After The Game Threesome Pt.2 by only4funn69

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Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Lesbian, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome

Mark felt the relief of cool water as it washed over him. He had had a stressful day but it had turned around quite nicely he thought. He felt the splash of the two beautiful young girls jumping into the pool behind him. Before he could turn around he felt 4 hands on his shoulders as the girls tried to push him under the water together but to no avail. There was no deep end in this pool and Mark, being a head taller than both girls, refused to sink. They pressed down with all their might while laughing and giggling as their naked bodies pressed up against Mark's.

"Go down dammit!" laughed Brooke, "Damn you and your muscles!"


Siiiink!" added Paige.

Mark smiled at that compliment. These girls had definitely made his day. They made his month even. Hell, they've just made his entire year and he loved the energy the girls shared.

Mark played along and pretended to be over powered by the girls. He slowly and dramatically sank into the water.

"Ahhh!!!...." His voice trailed off under the water.

Mark stayed under the water until the girls released their hold on him and then sprang out of the water with a huge splash.

"Rawrrr!" He yelled holding his arms up like claws and barring his teeth.

The girls screamed, caught off guard by his surprise.

"Sorry ladies, I'm not much of a submarine," Mark continued, "I'm more of a helicopter!"

With that he picked up the teens and placed them both over his shoulders. Their bare asses exposed to the sun and they flailed their legs wildly as Mark began to spin in circles. The three of them laughed as Mark spun.

"You girls ready to dive?" Mark asked.

"No! I don't want my hair wet!" cried Paige.

"Mine either," added Brooke.

Mark rolled his eyes, "Well that's no fun," and he dropped them back into the water.

"Excuse me?" asked Paige, "Brooke and I are lots of fun!" She splashed water at Mark.

Brooke splashed Mark too. "I didn't hear you complaining earlier." she said with a smirk. The two girls teamed up on him and began to splash faster until Mark was blinded by the spray.

"Okay! Okay! Okay!" Mark laughed. "You got me! You win!"

"Damn straight we win!" cheered Paige.

"We always win," added Brooke, "so don't forget it."

Mark still felt like the real winner today. These girls were beautiful and he still couldn't believe that he had cum all over their faces just minutes ago. Mark's dick began to stir again at the thought. Their bright eyes looking up at him expectantly while holding their tongues out for him to cum drove him wild.

"Well since you're both winners, why not come collect your prize?"

The two girls looked at each other and giggled as Mark approached them. He grabbed Paige's waist with his right arm and Brooke's with his left, pulling the teens against his body.

The girls began to rub their hands over his chest and shoulders, cooing as they explored his body. Their naked breasts pressed against Mark in the cool water and he held them closer. He could feel his cock begin to reawaken under the water.

Mark looked into Paige's eyes and smiled, who looked back into his for a brief second before looking away shyly. Mark leaned his head forward and gave her a quick peck on the lips. Paige's face lit up like a Christmas tree and met Mark's gaze. He leaned forward again and this time she returned his kiss. Their tongues danced inside each other’s mouths as Brooke looked on.

"Mmmm," she purred, "my turn." as she broke up Paige and Mark's contact. She pulled Mark's face towards her own and kissed him deeply, allowing his tongue into her mouth.

Paige began to kiss Mark's neck while he kissed her cousin. Then Brooke kissed Mark's neck while he turned his focus back to Paige and Mark's erection continued to grow while he made out with both girls.

Mark slipped his hands from the girls' waist and cupped their asses in each hand. Perky little Paige's fit in his palm perfectly while Brooke's, being bigger, gave him much more to grab onto. The girls kissed him harder as he seemed to hold them up by their asses. He held them closer to him and the girls began to gyrate their hips, rubbing their pussies against Mark's thighs. The girls gasped as each movement sent sparks of pleasure through their bodies. Their kissing never ceasing as the girls clung to Mark.

Mark then used this new position to gently slip a single finger between each of their legs until he felt their hot, wet snatches. Mark teasingly stroked their pussy lips from the outside and could feel their juices flow from within. Slowly, he dipped his fingers inside the girls at the same time.

Paige gave her signature soft squeak of pleasure when she felt Mark's finger slip inside her. Both girls began to try and sit on his fingers and he moved them in and out. The teens squirmed in his arms again when he added another finger to each hole, desperately trying to catch as much of Mark's fingers inside of themselves as possible. After a few short thrusts both girls were fully riding Mark's fingers and they both let out a short cry as his fingers were fully engulfed in their hot pussies.

Brooke and Paige caught each other' eyes in their moment of bliss and began to kiss each other. The two girls furiously attacked each other with their tongues as Mark fingered them, their bodies lost in pure lust as they built up their orgasms. Brooke playfully bit Paige's bottom lip and gently pulled back. Paige moaned in ecstasy as her cousin kissed her and then felt Mark's lips upon her neck again.

He kissed Paige behind her ear and then worked his way down in quick succession to her shoulder blades. The girls continued to rock their hips over Mark's fingers and he switched his attention to Brooke.

Mark kissed up and down Brooke's exposed neck and followed the same pattern he had done with Paige. Mark's erection was now at full mast as the girls continued to squirm at his touch. Each time one of their thighs brushed against his cock he felt his legs go weak. He had waited all day to fuck these gorgeous girls and he was going to get his fill. Still fingering the girls, he decided it was time for round two.

"Are you ladies ready to cum?" Mark asked teasingly. Brooke and Paige broke off their kissing to respond in unison.

"Yes please!"

"Hmmm... I don't know..." he teased again, "are you sure you want it?"

"YES! We do!" cried Paige.

"Give it to us!" added Brooke.

"Not until you ask me properly." continued Mark.

The girls gave each other a look then smiled at naughtily at Mark before replying again on unison.

"Please let us cum Mark! We want to cum on your fingers! Please! Fuck us deeper!"

"That's more like it!" said Mark as he began to wiggle his fingers back and forth inside both of the girls. Brooke and Paige's begging stopped immediately and were replaced with moans of pleasure. Mark could feel their pussies tighten as they approached their climax, forcing his hand into a vice grip. The girls' own fingers gripped Mark's back and shoulders as they orgasmed together. Their bodies spasming in Mark's arms.

"OH MY GODDDD!" cried Paige as her orgasm spread through her body.

"F-F-FUUUUCK!" was all Brooke could manage as her body shook from her own orgasm.

Once the girls recovered they collapsed into Mark's arms and rested their heads on his shoulders while he withdrew his now slick fingers from their young bodies.

"That was amazing," cooed Paige.

"I told you picking him up today was a good idea!" beamed Brooke, "and I'm not even finished with him yet!"

Brooke reached down into the water and grasped Mark's throbbing erection in her hand.

"I want this monster inside me. Now."

Mark heartily agreed and Paige giggled.

Mark climbed the shallow steps of the pool, still carrying the teens in his strong arms.

He set them both down by their lounge chairs where he had previously had sex with Paige. The sun and heat of the day had already started to dry them but Paige and Brooke both began to use their towels anyways. Mark watched as they dried themselves off, his erection had died a bit while exiting the pool but was still excited as witnessed the girls move the towels about themselves. Brooke purposefully showed off her long legs and round ass to Mark as she bent over to dry her feet. Her bald, wet, pussy gleamed in the sunlight. Brooke noticed him watching and gave him her mischievous smile as she sauntered over to him.

"Need some help stud?" she asked.

Mark only nodded and she began to pat him dry with her towel. She started with his arms and shoulders then moved to his chest and stomach before working her way down to his legs and saving his wakening cock for last. The naked teen's soft touch began to get his dick stirring again as he watched her breasts sway with each movement of her arms as she dried him off. Finally done, Brooke laid her towel on the ground in front of Mark and knelt on it, his dick at her eye level.

Mark held in a breath as Brooke kissed the tip of his cock. She lifted up the growing phallus in her palm and dragged her tongue along its underside. She used her free hand to massage Mark's balls as she began to stroke his cock up and down.

"Such a beautiful cock," Brooke said fully mesmerized as Mark's cock grew in her hands, "so big and so sexy."

Still stroking, Brooke put her lips around the head of Mark's dick and sucked in. Mark let out a soft moan and Brooke smiled up at him, his dick still in her mouth.

Brooke took Mark out of her mouth bit continued stroking him, "I love this cock!"

She said as she spat on his shaft. Her hand spread her spit, up and down his cock and then she returned it to her mouth. Deeper this time. Mark felt his large cock hit the back of Brooke's throat and waited for her to gag but she didn't. She massaged the bottom of his cock with her tongue and Mark moaned again.

At 7.5 inches, Mark was a bit too big for the teen to fit fully in her mouth but he was impressed to see she had more than half engulfed between her lips.

Mark could feel his orgasm coming and he pulled out of her mouth. Brooke smiled and grabbed his dick.

"You're not allowed to cum yet mister." she ordered. "Come on this way. You too Paige."

Standing up, Brooke led Mark by the dick to a day bed that faced towards the house. She instructed mark to lie down on the mattress and looked back towards the house before joining him.

Paige had been sipping her forgotten drink, that Brooke had brought over earlier, and watched her cousin take Mark's giant dick into her mouth. The sight of his giant cock and the memory of it inside her excited the young girl and her pussy began to drip again. She followed her lovers over to the day bed.

Mark laid on his back and Brooke took him in her mouth once more, her ass in the air. Paige saw her cousin's exposed pussy and she knelt behind her. Paige grabbed Brooke's hips with her hands and snuck her tongue along her pussy lips. Brooke gasped at her touch.

"I love it when you eat me Paige!" she cried between mouthfuls of cock. Paige giggled in response and stuck her tongue in deeper, enjoying the taste of her cousin.

Marks watched as Brooke's breasts swayed again as she bobbed her head up and down over his dick. He was getting dangerously close to cumming again. Brooke must have sensed this as she broke free of Paige's grasp and positioned her dripping wet pussy over Mark's cock.

"It's my turn to ride you now!" she declared happily and she slowly lowered herself onto his cock. Mark felt Paige's hand slip up his thigh and then grab hold of the base of his throbbing cock as she helped guide him into Brooke.

Brooke took in a deep breath and held it as his dick slipped inside her and slowly her lips slid down completely around him. She paused once Mark was fully inside her, enjoying the feeling of being stuffed with cock, before gyrating her hips in a circle. Mark slowly began thrusting himself in and out of Brooke and she moaned. He took it slow when he withdrew himself nearly completely before ramming himself back in hard and deep. He continued this pattern for a few minutes. Slowly out. Hard in. Soft out. Hard in.

Brooke then squatted over him. "Harder!" she ordered and Mark obliged.

He furiously began to fuck the young teen's pussy fast and deep. Brooke fell forward onto her knees and held herself up with her hands on Mark's shoulders in total bliss as he fucked her harder. Mark watched her C cup breasts dangle in his face and he reached up with his mouth and took a nipple in his mouth. Brooke moaned her approval as he sucked on her nipple, then the other.

Mark then brought his hands up to play with her breasts as her continued to pump her with his hard cock. He took a breast in each hand and kneaded them like dough. He continued to massage her lovely breasts and when he squeezed her nipples she cried out moans of ecstasy. Emboldened, Mark snuck a hand between Brooke's legs and began to massage her clit with his finger.

Brooke began to match Mark's thrusts with her own movements as he continued to fondle her nipple and clit. It wasn't long until Brooke's pussy clamped down on Mark's dick and she came on his cock.

Paige sat on the bed beside them watching her cousin wreathe in total bliss as her fingers rubbed her own clit.

Recovered from her orgasm Brooke got off of Mark and got on all fours in front of Paige. Her round ass swayed in the air and instructed Mark to take her from behind. Mark got off the bed and rubbed his rock hard cock along her wet pussy lips, teasing her before he slowly eased his way back into her.

Brooke sighed with pleasure as Mark's cock slid into her again and began to rock her hips back to meet him. Mark slowly brought himself in and out of the teen, gradually picking up his pace. Brooke matched his speed until they were a sweaty blur and Mark's balls slapped against Brooke's pussy as her rammed her.

Paige looked on, now furiously rubbing her clit faster, as Brooke moved her head between Paige's legs. She licked Paige's wet lips and she squeaked with pleasure. Paige removed her hand and Brooke immediately stuck her mouth over her clit and sucked on it. Paige leaned back against the pillows and let her cousin massage her with her tongue.

Brooke brought up two fingers and slid them inside Paige's pussy as she continued to tongue her.

Mark watched as Brooke went down on Paige and his cock swelled even bigger as he fucked Brooke.

"Naughty girls." he said and slapped Brooke's ass with his hand. Surprised Brooke lurched forward deeper into Paige who gasped.

"Hit her again!" Paige instructed, "This naughty slut needs a spanking!"

Mark hit her again and Brooke moaned into Paige's twat.

"Harder!" Brooke ordered, "Punish me! I am such a bad girl!"

Mark slapped her other cheek now and then again. Then both with both hands and red marks began to appear on her ass and Mark slapped her ass again. Each time Brooke was hit she would lurch forward and finger Paige deeper and every time Paige would moan in ecstasy. Mark slapped Brooke again and Paige looked at him with her bright blue eyes and watched him fuck Brooke. Mark met her gaze and smiled. She was absolutely stunning in the light and he decided he wanted to fulfill this beautiful girl's every wish and fantasy like Brooke had suggested earlier. He winked at her and she smiled back. He looked down at Brooke's now red ass as he continued to fuck her. He picked up his pace and she moaned again. The harder he thrust himself into Brooke, the deeper Brooke would dive into Paige, multiplying all of their sensations and that gave Mark an idea. He tenderly laid his hands on Brooke's ass and spread apart her cheeks. Her pink asshole was there to greet him. Before Brooke could wonder what he was doing he pressed on her asshole with his thumb. Brooke gasped and plunged herself into Paige.

"Oh my God!" cried the girls.

"Stick it in! Put your finger in my ass!" ordered Brooke, "It feels so good!"

Mark did as instructed and slid his thumb in until his nail was engulfed by her ass. Brooke wreathed under him as she felt the pressure of the thumb in her ass and Mark's dick pounding her pussy. The sensations from both proved to be too much for her as she felt her pussy clench down on Mark's dick as she came even harder than before.

Mark felt the teen's pussy clench around his dick as she came on him. Brooke drove herself deeper into Paige as she orgasmed and propelled Paige into one of her own. He felt Brooke ejaculate all over his dick as he kept his pace. He was about to cum himself when he pulled out and stroked his cock. He looked up to see Paige holding Brooke's head against her pussy as she came in Brooke's mouth. Watching Paige cum was all Mark needed and he came hard for the second time that afternoon. His cum covered Brooke's ass and lower back. Brooke laid there breathing heavily and Mark looked down at the large puddle of cum she had made on the bed. When he looked up again Paige was staring directly at him and she held a look of complete lust across her face.

She never broke eye contact as she crawled over Brooke and began to lick the drying cum off of her cousin's back and ass with long strokes of her tongue. Mark was frozen as he watched her crawl up to him and she knelt in front of him. Paige was still staring into Mark's eyes until they were face to face. She licked her lips seductively and leaned forwards. Mark kissed her hard on the mouth while she knelt over her cousin kissing him back.

Breaking off the kiss, Paige looked at him again.

"You're everything I could have dreamed of."

She whispered to him and gave him a quick peck on the lips before retreating to her spot among the pillows. She patted the empty spot beside her and Mark crawled onto the day bed beside her. Paige instantly cuddled up to him and kissed his neck. Brooke looked up from where she lay and cuddled up on Mark's other side. She began to kiss Mark's neck as well.

Mark looked down and both girls stopped kissing him and looked at him. Brooke gave him her mischievous grin again and this time Paige gave him a grin of her own. He smiled to himself as the girls continued to caress his body. The three of them were exhausted and Mark closed his eyes as he leaned back against the pillows. He let the feeling of the kisses on his skin relax him and wondered what the rest of the day would bring.

Rating: 92%, Read 16402 times, Posted Jun 20, 2015

Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Lesbian, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome


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