The Vine by iphotoyou2

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The Vine

Let’s set the scene a little then we will become her in the story

We see Zeta tending her garden on her knees with her tight shorts and snug fitting top that just clings enough to show the outline of her breasts and hard nipples as she is not a perfect ten. A little extra weight here and there. But still a nice looking young woman. She is pulling weeds and planting new plants in the bed. She sees a strange plant that looks like a vine. As she starts to pull it up she stops and thinks to herself I think I will keep it I have a place for it and digs it up and takes it to the back side of the house and plants it close to the house where the vine can run up the side to her window. Weeks go by and Zeta is amazed how fast the vine has grown it has almost reached her bedroom window she can’t wait for it to.

The vine has reached my window now but still no flowers. I go to the window sill looking down on the wall of vine that has taken only a month to grow, I start caressing the leaves of the vine and to my surprise they seem to caress back but I know that is impossible I must not be fully awake I brush it off and go about taking my morning shower I sleep naked so all I have to do is jump in. the water feels great the hot water falling all over my naked body always gets me excited in the morning as I continue soaping up my breasts. I have never understood why my nipples always stay hard all the time. I like it and I get no complaints from the men that walk by me as they slightly giggle as I walk I even have had them run into things, I smile and go on. I rinse off and go back to the bed room and lie on the bed I start caressing my breasts and playing with my nipple always gets me wet as my hand goes between legs my thigh open wide to the sides so I can watch myself in the mirror across from me as I run my finger between my pussy I tease myself by letting one finger part my lips a little each time until I have a finger fully inside. My breathing gets harder. My juices start flowing more and more. I could feel my pussy hungrily sucking my finger deeper inside me. I reach up under my pillow and get my favorite vibrator and turn it on and run it between my now very wet pussy lips. I push it more and more inside me as my pussy tries to suck it in deeper and deeper inside. I take my other hand and start teasing my clit, I can feel my orgasm building as my breathing gets harder my hips grind into my thrusts until I explode as my pussy goes wild trying to milk the vibrator dry like a hard cock.

I lay there a few minutes enjoying the pleasure of the orgasm before getting up to tend the garden. After tending to the rest of the garden I saved the vine for last I figure if I spend more time with it might bloom soon. I loosen the dirt around the roots so more water can get to it. As I do that it feels like the vines are trying to how I can say it without sounding crazy caress my arm. I dismiss it again and continue tending the plant. Then I see it a small pod about to open then it happens it slowly opens before me it is beautiful. I bend over to smell it and what a smell it has for such a small. A smell that wants you to breathe deeper with each breath. I got light headed and fell down to my knees but I couldn’t stop smelling the then the strangest thing happened the vines seamed to reach out and wrap themselves around my arms lifting me up to my feet. I stumble around and turn my back to the wall and fall back in to the plant. The vines wrap around my legs and waist holding me up then s start opening up all around me the smell was mind numbing I didn’t know if it was real or if I was dreaming but I was enjoying it. The vines started to caress my face then my neck I could feel the vines starting to go under my clothes and up my pants legs then the vines changes they were getting thorny but not on the skin side the thorns were going through my clothes like tiny scissors cutting and removing all my clothes. There I was naked in my back yard in the embrace of a strange vine and enjoying it. The vines moved my arms out from my side and parted my legs as it raised me up from the ground. Some of the blooms started kissing my whole body all over at the same time kissing and gently sucking every inch of my body then I feel a flower suck on one nipple then the other .My breathing was getting heaver and more rapid. I could start to feel my pussy getting wetter by the minute. The vines wrap around each breast and squeezed each of them it felt fantastic I didn’t want it to stop. I felt the vines parting my ass cheeks and running down my ass crack and brushing my wet pussy lips. I was moaning loudly with my mouth was open and breathing hard. Then the flowers started kissing and sucking my pussy lips driving me crazy as I felt some of the vines slowly enter my wet ass hole I almost explodes in orgasm when it happened. It seemed like the vine knew how far to push me without pushing me over the edge. The plant was rocking me back and forth up and down driving me crazy. The vines were still teasing my now dripping pussy. My juices are flowing all over the vines. Not seen by me but some of the other blooms were drinking up my juices feeding on my pleasure the plant was giving me. The vines started entering my pussy one… two… three entering my pussy and ass at the same time wiggling slowly at first the going faster. My juices were flowing out both holes but it still kept me from going over the edge. The vines that were in my pussy started pulling my lips apart I could see a larger vine move up to my eyes like it was showing me what it was going to put inside me. And I couldn’t wait for it. More s opened up next to my face as I felt it trailing up my leg caressing my inner thigh and running between my pussy lips getting wet from my juices. I could feel the large head at the entrance of my pussy it slowly entered me a little I gasped in pleasure it withdrew then it went in slowly and steadily I gasped a large breath as it entered me then started slowly went in and out and turned from side to side. The garden started to spin from the pleasure from my pussy and ass. The smaller vines retracted from my ass and continued feeding on my juices that had ran down my body. Another large vine caressed up my leg and slowly entered my ass. I shuttered as it entered. You can just imagine being kissed and sucked all over your body at the same time and not being able to make yourself orgasm yet. The flowers that were gently sucking on my nipples started sucking harder and twisting back and forth and pulling on them at the same time the vine that had entered my pussy was teasing my cervix. I was so close to exploding breathing so hard wet from sweat and my juices where the vines and caressed my entire body I didn’t notice that the vine had cupped my pussy completely I could feel the smaller vines teasing my lips the vine started pumping in and out faster and harder I had a orgasm that was so hard I thought I would pass out but I didn’t the smell seamed to prevent it and I didn’t feel tired just Horney and I wanted more and the vine knew it and kept pumping me I kept Cuming. The vine kept feeding on my juices not spilling a drop as I started to calm down the plant suddenly entered into my womb I gasped unable to breathe for a second or two as the vine entered I could feel it wiggling deep inside me. Pushing and wiggling madly in my ass and pussy. Deeper and deeper in my ass it went .The vines caressing my face and my lips I started sucking on the vines as they wrapped gently around my face. I started tasting liquid from the vines. It was giving me liquid that seemed to give me more energy.

Then the vines retracted and let go of my face and arms I slumped over and the vines turned over like I was on my knees with my ass in the air. Then it started pumping harder and faster in both holes. By this time I was Cuming over and over nonstop. The vines finally wore me out and I passed out the vines finished drinking up all of my juices and pulled out. The vines pulled me up the wall and place me on the bed where I awoke the next morning with vines all around me. Lying there thinking it was a dream then realizing it wasn’t. I wondered if it could happen again. I put my knees up and spread my legs wide and started playing with myself the plant responded by wrapping my body up again with me spread wide latching again onto my hard nipples and wrapping my breasts up again which seem harder today. I speak out please take me quickly and hard this time. The vine seamed to understand my request and moved faster more forceful tying me to the bed, tying my legs wide till I cried out in pain. The vines didn’t get me wet first this time as six of them plunged into my pussy and ass at the same time. I gasp with pleasure and pain it doesn’t take me long for my juices to flow. The vines suck hard on my nipples as I shake and screamed wanting more. The vine doesn’t build me up like before it wants me to cum hard and fast which I do. As it hungrily feeds on my juices then slows down and withdraws from my pussy and comes up to my mouth wanting me to suck on it. I do and it slides down my throat to my stomach then starts pumping liquid into me until I am full then releases a smell turning my mind to mush the plant releases me I just lay there while the liquid from the plant starts change me. I lay there in bliss all day and night till the next morning I wake up not finding it in bed with me. Oh I need a shower and dart off and jump in. I lather up my hands roaming all over my body. I feel different somehow my breasts feel bigger fuller. My body toner and my ass legs everything I hurry and rinse off and jump out to check myself out and sure enough I have changed from head to toe. My hair was long and blonde. My lips fuller, my breasts larger, maybe from a 34C to a 34DD. My nipples were huge maybe three quarter inch long and nipples round as a nickel and super sensitive. My ass nicely rounded legs toned I even had a glowing tone to me. The vine had given me a makeover but for what. I had to go and thank my vine.

I went to the window and caressed it and thanked it and asked it what do you want? It spoke in my head your body you, I please you and feed off your juices that you make and in return I can keep you the way you are now. What do you desire? I need to do some things around the house and tend the garden first then I want to you to take me like you did the first day outside. As you wish then. I finish all my tasks quickly not bothering to dress then after a refreshing shower than went to the garden. The vine had turned a dark shade of green and the s opening up in waves then the smell hits me and my mind goes numb then the vine wraps my bodies like the first time. Then enter me hungrily feeding on my juices then the push deep inside my womb and starts to pump hard and fast then stops. Explodes wildly feeling me up till it starts to hurt as it withdraws to the entrance I can feel the liquid wanting to rush out but the plant stops and makes a plug to keep it there. Then explodes in frenzy all over my body. Sucking on my nipples hard and pulling on them at the same time. Twisting them, coating them with liquid. Then I feel tiny pins enter my nipples I feel no pain as it pumps liquid into my breasts then sucks it back out over and over. The feeling is pure pleasure I don’t want it to ever stop. The plug releases and the remaining liquid squirts out on my inner thighs the plant rubs it all over my body then it explodes in my ass then pulls out I squirt out the excess and the plant lets my down to the ground cleans me up I rest a bit then get up and stagger inside. I lay on the bed dreaming of the past events as my body changes overnight. I wake up the next day my breasts feel full and tight. I caress them and liquid slowly comes out this excites me as I pinch my nipples and smear the liquid all over my breast and chest as the vine comes to me and speaks to me this is another way for us to enjoy one another. I ask it would you like another woman to enjoy and to enjoy you. Yes the vine says and I am wondering about what you call a man also.

I will find us another woman first at the market in the morning I haven’t been to sell my fruit and vegetables in over a week. The vine says ok and lay back and enjoy as the vine starts sucking on my super sensitive nipples. I lay back and enjoy as I spread my legs wide and slowly play with my pussy. The plant lets me continue fingering myself and sucks hard on my nipples and wrapping my breasts up and squeezes them milking them dry then popping off my nipples. I can feel my orgasm building. The vine start sucking up my escaping juices but doesn’t stop me from finger myself to finish me off its self it seems to enjoy me playing with myself. I cum hard my hips buck wildly my legs quiver as I squirt hard the vine goes crazy gathering up all the juice cleans me up. I get dressed gather my goods and go to market. I got lots of stares from men and women that notice the changes in my body. I sell my goods and walk around in the market looking around and a young woman comes up to and tells me you look great what are you doing to look so good. I tell her a special exercise program that I have put together. Tells me her name if Jill. I tell her my name is Zeta. Jill tells me whatever it is it works and she would love to try it. I look her over she is about four years younger than me looks rather toned she has small breasts maybe a B cup nice tight ass. I tell Jill where I live and to come by in the morning. She hugs me and tells me that she can’t wait and runs off. I go back home and enter my bed room the vine enters my window to greet me as I strip quickly and say I have us a new girl she will be here in the morning. The vine quickly wraps me up I can tell it is very happy over my announcement.

As I stand there in the middle of the room the vine makes a chair out of vine and sits me in it making me one with it. My feet no longer tough the floor as it spreads me it tells me that it has some new s for me to try I say let’s, as a new smell is introduced to me this one doesn’t make my mind numb but heightens all my senses touch, taste, smell it is wonderful. Another opens up it looks like a mouth with tiny vine fingers a few inches long come out. My wet pussy twinges with excitement as another one then another one. Total of five and they start kissing all over me. One each attaches to each breast being bigger now they cover more of my breast instead of just the nipple and it feels great better that before milking them and pulling them I cum hard as my whole body shakes and bucks wildly. One goes over my mouth I can feel the fingers exploring the inside of my mouth my eyes roll back as I cum hard again. The vine parts my ass cheeks and starts to tease my wet asshole. It shows me another new about a foot long round as a coke can. I think to myself I can’t take that and then it starts it shake and pulse as it goes down and starts entering my ass. The pain and pleasure at the same time I want more and love it all, as it starts going faster and harder with each thrust going deeper I shake and quiver with pleasure. I scream but my scream is silenced due to the one over my mouth. I cum and squirt hard from my pussy this time, as it wants attention badly. Quickly the other mouth like flower cups over my entire pussy. The little vine fingers running along my wet pussy lips spreading them and playing with my clit. My eyes roll back again as I shake all over again in orgasm. The had another surprise for me, I didn’t see it but felt it as from the center of the another shaft the same size as the one in my ass enters me with a sudden thrust in I gasp loudly into the as it enter me and start wiggling and thrusting with increasing speed . The over my mouth the vines go down my throat into my stomach and once again feels me up with fluid till I am full and retract out leaving the sweet taste on my lips as I fling my head back in another orgasm. My pussy as it is trying to milk it for everything it has it slows and stops inside letting my pussy try to milk it. Then pushes forward entering my womb again and exploding hard deep inside me which sets me off again my pussy milking every drop from if as it retracted. This time my pussy clamps down by its self holding all the liquid inside me. It releases me and I stagger back to the bed for another night of sweet dreams.

I wake up early to the plant gently caressing me and clamping onto my hard full breasts for its morning feeding. It reminds me of Jill coming to see me and we have to start thinking of how we can pleasure her. It just finishes milking me when I hear the door bell. The plant retracts out the window. I grab my robe and head downstairs to great her. As I do the plant comes back in and releases some of the mind numbing scent mixed with the pleasure heighten scent. Jill and I make small talk and go into the kitchen I make some tea and sandwiches. Jill asks me again how did I tone up so fast and did I get a breast job and hide it from everyone. I told her no they are real and mine do you want to feel. And open one side of my robe to show her. She hesitates and slowly reaches out and caress and squeezes it noticing how fast me nipple hardens and gasps wow I wish mind did that. I tell we can work on it and you will enjoy it do you want to start now? I hope you can spend the night. Jill says sure I live alone. I smile and take her by the hand and take her upstairs to the bedroom. As we climb the stairs I smell the scents of the s the vine has put off there are low enough not to bother me but Jill reacts by saying what a wonderful smell. As I lay a pad on the floor I tell Jill to take off all of her clothes and lay down on the mat. I wish to give you a nice rub down before we begin and for her to enjoy it more she has to wear this blindfold that I want to give her senses a work out also. She puts in on and lays face down with her arms parted from her side a little as I caress her back looking up her body she has a nice tight ass and legs that would put any model to shame. Jill relaxes and moans a little enjoying my hands roaming up to her shoulders and down to the small of her back. The vines slowly enter the bedroom and place a flower close to her face and opens. As she breaths in and says that is so nice. One flower comes up above her back and slowly oozes some liquid onto back. I start spreading it all over her back as she moans enjoying it. Up to her neck down her arms and back up. Down to the small of her back my fingers fan out as I go over her ass and down her legs then back up to her ass. She opens herself more for me as I massage each cheek running a finger down her crack toward her pussy she gasps the vine moves in and takes over as I stand and remove my rode letting it fall to the floor kneeling back down to watch. I can tell she is excited I can see how her pussy lips have puffed up wanting attention as the vine slides between them. Jill gasps, and shudders a bit then settling down to the pleasant felling her whole body is feeling. A small vine about the size plump finger slowly enters her wet pussy you can see her lips part as it enters her she gasps again as it slowly teasing her wet pussy going for her G spot with each thrust in and out not entering too far. Jill raised her ass a little wanting it to go deeper into her as gasping as it does the vines wrap around each cheek and squeeze them. The vines wrap around each ankle and gently spreading her more. The vines slowly withdraw and start playing with her tight ass hole. One small one enters Jill gasps then another going in a few inches and then start wiggling around driving her crazy as she tries to thrust her ass up to get more.

A like the one I had earlier caressed up her leg and cupped her wet dripping pussy. She gasps again almost Cuming from it as the vine fingers tease her pussy. By now I have gotten very wet from watching this and more vines come to me and start wrapping me up they quickly and attach to each breast and start sucking them. As I watch her I see the on her pussy start pulling in and put slowly and I know it is getting ready to fuck her good I can see the coke can size vine coming through the other one getting closer to her pussy. Slowly and steady enters her. Jill gasps hard again as it does. The vine wraps around her waist and lifts her up slightly and other vines pull her knees up under her. Jill now has small vines probing her ass and a larger one slowly pumping her pussy. I was getting wetter by the second just watching while my breast were being sucked on it was great. I wanted to watch her enjoy herself and the vine knew it but included me. But not to a point where I couldn’t watch. The vines ran down my back and started probing my ass while I was on my knees. A quickly attached itself to my dripping pussy the small vine finger teasing my lips and clit just before the larger vine quickly enter me fully causing me to scream out with pleasure as it quickly fucks me to orgasm. Then slowing down and letting my pussy milk it.

I watch as it starts pumping into Jill faster and harder she starts a continuing moaning. Her hips are bucking wildly and her breathing is hard and labored. The vine picks her up and turns her over on her back making sure not to lose the blindfold like it mattered now anyway. Kept her legs up but let them fall to the side never stopping fucking her. There she is on her back spread wide getting fucked hard and fast. The vine squirts more liquid on her chest and the vines go crazy spreading it all over her breasts. Quickly two s cup over each breast where hers are smaller it takes the whole breast in each one then the little vine fingers go to work caressing and sucking each nipple hard. Jill arches her back and thrashes her bead back and forth Cuming and screaming hard as she orgasms again her whole body shaking. Then a larger vine enters her wet ass hole quickly causing her to climax hard again as it pumps her ass and pussy and sucks on her nipples hard. I kneel there enjoying the view with the vines in my ass and my pussy hungrily milking one deep inside me and my breasts getting sucked on. We all three cum together at the same time. As the vine pumps wildly inside me feeling me up then withdrawing and unwrapping me. Jill climaxes hard but the vine doesn’t cum in her but withdraws and exits back out the window. I take her blindfold off lay next to her until she regains all of her senses. She asks me what you did to me. I tell her that this is part of the special exercise program that I do how do you feel? Jill says I feel great I have never had a work out like that before think I will like this program. I tell her let’s get some rest and we climb into bed together and fall fast asleep.

Jill wakes up before me laying in bed thinking about the night before and how fantastic it was. She notices how great her skin looks and that she is very horny for some reason. She caresses her breasts finding her nipples were more sensitive than in the past. Jill looked over at me seeing my exposed breast and always hard nipple reached out and caressed it and rolled her finger tip over my nipple to find it was wet. She caressed my nipple the more it leaked out getting her finger very wet. Wondering how it would taste brought her finger to her lips and tasted it. Wow this is good it tastes sweet. Jill removes the cover to explore the rest of my body caressing my leg and back up to my breast thinking what to do next she cuddles up to me and puts her head next to my breast. She can smell the liquid and draws her closer then she gently takes my hard nipple into my mouth and start to suck. She gets a flood into her mouth and hungrily sucks fast as she can; she wraps her arm around me pulling me closer to her. I wake up and embrace her and roll over giving her access to both breasts as she grasps the other one making it squirt out everywhere. She comes up for air smiling at me as we kiss deeply out tongues dancing wildly in each other’s mouth. I run a hand down her back and grasp an ass check pulling her up to me. She asks what happened to me last night if it was the greatest. I will tell you in a little while lets enjoy each other first. I lay her back and kiss down her neck and suck on each nipple as she gasps and arches her back. One hand runs down her stomach. She opens wide for me as my finger glides between her pussy lips before sliding into her. She shutters and gasps looking me in the eyes as my finger enters her hot wet hungry hole. Jill throws her head back as I curl my finger up to hit her G spot she shutters and clamps down on my finger as she climaxes hard her pussy trying to pull more of my finger inside her. I reach up under my pillow and get my favorite vibrator and turn it on. I caress the buzzing vibrator down over her nipple down her stomach to her wet pussy and gently push it in and out slow and steadily and first then picking up speed until it pounds her hard and fast and Jill screams and bucks wildly climaxing again and again.

Rating: 90%, Read 30853 times, Posted Aug 23, 2009

Science-Fiction |


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