A Bad Day Gets Worse (part 2) by It'sThatGuy

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Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Non-consensual sex

Thank you for all of your feedback. i am sorry that this follow up has taken this long, but I think it has turned out better than the first. I wanted to keep it somewhat realistic so cutting Frank's dick off was a bit much, but I think you will agree that the punishment fits the crime well. The final chapter will follow shortly.


When Jodi finally came down she had a look of pure satisfaction on her face and she was definitely in a state of satisfied unconsciousness. Her eyes were closed and she had that big smile that I love on her face. At that point I had completely forgotten about the whole situation that had gotten us there until Frank opened his mouth again. He started hooting and hollering like a construction worker whistling at a pretty girl. The vulgarity of what he was saying about my wife, was so disrespectful that I decided that his previous lesson had not been enough. He needed another lesson.

I knelt down next to the bench and told him as much. I had a hard time reading his eyes. There was an element of fear following the hairbrush incident, but there was also an element of doubt as I don't think that he felt that I had the balls for torture. How wrong he was.

I decided that this lesson needed to be permanent, and for that I needed tools. I headed into the garage to gather what I needed. I returned and very deliberately placed what I had brought in Frank's line of vision. I had seen enough torture scenes in movies to have an idea of how to methodically induce fear as a part of the “lesson” to be taught. I started out by setting my bag of golf clubs near the bench and removed a couple of clubs, looking them over and the placing them back in the bag. This was all for show as I already knew what I had planned, but I have to admit that I enjoyed the fear that I could see in his eyes as he finally started to believe that I was not joking. I also liked that he was begging me to tell him what I was going to do to him.

I placed my nine iron back in bag, having not said a word since telling him that he needed to learn another lesson. Now I moved on to my tackle box slowly removing various hooks and bobbers. and placing them on the bedside table. I had no use of them, but like removing the clubs, it was all for show. What I was looking for was at the bottom of the box, a spool of fishing line. I pulled out the spool and unwound about 3 feet of line. I pulled my large, dirty and very sharp filet knife out of it's plastic casing and took a moment to look it over before using it to cut the fishing line. I replaced the knife and approached the bench where Frank was attached. I knew that Jodi was again conscious and I looked at her briefly before I continued. I reached under Frank and grabbed his cock pulling it so that it stuck out of the side of the bench. It did not stick out very far in it's flaccid state and I had to pull pretty hard to even get enough out to serve a purpose. Frank made some gay joke about not being interested in men that I temporarily ignored. I tied the one end of the fishing line in a knot while I used a slip knot to tie the other end to Frank's soft dick. I was finally ready to tell him what I was up to.

“Frank,” I said to him in a fake friendly manner. “What I have done is tied some fishing line in a slip knot around your little dick. The way you spoke about and hooted and hollered about my wife compiled with the fact that I already don't like you for sleeping with my wife in the first place has made me feel the need to teach you a lesson. Here is what is going to happen. If I don't like something that you do I am going to add some weight to the line. The more weight is on the line, the tighter it will get around that little pecker of yours. If your dick gets larger, the knot will get tighter. For example. I did not like your gay joke earlier while I was getting ready, so I am going to add this 2 ounce weight to the line.” With that I added the weight to the line and could tell in his eyes that he felt it tighten as the fishing line dug into his skin but to his credit he didn't make a sound.

“Now Frank, I am going to see how much pain you can tolerate.” I walked over to my golf bag and pulled out my driver. I removed the head cover and looked it over before putting it back and pulling my sand wedge. I had a small plastic tub of cream similar in consistency to Vaseline that I used for my cracked heels and other dry skin. I took some and rubbed it over the rubber grip. Frank saw what I was doing and had likely guessed what I had in mind. He began begging me not to hurt him claiming that he had learned his lesson, but I simply did not believe him.

“I think you are lying to me, and I don't like being lied to. What did I say would happen if you did something that I didn't like?” The recognition dawned on him instantly as I grabbed another weight, 3 ounces this time and attached it to the fishing line. Again I was impressed with his control as the line tightened just below his cock head but he said nothing.

I picked my golf club back up and returned to rubbing the make shift lube on the handle. There was going to be enough pain without adding to it by not lubricating the rubber handle. I took a bit more lube and rubbed it around his peeking brown star. I made a mental note to bleach that finger when all of this was over.

I couldn't decide whether to just shove the club up his ass quickly or work it in slowly. Both had their appeal so I did a bit of each. I started out by slowly pushing the rubber end of the club into his puckered ass which caused a sharp intake of breath but to my surprise, no sound. I gave him a second to adjust and then pushed a little farther. While it seemed like I was being nice, I was actually determining how much force to use for my next thrust. That decided, I gave a good solid thrust and pushed the club in about 7 inches meaning he now had about 8 and a half inches of club handle in his ass. At that both he and Jodi, who had been remarkably silent up until then, screamed. I thought about adding weight to the line for his outburst, but I had to sympathize with the guy and decided to let him off that time. Jodi began begging me to stop and leave him alone.

“Jodi, you should have heard the things he said about you after our fun a little while ago. He needs to treat you with more respect than that and deserves this.” When Jodi tried to argue I was hurt. Why couldn't she understand that this was for her. “Keep quiet while I do this and I will forget that you just defended this asshole, but if you keep defending him, you will have to have a consequence as well.” With that I went back to Frank who was silently sobbing.

“Frank, why are you crying? You were so tough earlier and we are just getting started.” I had been holding the end of the club at an angle matching the angle of his rectum so that all of the pain had been from the item being entered, but now I dropped the club head a small amount causing the end of the club to apply pressure inside his ass up towards his spine, while the club shaft stretched his outer ass hole towards his balls.

“How ya feeling Frank I asked with a laugh? Learn any lessons about how you talk about and objectify women?” Franked nodded emphatically and spoke something unintelligible through his sobs. “Ya know what Frank, I believe you. I really do believe that you have learned to respect women. Now apologize to Jodi.” Again Frank uttered some words that I simply couldn't understand but I took them as an apology.

I dropped the club head again without any warning and actually saw a couple of small tears in his asshole start to bleed. Frank again Screamed in pain and Jodi again interfered.

“Why did you do that? He said that he learned his lesson and you said you believed him. Why are you still hurting him?”

“Jodi, Frank here still has more lessons to learn and I am very disappointed that you are coming to his rescue again. You will need a consequence as well I am afraid.”

Frank's initial wave of searing pain had subsided and he was again silently sobbing. “Now Frank, That was for threatening me while in such an exposed position. That was simply not smart. You see, Jodi was right when she said that I didn't have the balls for this and I was very close to letting you both go. Then you ran your mouth and I changed my mind. This lesson is about controlling your tongue and your temper. Have you learned that lesson yet?”

Again Frank nodded emphatically but no words came out this time. “You owe Jodi another apology for getting her into this mess. Please apologize now.” Frank again mumbled through his cries.

Again without warning I dropped the club head, this time significantly more than the 2 previous small drops. Frank's scream was ear piercing and the look of terror on Jodi's face was incredible though she kept quiet. I think she saw what punishment was and afraid for what was coming for her. Franks ass tore more and in more places and I could only imagine what the inside looked like. Blood was dripping down now and Frank's cries had reached an all out bawl like a child falling off their bike. I was impressed that it had taken him so long to reach this point.

I waited until his crying died down which was at least 5 minutes before speaking again. “That was for sleeping with a married woman. Did you think I wouldn't find out? Did you think you wouldn't get caught or did you just not care about the consequence of getting caught? Did you not care about the consequence it would have on Jodi, On our family and our children? You are an asshole and I hope you remember these lessons every time you look at another woman.” With that said, I ripped out the golf club in one fast motion and left Frank bawling on his own.

I turned to Jodi and looked at her pretending to consider her punishment. She looked back at me with anxiety and fear that were almost palpable. The truth was that Jodi had not defended Frank, and I could only imagine how hard it must have been to sit there and watch the kind of torture that Frank had just been subject to. She would have been cold and inhuman not to try to defend him and speak out. I didn't have a consequence for her, what I was about to do had been part of the plan from the beginning, but I was enjoying the feeling of control and she didn't need to know that right then.

She had a very surprised look on her face when I reached up and untied one of her hands, but was equally as scared when I grabbed her by the shoulders and rolled her over tying her hand back where the first was tied. She was now on her stomach with her hands tied to the headboard right next to each other. Had she been paying attention she would have seen the cuff release was in easy reach of her other hand, but that was not where her focus was. After what I had just done to Frank's ass, Jodi was completely focused on her own exposed ass, especially when I pushed her knees under her. I spanked her ass cheeks hard when she tried to pull her legs back and that was all it took to keep her positioned in a sort of doggy style position. I laid down on my back and slid my head between her legs and began teasing her pussy with my tongue. The fear had her completely dry but it only took a little bit of tongue action to get her juices flowing again. I kept lapping sometimes focusing on her clit, sometimes on her hole and sometimes just teasing her. It was fun to see her squirm and wiggle and I think the fear was slowly being replaces by fun. I was ready to begin to move along though.

While I licked her clit, I began to finger her pussy, getting her wonderful juices all over my finger. I then moved my finger up to her asshole and started to spread her juices around. Suddenly feeling vulnerable again she tried to move but with her hands tied and my head between her legs she had nowhere to go. Still I reached up with my other hand and gave her ass cheek a hard smack which had much less force from this angle but achieved the desired effect of reminding her that I was in control. I continued to use her juices to lube outside her hole and then when I felt that was done I pushed my finger in just up to the first knuckle. She jumped a bit and let out a small sound, but did not try to move away. Having no experience with anal aside from Frank a few minutes ago, which I don't think counted, I was surprised how tight her ass felt on my finger.

I gave her a moment to adjust to the feeling, then began pumping the tip of my finger in and out of her ass. I was still eating her pussy and I don't know which was having the effect but she was starting to get into it. I removed my finger and returned it to her pussy and lubed it up again. I brought my finger back to her ass and started pumping again, this time pushing my entire finger in and out. While the pussy eating was adding to the experience, I was now certain that it was the ass fingering that was really drawing out her excitement. When she exploded with convulsions I stuck my finger in to her as as far as I could and drank all of her juices while her first orgasm of round 2 took over her body and she screamed in ecstasy. When she came down I didn't give her a chance to recover as I returned to my oral ministrations, this time pushing 2 fingers into her pussy and then into her ass. Again I gave her time to adjust before pumping her with my fingers. After her second, much smaller orgasm I decided she was ready. I got up on to my knees and lined up behind her. I think she was expecting me to put my now hard dick in her ass and I think she was disappointed when I put it in her pussy instead. I gave her some long slow thrusts and the disappointment faded as she again started to get into it moving her hips to meet my thrusts and rolling them at the end to increase both my depth and contact with her clit. While this was not a new position for us, I was surprised to see that this time she was really into it, rather than just going through the motions like she usually did before. I think that her value system had always made her feel guilty about enjoying sex and by removing the choice, I removed the conflict. Whatever the reason she was really getting into it.

When I felt that she had another orgasm coming I quickly removed my cock and pushed it up against her brown star. I had planned on slowly pushing it in and giving her time to adjust but she was overcome with lust and was not about to slow down. As soon as I got the head of my cock into her she shoved her hips back with all of the force she could muster and began riding my throbbing dick with all she could manage. The feeling was incredible I felt like her ass was going to remove my cock from my hips every time she pulled away only to feel this incredibly tight feeling when she pushed me back in. At that moment I realized that I had lost control and I wanted it back. I grabbed her by the hips and pushed her forward as I pulled my dick out of her tight ass. She tried to push back but I held her hips firm letting her know that I was in control.

I pushed my dick back into her pussy with a long fast thrust and continued pounding her for 2 or 3 more thrusts before returning to her asshole for a dozen or so hard thrusts then returned to her pussy. The constant alternating had her head spinning and she had 2 or 3 small orgasms in short successions. I was in shock that I was till going and the simple thought that I had not yet cum put me over the edge and I blew a huge load deep into her ass. I held my dick deep inside her until I had fired my last beads of cum. I was surprised that my dick was still almost completely hard after such a large cum so I continued to fuck her tight asshole while I reached under her and began to alternate playing with her clit and fingering her pussy. She had not had an orgasm in a few minutes and I knew the big one was still to come so I just kept hammering away. The feeling was incredible and I knew I had another load coming very soon. I had not planned for us to cum together, but that is what happened and the sheer ecstasy of the experience left us both spent. Jodi collapsed first letting her legs slip out behind her and pulling me down with her as her ass did not want to release my cock.

When I finally pulled out of her I heard frank moaning in pain. I looked over to find his raging hard on had caused the fishing line to tighten and break the skin all the way around his dick. I walked over and used the filet knife to cut the fishing line so at least the weights were no longer adding to the injury, but I had no idea how I was going to get the string out. I went to the bathroom and got Jodi's tweezers. It must have hurt Frank like hell but I managed to get enough line out of the wound to cut it with the tip of the knife. I then used the knife to detach the bindings that held Frank in place. As he got up I told him to remember the lessons he learned, get his shit and go. Frank looked at me like he was going to speak, then thought better of it, silently put on his clothes and left. I watched drive away in the car that had been parked across the street initially unnoticed by me.

Rating: 89%, Read 19650 times, Posted Oct 09, 2013

Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Non-consensual sex


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