Indian Fiasco by cumagain

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It all begins at High School.

At the age of 16, the world seems to change for us teens, sex and drugs are presented in front of us in means for experimenting.

For me "getting high" was sitting next to my best friend, Kerri Kerri and i have been friends since orientation day in grade 8, we get along great. Kerri hails from India but she has an Australian accent which made things cool.

There has always been sexual tension between us, but neither one of us has had the guts to admit it.

She was smart, mildly popular and a bit chubby (more cushion for the pushin). I'm totally opposite to her, popular, average and fit as a horse. 'Hey Sean (me) you wanna come over to my house to study for this biology test for next monday', Kerri asked.

'Yeah sure', I replied. I secretly wanted to chill with my friends tonight on footy friday, but i wanted to seal the deal with Kerri tonight.


Before leaving the house to go over to Kerri's house, i packed some things for this night: Condoms, bag of pot and of course biology books for studying (Yeah Right).

It turned to 5pm before i knew it, so i quickly went to jack-one-off before departing for the real thing.


"Ding-Dong" "Hey sean ready for some studying" kerri asked As i followed Kerri up the stairs, i could just barley see up her school skirt she still had on, she was wearing black underwear. My favorite.


"For this cell to break, were going to have to figure out a whole new formula" kerri stated. She was exhausted so i said to take a break on the bed while i look at some sites.

She had her head under the pillow groaning because she couldn't figure this out, whilst her not looking, i peeked under her skirt. "Hey". caught red handed. "What are you looking at Sean" "Ok im just gonna come out and say it, i like you, i might even love you and i cant get over your body, i masturbate over it every-night and i really wanna take our friendship to the next level if you....."

She interrupted me by kissing my lips, we both started to make out. "Me too Sean, i dream about you every night, i want you, i need you so bad, i want you inside of me. NOW" The room started to get hotter, our bodies grew hotter, each-others sweat dripped onto our bodies.

I put her down on her back and started to kiss her heavily from her neck, down to her collar bone, down to her black C cup breasts. i ripped off her school shirt and went south down to her panties.

i unbuttoned her skirt and then started massaging her clitoris with my fingers and tongue. "ooooo that feels so good, take all my clothes off and ravish me" i slowly took off her black, cotton panties to reveal her pink, plush interior wanting to be crowded with my semen.

as i took off her panties from her feet, i raised her leg up to kiss the inside of her feet, all the way down to her inner, thick thigh. I grabbed both the outside of her legs and went down on her.

Her vagina was slightly hairy, i gently rubbed my outer nose on her vaginal lips which made her giggle softly. t

hen i placed my tongue, tasting the wetness of her vaginal wall, and next i opened her black exterior to reveal her plush interior when my tongue would be stimulating her clitoris faster until it was numb.

After i got up from the bed to get out of my clothes as fast as i could and as soon i was undressed, i could see Kerri completely undressed under the blankets, i climbed in and started to kiss her everywhere, until she ask "Did you bring Condoms" and as soon as she said that i knew that i had left them on the bathroom sink.

"No i did'nt but you have the pill dont you" "Yes i do, dont worry about it" Kerri threw the sheets off to revel eachothers tenders to eachother. "Ooooo, i see you have been working out", She said.

Kerri sat up on her knees and started to get my dick hard with her warm hands, Until i was hard enough, she held it still and slowly lifted one leg over my leg, she slowly inserted my 6 inch unprotected cock into her fat black indian pussy of hers.

The tip of my dick became all cold and wet from the insertion, my whole cock was nearly in, Kerri Exhaled loudly (Lucky her parents weren't home) "Its in" She said The skin of her thigh rubbed against mine, and it felt good, her extra weight made the ride even more comfortable.

she pulled herself up and down on my circumcised dick, and began to ride me, as her hands planted onto my pecks, i began then to play with her jiggly ass.

I rubbed my fingers around her ass, until i pulled back her but cheeks which were covered in a small layer of hair and stuck my index finger into her tight, indian ass hole. "AAHHH, its so tight" she wailed.

Kerri came closer down, our bellies touching, her breasts touching my pecs, her hot breath breaking on my mouth, with her eyes looking deep into mine she said " im coming, im coming, im comming,

i was about to blow my load aswell "I'm Cumming i exhaled, i couldnt hold on any longer, my stomach just let go and as she kept bouncing up and down on my dick, i was cumming my load inside of her vagina and which also leaked onto my dick aswell.

Kerri stopped bouncing, and just left my dick inside her as we laid ontop of eachother, in that moment where every thing seemed perfect.


Rating: 66%, Read 10403 times, Posted Dec 01, 2009

True Story |


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