RETIREMENT--PART 2 by senorlongo

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I usually wake up early and since Sandra had left me it had been even earlier. I was wide awake at 6:30, a bit startled to be in unfamiliar surroundings. Then I looked down and saw Suzanne’s head lying on my shoulder. Carefully I squeezed out from under her and tiptoed to the bathroom to relieve myself. After a drink of water I returned to her side, carefully avoiding touching and waking her—or so I thought. “Don’t you want to touch me?” She was whispering even though we were the only people there.

“Yes, I love touching you. Your skin is so soft and so smooth. I just didn’t want to wake you. Sorry.”

“I’m not; I’m in the mood again. How about you?” She reached over and touched my cock. It throbbed in response. “I guess I have my answer.” She moved closer and kissed me in spite of my morning breath. The kiss was long and deep. She used our occupation with the kiss to roll onto me and straddle my hips. We were still kissing when she rose up and impaled herself on my rigid cock. “Ooooohhh,” she moaned into my mouth. “This feels so good, Bob. You’re an incredible lover and your cock is so big!” After Sandra that was music to my ears. Suzanne had restored my faith in myself. I had been dead mentally and physically just yesterday and now I was alive again. I felt like shouting to the skies. Instead, I fucked Suzanne with every ounce of strength I had. Nothing on the face of the earth meant more to me than satisfying this woman. I must have done okay—she came twice before I erupted into her core. We fell asleep again seconds later.

We were both exhausted, waking only when the sun shone directly into the room. It was 10:30 in the morning—a beautiful spring day.

I asked if I could shower. “Sure…as long as I join you.” Suzanne hopped out of the bed, running to the toilet. I followed, but turned away to give her privacy. “Bob, peeing is NOT as intimate as making love, is it? If we could make love you can see me pee. It’s no big deal. C’mon in. Why don’t you start the water?

Unfortunately, it takes forever to get hot in this building. The Condo Board talks about fixing everything, but that’s all they do—talk.” I went to the stall and began the shower, turning on the hot water, but not the cold. It was hot in seconds. “How? How did you do that?” I laughed as I explained. It was simple common sense.

We stepped in, luxuriating in the hot steamy water and actually washing each other between kisses and gropes. We ran out when the water suddenly ran cold. I dried Suzanne tenderly with a nice big fluffy towel. I chuckled when she turned around and bent over, aiming her cute ass in my direction.

“Is that for the towel or for something else I happen to have handy?”

“I was actually thinking about the towel. I’ve never done the other.”

“I have and I must tell you it can be exquisite. It can also be hell if not done right. I would never ever hurt you.”

“I’ve been told that before, but…I do believe you. Maybe some other time; right now I’m hungry.” I laughed out loud then pulled Suzanne into yet another kiss. She continued speaking once we broke it. “I’ll be hungry for that again after I’ve put something into my stomach. Shall we go out? C’mon, my treat.” Not bad, I thought, hot babe and hot lunch, and later more hot sex. We dressed quickly and drove away.

Suzanne was dressed casually, but all I had were my dressy clothes from last night’s date. We went to my house first so I could change then we’d go to the country club for their weekend buffet. We ran into Lisa and Dana in the lobby so we asked them to join us. In retrospect it was a mistake. They were cool to my seeing Suzanne. I couldn’t tell it if was jealousy or what, but they were less than welcoming. Oh, they were polite, but that was it. Relations were strained when we broke up that afternoon.

I took Suzanne back to my place for a leisurely afternoon. We read and watched TV and just got to know each other better. The more I knew about her the more I liked her. I thought we were a good match. She slept over Saturday night as we made love over and over, rising late Sunday morning. After a hearty breakfast I drove Suzanne to the country club for a lesson. Our clubs were in the store room so we picked them up en route to the range. There, with several bucket of balls at our feet, I broke down Suzanne’s swing and rebuilt it step by step. An hour later she was a much improved golfer. Of course, anyone can do well at the range. We played a relaxing round, not even keeping score.

We played again on Tuesday in preparation for our match with Lisa and Dana on Friday. This time we did keep score, but Suzanne did even better. We were ready to kick ass again on Friday.

I was surprised with the cordiality displayed by our opponents Friday morning. The coldness we had experienced on Saturday morning was gone. They did, however, ask for a bigger bet—losing team to cook and serve dinner to the winners. We graciously accepted. After a thorough warm up in which I reviewed the fundamentals I had taught Suzanne we headed for the first tee. Yes, Suzanne was still driving. I enjoyed checking out her long slender legs and the pressure her breasts caused stretching the thin fabric of her blouse.

I watched closely as Suzanne gripped her club, closely following what I had taught her, before addressing the ball. Her swing was absolutely beautiful as she made contact with the ball. Even Lisa and Dana were impressed. “Gee, Suzanne looks like you’ve been taking some lessons.”

“No…Bob helped me at the range Sunday…that’s all.” Suzanne played the round of her life, breaking 100 for the very first time. We creamed them by almost twenty strokes. They invited us to dinner the following night at Dana’s. I took Suzanne to my place after golf. We showered together and made beautiful love to each other before we went out to dinner, again in Asheville. I led her to my bed, savoring the look of her long slender body and the curves of her hips and breasts. I ran my hands up the back of her body from her butt to her shoulders as I leaned in for yet another searing kiss. Our tongues danced together as we had done a week ago. If anything, it was even hotter now that we were naked together—alone. Suzanne laid back onto the bed, her legs hanging over the side to the floor as I crawled to her. I took her feet into each hand. Massaging one, I took the other into my mouth licking and sucking on each of her toes before I began my journey up her legs. I stopped when I reached her knee and began all over again on the other. This time I moved up closer and closer to her core. I could see and smell her excitement. Tiny droplet of nectar lined her labia; her scent filled my nostrils. I moved forward for a taste and another and another. I drank of her, bringing her to untold heights of rapture as I fucked her faster and faster with my long strong tongue.

Suzanne was writhing to my touch, moving uncontrollably across the bed. Only the intervention of my arms and hands on her waist prevented her from falling. She managed somehow to pull me up for a kiss while her hand found my cock. Oozing pre-cum, the head was slick as an icy road. It slid easily into her. We met, becoming one, as we continued to kiss, our bodies working on autopilot until we exploded—Suzanne experiencing spasm after spasm while I shot river after river of slick white semen into her. We were exhausted when I laid my head into the sweaty pool that had collected between her sweet breasts.

We rested for almost an hour until we rose together for a shower and driving back to the country club for and enjoyable dinner, returning to my house for a relaxing evening. We went to bed early, but no sex. I’d never be able to get it up again after our afternoon delight. All we did was hold each other and kiss before going to sleep in each other’s arms.


We went out for brunch around twelve, returning home around 2:30. This time we rushed into the house, impatient to couple—to be one, united in our lust and possibly our love for each other. We were both naked by the time we reached the bedroom. I pulled Suzanne to me, savoring the sensation of her hard nipples pressing into my chest. She giggled as my growing cock moved up between us. “I really like this thing, Bob. It’s like a big dildo made of marble or maybe granite except that it pulses and sprays hot stuff all over my pussy. It makes me tingle all over.”

“Well, there’s no tingle like the present.”

“Ouch! That was dreadful.”

“Yes, it was, but the sentiment was sincere.” I pulled her into yet another long smoldering kiss as we fell onto the bed. I lay back with Suzanne lying on top of me. I could feel her hand snaking down my abdomen until she reached my hard hot cock. A second later her hips rose and a second after that they fell, my cock deep within her core. “Tingling yet?”

“Oh, you know it. This feeling is only going to get better…and better.” She leaned down to kiss me again as she began to rock, her clit driving into me with every motion. She broke the kiss after a few minutes; she had no choice—her breathing was so ragged and erratic. She was gasping for breath as she came—hard, so hard she shook like a leaf as she fell onto me. I held her tightly, caressing her face and kissing her hair.

She jumped up suddenly, a look of concern on her face. “Bob…you didn’t cum. Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be…I’m not built like a woman, you know. I’ll just save myself for later, you know…after dinner.”

“Is that a promise? Let’s leave as soon as possible, okay? I mean, Lisa and Dana are okay, but they’re kind of controlling if you catch my drift. Everything always has to be their way--know what I mean?” I didn’t reply. I knew exactly what she meant. I pulled her back down and we took a brief nap, rising at five to shower and dress. We rang the bell at Dana’s condo at six on the dot. I had two bottles of an excellent Chianti Classico in a gift bag for our hostess.

“Hi, I hope we’re not too early,” I chimed when Dana opened the door. She smiled and asked us in. “Wow, you have excellent taste. Your living room is really beautiful.” I was laying it on a little thick, but was rewarded when Dana blushed. She led us to the condo’s balcony where Lisa awaited us.

“I have a question,” she began. “What on earth did you do with Suzanne’s swing? I’ve never seen her play so well.”

“Basically the same things I’d do with anybody—better grip, better address, swinging inside-out. Those basic fundamentals work for everyone. I’ll gladly do the same for you, too. The game is a lot more fun when you play well. You and Dana play pretty well, but there’s always room for improvement, even for me.”

“You?” The three women spoke with one voice.

“Sure, I have a five handicap, not a zero. That’s at least five strokes I throw away every round. Don’t you think that could be improved? Oh, before I forget—I brought you some wine. I hope you like it.”

‘Oh, thank you, Bob; would you help with opening it. I’m terrible at mechanical stuff.” I followed her to the kitchen where I opened the wine—both bottles—before returning to the patio with a tray, one of the bottles, and four glasses. We had a sociable evening until seven when Dana invited us to the dining room to enjoy her roast beef, baked potatoes, and string beans almandine. She even went to the trouble of making some fresh rolls.

“I’m really impressed, Dana. You’ve done a wonderful job here.”

“Thank you, Bob, but the best part will come later.” I thought she was talking about dessert, but we learned she had something else entirely in mind before the meal ended.

Dinner was almost over when Dana asked if I’d like some more wine. She stepped out to the kitchen, returning with the second bottle. Suzanne asked for some more, but Dana ignored her after pouring me an almost full glass. She raised her glass for a toast, “to new and old friends.” I raised my glass and brought it to my lips for a healthy drink of the smooth crimson liquid. A minute later I had another.

I began to feel funny. My body felt uncoordinated as though I couldn’t control my muscles. My glass was shaking in my hand. Lisa chuckled as she reached over the table to take the glass from my fingers. “Gee, Dana it works even faster than Lois told us. In another minute he’ll be totally paralyzed.”

“What?” It was Suzanne. I found that I could neither speak nor move. “What did you do to him?”

“Relax, Suzanne he’ll be okay in a few hours. In the meantime we have a lesson for him, don’t we, Lisa?”

“Yeah, and you’d better get over here and help us unless you want your EX-boyfriend to fall and hit his head. Get your ass over here and help us…now!” Suzanne jumped to her feet, but I could see tears in her eyes. Dana and Lisa lifted me by the shoulders; they directed Suzanne to my feet. Together they carried me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed.

“Get his clothes off, you slut. I’m sure you’ve done it before, haven’t you?” I couldn’t move but I could see that Suzanne was terrified as she hurried to follow their orders. I lay there totally helpless as Dana sat next to me. She gripped my chin forcefully and lifted my head. “In case you haven’t figured this out, Lisa and I have always been in charge even going back to our days in junior high. Sure, Suzanne hung with us, but mostly to do our bidding. It might have been okay if you had chosen either one of us, but picking a loser like Suzanne? That was intolerable. Now you’re going to be punished for your poor decision making.”

Lisa tied my hands together above my head and tied them off to the headboard. My legs were spread and tied to the posts at the foot of the bed. My back and butt were facing up with Dana on one side of me and Lisa on the other. Dana spoke first, “Stay the fuck out of the way, Suzanne unless you want some of this, too.” I could hear the “swish” as she swung—something, I didn’t know what—and hit me in the middle of my back. The pain was extreme, but I was paralyzed—I couldn’t move. I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t even scream. I was going to take this in silence whether I wanted to or not.

Lisa and Dana alternated blows, striking my back and butt at first, but extending to the back of my thighs. Luckily, they missed hitting my genitals—thank God! It went on and on. I was sure I was bleeding heavily. I knew I had never endured anything like this before and, hopefully, I’d never experience it again. Finally, they stopped; I could hear their heavy breathing. I felt as though I had absorbed a hundred blows. My ankles were untied and I was rolled over then they were refastened. The pain in my back was worse now as the weight of my body on the wounds felt like I was being whipped yet again.

Lisa moved next to me, sliding a steel cock ring down my shaft as she told Suzanne, “Get him hard, stupid! Use your mouth. I know how much you enjoy sucking a cock. Now show us how you do it.” Suzanne bent over crying and sniffling as she lowered her mouth to my organ. I could see her silently mouth the words, “I’m sorry, Bob.” Her talented tongue and lips soon forced my organ to its full size and girth. “At least you have some redeeming value, Suzanne. Now get out of the way again. This is for Dana and me. You’ll never do this again—never! That’ll be YOUR punishment.”

Dana sat on my other side with a handful of condoms. She rolled one down my shaft. “If you can’t figure this out for yourself, Bob this is going to be for us. A couple more condoms and you won’t feel a thing. Think of yourself as a human dildo. Get used to the role—it’s one you’ll be playing regularly. Ha. Ha. The little slut can sit there and watch us. Trust us, we’ll be doing this a lot—at least once a week and probably more—and we’ll make sure there’s nothing for the slut here in between.” She rolled three more condoms down my dick laughing continuously at my plight.

First Dana and then Lisa climbed aboard my cock, riding me to several fantastic orgasms each as I felt nothing—absolutely nothing. Suzanne was commanded to untie and dress me once they were done, but before my boxers were pulled up Lisa produced a stainless steel cock cage, locking it around my cock and balls. They laughed continuously until Dana spoke with malice in her heart, “I used this on my useless husband for years until I tired of his pathetic tongue and cock and threw him out. The funny thing about all this is that his cock was only about half the size of yours. That should make this extremely uncomfortable for you, Bob--uncomfortable on a good day, extremely painful on the rest. Isn’t that the perfect irony, Suzanne? Not only will you have no sex, but your mere presence will cause your boyfriend nothing but incredible pain. That’s just too much, isn’t it? Now, let’s get lover boy here out to the car and home.”

They half carried and half dragged me to the car, loading me into the passenger seat. Suzanne drove me home, struggling to see through her tears. I was able to stagger in with Suzanne’s help, my arm over her shoulders. She dropped me on the couch, her eyes flooded with tears. “I’d better go, Bob. I’ll just get you into more trouble.”

My voice was more a croak than human, but I managed to get out, “N…uh…o! Pen…pa…per.” I pointed her to the home office. She returned a few minutes later, handing them to me. I was barely able to scribble—CALL 911 NE ED AMBUL COPS DO NOW--on the legal pad holding the pen in my hand. I still had no control of my fingers.

“Oh, Bob if we call the cops you’ll never be able to get out of that. I know them. They’re really vindictive.”

I wrote again, taking almost two minutes to complete only a handful of words—SAN DRA CLOS ET 3RD SHLF RT. U’LL KNO. NOW PLS! Suzanne trotted to the master bedroom. I could hear her searching until I heard her, “YES!” She ran back to my side, pulled my pants open and used the wrench to open the cock cage. It was good that I had been paralyzed. Otherwise, I might have given away my secret—Dana’s cock cage was the same model as the one Sandra used to use on me only with a smaller tube. It was a relief to have it removed. I thought that Suzanne was even more relieved than I was.

She sat on the couch next to me, kissing and holding me until I groaned from the pain. I pointed to the pad. She nodded and phoned the police. Where we lived the police was the Sheriff’s Department. Two deputies responded not more than five minutes later. They tried to question me, but Suzanne explained that I had been drugged. They gasped when they saw the back of my shirt—it was covered with blood.

The EMT’s arrived a few minutes later. One of them took a blood sample, I assumed to test for the drug Dana and Lisa had used on me. A minute later the same EMT injected me with epinephrine to counteract the effects of the drug. Twenty minutes later I felt a lot better—well enough to answer their questions—but not well enough to move on my own. I explained—speaking very slowly-- my marital situation and how I had met Suzanne, Dana, and Lisa at the country club, about our bets, and finally, about tonight’s dinner. They took photos of my back, butt, and thighs before I was taken to the hospital lying face down. I asked Suzanne to drive behind the ambulance, but the deputies nixed that idea. “They’ll be going too fast for that. You’ll either kill yourself or someone else. You can follow us.”

I thanked them as I was carried to the ambulance. I asked for a minute with Suzanne. “None of this was your fault, Suzanne. I know you weren’t involved. They must be crazy to think they could get away with this. Promise me—no more tears. I’m going to be okay and if you kiss me I’ll be even better.”

“Oh, Bob,” she began crying again so I pulled her to me. My hand in her hair, I pulled her mouth to mine for a kiss that was, unfortunately, too brief. The EMT’s loaded me into the ambulance, closed the door and whisked me away, siren blaring.


I was in the hospital for two days and ordered to bed for a week once Suzanne had driven me home. I was lying there in bed three days later when Suzanne walked in carrying my lunch. “I know I’m not supposed to get up, but I need a shower. I’m starting to smell. No, that’s not right. I started to smell two days ago.” I swung my legs to the floor and tried to stand.

“Bob, what are you doing? I’m not letting you out of there for three more days at least.”

“Uh…I’ve already been up to take a leak.”

“Yes, but a shower is out of the question. You still have bandages on your back. The doctor said we have to keep them dry. I’ll wash you, but not in the shower, okay?”

“I’ll need you to help me get into the bathroom. By the way, with all this enforced idleness I’ve come up with the perfect solution to the hot water problem in your condo.”

“And, what would that be?”

“Uhh, uhh—not until after you bathe me. I’m looking forward to your hands on my body.”

“Oh, I swear, Bob.” She walked away, disappearing down the hall. She came back a few minutes later with the folding chair I had been using for my desk.

“Okay, I’ll wash you, but you’re going to be sitting while I do it.”

“So, will you be naked with me?” I had a wicked smile and a leer in my eyes as I spoke.

“Is that all you think about?” She tried to be stern, but she couldn’t suppress a smile. The smile became a chuckle and soon we were both laughing. “I think about it a lot, too. I can’t wait until you’re better. I’ve missed making love to you…with you. Okay, lean on me.” We struggled into the bathroom where I shrugged out of my tee shirt and gym shorts, what I called pajamas. Looking in the mirror I realized that I needed a shave as badly as I needed a shower. “Okay, I’ll do that, too. It shouldn’t be too hard—probably easier than shaving my legs. I used to shave my pussy when I was married. Maybe I should shave you down there. You’re probably too weak to resist.”

“I’ve never found it to be all that attractive—too much like fucking a little girl. Trimmed is nice, like yours is now—just enough to curl a bit, and provide a nice soft pillow for my cheek, but not so much to get hairs in my mouth. I’ve been thinking about that a lot, too.” I staggered onto the chair while Suzanne doffed her clothes and warmed the water in the basin. She pulled several wash cloths out of the linen closet along with two big bath towels.

“I’m going to take a shower once you’re done and you can help dry me. Now, let’s get you cleaned up.” She started with my head, wetting my skin, soaping the wetted area and rinsing with the wash cloth. She used the same technique when shaving me, cleaning up any stray hair or soap with the wash cloth. Then she washed my entire body except the parts that were still covered by the bandages. I noticed she took a long time washing my cock and balls.

“Is that all you think about,” I asked, repeating her words verbatim.

“Not all, just most of the time. Oh my, you must be feeling better. You’re hard as a rock.” Her hands slid up and down my shaft. “I’ll keep this up if you promise not to put a lot of pressure on your back.” I couldn’t respond verbally so I just nodded. It had to be less than twenty seconds later when I blew, covering Suzanne’s chest and abdomen with my cream. I smiled when she licked my cock clean and rubbed the semen into her smooth soft skin. I pulled her to me weakly and we kissed, just about the only thing I’d been able to do over the past few days. Her lips didn’t disappoint. They were sweet and plump. Her tongue demanded attention. She broke it a minute later and stepped into the shower where she washed her body quickly. I sat by, still naked, my cock raging again watching her lithe body through the shower door.

I helped dry her once she stepped out, concentrating my energies on her breasts—her beautiful breasts—her abdomen and her sweet ass. I must have rubbed her ass crack a few too many times because she stepped away and turned around. “Oh, Bob you are so obvious. I guess you really want my ass. I’ll think about it, but only if you’re really good for the next three days. You know what? You’re a lousy patient.”

“I know…I have no patience for this. All I want is to hold you and kiss you and…” I hesitated almost a minute before continuing, “play golf with you.” She laughed hysterically.

“Somehow I doubt that golf is that high a priority. We’ll play a lot, but only after we’ve made love plenty of times. You have a doctor’s appointment Monday morning. We’ll come right home afterward and make love if he gives the okay.”

“No, we have one more stop to make first.”


“It has a lot to do with your hot water problem. I know how to solve it permanently.”


“It’s really quite simple. I love you and I want you to move in with me. Sell the condo or give it away. I have more than enough for both of us. I only know that I never want to let you go.”

Suzanne was crying when she spoke, “Never?”

“Never…ever; will you marry me?” She leapt forward, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me like there was no tomorrow. I loved the kiss, but groaned from the pain.

“Oh, Bob I’m so sorry.”

“I’m not, so…I assume that was a yes.”

“Boy, men can be so dense…yes, it was definitely a yes. Do I have to spell it for you?”

“No, but I do think I need to get back into bed.” Suzanne helped to me to stand and I struggled back to the bed. I couldn’t understand the problem. The pain from my back and butt was still bad, but I should have been able to move and walk on my own. I didn’t understand it, but I did two days later when detectives from the Sheriff’s headquarters visited me.


The detectives phoned and asked when I would be available to speak with them. “Any time,” I replied. “I’m still stuck in bed. I can’t even walk on my own. I don’t understand it.”

“We do and we’ll explain. We can be there in about a half hour. Is that okay?”

“Yes, but only if you’ll allow Suzanne and me to give you lunch. Virginia ham sandwiches okay?”

“It’s a deal; see you then.” Suzanne went to the kitchen to get everything ready. She set up a bridge table in the bedroom and brought in a few chairs for the deputies. We had some Pepsi and pickles and she had made some potato salad, too. She had just finished when we heard the doorbell ring.

“Nice to see you again, Mr. Young.”

“Same here, Detective; I assume you have some news for us.”

“Oh, yes we certainly do.” He sat before going on, “Yesterday we arrested both Lisa LaGrange and Dana Dupree on a host of charges including more than 100 counts of assault with a deadly weapon and sexual battery for that thing they secured on your genitals. They were also indicted on charges of forcible rape. The DA told us he’ll have a lot of fun prosecuting that one, but the biggest charge has to do with the drug they gave you. It’s a horse tranquilizer—banned for use on human beings. Apparently they told their friend Lois—one Lois Singleton, an employee at a vet’s office—that they had a horse they wanted to sedate. She stole the drug from her boss. They gave you the entire horse-sized dosage so we think that’s why you’re still having trouble. The manufacturer says it will wear off, but it’s going to take a few more days.

“Anyway, Ms. Singleton has been fired and is charged with larceny and a couple of drug related charges. Your friends Dana and Lisa are facing similar charges—and more—deliberately administering an animal drug to an unsuspecting person. The DA thinks they’ll try for some plea bargain; they’re looking at more than a hundred years in prison if they’re convicted of everything which seems to be entirely possible.

“Those two must be idiots. We had a search warrant for the premises of Dana’s condo. We found two bloody golf club shafts that the heads broken off. Their fingerprints are all over them and there’s blood and skin all along the shafts. We’re sure the DNA will prove to be yours. We also found the almost empty drug bottle, again with Dana’s and Lois’s fingerprints. Dana and Lisa are in the county lockup pending bail hearing. The bail is going to be steep, more than $100,000. Their friend Lois is looking at $5,000 bail for her part although she claims she gave the drug for use on a horse, not a person. We’re pretty sure she’ll testify against the other two—she’s terrified.

“Ms. Robinson,” the detective was speaking to Suzanne now, “do you know how Ms. LaGrange and Ms. Dupree earn their living?”

“I never saw or heard of them working so I always assumed that they had good divorce settlements like me. Why do you ask?”

“Because we found large quantities of amphetamines and prescription drugs in both their condos; I’m talking thousands—many more than could possibly be used for personal reasons. We also found a notebook with a load of names and what looks like records of sales. These women are in a lot of trouble. The DEA is involved now and they don’t play around. It’s likely there will be federal as well as state charges.

“So that’s about it.”

“Great, thanks for the info. Shall we eat? Suzanne’s been spoiling me rotten. We’ll both be glad when I can get around on my own. I’m supposed to see the doctor Monday morning.”

“You never did tell me, Bob—where are we going after?”

“My lawyer’s office; he wants to brief me on the divorce hearing. It’ll be two weeks from today. I can’t wait for that either. I’ve asked Suzanne to marry me.” The detectives congratulated me and wished us well between bites of their sandwiches. We were done about thirty minutes later; Suzanne showed them out and returned to clean up the paper plates and left over food.

“Why don’t you rest, Bob?”

“I have a much better idea, something I’ve wanted to do all week.”

“What, darling?”

“Why, eat your pussy, of course. All you have to do is straddle my head. C’mon; take off those clothes and come over here.”

“Oh, no I’m not taking a chance of you getting hurt again. Just let me fluff your pillow. What? What are you doing, Bob?”

“Just convincing you that I know best; you’re not going to hurt me. See?” I pulled her onto my body. She looked to be pissed, but I knew it was just an act. Actually, I was praying it was an act. I moved up to meet her lips, my tongue slipping into her slightly opened mouth.

She responded immediately, but did take the time to tell me, “You can be so exasperating. You know that?”

“Yup, but that’s part of what you love about me.”

“Yes, it is,” she sighed into my mouth as I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, slipping it down her arms. Her bra soon followed.

“Have I told you recently how much I love your breasts? They’re beautiful—just beautiful and so sensitive. You love when I do this, don’t you? Well, don’t you?”

“Yes, damn it; I love when you play with my tits. Rub and pinch my nipples, will you?”

“Of course, I’ll do that just as soon as I get your Capri’s off.” I opened the button and pulled the zipper down, but from my position under her I was getting nowhere. Suzanne broke the kiss, pushed herself up and pulled the slacks and her panties from her body.

“Okay now? Satisfied now that you’ve gotten me naked?”

“Yes, thank you; just move up here so I can taste you.” Running my hands up and down her smooth thighs excited Suzanne, but not as much as my kisses on her slender legs, moving up from her knees to her core. Her labia were next as I licked and sucked and nibbled, forcing Suzanne to moan as her passion grew. I shifted gears suddenly, plunging my tongue deep into her love canal. I could see the results as she arched her back and spread her legs even further.

I drove into her over and over until my tongue tired, but that took more than ten minutes—ten minutes of extreme sexual pleasure and torment. Suzanne needed to cum in the worst way and I was there to deliver. I pulled back the hood, exposing her hot clit and sucking it between my teeth; I gnawed as I sucked. She screamed in her ecstasy and shook wildly as her orgasm reigned over her body. She had absolutely no control and would have fallen had I not reached up to steady her with my strong hands and arms. I eased her down to lie beside me. She was barely conscious when I whispered, “I love you and I always will.”

“That’s nice,” she whispered back as she passed out.


True to my word I was very good for the rest of my term in bed. “I should have bribed you with my ass sooner,” Suzanne said laughing. “I would have had a much easier time with you if I had.”

“I agree. I just love your ass, even the dirty part.”

Suzanne smirked. “Especially the dirty part. We’ll have to do something about that if we decide to move forward with it. You sure it’ll be good for me? I’m afraid it will hurt.”

I was finally able to stand on my own and I was getting dressed as I answered, “It can hurt and it will if I just try to fuck you there. Forget what you see in porn. Those women have multiple enemas the day before and then they stretch their butts with butt plugs before the scene. That’s why they can handle even those giant cocks so easily. You have to trust me and know that I would never ever hurt you. Now, let’s get going. We have to be at the doctor’s office in half an hour. I think I’ll drive.” Suzanne just stood there in the bedroom glaring.

“Remember your lifelong ambition—to be chauffeured by an attractive woman? You are NOT driving. C’mon, let’s get into the car.” She closed up the house and led me to the passenger’s seat. I did kind of enjoy being treated like royalty, but I was also ready to fend for myself—I hoped. All I needed was clearance from the doctor.

Of course, we were a few minutes early, not that it mattered. We still waited for more than a half hour before being ushered to the inner sanctum where we waited for another twenty minutes before seeing the doctor. She removed my bandages, checking for any signs of infection. I had plenty of scabs, but none of them were yellow or filled with pus. I was thrilled to get a clean bill of health.

“You can play golf again, Robert, but no driving for another week. The detectives have been in touch with me in regard to the drug that was used on you. I swear—what is the matter with some people? I don’t really believe in the death penalty, but people like these make me reconsider. I wonder how they’d enjoy being whipped like you were.”

“Uh, Doctor what about…uh…sex?”

“Hmmm, looking at you two I’d guess that was a priority. Okay, but nothing too strenuous until you’ve regained your strength…at least two more weeks.”

I gave her my thanks and I really meant it. I looked into Suzanne’s eyes and I could see that she agreed with me. We were both grinning wildly when we returned to the car. Again in the passenger seat I directed Suzanne to my attorney’s office. We walked in and were seen by Joe Berger almost immediately. Why can’t doctors have appointments like this?

“Okay, Bob we’ve drawn The Honorable Wilma Jamison. I doubt we could have done better. She’s extremely fair and I’m pretty sure she’ll be very understanding, considering your circumstances. Normally, a divorce would take a year in this state. However, this is a case of desertion so the hearing will be extremely informal and I think she’ll reduce the required time. Expect her to ask a lot of questions. You’ll be okay if you just tell the truth. Don’t lie and don’t embellish. Just tell the plain simple truth and everything will be fine. I’ll see you at the courthouse at 9:00 a.m. on the 17th.” We were out the door and in the parking lot two minutes later.

“Okay, home now and to bed? I’ve been waiting for this for a whole week.”

“Umm, would you mind waiting about a half hour longer? I’ll make it worth your while. I promise.”

Suzanne sighed, “Okay, where to next?”

“Know where Patton Avenue is?”

“Of course.”

“Number 121.”

“I think I’ve been there. Isn’t that a jewelry store?”

“Yup. Any woman I’m engaged to has to have a ring—a nice one. You don’t object do you?”

“No—not me. Is this going to be expensive?”

“I certainly hope so.” Five minutes later Suzanne pulled into the parking lot. Had we been in New York I would have taken her to the Diamond District where the jewelers have almost no overhead and prices are rock bottom while the quality is top notch. However, that doesn’t exist in Asheville. I’d have to pay retail, but Suzanne was worth it, and then some. Thirty minutes later we walked out and Suzanne had her ring—a 2.5 carat blue-white diamond of excellent quality with four baguettes totaling 1.0 carat, two on each side of a thin platinum band. She loved the ring and I loved her. That was all that mattered. It was the best $30,000 I ever spent.

I was a bit surprised when we went out to lunch. “We’ve had to do with my cooking for the past week and before that, two days eating in the hospital. We need something good—better than good.” She took me to the country club where we had a couple of thick club sandwiches, home-made fries, and iced tea. She wouldn’t let me drink—not yet, anyway. We enjoyed our lunch and I was surprised when she paid. “I think you’ve spent enough for one day. Now, let’s go home.”

It was well worth waiting for. Suzanne and I walked, or should I say ran, to the bedroom shedding our clothes as we went. I almost fell twice trying to get out of my pants. We were both naked by the time we got there. She literally threw me onto the bed, jumping on top of me and pulling me into a long wet kiss, a kiss that seemed to go on forever as we rubbed against each other, savoring the sensation of skin on skin. Hers was so soft and so smooth—and so exciting. Normally, I enjoy foreplay as much as the next guy—probably more—but this was raw unbridled lust. It was FUCKING, not making love. It was animalistic need, pure and simple. Suzanne rode me like she’d ride a wild stallion except that my wild stallion days were well in my past. However, that didn’t stop her from trying. My cock was sore when it ended—after four orgasms for her and two for me—and it was dark outside, almost eight o’clock. We were exhausted and covered in sexual secretions from our chests to our knees. I would have bet that Suzanne’s nipples were as sore as my cock from the twisting, pulling, and biting I’d done. I pulled the blanket over us and we were asleep in seconds.


After that we made love every day, sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night, and sometimes both. The days melted together and before we knew it I found myself in court. “Your honor,” Joe began, “we have here a case of desertion by my client’s wife. It would be easy to claim that he did something wrong to cause his wife’s disappearance, but in this case we have the wife’s own words condemning her.” He called me to the witness stand. Suzanne squeezed my hand as I walked to be sworn in.

“Mr. Young, will you please tell the court of the events which led to your wife’s departure? Please address your remarks to her honor.”

“Okay…your honor, my wife Sandra and I moved here from New York seven months ago after we had retired. We were unpacking in our new home when we met a couple who lived down the street—Frank and Janet Sturgis. They invited us to a welcoming party where we met almost all of our neighbors. Later that evening I learned from Sandra that they were swingers and they wanted to swing with us.”

“What was your reaction, Mr. Young?”

“Truthfully, I was appalled. I wasn’t in favor, your honor, but Sandra was. I tried to dissuade her, but I wasn’t at all successful. In fact, she informed me that she was going with or without me. I couldn’t let her go into a potentially dangerous situation by herself so I agreed on the condition that I’d try it, but if I didn’t like it we wouldn’t do it again.

“We went to their house the following Saturday night and we paired up with each other’s spouse. I’m not going to tell you that it was bad because it wasn’t, but I felt dirty…filthy afterwards and I took Sandra home as soon as possible. I thought it was done, but I learned later that Sandra had cheated on me with Frank whenever I played golf and also several times during a weekend long teasing session.”

“Teasing?” I explained what had happened and how we had made wild love as my reward all Sunday night and the following two days, as well.

“Then one Wednesday after golf I found this letter.” I read it aloud, my voice cracking several times from the emotion I felt as I relived the horror I had experienced that miserable day—one of the worst in my life. I explained how after a week I decided not to allow Sandra and especially not Frank to destroy me. I went on to describe how I met Suzanne and her friends.

“I was wondering if you were that Robert Young. It seems you’ve been through a lot recently.”

“Yes, your honor, but I’ve also met someone who loves me completely and without reservation. I will marry her as soon as the divorce is final.”

“Have you had any contact with your wife since she left?”

“I sent her an email about a month after to let her know that Bank of America wanted her to pay her credit card bill. She has her own cards—American Express and Visa—based on her earnings just as she has her own investments in her own name. I told her about the bill and informed her that I would not pay it. She never responded, but I never received another bill so I assume it was received. We do know that she and Mr. Sturgis left the country that morning. Their passports showed that they flew to Mexico and from there to Belize.”

“Excuse me, your honor—I have the documents here from Homeland Security.” Joe passed them to the bailiff who handed them to the judge.

She read for a moment before commenting, “I see. Thank you for your testimony, Mr. Young. Normally a divorce in this state would take a year and I would often require marriage counseling, as well. However, in this case I see no reason for either of those steps. May I assume that the young woman I saw you with earlier is your fiancé?”

“Yes, your honor; she is and I’m extremely lucky to have found her.”

“Yes, I believe you. Very well, if you will return here in thirty days—the seventeenth of next month—I will finalize your divorce, granting your request for sole ownership of your domicile, the only property in question here and, if you wish, I will also marry you at that time.”

“Thank you, your honor. That would be great.” She banged the gavel and adjourned, returning to chambers. I stepped down to thank Joe.

“No reason to thank me—you did it all—a great job. I’ll see you in a month and I’ll send you the bill then, too. You know us lawyers.”

“It will be money well spent. Thanks again.” I rushed into my love’s arms. “C’mon, I think we can find the license bureau. It’s got to be around here somewhere.”

“Up the hall and turn left—third door down,” said the bailiff, a huge smile on his face. We followed his directions and less than an hour later we had our license. All I needed now was the divorce to become final.

I was holding Suzanne’s hand when we left the courthouse. “You know, I’ve been thinking.”

“Uh oh, it’s usually trouble when you think, Bob.”

“Not this time—I think you’re entitled to have your own bedroom set. It will be a clean break—a completely new start—for us. We’ll put all of Sandra’s stuff in storage for a year in case she shows up some day and we’ll donate it to charity if she doesn’t. I also think we should redecorate—new furniture, too, if you want.”

“I’ll take the bedroom set, but I like the rest of your stuff and it goes against my grain to spend money wastefully. The paint and carpeting in the house are almost new. Re-doing it now would be a waste, too. I have some photos of my family I’d like to bring over and—that reminds me—I think you should meet my parents. Don’t worry, I’m still going to marry you regardless of what they say or do. After giving you that bad news I’m hesitant to tell you that I will let you buy me lunch.” We were downtown in Asheville so I suggested the Red Stag, the site of our first dinner together. Once we were seated and given our menus I asked what could be so bad.

“What religion are you? I’ve never seen you go to church.”

“Uh, well, I was brought up Methodist, but I haven’t practiced in years. I’ve never been much for organized religion. I believe that a person who lives a good life—not cheating or lying or stealing or worse—is doing a lot better that some of the so-called church goers. I’ve known some people who’d go every Sunday and then commit every sin in the book on Monday. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I’m kind of like you except that I was brought up Catholic. My parents are what you’d call religious fanatics. You should have heard them when I got divorced from David. They still invite him for Thanksgiving and Christmas in the hope that we’ll get back together again.”

“That should make the holidays pretty interesting then—you know, after we’re married by a judge. Yow! I’ll bet that’ll light them up.”

“No bet…and no fair laughing about it. They are my parents and I do love them even if they are a colossal pain in the ass on occasion. Let’s drop it for now and enjoy our lunch. I love this restaurant. Thanks for suggesting it.” She leaned across the table to give me a quick, but sweet kiss.

“Just one more thing; where do your folks live?”

“Arlington, Washington—north of Seattle.”

“I know where it is. I had to go out there quite a few times on business. How’d you wind up here in North Carolina?”

“Dana and Lisa were relocating here and they suggested I join them. I didn’t care where so long as it was more than 1,000 miles away from my parents. You know, Bob you never did tell me about your work.” So I did, or at least I tried. Investment banking is complicated, especially since there’s really very little actual banking involved. My work involved evaluating companies for takeovers or mergers and working with the management of both companies to grease the wheels whenever possible. Even earning one or two percent commission earned our firm millions and millions of dollars every year. I was less than half way through my explanation when our salads were served. “You might as well stop there, Bob. You lost me about five minutes ago. It was honest work, wasn’t it?”

“Oh yeah, because one wrong word could mess up the deal big time. My teams were sworn to secrecy and anyone who blabbed about a project was done—fired on the spot. I’ve seen stock prices go through the roof once a merger or acquisition is announced. Anyone having prior knowledge could make a fortune—even millions. So, yes it was honest and ethical work.

“I’ll want to talk with you once we get back home about our finances. It’s important you know about my investments and who to contact if anything happens to me.”

“Bob, please don’t talk like that. I want you to live a long time.”

“So do I,” I said between forkfuls of salad, “but it always pays to be prepared.” We didn’t say another word for the rest of our meal. We both had jumbo prime angus burgers that were juicy and delicious (and expensive) with cheddar and bacon. I continued once we were back at home.

“Sandra and I had a bit more than thirty-five million in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds when we retired. Almost eight million of that was in Sandra’s name. I made more than enough to support us so all her earnings other than maybe a thousand a month were invested. There’s a joint account, too with almost two million in it. I’ll have to phone my financial advisor about that because it’s an “AND” account that requires both of us to buy or sell or liquidate. The rest—more than twenty-five million is in my name. I’m also still on the payroll and will be for another four years at $500,000 a year although I’m putting $50,000 into my 401(k) because the company is matching that dollar for dollar.” I spent the next hour familiarizing Suzanne with my extensive portfolio. I could see that she was confused, but over the next few months she’d learn more and more.

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