Taking Emma Home (Part 1) by DarkFlow

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It was an average Friday night for me. I just got off of work and decided to hit up the local singles bar, my average Friday routine. I had been drinking my usual of Scotch on the Rocks, scoping out the women that were here tonight. There were a few of the regulars, and a few new gals, but nobody had particularly caught my eye. That's when she came in. The second she entered the room, all the eyes were on her, from the girls who wanted to be her and the guys that wanted to be with her. She walked in with the confidence that only came with being as drop-dead gorgeous as she was and knowing it. She wore a sexy black dress that was short enough to make you stare, but still left some to the imagination, not to mention that it made her breasts look absolutely stunning. She walked up to the bar and sat down and looked around the room. I knew that every guy would soon be trying to win her over, but luckily for me, she sat down only 2 seats away. I seized the opportunity and walked up to her. She was looking the other way as I walked up. I asked if I could buy her a drink, she turned and glanced me over and appeared to like what she saw as she accepted my offer. She ordered a standard rum and coke, as I looked at her beauty. "What might your name be?" I asked. "Emma" she replied as she took another sip of her drink, "And your's?" She asked. "Josh" I replied. We continued to talk, mostly small talk. After a little while, she said "Well you seem to be a nice enough guy." "I try," was my response. "You know what they say about nice guys...they always finish last" "Of course they do!" I stated matter-of-factly, as I leaned closer to her and whispered, "we make sure our woman finish first, over and over again" I sat back up straight and started to take another sip.

"Is that so?" She said, obviously aroused by what I had said. I winked over the rim of my glass.

"I will hold you to that..." she said seductively

"I look forward to it" was my reply.

"In that case," she said, "how about we head out of here?"

She didn't have to say another word, I closed out my tab and we quickly rushed outside. I led her toward my nice 1966 Shelby GT350, which was a total chick magnet. As we headed back to my apartment, I could see her admiring me as I handled the stick shift. She looked so hot sitting there in that dress, I couldn't wait to get her back to my place. As we arrived, I pulled in to an open spot and we headed for the elevator, since it was about 1am, it was empty. We took advantage of the situation and started making out on the way up to my studio apartment. We exited the elevator and walked to my door. Immediately after the door closed, I turned and we started making out again. It started with simple kissing but quickly turned much more passionate. I pushed her up against the wall and we made out even more vigorously. My hands started to explore her body as did hers. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her ass, and squeezed, this made her react and started grabbing at me harder. I started to unzip her dress and as it fell to the floor, revealing her sexy black bra and thong, I began to kiss lower and started to caress her pussy with my hand. I started on her neck and slowly moved down, once I got to her breasts, I grabbed her and hoisted her up, she wrapped her legs around my back as I continued to kiss her cleavage. I could feel her pussy pushing against my hard dick. As we arrived at my bed, I laid her down on her back and undid her bra. Her breasts were sights to behold, which made me even more horny than I already was. I remembered my promise to her and instead of going right for it, although I desperately wanted to, decided to take my time on this one. I leaned down and kissed her breasts, as I moved closer and closer to her hardened nipples, her back arched with the pleasure. I could tell she was getting wet while I started sucking on her sexy nipple. I continued to massage her wet pussy while I moved onto sucking the other nipple. She started to moan and I knew it was getting close to time. After a little more of this, I reached down and removed her thong, all while slowly kissing farther down her stomach. When I reached just below her belly button, I stopped. I knew this would make her even more horny as she waited for me to continue pleasuring her. I then started kissing the inside of her thigh, which prompted a satisfying groan from her. I moved up toward her pussy, which was clean shaven and looked perfect. I started to kiss it, which made her groan even more, then after a little bit of teasing, I shoved my tongue into that tight vagina, this made her wryth with pleasure and after about a minute of this, she clutched the bed and arched back. "I'm about to cum!" She moaned out under the pleasure. I then shoved my tongue as far as it could it go. The wave of the orgasm quickly rushed over her as she came right there. At that point she was panting and said "wow, you weren't lying!"

I gave her a devilish look as I said "we aren't done yet!" It was then, that I decided I couldn't wait anymore and removed my clothes. She watched me, biting her lip with anticipation. I then took my dick in my hands and aligned it and began to slowly move it in and out of her tight pussy, which made her begin moaning even louder. I bent over and we started making out again as I continued to move my hard cock in then out then back in. After a little while of this, I started increasing the speed at which I thrusted. She started moaning and grabbing my back again. Eventually, I could tell that I wouldn't make it much longer. I started banging her with everything that I had in me. Eventually, she started to orgasm again! As her pussy clenched, it pushed me over the edge and I cummed inside of her more than I ever had before! I removed my penis and rolled over next to her. We were both out of breath and panting. She turned and smiled at me and I could tell that I had rocked her world, this would be a girl to keep my eye on. After cleaning up, she told me that she had work in the morning and would need me to take her back to her place. We headed back to my car and began the drive to her place. As we drove, her hand started to move closer to my crotch. She started to grab at the bulge that was in my pants. I didn't stop driving but my concentration was not on the rode. She undid my pants and pulled down my boxers. She gripped my penis and started to move her hands up and down. At this point I was swerving all over the road, luckily, nobody was around. I looked down and she looked up at me with the sexist look that I would never forget. She then slipped her mouth over my rigid dick and while staring me in the eye, started moving my dick deeper into her mouth. I started to loose all control. I decided I had to pull over before I crashed. I pulled into the nearest lot and sat there as she continued to move her head up and down. After a little time, she started to increase her speed, I was feeling very nice, but I wanted more, so I placed my hand behind her head and started to push her faster. She took the hint and not only went faster, but she went completely balls deep. Very shortly after I started to cum, and I unloaded a full load into her mouth, which she swallowed without a second thought. I finished the drive to her place and dropped her off. As she walked toward the door, she turned and gave me the sexist look. I would definitely be calling the number that she left for me.

Rating: 86%, Read 10876 times, Posted Jul 10, 2017

Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Male, Oral Sex, Romance, Teen


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