Mauled By Bears, Mauling Pits by CharlieBladeRemus

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Fantasy | Anal, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Drug, Extreme, First Time, Gay, Hardcore, Male, Mature, Oral Sex, Threesome

Larry is 18 years old, fresh out of high school. He stands about 5 feet 5 inches, has short, dirty-blond hair and blue eyes. He has a slight physique though; he is rather skinny, but with decently-sized muscles. Larry has an itch that he needs scratched; exploring his sexual desires…

I’d always liked girls, but for some reason, within the past year, I began to feel a little bi-curious. I had started to look at two guy-one girl pornos on the Internet, trying to find those in which the guys were doing each other. Oddly enough, that intrigued me. So from there, I started looking up gay porn, and I ended up getting hooked on it. There was just something about the expression on a man’s face while getting a nice, big dick in his ass that held my attention. The ones I liked in particular were the really rough ones, the videos where you can hear the loud smacks of hips beating against ass flesh and the bottom guy moaning super loud, practically screaming in pleasure. For a good while, those were the ones I particularly jacked my 7-inch cock to, imagining that it was me taking those dicks up my poop hole…

But a couple of months ago, I discovered my real sexual craving; I found out that I was heavily attracted to bears. You know, those rough, hyper-masculine guys with body hair for days. Body hair just seemed to be my biggest turn-on. But I lived in a neighborhood where most people frowned upon stuff like that, so I wasn’t open about it.

But just a month ago, the thing that REALLY intrigued me came to my knowledge: ARMPITS. Nearly 80% of the bear videos I chose to look up contained a portion of armpit licking, and I found that watching this fetish made me horny as hell. So now when I would jack off, I would imagine burying my face into a big man’s sweaty, hairy pits, and I found that when I envisioned this, I nutted that much harder. Hot, hairy man pits seemed to be the one thing that may have interested me more than getting bent over and pounded from behind like I was in jail…

I didn’t think that there were any men like that around town until I started hanging around at the local gym. I had noticed two men who always came in together and always stuck around each other, perhaps a little TOO closely. And sure enough, there were times in the locker room when I saw them grabbing each other’s asses and wrestling around. But the first time I laid eyes on them, bestial lust tore through my body.

Rick, who was 34 years old, stood about 6 feet 4 inches, tall, brawny, and yes, HAIRY. The dark brown hair on top of his head was a short Mohawk. He had stony, gray eyes, a short goatee, and, though his body hair partially obscured them, quite a few tattoos. That big man was every bit of masculine. Although I had not seen his dick…yet.

His partner, Chuck, who was 28, was shorter, about 5 feet 9 inches. Like Rick, he was covered with hair, but he did not have Rick’s burliness. Though he worked out a bit, he was just a little chubby, and he had a little bit of man-boob. His brown hair was cut short about a centimeter from his scalp, and his face bore a beard and mustache. Though he was chubbier than Rick, the body hair still made up for it…

I knew they lived together, and where they lived, because I had seen them at their house a couple of times; they lived just outside of town. I would sometimes take walks around town at dusk or early nightfall, and more than enough times, I could distinctly hear the bestial roars and grunts of pleasure amid the smacking of flesh that could only mean that they were engaging in the extreme hardcore rough fucking that I fantasized about all the time…

But I was kind of shy though, and I didn’t want to feel like a stalker. But just a couple of weeks ago, during one of my walks, I had gone behind a bush by their house to take a piss, and I saw something through their window that almost made me lose a load right there. Rick and Chuck were standing together and they were going to town on each other’s armpits! I could even hear the moaning in pleasure as they licked and slurped each other’s masculinity like dogs. It was too much for me; once I got done pissing, I stood there in the bushes, well-hidden from sight and couldn’t help but masturbate. They were into the exact same kind of stuff that I was! Now more than ever I wanted to experience the feeling of pits in my face and dick up my ass. But then they disappeared from the window and hope was lost…

So now here I was, on another one of my little walks around town in the early evening heat of mid-July. My parents had left for the weekend but I had a house key, so I could come and go as desired. For some reason, my fantasy about getting fucked by Chuck and Rick was far from my mind. I was walking by their house when I saw something on the ground beside the steps. It was a bag of weed about the size of a softball. I liked to blaze sometimes, but I usually did not have the money for it. I was unsure whether it belonged to the two guys, or if someone else had accidentally dropped it. But right now, I had a sudden hankering to get a little stoned. I walked up beside the steps and picked the bag up…


I jumped out of my skin and looked up. Rick was standing on the porch, clad in a pair of dark blue jeans and a black wifebeater tank top. He looked livid.

“You stealing my weed, motherfucker?” he said in a rough, husky baritone.

“N-no,” I stammered, backing away in fear, but he rushed over to me and punched me hard in the chest, snatching the weed out of my hand. Then he looked at me with a suspicious glare.

“I know you,” he said. “You’re that guy from the gym.”

“Yeah,” I wheezed, rubbing the spot where his fist had hit me.

He then grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the house. The living room was quite spacious, but was furnished like any typical one, a couple of chairs here and there, and two couches. On the shorter couch sat Chuck, smoking a cigarette. He was also in a wifebeater, but was wearing shorts. He looked up as Rick closed the door with a snap.

“Hey Chuckie,” he sneered. “Look who I founding creeping around our porch, trying to steal the bag of weed I dropped earlier.”

I was starting to feel uncomfortable. Rick towered over me, masculine and intimidating. But Chuck looked politely puzzled.

“Isn’t that the guy who hangs out at the gym sometimes?” he asked. His voice was husky too, but a little higher in pitch.

“Yep,” said Rick, tossing the sack of weed onto the table that sat in front of the couch. “What do you think we should do with him?”

“Don’t hurt me!” I yelled, panicking. Thankfully, Chuck decided to intervene.

“Rick, you’re always being so damn mean and shit,” he said with a small grin. “We know this guy. Maybe we should blaze him up.” Then he turned to look at me. “You smoke any weed, man?”

Feeling a little relieved, I replied “Eh, sometimes. I haven’t had much money lately, so it’s been a while.”

“Well then, let’s toke up then!” said Chuck. Rick gave a strange grin and he and I sat down while Chuck stubbed out his cigarette and began rolling blunts…

Half an hour later, the room was filled with dense, pungent smoke and the three of us were laughing bemusedly, cotton-mouthed and glazy-eyed, watching TV and giggling at the least funny things.

“You know what, Larry?” said Rick, looking at me with a true grin now, “You’re okay with me. Sorry I hit you earlier.”

“It’s cool,” I said, taking another hit from the blunt in my hand and passing it to Chuck.

“I bet he eats punches like that for lunch,” Chuck laughed.

Rick stretched his arms out. “Damn, I’m fuckin’ high,” he groaned. It was then that I remembered my crazy lust for him, seeing his big, hairy armpits, flexing his strapping muscles. And his icy gray eyes, though currently reddened from the marijuana, were mesmerizing. I was completely buzzed, but I could still feel my cock starting to gain blood simply by staring at him.

“Yeah, me too,” said Chuck, scratching the mass of fur on his chest. “Are you high?” he asked me.

I had zoned out, again seeing those mental pictures of me engaged in hot, nasty, sweaty sex with the two men sitting beside me. But I heard him clearly enough.

“Mmm, yeah,” I whispered.

Rick suddenly grabbed my shirt and pulled me around to face him. “So,” he said, a grimace on his face. “We’ve smoked you the fuck out. What do we get out of this, huh?”

“W-what?” I said, taken aback.

“You thought we were gonna let you smoke with us for free?” Chuck said, an evil grin on his face. “Show us some money, boy.”

“But, I don’t have any cash,” I said, my heart giving a nasty throb.

“Well then, what are you gonna do?” said Rick. “I guess I don’t regret punching you. I should just beat your ass here and now. What do you say, Chuck?”

“I like the idea,” said Chuck, glaring at me.

“B-b-but—” I scrambled off the couch, in a state of fear now. The two men got up and advanced towards me, giving me evil smirks and cracking their knuckles. But then, a strange sensation went through me. I don’t know if it was from the drugs or what, but their sense of domination was making me horny, because I felt my cock start to pulse. These two men wanted to hurt me, and I wanted them to hurt me, in another way…

“Wait!” I said. “I know what you can get out of this.”

“What?” they said simultaneously. I hesitated, but my sex hormones were taking over me staring at their hairy bodies. I couldn’t bear it any longer.

“Fuck me.”

They stopped dead in their tracks, stunned looks on their faces. Clearly this was the last thing they expected me to say.

“You guys can fuck me,” I said; I couldn’t help myself. “Man, I’ve been wanting to get in bed with you guys since I first saw you. I’m hot for big bears like you guys, man. Just take me and do what you want with me, I want it! Fucking dominate me; make me your bitch boy!”

Rick grabbed me by the scruff of my neck, glowering at me for a few seconds. Then his face cracked into a grin.

“Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place?” he murmured. “Come on, Chuck. Let’s go upstairs and give this boy a fucking he’ll never forget.”

Chuck grinned too and said “I dunno; I don’t think he can handle us.”

“I think he WANTS it hard and rough!” said Rick. “And that’s the ONLY way we do it!”

My heart was racing; I really couldn’t believe it. My deep, dark fantasy was about to become a reality!

Rick and Chuck led me up to the master bedroom. The large, stifling room smelled faintly of weed, tobacco, and definitely sweaty sex. The walls were covered in several posters of bears, some with clothes, some without, engaged in different positions, getting fucked, sucking cock, licking ass, sucking nipples, cum facials, and faces submerged in hairy armpits. The sight of these pictures almost made me jizz in my pants right then and there. A king-sized bed stood against the far wall; its sheets were jumbled, as if even before I had come to the house, they had been fucking like mad dogs.

Barely had I taken my shirt off, than Rick tackled me hard, thrusting me onto the bed. He was on top of me; he had removed his wifebeater, and his beautiful, hairy, heavily muscled torso was now visible to my lustful eyes, but only for a second. He forced his lips onto mine, crushing them and forcing his tongue into my mouth. I moaned as he savagely kissed my face. The rough hair of his short beard brushed my skin. We tussled on the bed for a minute; by then Rick was sweating profusely from the heat of the room; they obviously kept this room hot and humid for the ultimate experience in hot fucking.

Then I was on top of him, licking his sweaty, furry chest, basking in his rock-hard muscles, sucking and biting on his nipples. I just couldn’t stop myself. Months and months of suppressed lust were pouring out of me as I molested this tough man’s chest, and his deep, sensual moans kept me going.

I lifted my head, panting, and saw him grinning at me.

“Damn, you’ve just been BEGGING to do this, haven’t you?”

“Fuck yes!” I moaned as I assaulted his nipples again. Then that smell hit my nose. That musty, masculine smell that could only come from one place. His arm was still down, but I moved my tongue to the right and traced it up his side, in between his pec muscle and his left arm, to the thing I lusted after most.

Knowing what I wanted somehow, or if it was just by coincidence, Rick moved his arm outward a little bit to reveal the object of my desire. I stared for a few seconds, then leaned in and inhaled. The musky scent filled my lungs and my lust grew stronger. I ran my tongue slowly through the shaggy hair. I had wondered how it would feel to lick a bear’s hot pit, and I realized, I FUCKING LOVED IT! My lust broke through and I fully lifted his arm behind his head and assaulted his armpit like a madman. God, it was fucking AMAZING. I allowed my tongue to be fully coated with smelly sweat. I inhaled heavily, loving that musty stench more and more with every passing second, practically snorting through my nose. I was starting to feel more light-headed than from the drugs, but I was enjoying it immensely. The manly odor could have made me cum right then and there…

I spent about two minutes savoring in his masculinity before I lifted my head, staring at Rick with a euphoric expression. Rick grinned.

“Looks like we’ve got a pit pig right here, Chuck!” he said. “You like that shit, boy?”

“Fuck yes sir, I love it!” I exclaimed, panting.

“Want some more?” he replied, lifting his right arm.

I said nothing but went right for it, eating his pit out like crazy. Then without warning, he curled his arm around my head tightly. I was wrapped in his thick bands of hard muscle and trapped in his pit. He wrestled roughly, keeping my face in the coarse, musty hair, and I loved it! He played rough, just as I wanted him to. Sniffing heavily, I allowed the scent to fill me, trying foolishly to get higher off of those masculine fumes. I felt like I was in paradise at last…

Then Rick lifted my head up. “Hey, now. Somebody else wants some man loving!”

He threw me off of him so that I was lying on my back, and then Chuck walked over and got on top of me.

“You’re a little pit pig boy?” he said. Without waiting for an answer, he brought his right arm up and placed his pit right over my face.

“Lick!” he demanded. I didn’t need telling twice! I grabbed his shoulder and brought his pit down onto my face. Macho lust went through me as I devoured his sweaty pit, licking and rubbing my face all around. I couldn’t stop myself and I could feel my dick straining through my jeans.

“Smells good, doesn’t it?” Chuck laughed.

“Mm-hmm!” I said, muffled. He removed his arm and replaced it with his left. Before he could even bring it down all the way, I grabbed his shoulder and brought his pit down into my face. The manly aroma was sending my body into overdrive.

“Smells so fucking manly,” I said, panting and moaning. He then took his right hand and started massaging my crotch as I licked. His hands were strong and almost made me bust a nut.

Rick laughed from somewhere above; I couldn’t see anything from the coarse hair of Chuck’s pit.

“I think he’s had enough,” I heard him say.

“No!” I yelled. Chuck’s pit was so delicious…

Then I felt Chuck starting to lick my left pit, which was quite accessible to his face. I remembered that I had forgotten to put on deodorant this morning, and I was sweating too, so my own armpits had to be pretty rank as well.

“He’s got some good pits too, Rick!” he said. He moved over a little bit but kept his pit in my face. I felt the bed move as Rick took his place on my right. My arms were both sticking out since I had released Chuck’s shoulder. Then Rick’s long, rough tongue was all over my right pit. I could hear him growling in euphoria as he basked in my musty odor.

“Man, fuck this,” he said, shoving Chuck off of me. “I gotta get better access.”

He got right on top of me again and plopped his right armpit onto my face. He lifted my right arm and started licking mine again, while I felt Chuck licking my left. I enjoyed this position better. Rick’s armpits smelled more masculine than Chuck’s, which was saying something because Chuck was pretty musty. We spent maybe a good five minutes in that very position, moaning and snarling as we savored the stink of our armpits…

When we finally broke apart, Rick and Chuck stood up.

“Damn, boy,” said Rick. “You really know how to satisfy a man. I can’t believe you’ve never even been with one. Don’t worry; we’re gonna blow you the fuck away!”

I smiled as Rick gestured for Chuck to kneel down. “Got something special here,” he said.

As Chuck knelt down, Rick unbuckled, unzipped, and unbuttoned his pants. He pulled them down with his boxer briefs, and a thick 12-inch cock sprung out. My own cock throbbed excitedly, because I knew that beautiful dick was eventually going to beat the shit out of my ass. But Rick had other plans right now.

“Come on, Chuck. Let me fuck that pit,” he said. Chuck moved closer and moved his right arm out of the way. Rick stuck his dick into Chuck’s pit, grabbed his shoulders, and began pumping. He groaned in pleasure as the hair rubbed against his dick. He did this for about thirty seconds before he withdrew himself. Then he looked at me.

“Get over here, boy,” he barked. “Suck my fuckin’ dick.”

My heart was pounding, but I slid off the bed and in front of him, staring at his massive hunk of man beef wet with Chuck’s sweat. Giving in, I leaned forward and took half of his dick into my mouth.

“Fuuuuuck,” he groaned as I began to suck. I could smell Chuck’s pit on him and my lust pricked at me. I sucked the big dick with vigor, trying to take as much as I could. I wasn’t sure I could take the whole thing in my mouth, but damn it, I wanted as much as I could get.

I heard moaning above me and looked up to see Rick and Chuck licking each other’s pits again. I took my mouth off of Rick’s cock and lifted it out of the way to reveal his big, hairy ball sack. A masculine smell was coming from down there too, so I began to take his nuts into my mouth as well, jerking his cock as I did so.

“Fuck yeah,” I could hear Rick moaning. This had to be the best experience for him, getting his genitals lick and sucked by me, and burying his face in Chuck’s chubby pits. After a few seconds I replaced the dick into my mouth, sucking as hard as I could. I truly WAS a pig for these two men! I took the cock in far enough to make me gag, then released. Rick began rocking his hips as I blew him, shoving his dick farther into my hungry mouth. Over and over I gagged, but it was the experience of a lifetime. Every now and then, he would his cock out of my mouth and, like he did with Chuck, would fuck my armpit; I wasn’t a bear, but I had a lot of hair under my arms just as any man did, and his big dick would tug at them, sending painful pleasure through my body. Then after a while, I felt Rick’s cock growing harder.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he shouted. He licked Chuck’s pits harder, and I sucked his dick harder. He moaned louder and louder as he grew closer to his climax. I wanted to taste his cum, swallow every drop of his nectar. I smacked his balls a few times, sending a wave of pain through his body and sending him over the edge.

He gave a loud, deep roar of pleasure, and I felt the eruption in my mouth as hot semen burst forth. The taste of it was so delicious and it filled my mouth quickly. I gulped down globs of it as he came, shooting quite a lot. I kept his dick in my mouth until I had swallowed everything and he went limp, groaning.

“Chuck, you need to take some blowjob lessons from this little fucker,” he laughed at his partner.

“Yeah, we’ll see about that,” he replied, now stepping in front of me. “My turn,” he said, and pulling his shorts down, he released his cock. It was just as thick as Rick’s was, but just a couple of inches shorter.

“Come on, boy,” he said, shaking his dick in my face. Without hesitation I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking like a whore. Chuck groaned in mirth as I bobbed my head back and forth quickly, sucking in my cheeks so he could feel immense heat on his big penis.

“I gotta lay down,” said Chuck suddenly. He pulled out of my mouth and lay on the bed with his legs hanging off the edge. “Come on, keep going fucker!” he said to me.

I crawled over and resumed sucking on his cock. Meanwhile, Rick was crawling over him and began sucking on his hairy chest.

“Fuck!” he yelled as our mouths stimulated him. I took my mouth off of his dick and moved my tongue down to his balls, sucking them in and out of my mouth, relishing in the odor. Every now and then, I would run my tongue up and down the area of flesh that separated his balls and asshole. He seemed to really like this, so I kept going at this more often, jerking his fat cock hard as I did so. Rick was still licking his chest, every now and then, moving to the side to get a face full of armpit.

“I’m gonna cum,” he started moaning. I sucked the stiffening prick harder, and saw Rick shoving his hot armpit onto Chuck’s face, demanding him to sniff hard. Chuck’s body started writhing as his orgasm drew closer.

“Oh, fuck yeah, oh fuck, oh FUUUUCCCCKKKK!”

I felt the spasm in my mouth and next second, my tongue was coated in hot, sticky cum. Chuck trembled as he busted his nut; I sucked hard trying to get every drop out and didn’t stop until I had done so.

“Damn boy,” he said as his erection subsided. “I think you were born to suck dick!”

I didn’t know how to reply to that, but seeing Chuck covered in sweat again, I leapt on top of him and buried my face in his armpits once more. This whole armpit fetish was making me hornier by the minute, and I loved it. After basking in the musty sweat, I leaned in to Chuck’s face and kissed him, letting him get a whiff of his masculinity.

“Like my pits, boy?” he asked.

“Yes, sir. I fuckin’ love your pits, sir,” I replied. I found that calling bears ‘sir’ while in a sexual mode gave them an extra feeling of dominance, and I enjoyed being dominated by them and hoped it would go as far as for them to rape my ass like a prison bitch boy.

“I think he’s earned himself a little reward, Rick,” he said. “Take those pants off and lay down on the bed, boy.”

Wondering what my reward was, I undid my pants and pulled them off and lay on the bed near the edge. Then I heard Rick say “Sit on his face, Chuckie. Let’s see how he likes that; let him toss your salad!”

Chuck climbed onto the bed facing away from me. Now his legs were on either side of my head and I was staring straight up at his chubby, hairy butt. I caressed his ass with my hands, giving each cheek a couple of smacks. He lowered himself and then his ass smothered my face. I started licking his ass as I had done his pits, rubbing my face all around, tonguing at his puckered asshole. Chuck moaned as he grinded his ass against my face. He ran his big hands across my body, pinching my nipples and slowly stroking my cock. Then he leaned forward and altered his position; we were now in a 69. I continued to assault his ass with my mouth as I felt his lips kissing my erect dick. Then in one swift move, he took in all seven inches of my meat. I groaned in pleasure as he began to suck; I could feel his entire mouth around my cock, and he sucked with such vigor and ferocity that I ate his hairy ass even harder. Soon my dick and his asshole were lathered in saliva.

Then I felt Rick lifting my legs up and his hands on the back of my knees. He had knelt down in front of me and then I felt his tongue licking my asshole. I moaned from the additional stimulation as Chuck continued to deep-throat my dick, and I ate his ass as hard as I could. The drugs were still in effect so now I felt twice as light headed…

The two men got up and told me to stay put and to keep my legs up. Now they were switching spots. Chuck pulled me a little further forward so that my ass was hanging off the bed, while Rick got on top of me and faced away from me. His firm, muscular, hairy bubble butt was in my face.

“Come on, motherfucker,” he growled. “Let’s see how you like MY ass now!”

He lowered his butt onto my face and I started to toss his salad. He gave low growls of euphoria as I ran my tongue around the outer rim of his hole. Sweat filled my mouth and I went harder, lapping like a thirsty dog. Meanwhile, I felt Chuck’s tongue enter my ass as he pumped my cock slowly but vigorously. The intense pleasure was sending me into overdrive, and I couldn’t wait for them to get ready to fuck my ass.

Chuck took his mouth off my ass and moved to my cock, sucking with the force of a vacuum. Then I felt him prod my ass with one of his long fingers.

“Yeah, come on, boy,” he said. “Open that hole for Daddy.”

I relaxed my ass and then felt his finger slip past my rim and into my anus. This was the first time anything had been stuck up my ass, so I felt a little pain, but a shock of pleasure also bolted through my body. Rick began playing with my nipples as Chuck wiggled and twisted his finger inside my ass and continued to suck my dick. After a minute Chuck inserted a second finger into my butt and began to stretch my hole. Painful it was, but totally worth it since they would need some room for their monstrous cocks soon.

Suddenly, an unexpected shock of pleasure hit me out of nowhere. Chuck’s fingers, deep in my ass, had hit a very sensitive spot, making me jump and clench my ass hard around his fingers. I felt like that one movement of his fingers was about to instantly make me cum. Chuck gave a short snicker.

“Looks like I’ve hit your prostate, boy,” he said. He rubbed hard on the sensitive spot and I moaned loudly, wiggling beneath Rick as he rubbed his hairy ass on my face.

“Yeah, get that hole ready!” said Rick. “He ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Chuck fingered my ass harder and now sucked my cock like a madman, desperate to make me shoot my load. His fingers pounded against my prostate and I could feel my orgasm warming up.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” I yelled as my hole was ravaged. Rick began wrenching my nipples extremely hard now and I felt my cock swell in Chuck’s mouth. Closer, closer, CLOSER…

At the last second, Chuck took his mouth off my cock and quickly wrapped his right armpit around it while the fingers of his left hand were still in my ass. I screamed out as I felt my cock explode in the best orgasm I’d ever had; jet after jet of my hot cum coated the bristly pit hair as Chuck rubbed my prostate and Rick twisted and tugged on my nipples. After a few seconds, the spasms eased up and I was trying to catch my breath as my cock went limp.

Chuck slowly lifted his armpit from my cock and took the latter into his mouth, cleaning it of my cum. I groaned in pleasure as his tongue swirled around the sensitive head.

He stood up, grabbing my arm and pulling me into a sitting position on the foot of the bed.

“Lick it, boy!” he snapped, lifting him arm to show his armpit, wet and sticky with his sweat and my load. I grabbed his shoulder and brought it to my face, licking up and down, relishing in the combined smell and taste of sweat and semen. When I was done, I gave him a long, deep kiss.

Chuck grabbed one of my butt cheeks with his large hand and smacked it hard a few times.

“I think I’m ready to fuck your ass now,” he said with a smile.

I looked down at his 10-inch dick, which was throbbing with excitement. That thick slab of meat was gonna tear my ass to pieces. I stroked it gently with one hand, making him groan again.

“Yeah, you want my dick up your ass, don’t ya?” he asked.

“Fuck yeah,” I whispered.

He suddenly grabbed my nipples and wrenched them HARD, pinching them in his strong fingers, a livid look suddenly on his face.

“You want my dick?”

“Yes sir.”

“You want it?!”

“Yes sir!”



His authority was scaring me, and turning me on harder than ever. The combination of the weed and the fumes from the men’s pits had me extremely light-headed, and my sex hormones had long since raged out of control. I wanted these two men to RAPE me…

Chuck lightly smacked me across the face and smiled. “Yeah, that’s exactly what I like to hear.”

“You won’t be the same when we’re done with you!” said Rick, a wicked grin on his face.

I sucked on Chuck’s dick for a few more seconds to get it wet. When I had one so, Chuck picked me up with his strong arms and bent me over on the bed on my knees. The time had finally come for me to take my first ass fucking.

I moaned as Chuck rubbed his brawny hands all over my smooth twink ass. He gave each cheeks a few hard smacks, sending shocks of pain through my body, but just making me want more brutality. Then I felt him brush his dick up and down my crack, warming it up, murmuring to me how he and Rick were going to tear me a new asshole.

“You ready for it, punk?”

“Yes, sir. Fuck my ass hard, sir.”

With one hand, he held my hips in place, and with his other, he guided his cock towards my virgin hole. Then I felt the mushroom head against my ass.

“Open that ass for me, boy.”

I relaxed the best I could as he began to push forward. The pain was immense; even his two fingers, when they had played in my ass, had not been so wide. I moaned uncomfortably as he pushed himself deeper, stretching my ass past its limits. He stopped when he was about five inches in. Then I realized Rick was next to the bed watching me get my ass deflowered. He was grinning. Then I became aware that my eyes burned with tears. I quickly wiped them away, but Rick wasn’t fooled.

“Damn, Chuckie! You done made our boy toy cry!” he said.

Suddenly, I didn’t care if I was left sobbing; I’d gotten this far, and I wanted to get my asshole pounded hard. I began to rock my hips back and forth, trying to get more meat in my ass, and making him moan. He pushed forward again, and now I was beginning to feel pleasure…

“Hold up,” said Rick. He reached down beside the bed and picked up a bottle of lubricant. He handed it to Chuck, who slowly removed his dick from my ass.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “We’re still gonna beat your ass up. Just don’t wanna make you bleed.”

I laughed as I heard Chuck covering his cock in lube, also pouring some onto my asshole. When he was done, he lined up his cock to my hole again and pressed forward. I moaned loudly as his cock penetrated me again, this time with much more ease.

“You like that, boy?”

“Oh yes, sir, I love that cock, sir.”

When he was about five inches in, he started humping slowly, rocking back and forth, getting my rectum warmed up before he really went to work. I moaned as he made love to me, his strong hands rubbing my body as he dug deeper into my ass. Though his dick was lubed up, there was still some friction and my asshole was burning, but I loved it and wanted much more…

Finally Chuck thrust hard enough to push himself balls-deep. I groaned in pain for a second as my innards got used to the large intrusion.

“Fuck, that’s a big dick, sir,” I moaned.

“Yeah, you like that big cock up your ass, don’t ya, boy?”

“Yes, sir. It feels good, Daddy.”

He pulled himself almost halfway out and thrust back in a few times to make sure I was ready for it. My ass was slowly but surely getting used to his cock. Painful though it was, I could feel blood rushing back to my cock.

“Ohh yeah, fuck me, Daddy,” I sighed. Chuck began to increase the speed and intensity of his humping. He was pulling out farther each time and thrusting back in with a soft smack against my flesh. We were moaning in pleasure as he fucked me, talking dirty to each other to raise our sex drive. Streams of sweat flowed from our skin as he went harder and faster, like two wild beasts in heat.

I looked up at Rick, who was still grinning as he watched my anal virginity being taken.

“I want to worship your body, sir,” I moaned.

He laughed but made his way to lie on the bed underneath me. “Yeah, you just love these muscles don’t you, punk boy?”

He lay underneath me now and his beautiful, chiseled, furry torso was mine. In my position, I held Rick’s arms apart and used them for leverage as Chuck continued to butt-fuck me, every now and then slapping a large hand against my butt cheeks. I lowered my head and rubbed my face and tongue all over his hairy chest and stomach. The shaggy hair felt good against the bare skin of my face. I ran my tongue through every single crease in his muscles, and sucked his erect nipples furiously, while Chuck’s dick built up more friction as it pumped in and out of my ass.

Chuck grabbed my head suddenly and forced my face into one of Rick’s sweaty pits. Holding my head in place, he began to fuck me savagely now; his hips smashed into my cheeks with loud smacks, my rectum felt like it was on fire, and I was practically screaming in pleasure. I licked like a madman between screams, savoring Rick’s smelly, delicious pit and Chuck’s cock up my poop hole. They were both shouting at me to take that dick like a man, and I begged Chuck to keep pounding my hole as hard as he could, to which he obliged gladly.

After about five minutes of ass-raping and pit munching, Chuck yanked himself out of my formerly virgin hole. My knees gave way and I collapsed on top of Rick, groaning from the burning in my ass. I heard them both laugh.

“Don’t punk out on us now, boy!” said Rick as Chuck slapped me hard against my asshole. “We’re just getting started!”

I raised myself up, panting hard. I felt spent, but I was resilient.

“I want more, sir!” I said breathlessly. Rick got up and Chuck laid on his back beside me, his cock standing erect. I leaned in and took a few deep sucks on it, not caring that it had just been in my ass.

“Come on, boy. Sit on Daddy’s cock.”

Without hesitation, I swung my leg over him and lowered myself onto his dick. I groaned as it slid into my ass again, but took it like a champ. I began to bounce up and down, smashing my ass into his hips hard. I played with his nipples, wrenching them hard to intensify his pleasure. In turn, he reached up and grabbed my nipples, urging me to ride his cock as hard as I could. We both groaned and grunted as we fucked, like two raging beasts.

Rick, who was standing beside the bed stroking his dick as I rode Chuck, now got on the bed standing up and facing me. Grabbing my head, he demanded me to suck his cock. I took my hands off of Chuck’s chest and put them onto Rick’s hips, using them for leverage as I kept bouncing. Rick shoved about half of his swollen dick into my open mouth and I started sucking again. I was groaning, muffled through the thick cock in my mouth, from the intense pleasure this savagery was giving me! Taking two big bear cocks was overwhelming me with a new sexual fire!

I shoved Rick’s cock out of my mouth and looked up at him.

“I wanna eat your ass again, sir!” I demanded.

He laughed but turned around, and I buried my face in between his muscular butt cheeks, licking his tasty, hairy hole. I wrapped my arms around his legs and kept bouncing on Chuck’s dick, wanting more and more with each passing minute. But I knew the best was yet to come; Rick was the more butch of the two of them, so he did most of the rough fucking that I’d hear while passing by, and I wanted to experience that brutality; I wanted Rick to rape me like a prison bitch…

I finally pulled myself off of Chuck’s cock and we scooted to the end of the bed. I was on my feet bent over with my hands on the bed and looked at Rick, wiggling my hips, signaling that I wanted his cock up my ass. He grinned and got off the bed. Moving behind me, he grabbed my butt cheeks and fondled with them, and he ate my ass for a good few seconds, making sure it was wet enough.

Finally I felt the swollen head prod against my already abused asshole.

“You want me to fuck your ass, boy?”

“Yes sir! Please fuck me, sir!”

“Yeah? How hard do you want it?”

“HARD, sir! I want it rough and raw, sir!”

He laughed and then began to push forward. This time I didn’t feel like I was being split open since he had a similar girth to Chuck’s, but now he was pushing himself in faster, inch by inch, until he was about 10 inches in. We were both groaning in pleasure, but at this point, my rectum was tight again; the extra two inches of Rick’s meat had not gone in yet.

“Keep going, sir!” I said. “I want it ALL!”

“Oh, yeah?” murmured Rick, and he thrust forward. The remaining two inches were buried in my ass now and I let out a loud groan of pain as more of my ass was stretched out. But I could feel my own cock throbbing and rock-hard, pulsating from pleasure.

“Oh fuck, your dick is huge, sir,” I moaned as he rocked back and forth, stretching my hole deeper.

He leaned into me, reaching around and grabbing my nipples. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Rape my ass, sir!” I yelled. “FUCK ME!”

And I finally got what I wanted.

Chuck underneath me reached up and his fingers took a vice grip on my nipples, twisting them as hard as he could. And Rick gripped my hips and started to go crazy; his cock slammed in and out of my ass so hard and fast, the friction was starting to make me scream; the damn thing felt white-hot. His hips slammed against mine with loud, wet smacks and I felt his large balls slapping my own. And over my screams and the flesh smacking he yelled at me to take his cock like a man.

The pain was so intense, that I could feel my eyes stinging with tears again.





Indeed, taking this brutal rape was painful, but I’d had many a wet dream about it, and now in reality, it felt AWESOME, and I was in a sexual heaven. I moaned and screamed, begging him to punish my ass. He pounded my hole hard, while Chuck continued to tug on my nipples.


I took Chuck’s hands off of my chest and pinned them to the bed while getting my ass plundered by Rick. For a few seconds I glared hungrily at his face. Then I dove down and plunged my face into one of his armpits again. With my face full of sweaty pit hair and my ass full of cock, I thought my whole body would explode in orgasm as I was brutalized by the colossal meat stick. Every now and then, Rick would slow down to hold himself back, but only for a few seconds before he continued raping my hungry ass, while I pleased Chuck with my mouth, licking his pits, chomping on his nipples, and taking great, long sucks on his penis.

After what seemed like hours, Rick pulled himself out of me and pulled me into a standing position. I turned around and kissed him, chuckling softly. Lust still burning through my body, I licked up and down every inch of his sweaty, hairy torso, hearing him moan as I sucked his nipples and getting groggy as I filled my nose with the stink of his armpits.

Pressing down on my shoulders, he sat me on the edge of the bed and told me to lie on my back.

“Spread those legs for me, boy,” he growled. I did so, lifting my legs to show him my abused asshole, which by now had to be gaping wide. He ran his brawny hands against it, smacking hard a few times, then positioned himself to penetrate me again.

“Fuck me, sir,” I demanded.

He reached down and picked up the bottle of lube, squirting some onto his big dick. He rubbed it all over and then grabbed my legs. In one move he buried his entire dick up my ass again. As he began brutally fucking me again his hands gripping my ankles, Chuck, who had gotten up to get out of the way, climbed back on the bed.

“Sit on my face, sir,” I said breathlessly.

Facing away from me, he squatted down and I reached up and grabbed his hips. I licked his hairy ass crazily, and I was digging my fingers deep into his flesh as Rick kept pounding me.

Now I was really feeling dizzy; Chuck’s ass in my face and Rick’s dick raping my ass was overwhelming me, but I was determined to take it all until we were done. Sweat gushed from every pore and we were all grunting and moaning and shouting. The bed squeaked hard and wet smacks came from Rick’s hips and my ass. My rectum burned hotter and hotter and I felt like I would never take a normal poop again.

Five minutes later, Rick was still fucking the shit out of me. Now Chuck had moved back and had his cock in my mouth, and meanwhile I was jerking my own prick hard. I sucked as hard as I could, desperate to make him cum again. Likewise, he started bouncing up and down, fucking my mouth. I could feel his orgasm coming closer and I reached up and grabbed his nipples.

“I’m gonna cum!” he grunted. Then he got off of me and knelt beside me, jacking his cock which I realized was aimed at my armpit; he held my right arm in place and—


Jet after jet of hot man milk came gushing out of his cock, coating my armpit in liquid whiteness. His face was flushed red from the force of his nut and he was groaning in ecstasy, breathing hard. When all his cum had been expelled, he buried his face in my pit, licking and slurping, taking his cum and my sweat into his mouth. Then he leaned in and locked his lips onto my own, letting me enjoy that aromatic taste.

I hadn’t realized that Rick had stopped fucking me to allow me to enjoy Chuck’s cum. But just before the latter stopped kissing me, he resumed his animalistic humping, and I let out more pained screams of pleasure as I jerked my cock again. Over and over he pumped in and out, and I could feel my cock swelling as I started to feel my cum building up inside me again.

“Oh fuck, I’m getting closer!” I yelled. Rick took his hands from my ankles and wrenched my nipples again, sending sensual shock to my genitals. Beside me, Chuck lunged and planted his left armpit over my face. My cock swelled as my ass was raped, my nipples tugged, and I inhaled deep and hard in Chuck’s pit.


I felt as if my cock had exploded. Semen jetted out so hard that it covered my chest and stomach almost entirely. I moaned and shook as my tension was released. My voice was hoarse from my screams. My entire body spasmed as my cock finally finished erupting, which meant that I was inadvertently squeezing my ass around Rick’s cock, which was still power-fucking me. Rick’s face was scrunching up now, too, and I felt him swell up in my ass. I reached up and tugged on his nipples as hard as I could, begging him to cum in my ass.


And with one last balls-deep thrust, he blew his load inside my ass, screaming in delight. I felt the heat from his cum burn my insides as it burst forth. I squeezed my rectum around his cock, milking it of all it had to offer.

Once he was done cumming, Rick pulled his softening dick out of my ass. Chuck began licking my torso, cleaning my cum up, and Rick knelt down and ate my ass, sucking his own cum out. At last, Chuck had licked all my juice up and Rick got on top of me, kissing me and transferring his sweet milk into my mouth.

The three of us lay there on the bed, groaning and drenched in sweat.

“That,” I said hoarsely, “was fuckin’ HOT.”

They laughed and reached down beside the bed and grabbed their pants from the floor.

“You’re a good fuck, boy,” said Chuck. “We should do this again sometime.”

Pulling his pants back on, Rick said, “Hey kiddo, you can come over any time you want.”

“Awesome,” I said, getting redressed.

The three of us went back downstairs to watch some more TV and smoke some more bud. I could barely sit down because my ass was so sore from being fucked so hard, but I toughed it out and didn’t complain, because the pain was TOTALLY worth it. My darkest fantasy had been fulfilled, and I could enjoy more of it whenever I wanted to. We barely talked as we watched TV and smoked, and our recent fuck session was not mentioned. We just chilled and laughed.

I started going over to their house more often after that, usually in the afternoons after workouts in the gym. Usually we just chilled and smoked, but almost every weekend, we did exactly what we had done the first time, pit munching, cock sucking, salad tossing, and brute-force ass fucking.


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