Fan-fiction: King of the Hill by Komoe

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I’d just moved to the small town of Arlen,Texas from Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

This is what happened after only the first two weeks.

I moved into a nice quiet neighborhood on Rainy Street, my house was a one level with a wide backyard;separated by a fence was the house next to mine, the two houses similar in construction but no in care, I could see from the window that the man who owned it was bald, fat and cared little for self hygeine, his lawn had garbage strewn upon it and a number of small animals making their way through the trash for every last morcel they could find.

I shuddered at the disgusting mess but set my mind into the task of bringing my belongs in from tow away trailer.

I didn’t have much to my name but I was happy for what I had, a good job, nice home and while I didn’t like to boast, an ample package of almost thirteen inches long.

My first day was uninterrupted, I brought in all my belongings, set up the small amount of furniture I’d decided to keep from my apartment and went to bed a bit early.

(But while I slept, this conversation happened)

A blonde woman stood in her kitchen, she was about 5’7’’ with long blond hair that fell to her shoulder blades, full pouty lips, soft blue eyes, long smooth legs, a nice tight butt and full 34D breasts, beside her stood an asian woman,5’5’’, slightly tan skin, raven hair, 36C breasts and a small tight bum and beside the asian woman, a more conservative looking woman, about 5’7’’ with short cut, brown hair sitting atop her head, square rimmed glasses, somewhat large feet but a large butt and breasts.

The blonde woman said “Sugs..”she pronounced it like SHUG”…come see, a new neighbor, a single..and handsome man”.

The asian woman rushed over first “What you see Gribble?” the asian woman piped up, almost pressing her face to the glass, followed slowly by the woman with glasses.

They all stared at the man, he was 6’3’’ with short but slightly messy dark brown hair, strong build with muscle tone wearing a black shirt and denim pants, his colossal bulge stood out like a soar thumb.

All the women shuddered inwardly and felt themselves go warm between their legs.

The blonde said “mmm…good bye john red corn”

The asian woman and one with glasses both spoke up at the same time “Nancy!”

The blonde named Nancy smiled and just played with a strand of hair, watching the neighbor, noticing her friends she said “What? Like you two wouldn’t if you had the chance? Min? “ she asked the asian woman “Peggy?” she then asked the one with glasses.

Both women said no quickly but inside both were curious and ached a little bit.

A young blonde girl burst into the kitchen, squealing and giggling, her hair fell to her shoulders, she had a round and heart shaped butt, long legs, full lips and large 34DD breasts that bounced on her chest as she spoke.

“Ohmygod!” she said in one breath “You’re not going to believe our new neighbor-“

“Quiet Louanne!” peggy

The two other women all shushed the girl and made her quiet down to watch from the window, after the man they were watching finished and headed in doors, the women all went home, Nancy, Min and Peggy each made love to their husbands while Louanne fingered herself into multiple orgasms, each thining about the massive meat pole the man sported.

Come the next morning, Nancy headed to work at the news station, feeling sexually frustrated she masterbated in the car all the way to work, meanwhile, Peggy went to substitute at the local middle school, part of her class was spent rubbing up against the backs of chairs, desks and even doors for stimulation while Min had to take her daughter to a claronette recital she spent fifteen minutes in the bathroom pleasuring herself with her tampon.

Louanne however had no such responsibilities and giggling, she nearly sprinted across the street to the home of the new neighbor.

I was just getting up, dressed in my long fitting flannel night pants and t-shirt from the previous day when I heard a knock at the door, I came to it, rubbing my eye and yawning slightly I smiled when I saw a girl, about 20 years old wearing a small green tank top and blue shorts, smiling and bouncing in place, her tremendous breasts bouncing with her.

“Hi, can I help you?” I said and smiled at the girl, she simply giggled more.

“I’m Louanne” she finally said to which I replied “Nice to meet you, I’m John, would you like to come in and catch your breath?” Louanne giggled more and said “Okay”.

I shut the door behind her, watching her butt move in her tight shorts as she entered.

Louanne asked as she looked around the sparcely furnished home “ you live here by yourself?”

“Yes” I said , to which she said “Oh..that’s nice” she said, walking down the hall towards my bedroom, I followed and said “So, do you live nearby?”

Louanne answered “Yeah, I live with my uncle Hank across the street..” she glanced about my bedroom as I followed in behind her, there wasn’t much save for the queen sized bed which she sat on, she looked at me, her eyes met mine and little else needed to be said.

I walked over to her and sat beside her, leaning over I kissed her soft lips, she returned the kiss and her hands fell to my chest, my hands slid down her hips, massaging them gently at first, my thumbs rubbing her waist, then sliding underneath her tank top and pulling it up slowly.

Louanne pulled her lips back as our eyes met again and she lifted her arms over her head, I lifted her top up and over her head, freeing her breasts, she wore no bra at all, her breasts bounced and jiggled, each breast was topped with a small pink nipple and areola, I leaned down and sucked tenderly on the left one, Louanne arched her back, pushing more breast towards my face as she moaned.

My left hand slid down her shorts, finding she wore no panties either, I fingered her slowly but went deep, she was no stranger to male companions.

I slowly slid her shorts down and pushed her against the bed, she fell back with a soft squeak and looked up at me, I removed my shirt and then pulled down my night pants, my cock twitched and slowly rose, having started to stiffen when looking at Louanne, it rose to full erection as I slid my hands over Louannes ankles and spread her legs wide, she squeaked again and I began to lower and push the large head of my cock into her wet pussy, she moaned softly at first, then louder as the head spread her wide, I smirked and leaned forward, putting my weight down on her as I thrust all twelve and a half inches inside of her.

Her face was a mask of surprise and pleasure, her eyes wide, mouth open, I began to pull my cock back and thrust in again, Louanne lay, gripping the sheets tight as I thrust into her like a piston, my hips moving fast and rhythmic as I grunted and thrust hard into her.

Louanne rolled her head from side to side, moaning and groaning as her breasts bounced and shook on her chest, I leaned further down and opened my mouth, sucking hungrily on her right breast, she moaned louder as my tongue ran over the creamy, soft flesh of her breast.

Her toes curled, her fingers dug deeper, I could feel the walls of her pussy squeezing my cock tighter, she was nearing climax and it had been some time since I’d had sex, so I was nearing it too.

I grunted and moved my hips faster, building momentum as Louanne moaned and moaned, hips bucking and back arching as my lips came free of her breast and I groaned, releasing inside of her, a thick torrid of cum.

Louanne gasped and came at the same time, looking at my plain white ceiling as she was filled up.

When I finished, I slowly pulled out of her, she slid off the bed, onto the floor on her knees, I stood over her, she looked dazed and satisfied, she grabbed at her clothes, dressing clumsily as she carried herself slowly and unsteadily across the street, going inside her uncle Hank’s house, she went to bed and spent the morning and most of the afternoon in bed.

Meanwhile, when Louanne got up, I watched her leave, smiled to myself and cleaned up the bed, the floor and then made breakfast, showered, headed to work and later returned home.

Peggy came home around 5pm, finding Louanne weakly trying to open the refridgerator, her legs still shaking slightly, Peggy gasped “Louanne…what happened?”

Peggy helped Louanne into a kitchen chair and Louanne rolled her head back smiling “It..was..huuuuuuge…” she said sleeply

Peggy blushed and said “ already..?” she couldn’t bring herself to say it as Louanne nodded.

Peggy asked “Um…how huge?” to which Louanne simply held up her arm and pointed, indicating length and width, Peggy blushed brighter and said “A..alright” and tried to empty her mind of such thoughts as she prepared dinner for her husband.

End of Part 1 – Louanne

Tell me if you want to see Part 2.

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Rating: 87%, Read 24063 times, Posted Mar 28, 2011

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Fan fiction, Hardcore, Masturbation


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