I didn't know... by George29

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Fiction | Female, Incest, Male, Old Male, Teen Female, Young

To excuse everyone, but as you may know, I’m not a girl, this story you’re about to read, takes place as the little girl. Again, this is not a true story.


Like all the stories go, this is the story on how I saw my first, uh, dick.. I’ve never really had sex, just the occasional handjob, and blowjob, and dry humping, but never actually had sex until I was a teen, and even still. I’ve got to be honest though, I never really expected things to go the way it did, but then again, never did my dad. Dad was never a “pervert”, and never really intended to do the things we did when I was little, but I was young then, and I was very curious at the time, well let me start from the beginning.

Ever since I could walk, my parents would often let me sleep in their bed, because yes I was one of those kids that was “afraid of the boogie man in the closet”, or “under the bed”, and then there was the thunderstorms, which I thought was “God’s wrath on the world”. Silly right? Anyways, I didn’t exactly care what they were doing, I would just barge in, get in bed, and cuddle with my mom, but mostly with my dad. After awhile, they started kicking me out after awhile cause I was always afraid of the lightning and loud thunder with every storm.

“You need to sleep in your own bed, or it’d be a waste of money for us!” Mom always said. Everything was about this “money” thing I never really understood, all I knew is that the adults worshiped it like if it was another “God” to worship, except you give it to other people to make happy, and bring home the ice cream from the store. “You’re not going to sleep with us forever are you?”

“No.” I whined.

“Then go be a big girl and sleep in your own bed! It’s what we got it for!”

Then off I went pouting to bed. The cuddling was pretty much rare, and soon, non-existent, sometimes I’d only ask Dad if I could sleep with them that night, mostly it was always “No sweety, you need to sleep in your bed.” Eventually, they gave in and let me sleep with them on the weekends, which was fine by me because then I can sleep in with them until one or both of them wakes up, the one usually being Mom, and if so then I’d just stay in bed with Dad for a moment longer until I eventually “woke up” and moved on with my day.

“I GOT IT!!” Mom shouted after hanging up the phone.

“Got what?” I asked.

“I got the job at Walmart!! Finally!!”

“About time that damn store called.” Dad grumbled. “Now let me sleep for another hour.” It was 11 in the morning.

“Come on dear, you got to wake up sometime, and you too little miss, just because we let you sleep with us on the weekends doesn’t mean you can sleep in until noon.”

“Yes mom.”

Mom has been trying to get a job at the Walmart down the road for 3 months now, and she finally got the call that morning.

“So when do you start?” Dad asked.


“Well, that was quick.”

I sat there smiling and nodding, even though I didn’t know what was going on half the time.

For the rest of that Saturday, we did our usual family things. Breakfast, or well Lunch at this point, a few chores around the house, and finally watching College Gameday with dad. I loved watching the guy putting on whichever school mascots mask and hearing the reactions from all the people, and sometimes my dad laughing. After that, he’d tune into whichever game interested him the most, and we’d watch College Football the rest of the day.

That evening, Mom came up to me,

“Now just because I’m going to my first day of work tomorrow doesn’t mean you can sleep in all day with your Dad, and then watch nothing but Football again tomorrow, make sure you get your chores done, ok?”

“Ok mom, I’ll do my best!”

“Good girl, now go get ready for bed.”

Mom got up at around 5 in the morning, I woke up from all the movement, but didn’t move much, just barely opened my eyes just to see Mom getting up, getting a shower, getting dressed, and getting out of the house for her first day on the job. After she left, I attempted to go back to sleep, without any luck, it was 5:30 in the morning, and I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I tossed and turned with my eyes closed and turned my back towards Dad. Still cold, even with the covers around me, I scooted back to get as close to Dad as possible. His pajama bottoms were made of soft cotton which made me feel a little more warm, I liked that feeling. What I didn’t expect was that something in his crotch was moving, and I could feel it on my butt. At first, I thought it was a bug, so my instinct was to swap it, but before I could Dad pulled his crotch back a little, then forward and pushed me at the same time. Now I can feel whatever was up against my butt and back, Dad placed his arm around me, probably thinking I was Mom or something, and pulled me closer so that his crotch was pressing tight against me. I could feel something moving, or pulsing, like a heartbeat but moving against me side to side. I came to the conclusion that I needed to see what was up against my butt and back, but I couldn’t turn or Dad might notice and remember that I’m still in bed, and Mom isn’t. I started to twist and turn a little, no reaction. I move a little more, still nothing. I finally put enough effort to slowly turn myself around to see what was pressing up against my back, as I was turning, my shirt came up a little, and gave no notice, my pants were tugged against me and Dad, so with every movement the cloth would rise up against my legs making my ankles cold.

I finally got myself turned around with barely any luck, “Now what?” I asked myself, thinking. I can’t see anything, not even the light from the night light could help since I was under the covers, so I might as well feel around to see what’s now pressing my lower stomach. First, I really don’t want to wake dad, and have him ask what I was up to, second, even if I was to feel around, what am I even feeling? What does it even look like? And why is it like this now and not when I usually wake up on the weekends? Does it happen with Mom too? So many questions, yet no answers. So feeling around it is. I slowly placed my hands as to if I was sleeping, one under my head, and one in front of my chest, and just laid there for what felt like an hour. Eventually I started to make very slow movements to my Dad’s crotch, and with every movement my hand made, his crotch began pulsing, like if it knew that my hand was near. Closer and closer, I reached to my upper stomach, which had to have been at the same place the opening to Dad’s pajama bottoms was at. Closer.. Closer.. And I finally reached the top of what seemed like a big long snake, and Dad finally started to move, but only this once. He moved his crotch up my chest, closer to my face, and back down where my hand was, grazing it and allowing my hand to feel what felt like a wide stick as it came back down, moving my hand at the same time to rest on it.

The palm of my hand was now resting on my stomach while the back side of my hand was now touching whatever was on the other side of Dad’s pajama bottoms, I slowly moved around to feel around for any sort of holes, and came up with nothing, the only opening was his waist and there was no way I was going to try and slip my hand inside his pajama bottoms and have him continue to believe that I was still asleep, even if he was asleep himself. I kept trying to feel around the bulge and eventually found an opening in front of it. Instead of placing my entire hand in, I decided that one finger should do the trick, just to see if I could feel whatever was inside. I could feel Dad’s heartbeat within the pulse of the bulge inside his pajama bottoms, could this thing be a part of Dad? I slipped my index finger inside the opening, and felt something smooth, like skin to skin contact, but I didn’t know what I was touching. I rubbed the back of my index finger on it and soon enough it began pulsing harder and harder like it recognized that it was me, I had to pull it out but that required me putting my entire hand inside the opening, and possibly waking up Dad. I couldn’t risk it, but I did it anyways. I slowly pulled myself lower to Dad’s waist till I was face to face with the bulge, I can just barely see the stripped design and the Football team logo on the pajamas, and then my index finger inside the opening to whatever was inside Dad’s pajamas. I put my middle finger in, then my ring, then my pinky, and finally my thumb. No sudden reaction from Dad, good I was still safe. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I tried to wrap my hand around it but it felt too big to grasp, so I had to try and push the wrapping of the cloth around and…

The first thing I saw was actual skin, and I knew it had to be part of Dad, my eyes widened at the look of the blackish purple skin (because I could barely see it), and a hole may have been where he peed out of, I took a long look and tried to pull more of it out, and out it came. I took care not to make any sort of sound or sudden movements because if Dad woke up right now, and lifted the covers up, he would most likely know what was going on, and then I would most likely get punished, or worse killed. (I was a kid, I didn’t know better.) I pulled what seemed like a large wide oversided thumb with a hole where pee comes out, I took my fingers and started feeling around where then Dad finally started to move, but didn’t pull the covers off, instead he turned so that he was laying on his stomach, and my right hand still on his… Thing.. Then started moving his crotch in an up and down motion where he continued to do so for about 2 or 3 minutes, I just laid there awe struck. Whatever he was doing, must have felt good, so maybe that’s what he, or his body, was trying to tell me to do. After a while of his constant dry humping on my hand, I wrapped my fingers as best that I could, and he stopped and moved back on his side facing me, then attempted to slowly mimic what he was doing to my hand instead I was moving my hand instead of him moving his body. Dad then laid on his back and began twitching every 30 seconds or so, and his thigh kept pulsating up after a brief moment. I kept slowly doing this in hoping I was making him happy while he was dreaming, and still curious as to what it was that I was looking at. I stopped and took my hand off of his thing, and moved back up to see if he was awake or not. I opened up the covers to see him still sleeping, he doesn’t snore (loudly) so it was hard to tell if he was awake or not, but it felt safe enough to do what I was going to do.

I pulled the covers from my side off of the bed, and enough for the night light to provide enough light to see my prize, and even with the poor visibility of the night light, it looked beautiful. I grasped my new toy, and began doing as I was doing before, and this time I went from going slow, to moderately fast, to even faster so that Dad’s twitching was in timed with each stroke I made to his tool. I kept at this for what seemed like forever, until his thigh thrust up for one final time, his tool became as hot as the stove when it first turns on and begins to heat up, and he peed what looked like white goo into the air, and landing on the blanket and sheets, my hair, my face, and my hand. I was scared now, I looked to Dad to see him heavy breathing, but still asleep, I had to clean this stuff up, and make it look like it never happened. I used the underside of the blanket to try to dry up all of the goo off of my hair and my face, and wiped my hand on the sheets, attempted to pull the blanket back to the other side of the bed, and went back to sleep.

The sun came out a few hours later, and I woke up to Dad’s shuffling. Then I realized, “Oh crap.” I thought. “I forgot to put his thing back inside his pajamas, if he pulls the covers off now and realizes I’m awake, what would I do now?” I looked down to see Dad’s tool still partially out, but not as big as before. I felt some tapping on my head.

“Sweety, you awake?”

I came out from under the covers, and placed a shy smile on my face.

“Good morning Dad.”

“Good morning pumpkin, did you sleep well?”

“Of course I did, I was sleeping with you!”

“That’s wonderful, I.. What the.”

I froze, “This is it.” I thought, “He knows his thing is out.” He pulled the covers up and started to shuffle around, as I was getting ready to do the same he stopped me.

“No no, not yet.”

“What for?” I stupidly asked.

“My privates came lose from my pajama bottoms again.”

“AGAIN??” I thought “It’s happened before??”

“I’ll just have you cl…”

In an instant, I spoke up “Can I see it?” I asked and put my best big eyed precious little girl face on.

Dad paused a moment. “I don’t think so, this isn’t something for little girls like you.”

“But I’m not that little!”

“Honey, you’re [place age here], and still sleeping with me and Mom.”

“Please Dad! I promise not to tell!”

He actually looked like he was thinking about letting me, he stayed silent looking around the room thinking. I took the blanket off of me, and started to take it off of Dad, he then let go of the blanket and I took it off of his crotch. I was not greeted with his tool, he must have slipped it back in when he was shuffling around, so instead of looking for the hole, I went for the waist and grabbed the waist line then began to pull down. “This is it.” I thought. “There’s no going back, I’m finally going to see it in full daylight.” Dad lifted up his waist to allow me to continue pulling on his pajama bottoms, and was finally greeted by the now growing tool. I put a huge smile on my face, and looked at Dad.

“See? It wanted to see me too.”

Dad chuckled at this. “I guess so.”

I wrapped my hands around the shaft again, and Dad put a shy smile of his own on his face and whispered to himself “That feels good.”, so I started to do what I did last night, and his face turned bright red.

“So that was you who was messing around last night.”

I froze. “Uh.”

“It’s ok sweety, I know you probably didn’t mean to, and I don’t know how or who taught you to give such an excellent handjob like that.”

“No one taught me Dad. I just, started moving my hand like this after you moved yourself a few times on my hand.”

“You got that from me humping your hand?”

“Uh huh.”

“You’re a smart girl.” Dad smiled at me.

And so I continued with this handjob, and soon enough he started moving his hips again in time of my stroking, so I decided to go faster, and faster.

“Slow down a little” Dad said. “Or you’ll make me shoot off hot.”

“What do you mean?”

“You probably thought I peed last night, did you. Well what happened is that I came.” I looked at him a little confused. “See, when guys cum, we shoot this white gooey stuff that makes women pregnant.”

“Oh!” I said excitedly “Does that mean?”

“No, I can’t get you pregnant. You’re not old enough, and you wouldn’t want your father to get you pregnant in the first place.”

“Why not?” I asked impatiently.

“Because it’s wrong, and I can get into serious trouble, I mean not like I can’t get into serious trouble right now with you, a minor, jerking me off.”

My smile faded, and my strokes slowed to a craw.

“But we can continue as long as no one else knows about this.”

I forced a little smile, and continued stroking what I now consider my new toy. Soon enough he was ready to cum again, and had me jerk even slower

“Why slower?”

“Because it feels great, and I want this feeling to last for a good long time. Get ready, I’m about to cum.”

With that his hips began to buckle, and I stared intently at his member, amazed at how it twitched, and responded with each stroke, then I saw it flex and felt it get rock hard. Finally he shot his first shot of cum, and I gave a big smile as I streaked a little, and giggled as he came.

“Keep going.” Dad said, and I did. I kept stroking until he was dry, and still kept going. After he came, he laid his head down and looked like he was about to go back to sleep, I didn’t want to lose any contact with my new toy, as I didn’t know if I was going to see it or play with it again, so I kept going for as long as I could.

About 4 hours passed by, and I’m still jerking off my toy, each time he came, he’d let out a grown, which notified me that he was cumming, his member would flex and harden for a moment, and then he’d cum. I was having the time of my life, and I’m sure Dad was too. We didn’t even realize what time it was when dad finally looked at the clock and said:

“The game is on.”


And kept stroking. We paused a few times for lunch, and bathroom breaks, I saw him pee, which was kinda weird, but that just met that I can still look at it. Then we sat down on the couch, pulled my toy out, and kept playing with it until we heard Mom pull in, so we finally put it up, which made me sad. I wish the moment could have lasted forever. But hey, who am I to say what’s right and what’s wrong. I didn’t know any better.


It took me awhile to write this, and trust me I had some amazing inspiration with YouTube, other stories, and what not.. Not like I would do anything to a child in the first place, but in a way whenever I think about it, it turns me on every time..

Anyways, I have Disney to kinda thank for this, as I was watching The Little Mermaid, and had already written the first couple of paragraphs when the movie started. By the way, I just realized that Disney married a 16 year old to an 18 year old.. I know it’s 2 years difference, BUT SHE’S 16!!! And you’re telling me that’s normal, but these kinds of stories aren’t?? They’re just as good as your movies, but hey, who am I to judge..

It’s nice to have another story on my profile though, and trust me it’ll be awhile before I write another.. I hope this one is just as good as my first one, so enjoy it while it lasts!!! Let me know if you liked it!!! -George

Rating: 90%, Read 82936 times, Posted Jun 19, 2018

Fiction | Female, Incest, Male, Old Male, Teen Female, Young


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