The Maintenance Man 4 by pars001

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Science-Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, First Time, Male, Slavery, Violence, Virginity

The Maintenance Man 4


Mark jerked awake as he felt Nisse move behind him. Reality began to dawn on him as Nissie pressed her bare breasts up against his back.

"Umm, master good morning" she whispered as she stretched her thin smooth body out to her full length her breasts proud, her nipples standing out from them as the blanket slipped off them, exposing them to the cooler air of the room.

"We have alot to do today before we get to the next contract, I was reading up on it, this particular planet has some rather unique proprerties to their atmosphere and gravity."

Nissie waited for him to explain, "this place we are going to has a gravity almost half what you are used to, we will have to wear weights on our waists so that we aren't propelled upward and hurt." For some reason Mark was thinking that this was another prearranged attack on him and Nissie by Tantka. A worried look crossed his face as Mark began to prepare, adjust and started to put together more apparatuses for the work on the planet. Mark was still uneasy as he remembered the weapon that the fake leader had pulled, obviously Tantka had gotten deeper into the data bank than they thought as the weapon had been buried somewhat deep, and as he knew Mark's security measures were some of the hardest to crack.

Approaching the planet a few days later, Mark had briefed Nissie on everything he could to try and keep her safe along with extra power units and instructions on how to use them. Nissie was still amazed that he had taken the time to show her after all she was just a slave, a tool for him to use, she guessed that Mark was different after all. Each time he did something like that she was always expecting him to be like all other slave owners, could he really be sincere about not wanting her as a slave? As she thought before Mark was a mystery and she was no closer to figuring him out now then she had been when they first met.

Mark was really worried now that they were on the planet. He knew that Tantka could have almost anything in place to take him and Nisse out, as he had plenty of time to get ready. Taking a speeder to the capital building he sighed again didn't these damn people have any pride at all? There was trash in the streets not one of the vehicles they passed was operational, no signs were lit up it was almost as if they were in a ghost town with people in it. The president of the planet met them at the door as they entered.

"Come in please we have been waiting on you!" he said his excitement obvious leading them to a plush room, Mark had Nissie thank him as he pulled a scanner and went around the room.

He had been afraid of that, finding micro explosives, energy disintegration beams, and a few plasma charges, he started disarming them one at a time.An hour later he finished then flipped on the nullifier, as he pulled a new device out that Nissie had never seen before. Walking slowly around the room again he shook his head as he started to find even more micro explosives. Mark smiled as he thought that Tantka was finally starting to get smart as these noone would have found if they hadn't a scanner like his. After another hour Mark finally breathed a sigh of relief, damnit he was going to have to do something about him.

Sitting down he looked at Nisse, she had been taking notes the whole time and was looking worried at Mark. "Did you find everything?" she asked

"I believe I did this is the most intense scan that can be done, with the extras I threw in to enhance it" he stated as he sat back and contemplated what he was going to do next.Walking out of the room the president's assisstant was waiting for them.

"Mr. Mark needs to be taken to the main frame of the planet wide comp." she stated tight lipped irratated at what they had just went through in the room.

The man's head bobed up and down as he led them deeper into the building. Mark sighed at the mess he found there, half the circuits were gutted as if someone had pulled them out in an attempt to repair them. Problem was it was a terrible job and looked like a half hearted job at that.

Restoring power to the room after an hour, the real job started tracing the lines and circuits, repairing them, then testing them before moving on. After 12 hours he had almost half of the main frame put back together. Hooking up the shields to the city power, he continued to work. 12 hours later he was putting the last of the circuits in when he noticed that there was an extra part on the circuit boards. Pulling his second scanner again he found that it was another micro charge set to go off when the main frame was activated, Cursing under his breath he started scanning again finding another 3 charges, at strategic places throughout the main frame. Another hour and he was finally finished with the preparations, Mark took a deep breath as he started the main frame, slowly increasing the load on it all appeared to be well.

Looking at the programs that hadn't been updated in many years mark downloaded his anti-hack programs and anti-virus programs running through the whole system. Finally after 27 and a half straight of work hours Mark was prepared to bring the system back on line. The repair bots began to stir as they rapidly restoed the building along with the utility bots. Stepping out into the hallway Mark felt bone weary this was the worst he had seen a comp, had it just been the bots then it mightn't have been so bad. This was the first time he had had to almost rebuild a comp since he had been in school. Nissie stepped out behind him and shouted as her power unit failed and she had started to drift to the ceiling.

Reaching for her leg he pulled her back down as her skirt settled over his head and her crotch settled on his face. Breathing in her scent he moved her panties to the side and feasted on her slit, her gasp of pleasure apparent. Standing there for at least 20 minutes he put her through 3 orgasms before he reached for the power unit and lowered her to the floor. Snapping in a new unit they walked back to their room. Mark released the shield and scanned the room again. Breathing easy he laid down with Nissie and fell asleep.

A pulsing alarm was going off as Mark leapt from the bed and crouched beside it looking at his wrist comp. It appeared that the bots were trying to get in the room. Damnit he hadn't thought of that, as he accessed the main comp and shut down the bots. Suddenly there was a hissing sound, mark threw a shield wrap at the bots as they exploded inside the shield. the whole building shook as Mark prayed that the power unit in the wrap was enough to contain all of the blast. A few moments later people and soldiers came running, while Mark scanned the area making sure that there wasn't any residual radiation, toxins or harmful vapors left from the exploding bots.

Nissie had taken cover behind the bed shaking in fear from the force of the blast. After giving the all clear and retrieving his now spent and burnt out shield wrap Sighing, he now realized that the Tantka was getting worse and that the little bastard wasn't going to give up any time soon. Walking over to Nissie he helped her off the floor assuring her that everything was now ok. Shakily she rose from the floor and realised just as Mark did that they were both naked. Shreeking she ran for the bathroom as Mark grabbed a pair of shorts much to the shagrin of the many female onlookers. The shorts didn't offer much covering as his 9 '' cock had been at full staff watching Nissie walk away.

In the bathroom with the door closed Nissie contacted her friend in the brothel or rather the owner of it as she had bought out the previous owner just a few years ago. The woman's face appeared on the screen .

"Nissie hon, what's wrong?" she asked seeing the terrified look on her face.

"That dickless bastard tried to kill me and Mr. Mark, how are things on your ened?" Nisse asked as she tried to get her shaking under control.

"We have implemented well over three foutrhs of the plan you and I discussed last week, have you told him what you are doing yet?" the woman looked intensely at Nissie, she was amazed the girl was willing to take the risks that she was. Suddenly her eyes opened wide, "Oh my god! you're in love with him aren't you? I thought I'd never see the day that this happened!"

Nissie blushed the deepest shade of red she ever had. Was it that apparent? Sighing, she should have known that she couldn't hide it from her, she was her sister after all and had been around her most of her life. Her sister was enraged, try to kill her sister her only family?! Trying to calm down she clicked off from Nissie and called her assisstant giving orders.

"I want to know everything he does if he takes a shit, I want to know about it I want as much video as you can get." she growled at him. He knew not to say anything as he had seen her this way before, and that time wasn't very pretty at all.

Mark assured the president and the assisstant that everything was ok now, he had run sweeps and hadn't found any other explosives nearby. Many of the spectators started to wonder away as the repair bot nearby waited to fix the hole in the floor where the explosive bots had been. Talking to the officals a few moments longer, he turned and went back in to the room heading for the bathroom. After activating the shield again he opened the door to the bath room seeing Nissie slumped on the floor, still shaking, he reached for her and held her as she finally started to calm down.

"You feel like a shower?" Mark asked as he caressed her face and rubbed her shoulders.

"As long as it's with you, I won't be as scared," she sighed as she breathed in his scent and calmed further.

Stepping in Mark marveled again at the smoothness of her body, at the perfect porportions that it held, as she clung to him while he started the shower. Turning her, he started to wash each part of her body as he felt the tenseness leave her body. Rinsing them both off Mark helped her out, toweled her and himself off then took her to the room. Instead of getting dressed Mark just held her as she was still alittle shaken from the days events so far.

"I have to call the head master, will you be ok here for a few minutes?" as he looked deeply into her eyes.

"Yes Mas... Mr. Mark I need to make a call myself" she replied as he turned and walked to the bedroom.

"Hello again sir," Mark started grimly, "I'm sure you know why I am calling"

"We were just informed, Mark have you formulated a plan yet?" the head master looked at the grim faced Mark, the tension apparent on his face.

"I believe I have but it's dangerous and I am almost afraid to implement it." taking a deep breath he shook his head, "It appears we will have to use to eradicator virus."

The head master gasp out as his mouth dropped open, "you know that the council expressly forbade anyone to use it. It's the most dangerous program ever written though I thought it was brilliant, it is still uncontrolable even with all the safeguards you wrote in."

Mark nodded, "I know sir but if I can't come up with something soon, he just might succeed in killing me, as hard as that may be, it is still a possibly."

Meanwhile Nissie was having another frustrated conversation with her sister."Please tell me you have all that you need, I want this little prick dead" Nissie said as she shook while looking at the image of her sister.

"Nissie hon, I have every resource on it, as for your plan, I have started it a little early, I want this bastard too, noone threatens my family." Looking at Nissie shaking, had enraged her to the point that she wanted to wrap her hands around the little bastards throat herself..

"Don't worry Nissie, we're going to get him, I'll kill him myself if I have too. I have quite a few high powered people that owe me a few favors I think it's time I called in a few of them in." An evil and sinister smile played across her face as she had come up with a devious and underhanded plan of her own.

"Sis I am terrified, this ass has tried to kill us 3 or 4 times if it wasn't for Mark I might be scared out of my mind." as she shook again.

Her sister made note of that, she'd have to give Mark a big thank you, herself.

"Don't worry Nissie I'm getting things in place, hopefully by the end of the week it will be where we can end this and you can get back to worring about Mark and you and not your life in constant jeopardy ." her sister stated.

Signing off from here sister, she called her assisstant, "what have you found out about the mark?" she asked the fury apparent on her face.

"Well, from what we have gathered he stays alone and secluded almost all the time except for 2 times a week. During those times he makes forages for food and short companionship. From what I have gotten from the girls, he uses them very roughly and repeatedly during the night for hours." He sighed as he really didn't want to invite her wrath with his next words, "It has also come to my attention that he has disfigured 3 of the girl's faces and only laughed at them as they screamed and begged him to stop."

Watching his mistress's face he prepared for the fury he was sure was about to erupt. Surprisingly when she remained calm, he knew then and there that all should be afraid as this was when she was the most dangerous. Laughing she looked up, "Perfect," a wicked smile arising upon her face, "I've got just the girl for him."

"Also, mam, we have deduced that he only goes after the uh humm... " he was again afraid to utter the words, "as he was heard to say, the dumbest, most stupid but most beautiful whores that he can find. He was also heard to say in passing that they didn't deserve their beauty as they were too ignorant to appreciate what they had and deserved to be punished for it."

He saw a momentary flash of anger then, as suddenly it was gone as he slightly trembled, "Again, perfect," as she sat back formulating and redefining her plan more, "Now I really do have the perfect girl for him," the rage flashed in her eyes again as her assisstant shrunk back more, "and this girl he won't find all that easy to hurt," laughing she sat forward whispering, "or get away from.

Mark was almost at his wits end, but he now knew that there were 4 friendly, up to date, equipment and program systems, that they would be completely safe in, they were well beyond the reach of Tantka and that as they journeyed deeper into the systems Tantka might have a better chance of killing hin and Nissie. Nissie had kept in contact with her sister trying to pry information from her but all she got was she had many many people working on it, which was begining to frustrate the hell out of Nissie.

Boarding the liner, Mark had the ship completely shut down, then he began to pull all manner of devices from his pack, that he had worked on the night before. Starting in the engine room he soon began to find micro fractures in the reactor core. Repairing those he next moved on to the engines, there he found that the regular engines were ok. Passing a scanner over the hyper-drive he fond that impurities in the fuel. This would have caused cascade failure in them, leaving them stranded too far for anyone to rescue and even Mark wouldn't have been to repair it in time. Checking the other systems he found the usual micro-charges set to go off, but it was the graviton explosive he found at the entrance to the engine room that surprised him.

Clicking his comm he called the head Master, "Sir I have run through the ship on a first scan and found something you should know about," Mark said as he hefted the graviton charge for him to see.

The old man's eyes grew large then narrowed in anger, " that isn't supposed to be anywhere but here on empire world and central. The only ones allowed access to it is high ranking members of the imperial forces, and 3 people who were in on the development of it. I know it wasn't me nor do I think that you would attack yourself with it, the only other one who had the plans was my assisstant and thank goodness he's out today."

"You might have to truth scan him," Mark uttered tight lipped, the truth scan could be extremely painful and if resisted too much could destroy the mind leaving one an almost gibbering idiot.

"I know you have a great distaste for it, when all the students were scanned two years ago to find out who cheated, it had been your suggestion that we build a new one to make sure ours hadn't been tampered with. I also know that many things were revealed about your past, you want to stay there and as far as I'm concerned nothing came from that scan but your loyalty."

Mark breathed a sigh of relief he knew that what the old man said went. "I know that sir but if your assisstant tries to resist, we might lose the only hope for evidence against Tantka." The head master's head nodded in agreement.

"Mark I think you should come back to empire world till we get this finished, that way he'd have to come after you here and with the resources we have that would be virtually impossible."

Mark shook his head, "no sir I am further out than almost anyone has been in a long time, I know I am not completely out of his reach but we are to the point now, that if he wanted to get to us he would have to leave central, come here to carry out his plan and leave undetected and that won't happen"

The head master looked at Mark for a moment longer the worry apparent on his face, sighing, "I don't like this Mark, you are the birghtest we have produced in over 30 years the 4 systems you have been to and repaired are already back in the federation trading and finally building up to where they were many years ago. This is the true testiment of your work that they were accepted back in so fast. Be extremely careful."

Working another 4 hours Mark found all that had been sabotaged repairing everything, he stepped through the doorway towards his room with Nissie in tow. Entering the room Nissie hung at the doorway almost afraid to enter after the last time they had been so close to death. Mark pulled his scanners out and ran over the room checking every centimeter slowly looking for anything out of the ordinary. Cursing he reached for the nullifier and clicked it on.

"Nissie tell the captain that we have a situation and I need a no grav holding box," she nodded as she ran down the hall.

Moments later the captain and the head engineer showed up with the container.

After loading the explosive into the container they moved it away as three bots emerged to start the deactivation process. An hour later the ship lifted and was under way to the next system that Mark had a contract with. Laying down Mark was thinking of a plan to take care of his Tantka problem when his wrist comm went off.

"Hello father,are things going well there?" Mark asked surprised that he had called this soon after their visit to the planet a week ago.

"Yes Mark, thanks to you the planet is almost back to normal, the traffic has increased and they are almost ready to try and start exporting again, I just wanted to thank you again and let you know that the system you are headed to, I will be there within the next two weeks." Mark nodded his head and thanked his father before clicking off.

Mark knew that he would have to hurry there, his mother and sister wouldn't be very far behind his father, if they weren't with him when he arrived. He still wasn't ready to face them yet, the shame he still felt from the incident was as fresh now as it was then. Nissie looked on while Mark paced the cabin. Moments later the Captain knocked at their door.

"Mr. Mark, I was sent to inform you that the company has deposited 100,000 credits into your account. It appears that there is a very important cargo with us and they were more than happy to pay it. On a personel note I also am glad this was my first assignment," leaning in close he whispered, "I really didn't want to get it then lose it or my life."

The trip out further into the next system wasn't as bad as many he had been. The kitchen was almost brand new, the systems were now clean (thanks to Mark) and everything seemed to be going well. Laying down Mark was exhausted again, Nissie snuggled into his back feeling the tenseness in his back and shoulders. Reaching between his legs she grasped his cock and began to massage it to hardness.Rolling over Mark pushed her pants off and moved between her legs. Inhaling her scent he closed his eyes reveling in the increase in her wetness.

"Mr. Mark, take me now I have wanted you since I met you" she panted out as Mark began lapping at her slit with increased force.

Stopping he looked up at her face seeing the dreamy look that was now spreading across it.

"Nissie, I don't know how to, you know that." he said, as he almost felt ashamed when it left his lips.

"I can teach you like I did last time" she gasped out as another orgasm swept over her. "Like before, look at me down there, see the opening in the middle? That's where you enter me with your cock"

Mark wasn't sure, this was a first for him, doing as she told he slowly ever so slowly pushed into her. Nissie had other plans, as she felt the head of his cock at her entrance she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled hard burying him as deep as he could go.

Mark was in heaven, he had never felt anything as soft, wet, and warm as Nissie's pussy. Just laying there unsure what to do and not really wanting to move to make the feeling go away, Nissie couldn't believe how full she felt he was filling her pussy every millimeter of it.

"Mr. Mark you have to thrust in and out to increase the feeling and to stimulate each other to greater pleasure." she watched his face as she saw that he was thinking, "Mr. Mark don't analyse the act, it will take away from what you are doing, just thrust that's all. Mark looked at her and began to increase to speed and the depth of his thrusts every time he moved the feelings became more and more wonderful.

Nissie was floating, she finally had him in her, oh god, he was so big, the biggest she had ever taken, it was sheer delight. Grunting with the effort Mark felt her pussy start to ripple more and more tightening down on his cock. Suddenly after only ten minutes he felt as if he had to pee. Nissie had been prepared for this and clung to him even harder as he tried to withdraw. "No Mr. Mark, just let it go, oh my god! don't stop, please don't stop." she pleaded.

Mark felt the feeling growing stronger and stronger he didn't want to pee in her, she was cumming under him as he also felt pressure in his balls, he thrust as deep as he could as he felt his balls empty and fill her deep inside bathing her cervix til in was overflowing and leaking out around his cock.

Pulling out he laid next to her for a few minutes.

"Thank you Mr. Mark, you can no longer claim to be a virgin anymore." Mark just smiled as he let the lingering feeling of the pleasure fade away. Taking a shower with Nissie gained a whole new meaning as he entered her from behind and they both orgasmed again before they got out and toweled off. The ship had pulled into orbit and was landing when they headed to the exits. Mark grabbed their gear and headed out the hatch and to the nearest speeder. After loading up he reached for Nissie when a voice startled him, a voice he expected to never hear again.

"Mark! I found him mother he's over here," Mark slowly turned and looked where the voice had come from. Scanning the crowd there, another voice interrupted his thoughts .

"Hello son, it's about time I caught up to you, we really need to talk." Nissie looked on as a tall, slender, beautiful older woman and a gorgeous red headed teen walked up to Mark, he just stood there his mouth open.

"H-h-h-h hello mother" he stammered, "hello sis," he lowered his head and knew that for once there was no way to fix this, sighing he grabbed his gear and theirs and boarded the speeder.

(to be continued) (yeah I'm surprised too)

Rating: 94%, Read 77604 times, Posted Oct 21, 2014

Science-Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, First Time, Male, Slavery, Violence, Virginity


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