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True Story | Authoritarian, Blowjob, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Male, Reluctance, Voyeurism

It was whilst I was getting ready for my party that my phone rang but I was in such a hurry to get ready that I had to leave it, it was only when it rang again for the third time that I stopped to answer it.

“Donald, what can I do I’m in a big hurry?”

“I just wanted you to know that after Fiona's excellent performance earlier Morris has decided to place a humongous order with us so expect a healthy cheque through in a week or so”

“No worries Donald I’ll speak to you next week I’ve really got to dash” and then I hung up the phone and finished getting ready.

I arrived at the party in the middle of town around thirty minutes late, which wasn’t bad considering I was running late. The bar which my friend had hired out was in a pub I used to frequent in my younger days but it had since changed its name to ‘The Park’ and was attracting the wrong sort of clientele and drugs were rife in the place. I made my way through the throng of staggering bodies that were dancing around to the banging house music whilst pouring beer down their necks and waving their arms in the air. You could tell by the aggressive atmosphere and the look of the people that the undesirables were out in force tonight.

Making my way to the big staircase that was cordoned off and protected by three big bouncers I showed my ticket and was let through to the room up above that Ben had hired to celebrate his birthday. I’d not seen Ben for a year or so but we used to be real close at school and still attended each other’s parties. I was also looking forward to seeing a lot of my old school mates that I hadn’t seen in a while and by the time I’d made it upstairs I was ready for a pint and a shot then I had intentions on getting totally wankered.

I’d bombed a few pints and a shed load of shots and had enjoyed a good old laugh with old pals when I noticed Sian stood over in the corner with a couple of lads that I knew from way back. Now it caught me by surprise that Sian was even there because she’d never hung around in the same circles as me whilst we were at school, she always thought she was better than everybody else and walked around looking down her nose at the people who were at this party.

The only reason that me and Sian had anything to do with each other was because she was my birds cousin and she’d been seeing a good mate of mine who played in a different team in the next village. Now as far as I knew she was still with my mate and I very much doubt he knew that she was at this party and hanging around with the people she was. I decided to slow my drinking down and keep a close eye on her to see what she was up to.

Before I go on I’ll tell you a bit about Sian. She was the same school year as me but some eight months younger and would have been about twenty five at this time. She was about five foot six with shoulder length dark brown hair; she had a slender size eight to ten figure with a fantastic pair of pert tits and a cracking firm arse. She looked splendid in her above the knee white dress that showed her figure of perfectly. Sian knew she was half decent looking bird and her attitude was disgusting, she was the school bitch for sure thinking she was far superior to everybody else.

I knew of three boyfriends she’d had before my mate got with her so she hadn’t been around to much as she often was involved in long relationships, and here she was over the room being felt up by a lad I knew. This was a side of Sian I didn’t know existed but I knew I could use this to my advantage if I was sneaky enough. When the lad I knew went to the toilet I followed and struck up conversation hoping to get some information from him in his intoxicated state.

“Hey up chigga how’s it going? Long time no see!” he looked at me for a second as he waited for his eyes to focus.

“Hey up bud dint know you were ere” he slurred

“Thought I’d pop in and grab a few beers, are you still with Sophie from school?”

“Nah fucked her off ages ago pal”

“Oh thought I seen ya with her upstairs”

“Nah bud that's just some slag I've been fucking for last few weeks, remember the stuck up bitch at school? It’s her can ya believe that mate!?”

“Fucking hell chiggs she’s scraping the barrel with you aint she!!?” we shared a chuckle before he went on.

“You cheeky fuck” he then grabbed his dick through his jeans “fucking slag absolutely loves cock mate she can’t get enough of the stuff. She's got a boyfriend over where she lives but she started hanging around in our local with couple of her mates and it didn’t take long for a few of the lads to go through her. I've just decided to get a piece of the action and been sticking it in her for a few week now”

“Fair play chiggs she looks like a decent fuck can’t blame ya for wanting a piece”

“Yeah she's a hell of a belt but I’m getting a bit bored of her to be fair mate, any I gotta shoot pal I've got a bit of business to sort down stairs. Catch ya later” he said slapping my back and stumbling out the toilets.

I went back upstairs and settled in a position where I could see what Sian was up to and it became apparent that chiggs had got some cocaine from somewhere and was sniffing up lines from the table; Sian didn’t have any though and stuck to necking vodka cokes with the odd shot. I watched her wobble across to the toilet looking worse for wear to say the least. I noticed on a couple of occasions chiggy disappear down stairs only to return with more cocaine which he sniffed up from the table, he was very battered by the time the pub started booting out at around two am and I followed behind him and Sian as he led her out the front door and right towards the council buildings.

He led Sian on a twenty minute walk out of town stopping once to answer his phone and fire off a quick text msg. He eventually crossed the road at the prison and entered the little multi story by the main barrier entrance, I hung back a little before following him in. I heard door up above open and then creak shut so made my way up quietly. I went up an extra floor and crossed the small car park to the right hand side where I’d heard chiggy’s voice below; I managed to find a fairly comfortable spot leaning between two cars whilst offering me a perfect view of chiggy snogging the face off Sian against a red escort van.

Their kissing was getting more and more passionate and chiggys hands were all over Sian’s beautiful pert arse and he was giving me a great view of her white French knickers as he lifted her dress up to the small of her back. I pulled out my phone and began to record; this evidence could prove very valuable against Sian. Chiggy then pulled out his phone and whilst nuzzling Sian's neck he tapped a message into his phone and clicked send before slipping it back into his pocket and grasping her arse with both hands.

Chiggy seemed to be in more of a hurry now and didn’t waste much more time before placing his hands on her shoulders and pushing her onto her knees on the hard concrete. Sian didn’t even protest, all she did was place her handbag under her knees to ease the pain from the cold rough concrete. When she was comfortable she reached up undoing chiggys jeans and then lowered them and his boxers to the floor around his ankles. It seemed as though Sian had done this before as chiggy didn’t even need to ask Sian to start wanking his flaccid dick hard, she was already making easy work of that as chiggys cock grew to around seven inches and pointed towards Sian's open mouth.

Chiggy grasped Sian's head either side and pulled her open mouth onto his engorged helmet, he let out a low groan and flopped back against the van leaving Sian to do her magic with her wet warm mouth. Chiggys groans continued to get louder and longer as his cock was expertly sucked by Sian on her knees before him. After maybe ten minutes he lifted her up so that she was bent over sucking him and he was able to reach down over her back to pull her dress up round her waist; I was now able to see Sian's lacy white knickers that were covering a majority of her pert bum cheeks.

God her arse looked delicious.

Chiggy reached a little further and hooked his fingers under the thin material of her knickers and pushed them from her waist and off over her cheeks; he pushed them just far enough down below her cheeks so that her pussy lips were out in the open. His fat index finger slid down from her puckered brown hole along her lips and with a bit of force disappeared into her hole. The way she lifted off his cock a little and took a sharp intake of breath was evidence enough that his finger was deep inside.

He fingered her for maybe thirty seconds before leaning back against the van and holding Sian's head bobbing it up and down his shaft. It was then he looked up and waived over to the left and I quickly looked around to see three of his mates that I knew from school creeping across the car park. He held his finger up to his lips and pointed to Sian's behind before placing both hands back round her head in what seemed a tighter grip.

As the three approached they all pulled out their cocks and silently wanked them. By the time Sian even heard anything and tried to move Lee’s dick had forced its way past her folds and into the depths of her pussy. There was a few seconds where Sian struggled and tried to lift her head and look round but chiggy held her down on his dick. She tried to pull off the invading strange penis that had entered her without permission but Lee was gripping her and holding her waist pulling her back onto his dick. After a few seconds she stopped struggling.

“Good girl” said chiggy patting Sian on the head. “Me and my friends share everything Sian and that means you so they are going to have a little bit of fun ok?”

He lifted her head allowing her to catch a breath before answering.

“No chiggy I don’t want to”

“It’s not an option I’m afraid Sian it’s going to happen and then after tonight were done I’m bored with fucking you anyway. Go on Lee what ya waiting for”

With that Lee pulled out and undone his jeans properly letting them fall around his ankles and then pushed his boxers down a bit, he now had unrestricted access to her cunt and didn’t waste any more time plunging his cock in and pounding into Sian from behind. She was now making muffled moans as chiggy continued to use her mouth like a pussy driving his cock down her throat every time. Dean and Ricky were getting a video for themselves whilst wanking and waiting their turn patiently.

It wasn’t too long before chiggy exploded into Sian's mouth and after swallowing as much as possible the rest just dribbled out onto the floor. As he pulled away he signalled to Rick to take his place but Sian seemed reluctant to have his cock in her mouth and kept her mouth tightly shut. Chiggy took exception to this and lifted her up pulling her off Lee’s cock and gripped her round the face squashing her cheeks before slapping her.

“You will suck his fucking cock Sian believe me”

He turned her back around and unzipped the zipper on her dress making it fall from her shoulders, chiggy helped it the rest of the way to the floor then walked her forward until she’d stepped out of it standing just in her bra and knickers round her thighs. He reached round from the back and pulled the front of her bra down exposing her perfect pert tits and then pushed her forward holding her head until Ricks cock bumped her lips that opened immediately to accept his shaft.

“Problem solved, she's all yours boys do your worst”

Chiggy lent back against the car next door and rolled a fag as his friends used Sian. Sian was fucked by Lee, Rick and Deano for a good hour and ten minutes, ithink it had something to do with the amount of drugs and drink they’d all had so it seemed to be taking them a long time to come. They’d got into a little rhythm of fucking her pussy for about five or ten minutes and then swapping to her mouth or standing wanking. Her tits were normally being mauled by the one wanking as the other two used her mouth and pussy. At one point Sian had been bent over for so long that her legs gave way and only the lads holding her stopped her from flaking out on the floor, it was at this point they lay her across the bonnet of a mazda RX 8 and splayed her legs before getting in a line to hammer her hole.

I think I counted correctly that Sian had five orgasms before Deano unloaded his nuts into her cunt; I had a perfect line of sight as he moved away and for a few seconds before Rick filled her back up I could see and video he open legs and leaking swollen cunt. Deano’s come had oozed from her pussy and was running slowly down the mazda’s bonnet leaving a nice surprise for the owner in the morning. Twenty minutes later two more loads were leaking from her abused cunt and adding to the mess left on the mazda. She was left spent and worn out on the bonnet for a couple of minutes giving me time to photo and video the aftermath of a triple fucking and even the lads got a quick snap for themselves.

She eventually staggered to her feet and located her knickers that had been thrown aside during the sex. Using the van as a support she managed to pull her dirty knickers back on covering her come filled cunt, her dress was also filthy but needed to be worn so she could get home.

“Chiggy can you order me a taxi?”

“Can I fuck” he said walking off with his mates leaving her alone in the car park without money.

She rang a cab off her phone and I waited in the shadows watching until she caught her cab. How she pays for her cab becomes apparent later but for now I had to get home because tomorrow I had important business to deal with regarding Sian.

Family of whores continues soon...................

Rating: 85%, Read 21674 times, Posted Feb 18, 2012

True Story | Authoritarian, Blowjob, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Male, Reluctance, Voyeurism


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