretch

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Things carried on this way for a few months and Sophie was a regular visitor to our bedroom. We played out all our fantasies including my favourite where the two girls tied me up and had their way with me. I was during one of these nights that Sophie mentioned that Steven, her older brother, was back from college soon. I looked at Clare and could see her smile. I could tell she was already thinking of ways to get him into our house and into her bed.

So a couple of weeks passed and one afternoon I bumped into Steven in the street. He was now 19 and had grown into a good looking lad. He had the usual teenage cockiness and I smiled to myself imagining what my Clare was going to do to him.

We chatted for a while and I invited him round to ours for a few drinks later while the football was on. He said ok and would be there at 7.

When Clare returned from work I told her I had a surprise waiting for her and set my plan in motion.

At 6.30 Clare got dressed in her sexiest clothes, a very tight, short dress which showed off her pert ass and ample cleavage and left the house. Steven arrived at 7 and we sat down with a few beers to watch the footy. We chatted away and it didn't take long before he asked about Clare. I know he had always fancied Clare, all the men in our village did, and he was pleased when I told him she was fine and was due home soon. I said I would text her to see how long she would be but instead I texted her and told her that her surprise was ready and to be here for 8.

So at 8 o'clock Clare came home looking very sexy and she made a beeline straight for Steven who she had not seen for some time. She greeted him like a long lost friend with a kiss and a big cuddle. Stevens eyes were nearly popping out of his head as he looked at Clare and I could tell he was getting very turned on.

Clare is a very sexy woman, very flirty with a great figure. She makes most men hard with her just a smile and I could tell Steven was going to be no different. She sat down on the sofa very close to him and started flirting straight away. She was touching his arms and brushing his hair and she spoke about when he was younger and how good looking he was now. She had her hand on his leg and I saw it creep higher as she described how she knew girls at uni would be queuing up to be with Steven now.

Steven looked a little embarrassed by the attention he was receiving but I saw him looking at Clare's cleavage and could almost see his erection growing. Her dress was riding up her legs showing off her thighs and she moved slightly so it rode higher giving me a great view. Steven blushed as Clare noticed him looking at her legs.

Clare said she was going to change into something more comfortable and went to get up. She pushed herself up using Stevens thigh and purposely brushed his erection. She looked straight at Steven as her hand lingered on his young cock before she stood up. She "accidentally" dropped her phone and bent down to pick it up giving him a great view up her skirt. I saw his eyes widen and realised she wasn't wearing any underwear.

After Clare left I asked Steven what he thought of her body and he tried to stammer an apology. He shifted his leg trying to hide his erection and he looked embarrassed when I noticed it. I thought he was going to try to leave but then Clare returned and I knew he was going nowhere.

She had changed into her bath robe and although I couldn't see I knew she nothing on underneath.

She sat down with Steven again and her hand went straight to his thigh again. She asked him about college and before long the chat turned to girls and sex. Steven looked really awkward now and even more when Clare asked him if he still fancied her.

He looked at me not sure if he should answer but I told him to be honest and who wouldn't fancy Clare?

Taking the initiative Clare slowly slid over hand over his cock and slowly rubbed it. She gave him have a big smile and then climbed on him so she was straddling his lap. She took off her robe and Steven got a good look at her. He looked at me again nervously but I told him to feel her ass which he did instantly.

Clare leaned in and they started to kiss and Clare moved Stevens hands onto her breasts whilst her hands moved down to his pants. She undid his fly and started to stroke his cock as his hands groped her ass.

I was sat in the corner watching and encouraged Steven to taste her breasts. She pushed herself into him and he was soon sucking her nipples. Clare pulled away from Steven and suggested they go to the bedroom. She looked over at me and asked him if I could come up and watch. He said that was fine so Clare led us upstairs and she threw Steven on the bed.

I sat in the corner and watched my woman take his clothes off before she moved down and started to suck his cock. He had a good size cock and Clare was an expert cock sucker and within a minute or two she had taken her first load from Stevens young cock.

She quickly repositioned herself over his face so that he could get his first taste of her pussy. This was obviously not his first time because soon he was 3 fingers deep and sucking her clit hard. It wasn't long before Clare came, her juices running down Stevens chin. She then reached down to see if he was ready and Steven became instantly hard as Clare slid her wet pussy down his long shaft. She rode him expertly and as Stevens urge began to build she leant in and kissed him hard. He took the hint and started to speed up. In no time he was pounding her pussy at full tilt and soon Clare was taking her second load as Steven buried his cock as far in her as he could.

They lay exhausted catching their breath until I asked if it was my turn. Clare smiled and walked over to me before kneeling down and sucking my cock. When I was ready I leant her over the bed and starting fucking her. As I did this she reached out and started slowly working Steven back to hardness. She took him in her mouth and i pounded her till she shook with an orgasm and we both came inside her again.

We all collapsed onto the bed in a sweaty heap. Now I knew my girl liked more than one cock. This together with her lesbian side got me thinking of all sorts of scenarios that I knew she would be up for.

It wasn't long before we were at it again. Myself and Steven fucked Clare more times, taking it in turns at each end for what seemed like hours. I was spent and didn't think I had anymore cum inside me since I had filled Clare up at least half a dozen times.

We got cleaned up but as Steven was ready to leave Clare dropped to her knees for one more round. She sucked him dry one more time and swallowed his load with a smile. She had got the taste for his cock and I knew she would be jumping on it again at the first opportunity. Steven limped home with a million memories and some new techniques to use on the horny students he was going to meet. Clare and I went to bed very satisfied and another sex game was ticked off our list.

So now we have fucked both our neighbours kids and had given them both a good lesson in sex.

Steven went back to uni soon and since Sophie had started college and was no longer around things returned to normal.

But the memory of the action that bedroom had seen stayed long in my memory and Clare and I would think about them as we planned our next sex adventure.

Who would be next.....

Rating: 92%, Read 73166 times, Posted Dec 29, 2015

Fiction | Female, First Time, Group Sex, Male, Teen, Teen Male, Threesome, Wife


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